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Summer Dreams


The day was unusually hot, so Summer decided to shut the house up and turn on the air-conditioner to try to cool down. Finally, she thought, I have the place to myself. Kids and hubby were off at football as per the norm for a Saturday. Wearily she sat down in her comfy chair in the lounge room and started to think about all the excitement of the last few weeks.

It had started with her decision to quit her job after 15 years with the same company. Summer had realised that career-wise, she was in a rut and so began to look for another job. Six months later she found one, in an entirely different industry. After working so long in a predominantly female field, it was quite a shock to find herself the only female in an office of four men. It was a truly refreshing experience to work with guys rather than bitchy women. The only bitch in the office was her!

However, she was so much hornier than she used to be. Maybe it was looking at all those fine male butts all day long; who knew? What Summer did know was her husband was getting luckier since she started working there. Not that he dipped out in the sex stakes before but it was worse now! The running joke with them was that most guys only get sex on birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays. In their house her husband got those days off! However lately he had actually started trying to beg off sex, complaining that he was tired, had a headache and so on and so forth.

Leaning back in her chair waiting for the room to cool, Summer took off her nightie and left her undies on thinking that would help cool her down quicker. Fanning her hand in front of herself lazily, 'Maybe if I told him my latest fantasy he would be more accommodating and put out a little bit more,' she thought dreamily, as the heat in the room started to dissipate slowly and she fell asleep on that thought...

Summer went into work on a Saturday, while her husband had the kids at football, thinking she'd be the only one there. She logged on to her computer and started working. After a while she heard the sound of someone unlocking the front door and making their way to the office. Summer looked up and saw Jason, one of the company's technicians, entering the office. He was dressed in tight denim jeans and a western shirt with his trusty RM Williams boots, looking sexy as hell. They chatted as usual as Jason cleaned up the mess on his desk before setting up his computer.

A few minutes later they both heard a couple more voices; it seems Summer and Jason weren't the only ones who had decided to work on a Saturday. Their boss, Luke, and the other technician, Alex, joined them in the office. They are both in blue jeans but Alex was wearing a Rugby shirt and Luke was wearing a button down Oxford shirt and both guys wore high top sneakers. Summer wondered aloud where the fourth musketeer - their sales guy, David - was and was told he wasn't coming in because he was visiting with his family.

The four of them all worked in companionable silence for about an hour when Jason decided it was break time. Summer asked what everyone wanted and was told, "You, naked on the desk!"

She laughed and said, "No, really, what do you guys want? Coffee? Tea?"

Jason told her they were being serious and if she didn't undress herself they would do the job for her.

Alex got up from his desk to shut and lock the office door. Luke just sat back behind his desk with his elbow resting on the arm of the chair and his chin in his hand watching the show that was about to unfold. Jason and Alex decided Summer was taking too long and started advancing on her. She laughed nervously and told them to knock it off but all four of them knew she was more excited than worried.

Jason's hot gaze raked slowly over Summer as he grabbed her up into a torrid embrace, French kissing her for all he was worth. Alex came up behind her and started kissing Summer's neck while running his hands up the front of her body, until he had her large breasts cupped, one in each hand playing with her large brown nipples. She could feel the strength of Alex's calloused hands as he gently handled her and this brought a moan of delight from her throat. Summer's hands were as busily unzipping Jason's jeans, which was a difficult task because of the hard cock that lay naked underneath the material.

Finally she freed his erection and started to play with it, slowly but firmly stroking the velvet skin up and down to smooth over the pre-cum that was leaking from the eye of his penis. Alex's hands left Summer's fat nipples and started to drift down to the edge of her skirt, pulling the material up to her waist. His hands slipped under the edge of her panties and began to trace a large finger around her wet vagina and hard little clit. Summer could feel his hard cock pressing into her through the barrier of their clothes and firmly pressed her arse back into it rubbing against it mercilessly.

Jason pulled away from her mouth and, while she was still playing with his cock, he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off her shoulders and down her arms. He then threw the blouse on the floor and told Alex to unzip the skirt and for Summer to step out of the pool of fabric on the floor.

Standing there in only her lacy red panties and high heels, Summer looked over to where Luke was sitting quietly watching the three of them. He had not unzipped his jeans but was casually rubbing his cock through the tight denim. Summer told him to get his cock out and join in but he declined saying, "Not yet; when the time is right."

Meanwhile Alex and Jason had finished pulling Summer's panties off and moving the rest of her clothes out of the way. She stood between the two guys with her feet slightly apart, still in her heels. Alex was the younger of the two and therefore more eager to strip off his own clothes and start getting it on. Jason told him to wait while Summer undressed him.

