tagGroup SexSummer Employment Ch. 07

Summer Employment Ch. 07


Chapter 7: The Tucker Sisters

Elizabeth rode in the front seat on the way to work. We had her husband's permission to have sex, any time I wanted to fuck her, and there was no reason to keep up appearances.

"Did Tuck remember giving me permission to fuck you any time I want?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, grinning from ear to ear. "I woke him up this morning, and reminded him of what he'd said. Would you like to sneak down to the van at lunchtime, or do you want to wait until tonight to take advantage of your privilege?"

"I'm sorry, Elizabeth, but Sarah's coming over tonight after her shift."

"Sarah's just so much talk. She won't show up," Elizabeth said.

"I think I should wait for her. If she doesn't come I'll never trust her again."

This didn't set well with Elizabeth. "There's always tomorrow night," she said.

"Tomorrow is Missy's night. She was very understanding last night. I can't let her down," I said.

"Don't tell me you're busy Thursday night," Elizabeth said. The tone of her voice said that she was clearly exasperated.

"Thursday night I'm all yours," I said.

"I'll be watching to see if Sarah comes tonight," she said as we got out of the car.

Trudy was in a bad mood. She'd seen the work schedule and discovered that Betty had drawn the Saturday shift, and found out that Elizabeth had penciled herself in to work with me on Sunday.

"Mark wanted me to bring you home again for a repeat performance, and Joyce has been asking about you. What night will you be free?"

"Sorry, Trudy, I'm busy every night until Saturday."

"May I tell Mark and Joyce you'll come to our apartment that night?"

"I can't be sure, Trudy. Who knows what plans Betty may have for me that day?"

"Fuck Betty," Trudy said, and then, catching herself, "Forget I said that."

Tuck called, and wanted me to drive him to Tuck-north. Elizabeth told me to come right back.

"What if he asks me to stay for lunch?" I asked.

"I suppose you'll have to stay," she said, frowning.

Tuck came out of the back door, and I went around the car to open the door to the backseat for him. He was dressed in his usual way, black suit, white shirt and black tie. He wore sunglasses and walked with purpose.

"Not a word about what went on here yesterday, Vic," he said as he got into the back seat.

"Yes, Sir," I said, and we drove to Tuck-North. When we got there, he told me to park the car, and join him inside.

Caroline, Tuck's older daughter was our server. "I hear you're going to party with us tonight," she said to me. This was news to me. I was expecting Sarah, her sister, to drop by the cottage, but there'd been no mention of partying with Caroline.

Later, Sarah confirmed what her sister had told me. "Come to my mother's house about eleven-thirty," she said in a seductive voice that made my cock jump.

Tuck didn't react to what either of his daughters had said to me. We sat at the bar for over two hours while he had four drinks, and I ate two club sandwiches, complete with French fries and drank two Cokes.

Elizabeth called twice while I was eating. The first time she wanted to know how many drinks her husband had had, and when I was coming back to the office. I answered that I hadn't been keeping track of Tuck's drinks, which was untrue, and that I didn't know when we would be leaving, which was true. The second time she wanted to know if her husband was talking to Marty. I told her he was. Marty was one of the customers Tuck had introduced me to the first time we'd been at Tuck-North. Tuck had been giving Marty free drinks.

"Yes, they're talking now," I said.

"Can you hear them? What are they saying?" she asked.

I told her that I couldn't hear what was being said, which was the truth, almost. They had their heads together, but I was able to pick up a few words.

"Keep an eye on them," she said, before letting me go back to my sandwich.

At two-thirty, Tuck wanted me to take him home.

"See you tonight, Victor," Eric said to me as I helped Tuck to the car. I gave him a thumbs-up.

"I don't have a say about who my daughters fuck," Tuck said from the back seat. I looked into the rearview mirror, but with the sunglasses covering his eyes, I couldn't tell if he was watching me. For all I knew, his eyes were closed and he was talking in his sleep.

We traveled a few miles, and just when I thought he'd gone to sleep, he spoke again.

"But I do have a say about who my wives fuck, and just because I gave you permission to fuck Elizabeth, that doesn't mean you can fuck Vera unless I put you on the list."

List? He has a list? "Yes, Sir," I said, curious to know if I was on the list. Vera had to be over forty, but she was a fine looking woman. I liked her, and would have liked to know her better, but I didn't think it would be appropriate to ask Tuck if I my name was on the list.

As I helped him out of the car and walked him to the house, I wondered if he planned to have Missy wear his wife's panties, and shake her tits for him. Missy answered my question when she met us at the back door, wearing the same black thong that Elizabeth had worn the day before. She smiled and shook her tits as she took over helping Tuck through the door.

Back at the office, Elizabeth wanted to know what I'd heard her husband say to Marty. I told her that they spoke in low voices, and I'd been unable to pick up anything that was said. This was not entirely true. I'd heard Tuck give Marty the address where we'd delivered Ginger, and where we'd picked Tuck up the morning before.

I told Elizabeth that Sarah wanted me to come to her mother's house that night.

"She'll have to come after you," Elizabeth said.

"Tuck said I could drive one of the cars," I said, hoping she wouldn't discover that this wasn't exactly true.

What Tuck had said was that he had no say over whom his daughters fucked. If he had been listening, he knew his daughter told me to come to her mother's house. How would I get there if I didn't drive one of the cars?

"All right," she relented, adding, "I'll call you if Frank needs you to drive him someplace."

I didn't tell her that Tuck was at home with Missy, who was wearing Elizabeth's thong.

