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Summer Condo


Forgive an old man his fantasies:
it may be all he has.

The sudden rainstorm caught them on the balcony while they were watching the sunset and they rushed inside.

"Only in Florida can you have rain and sunshine at the same time," said Joan.

"They call them sun-showers," said her girl friend Carol.

Charlie went into the bath and brought out three towels, one for each of the ladies and one for him. Carol's blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail and didn't require much drying. His wife, Joan, had short curly black hair and the damp just made it curl more.

Charley, being the last in and having straight brown hair was probably the wettest. He dried and finger-combed it, dropping the towel over the back of a chair. Carol and Joan folded theirs and stacked them on the coffee table. As Charley refilled their wine glasses, he realized he was disappointed that their T-shirts didn't get any wetter. Of course, he had seen Joan's breasts up close and personal but they were small. She rarely wore a bra. But Carol had a lovely pair that required support. He had seen her in a bikini and wondered how her bra was able to contain them.

Both ladies were in their forties, but in good shape. Joan had a swimmer's body, long and thin. Carol, the mother of two, was nicely padded. They were both wearing T-shirts and shorts that showed off their legs.

Joan kept in shape swimming and running, giving her beautiful legs and a sleek body. Carol said she worked out at the Y after dropping off her boys and it showed.

Carol sat on the couch, kicked off her sandals and put her feet up on the coffee table. Joan sat across from her in an easy chair, her bare feet pulled up under her. Charley stretched out in the other easy chair.

Charley raised his glass, "To Rodger."

The four of them had been great friends when they were young and just married, but job opportunities had sent them separate ways. Now every summer Joan and Carol engineered occasions for them to get together and catch up. Last year, Rodger and Carol got a condo in Aspen. They always had two rooms or a two bedroom. Charley liked the two bedroom situation because when Carol and Rodger made love, she was very vocal. Listening seemed to excite Joan and led to some interesting sex. This year Charley and Joan rented the Florida condo, but only Carol made the trip.

And Joan toasted, "To Rodger, wherever he may be."

Carol looked at her watch and raised her glass, "He's probably still at work."

"This late?"

"He goes to work early, works late, and brings home work. And that's six days a week."

"Wow, what are you doing with all that extra money?" Charley laughed.

"No extra money. He's on salary."

"Then why?"

"They're firing people every week. He's just trying to keep his job. And he didn't think taking time off would send a very good message."

"Well, I miss him," said Charley.

"I'll bet you do," said Joan. "Nobody to go to the titty clubs with you."

"Oh, we gave that up. Too frustrating. All that tits and ass and no touching, forget about it. We go to some bar and watch the Yankees beat up somebody."

Joan refocused on Carol. "So what are you doing, reading more romance novels?"

"Bodice rippers," added Charley.

"Yeah, I read a lot. And I'm taking courses at the local college," Carol smiled.

"Going for a degree?" asked Joan.

"No, just trying to learn something useful."

"What kind of courses?"

"One that was fun was cake decorating."

Charley was losing interest in the conversation and was getting ready to go find a ballgame when Carol added. "You should see some of things these girls created.

"Girls?" asked Joan.

"It's kind of a group of ladies like me, husbands working nights, gone on trips, things like that. Any way, one girl baked a penis, pink with veins and all. It was lying down but another girl made hers standing straight up. And another made two mounds, pink icing, chocolate tops with cherries. "

"Boobs," smiled Charley now thoroughly interested.


"I wonder why no one ever does a vagina." Asked Charley. "Seems like it would be easy enough. Just a little carving and add some shaved coconut for effect."

"Eew." Said Joan with a grimace. "Who would eat it?"

Charley smiled and raised his hand.

"Did anyone eat the penis?" asked Charley.

"We all did."

"What did it taste like?" asked Charley.

Carol gave him a rueful smile and said, "Cake."

Carol took a sip of wine. "We took a course in English lit. The lady teaching it wanted to start with Chaucer, but we convinced her to go straight to Lady Chatterly."

"Early bodice ripping."

"Oh, and one course that was sort of weird: Sensual Massage."

"Why weird?" asked Joan.

"Well, it was all women. Not very sensual."

"Hey, that's great," said Charley. "Now when computers are phased out, you'll have a job to fall back on."

No one laughed but Charley. "Demonstrate for us. Joan?"