She turned around to face Alex, who started pulling on his hard cock, spread her legs, bent over and grabbed hold of Jason's foot, lifted and pulled his boot off. He liked that position and let her pull the other boot off the same way. Summer turned around and slowly pulled apart the pearl snaps on his western shirt, so that she could hear the pop, pop, pop as the shirt opened. Summer slid the shirt from his shoulders and threw it in the same corner as the rest of their clothes. Jason stood there in nothing but jeans and a smile. Summer thought to herself, 'Yes, girls, there is a God! A Greek one to boot!' Starting to get impatient, she shoved Jason's jeans down his legs and told him to step out which he did gladly.

While Summer had been undressing Jason, Alex had cleared her desk of everything and moved it to the centre of the office as if it were a stage. Summer backed up to the edge and with the guys help, slid up to sit on the edge. This spread her legs apart and gave Luke an eyeful of dripping wet pussy. Alex climbed up onto the table and knelt behind Summer while Jason took up his position in front of her again. 'I think these boys have either done this before or have spoken in great detail about how they would work it,' thought Summer.

Alex brushed her cheek with his to turn her head so that they could kiss, as well as once again cupping her large breasts in offering to Jason's hot wet mouth. Summer snaked one hand behind her back to play with Alex's cock while kissing him and her other hand started pulling on Jason's massive tool. Jason stopped sucking on her fat nipples to lick his way down to her very wet puss.

Summer's clit was so sensitive that her hips started to undulate with the sensation of Jason's tongue first poking and then plunging into her heated core. She found it difficult to concentrate and tried to release Alex's cock from her grasp. He didn't allow this and grabbed her hand in his fist, harshly jacking himself off until she felt the warm gush of his cum spilling over their clasped hands.

Jason, not content with licking Summer's pussy any longer, moved her off the desk and made her turn around and lay her upper body on it. This gave him free rein over her spread pussy. Summer felt the heat emanating from his cock as he slowly slid the tip up and down her slit before pushing himself home. As he was quite large in the downstairs department, it felt slightly uncomfortable at first. Jason let her get accustomed to the fuller feeling before he started sliding his cock in and out of her sopping wet hole.

Alex, who has recovered from his first orgasm, moved so that he was in position for Summer's mouth to take him in. As she sucked on his salty tasting cock, Summer glanced over to Luke, only to find him not sitting in his chair where he had been but standing next to Jason and completely naked.

Luke's tool wasn't as large as Jason's, nor was it the same size as Alex's; it was about middle of the road in length but fat enough in girth to make Summer smile with promise. Luke's eyebrow rose sardonically when he saw the look on her face. Jason slid out of her pussy and Luke moved to take his place between her spread thighs. As Luke started to pump away, Jason moved Alex out of the way to take his place in her mouth. Alex, not too happy with this, moved to the side of the three and took his cock in hand and started to jerk off over Summer's back. Jason began to pump his cock harder and deeper into her mouth, telling her how he hoped she swallowed, because he was going to fill her in a second. Summer couldn't stop sucking if her life depended on it because she was so turned on. Jason grasped her head in his big hands and started to face fuck her, shoving his tool down Summer's throat until his balls were slapping her chin.

Luke got excited from watching them and started to frantically hump harder and faster into Summer's pussy. She could feel his balls slap against the lips of her pussy as he pile-drived his dick into her wet hole and Jason let out a roar. Summer, making mewling noises, frantically sucked Jason's cock as he started cumming. The hot jets of his juice ran into her mouth and dribbled out the corners. Alex, who was still pulling on his cock, hastened his rhythm and sprayed his second load all over Summer's back. Luke suddenly pulled out of her pussy and with a grunt added his load to her juicy, spunk-covered back.

The feel of all three cocks unloading either in or on her set off Summer's own orgasm and she exploded. Cum started rolling down her legs, as she squirted her own special love juice...

"Honey? Summer? Honey...wake up."

Blinking her eyes open, Summer looked up into her husband's grinning face. He could smell the unmistakable scent of aroused woman drifting up from his wife's body.

"Wha...what happened?" she asked sleepily, moving restlessly as she could feel the tell-tale stickiness in her panties.

"You must have fallen asleep again after we left, sweetheart," he said, scooping his semi-naked wife up into his arms and sitting down with her in his lap. He continued, "Your parents came to watch the game today and decided to take the kids off our hands for the rest of the day." His hands started to roam over her naked breasts and Summer could feel the firming of his cock under her wet panty-covered arse.

"They did, did they?" Summer said waking up quickly. With a sly grin, her fingers began tracing the buttons on his shirt, "since we have the whole house to ourselves, how about we play a little game?"

Eyebrows raised, he smiled that roguish grin Summer had fallen in love with. "what game would that be, my love?"

Summer's grin was definitely wicked; maybe he really had been tired lately. He certainly wasn't begging off now. "Follow me, sir, and I shall show you all sorts of fun things to do on a Saturday morning, starting with a game called 'Saturday at the Office'!"

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