"Not on me." Joan demurred. "You can try it."

"Okay." Charley stood, "On the couch?" he asked.

Carol shook her head, "No, lie down on the floor."

Charley moved the coffee table, picked up his towel, spread it on the floor and lay down.

"No, on your stomach. What kind of masseuse do you think I am?"

"Well, I was hoping." He rolled over.

"Take off your shirt."

Charley didn't mind showing off his abs. He did pushups, sit ups, and was still in pretty good shape for forty. A week in the Florida sun would tan him very nicely; lighten his hair so the gray wouldn't be so noticeable. He pulled off his shirt and lay back down.

Carol knelt beside him and began by kneading his neck. "This is where most people suffer the most tension. The muscles get really hard. What I'm going to do is work that tension down across your shoulders, down your arm and out through your finger tips." She continued kneading and flexing down his right arm to his hand..

"Another fun course was art. We were to draw or paint."

"Ah, ha. Some nudity." Said Joan.

"Well, the first night, the instructor brought in a bowl of fruit, apples, bananas and whatever. We asked for a model and she said it wasn't in her budget. So we took up a collection and the next session, she had a young man come in."

"And?" asked Joan.

"He was nude but he was wearing a towel around his waist. We started kidding him, thinking he was ashamed of a tiny penis."

Carol was now working on Charley's left side, working down to his left hand.

"We finally got him to take off the towel. He wasn't ashamed, he was embarrassed."

"Why?" Joan was curious.

"It hung half way down to his knees. The towel was holding it up. "


Charley was keeping his mouth shut, enjoying the conversation and the massage.

"Anyway, after classes we usually met for coffee and, of course, that night he was the main topic. We all wondered what would happen if he got excited."

"It would get bigger and longer," said Joan.

"That was the debate: either or both. So the next class, some of the girls wore sheer tops and no bras. Others wore short skirts and no pants."

"And you?" asked Joan.

"Oh, I was just watched," Carol grinned.

"I'll bet. Go on."

"He was unaffected. Even when one of the girls without pants kept dropping her brush, bending over to pick it up and showing him her bare fanny, nothing."

"He was gay."

"That was what we thought but after the last class, we were having coffee and when we all decided he must have been gay, this one little dumb blonde said, 'No, he's not.' She said she had run into him at the grocery one Saturday, they had coffee and went back to his place and made out. So we asked her, 'Did it get longer.' She said, 'No, but it got bigger around.' Someone said, 'That must of hurt,' and she said, 'A little, the first time."

"The first time?"

"Yeah, the two of them had been going at it a couple of weeks."

Carol was working her way down Charley's legs, first the right and then the left.

"This must make for some great sex for Roger. You come home all hot and bothered.."

"Yean, Roger's pretty good. But he doesn't like oral or anal."

"He doesn't like getting a blow job?" Joan didn't believe her.

"Oh, he likes a good blow job. He just doesn't want to kiss my vagina or touch my anus."

"That must be frustrating as hell, a good blow job usually means no screwing."

"Well, he will finger fuck me. But I usually have to sneak off and use my Willy."


"Wet Willy, my vibrator. And the girls from class have been helpful."


"We have afternoon parties, you know, hot tubs, watch porn, mutual masturbation," said Carol.


"It started with one of the girls asking some of us over for lunch. After lunch, we went into the den where a TV was playing what we thought was an afternoon soap. We sat and talked, but the show became more explicit. It was definitely porn. We kept pretending to ignore the TV, but then the hostess unsnapped her pants and began diddling herself. Then another started and soon we all got into it, mutual masturbation. Afterward, the hostess took off her clothes and invited us to join her in the hot tub. We all stripped, grabbed a towel and climbed in. We admired each other's tits, discussed pussy trims. Again there was a little stroking going on. I felt someone's hand slide up my thigh and move my hand away. It was the girl next to me."

"Did you stop her?"

"Why?" Carol shrugged. "It felt good. That's when I learned that some of the girls swing both ways."

"Which means?

"A woman knows more about what pleases a woman. Some of them were really good. And all of them were tasty."

"You didn't?"

"Well, it was only fair. And, besides, I liked it," Carol smiled. "And our hostess had a great selection of toys; different size dildos, vibrators, even handcuffs. One of my favorites was the egg."

"What is an egg?"

"It's a vibrator shaped a small egg that you slip inside. What makes it so cool, is it makes your lover's dick feel about two inches longer. And when you're ready, you turn on the vibrator and he will come like a fire hose."

"We might try one when we get back home."

"Oh, no. We'll find one tomorrow. Vacation is the best time to buy toys. You can pick them out together. Nobody at the store is going to recognize you and when you use them, it reminds you of your vacation."

Carol finished with his ankles and feet and said, "Roll over."

"No, I'm comfortable right here."

Carol grabbed his knees and pushed him over. He lay on his side, curled into a fetal ball. "No, on your back."

"I can't."

Carol pushed him on to his back then pushed his knees down so he was lying flat.

Though he adjusted it, the bulge in his shorts was quite obvious. Carol smiled and said, "Okay, Joan, your turn."

Joan shook her head, unwilling to leave her comfy chair. "You built it, you deal with it."

Carol started rubbing the front of his shorts.

Joan shook her head and knelt down on the other side of Charley, unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts, letting his rod free. "Now," said Joan to Carol. The two shared a look and some understanding was reached. Carol wrapped her hand around Charley's manhood, stroking up and down.

Joan and Charley had done a bit of swinging, but always with couples and never with Roger and Carol. When the subject was introduced, Roger had laughed it off.

"Go ahead. Kiss it," said Joan and Carol leaned over and kissed the tip, then let the cap slip between her lips and pop back out.

Charley was enjoying the attention but wanted to be sure Joan was involved and ran his hand up her back, under her T-shirt. As he thought, she was not wearing a bra. He pulled her down and they kissed, his tongue and her tongue colliding.

Carol had completely enveloped him, going all the way down until he touched the back of her throat. She pushed his shorts down so her hands could work his cock and balls. This was not her first rodeo.

Charley knew that if he thought about what Carol was doing, he wouldn't last long so he concentrated on Joan. He pushed her up and together, they pulled off her top. Though her chest was rather flat, she had large, dark brown areolas. Her nipples were already hard. He raised his hands and let just the palms touch the tips, which he knew really turned her on. She shook, a spasm washing over her. When she settled down she leaned forward, pressing a nipple into his mouth. He sucked and pulled. She had once told him he was just trying to help make them bigger.

Joan shook, another little spasm. She could get excited very easily. He had seen her have an orgasm on the dance floor. But he also knew she could keep having one after another.

He eased his hand between them and unsnapped and unzipped her shorts, running his hand down inside her pants. His fingers found her crevasse and, as expected, she was already wet. His finger found her little nub at the top and she had another spasm. He continued stroking; trying to ignore what Carol was doing to his penis.

Joan rolled away, kicked off her shorts and pants and now completely nude, straddled his chest She had shaved to a little arrow pointing down as if he needed directions. He didn't. He slipped a finger inside her and stroked slowly until she spasmed again. Then with both hands he grabbed her ass and pulled her up until her vagina was directly above his face. Her juices were dripping on his chin. He blew on her lips before he pulled her down and kissed her. He let his tongue slip between the folds, opening her. He used his fingers to open her wider so that his tongue could reach deeper.

Carol was kissing his balls. She had one in her mouth, then the other.

Joan. Joan. Think about Joan.

Charley eased his tongue up until it reached her love button. He had learned that tapping it drove her wild and so he ran his tongue in and out and used three fingers to stroke in out of her vagina, faster and faster.

She twisted and turned, moved up and down, making little purring noises. She moved faster until she mewed, "Aaaahh." This was the big one. She convulsed, pushing down, pulling away, then back down. Then she froze.

Charley realized that Carol was no longer playing with his penis. She was behind Joan, her arms around her, holding her.

When Joan began to back off, Carol said, "Trade places."

She eased Joan back until she was above Charley's penis, helped Joan find the spot. Charley was so hard and Joan so wet, she easily lowered herself all the way down without any hesitation.

Again, Charley almost lost it. Her spot was so much more perfect than Carol's mouth had been. It enfolded him, engulfed him like a hot, velvet glove.

Before he could respond, Carol said, "My turn."

She pulled off her shorts and pants and sat on his chest.

As she pulled off her T-shirt, she said, "You've got a nice cock. It tastes good, salty. It's just the right size. It's a mouthful, it can fill up a pussy, and I'll bet it would feel great in my ass."

Carol's bra dropped away and Charley guessed that Joan had unsnapped it for her.

"You like my tits, Charley?" She didn't wait for an answer. "I've seen you admiring them. Do you want to touch them? Here." She lifted them up, one in each hand, pushing them toward him. They were beautiful; large and round, each with a small pink top and a large nipple. He reached up to touch them with his palms.

"No. No. Grab my tits. Pull on them. Pinch my nipples."

Charley obliged.

"Oh yeah. That's the way. Now bite me." She leaned forward and he sucked in a nipple. "Suck it. Harder. How much can you get in your mouth? Come on. More. Now bite that nipple."

He loved her tits. They were so much bigger than Joan's.

Joan. Joan was doing nothing, sitting with his penis deep inside her, waiting.

Carol sat back. "I'm glad you like my tits, but I really want you to eat me. You like pussy, don't you? I hope you like mine because I want you to nibble and suck and rub and tongue me until I come. You want to do that for me?"

Charley said nothing and Carol wasn't giving him time to answer.

Carol leaned back, "You like my pussy?" It was blonde and untrimmed. Her hair was straight, not curly.

"Come on, touch it. See if it's wet, yet."

Charley laid his hand flat, covering her from side to side. Then let his middle finger parted her lips. And she was very wet.

"Come on, Charley. One finger isn't enough. I use three or four if I can't find my dildo. That's it. Deeper. Now, in and out. Oh, yes. "

"Now, do you want to eat my pussy?" She wasn't waiting for a response but moved up, her parted lips covering his face.

"You have a delicious tongue, keep licking." Charley used his fingers to open her as wide as possible, running his tongue from side to side, in and out. "Wow, what a tongue. You must have trained. Move up. Yeah. Right there. That's my magic little clit. Make me cum."

Carol's clit was larger than Joan's; he could almost suck it like a nipple.

"Oh, yeah. Now bite it. Your tongue is good but your teeth are better."

Charley found it exhilarating making love to someone so vocal. With Joan, it was trial and error. Do something; if she liked it, she would purr. If she didn't like it, she would pull away or growl. But Carol was making sure he knew what she wanted.

"Get those fingers back inside me. Now stroke in and out." Carol hummed and Charley thought maybe she was getting close.

Carol took a deep breath and said, "Now I want you to get your finger wet and then just touch my ass hole. Don't push it in, just touch it. "When I say 'Now,' I want you to push it in as far as you can. Can you do that for me, Charley?"

Charley did as he directed. He pulled her juices from her pussy back to her ass hole, got his finger really wet. Her ass was too tight for him to possibly get in; he just touched it.

"Yes, that's the spot. Lick my cunt, bite my clit. Faster, Faster. More, More."

Carol pressed down on him, stopped, became rigid and yelled, "Now."

Charley was so surprised, he hesitated. But he discovered he could get his finger in. Carol pushed back against him, forcing his finger deeper.

Her orgasm seemed to go on forever but eventually she began to relax, and started rocking back and forth on his face and fingers.

"That was good. That was really good. You've got a great tongue. Did you like sticking your finger in my ass? Would you like fucking me in the ass? I bet you would. I would like for you to fuck me in the ass while I eat Joan's pussy. Wouldn't that be great?"

Joan was moving again, not up and down, but twisting, flexing. Charley thought Carol's orgasm possibly set Joan off again. But now, with Carol's juices all over his face, and Carol moving more slowly, he realized he couldn't hold off any longer. He began flexing his ass, pushing his cock up and pulling it back.

Carol must have sensed what was happening. "Oh, now you're going to cum, aren't you? Inside Joan's beautiful cunt. How hard do you get when you cum? Really hard? How long?"

Carol rolled off of him and watched Joan. Carol put one arm around Joan and stroked Joan's nipple with the other hand.

Joan moved up and down, faster and faster, pushing down as Charley pushed up. Again, again.

Charley blew it, shooting deep inside her, shot after shot. He growled in pleasure.

And with his coming, Joan went into a convulsion, her pussy clamping down on his cock, then letting go, over and over. Carol held on to her, rocking her back and forth.

When Joan subsided, she continued to sit on Charley's cock until it slipped out.

Carol lay down on one side of him, Joan on the other.

Charley couldn't speak, and knew better than to try.

After a few minutes, Joan sat up on one elbow, looked over at Carol, and asked, "You really want to eat my pussy?"

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