We finished the day at the office and Elizabeth rode in the front seat with me on the way home. I could tell that she didn't like it that I was going to Vera's house to meet with Sarah, but thinking that her husband had approved it, she didn't try to talk me out of going.

I was on the telephone with my brother when Missy brought my dinner. I handed the phone to her, and told her to talk to Vic while I ate. I only heard her side of the conversation, but it wasn't difficult to know what he was asking.

"He only fucked me once last night because the missus wore him out yesterday."

"Six times."

"No, not tonight, but I get him tomorrow night. He's going to be with Sarah tonight." Missy put her hand over the mouthpiece. "Vic doesn't believe me," she whispered.

"Tell him what you did today," I said, and watched Missy speak into the phone.

"Brian wants me to tell you what I did today with the boss. Brian brought the boss home about three o'clock. I met them at the door, and helped the boss into the playroom. He likes for me to wear the missus' panties while he plays with himself."

"It's not working. He doesn't believe me," Missy said to me, not bothering to cover the mouthpiece.

"Tell him to go fuck himself and hang up," I said to Missy, and that's what she did.

Missy watched as I finished eating. She was going to take the tray when I stopped her. "Stay and keep me company for a while," I said.

"What will we do?" she asked.

"Anything you want."

"Do you want me to take my clothes off?"

"If you want to, but I can't. You understand, don't you?"

Missy was already undressing. "Will you suck my tits and finger-fuck me, Brian?"

I took off my shirt and we got on the bed. I did as she requested, sucked her tits and finger-fucked her. "Did Tuck get himself off today?" I asked.

She giggled. "I got off before him. It took him forever, but he finally did," she said.

"Does it make you hot to swing your tits for him, and show him your pussy?"

"I got so hot today that I had to play with myself."

"I'm sorry about last night," I said.

"It's okay. Put two fingers in me, please."

I made her orgasm, and then we kissed for a while. She stayed with me until it was time for me to get ready for my date with Sarah. "Have fun," she said as she took my tray to the kitchen.

I parked in the rear of Vera Tucker's house at eleven-twenty-five and waited ten minutes before one of the Fiats roared to a stop. Caroline got out of the car, and motioned for me to follow her into her apartment.

"Sarah and Eric will be along shortly. Would you like a drink, Victor?"

I told her that I would like a scotch, and looked around. The apartment consisted of one big room and a bath. There was a bed in one corner, a small kitchenette in another corner. The rest of the room had a couch, table and four chairs.

Caroline handed me a drink and we took a first sip, looking at each other. "I'm going to enjoy fucking you," she said, throwing her arms around my neck. I nearly spilled my drink as she kissed me on the lips. She pulled her head back, smiling at the way my cock bored into her tummy.

"I'm going to enjoy fucking you, too," I said.

Our lips were locked together when Sarah and Eric came in. "Hey, he's my date," Sarah said to her sister.

"I was just trying him out," Caroline said, refusing to remove her arms from around my neck.

Eric made drinks for everyone, and Sarah took a seat at the table. "Shall we get started?" she asked as she pushed a knob down and two clock hands spun around, clockwise. The knob was attached to a weighted spindle, and looked home-made. When the clock-hands stopped rotating I could see that the small hand was fixed to stop ninety degrees in back of the big hand. If the big hand was a twelve o'clock, the small hand would be at nine o'clock.

Caroline guided me to the seat to the left of Sarah, and she took a seat to my left. Eric sat down opposite to me. Sarah explained the rules of the game we were going to play.

"This is our version of spin the bottle, except our game is to be played by adults. You're an adult, aren't you, Victor?" she asked, putting her hand on my thigh. I assured her that I was an adult, and she continued.

"If the big hand points to me, the small hand will point to Eric, and I get to specify what he is to do to someone else," she said, looking to see if I had questions. I did.

"Can you tell him to do something to you?"


"What kind of stuff would you tell him to do?"

"You'll see. Do you have another question?"

I told her I would learn as we played, and she pushed the knob down. The hands made several revolutions before the big hand stopped, pointing to Caroline.

She took a long swig of scotch and looked at me. "I want Victor to eat my pussy. Would you like to do that, Victor?"

I glanced at Eric, and saw that he was smiling at me. "Yes," I said, not looking Sarah's way. Caroline stood up, removed her panties, lifted her skirt up to reveal a tiny patch of pubic hair above her shaved pussy, and sat back down. I got down on my knees, and was lowering my head when Sarah stopped us.

"Move your chair back so we can watch what he's doing," she told her sister. Caroline did as Sarah wanted.

I kissed the inside of Caroline's thigh, and felt how smooth it was. She pushed forward on the chair and spread her legs. As I took a tentative lick, I heard Eric ask Sarah if they should warn me.

"Victor, she has a stubborn clit. Don't let her belittle you if you can't find it," Sarah said.

"Don't listen to her, Victor. You just have to find it," Caroline said, lifting the leg that I'd kissed to my shoulder.

I don't know if it was the sister's intention to trick me, but I took what Sarah had said about Caroline having a stubborn clit as a challenge. With determination, I set out to make her clit show itself, separating her pussy lips with my tongue, and licking from the bottom to the top and beyond. Caroline voiced her approval and swung her other leg over my shoulder. Remembering what Missy liked me to do; I used my thumbs to spread Caroline's pussy lips and fluttered my tongue, probing as deep as I could.

"He found it!" Caroline declared and I felt the little nubbin touch the end of my nose.

Eric and Sarah got out of their chairs, and came around the table to see if Caroline was telling the truth. I continued to lick and suck her pussy.

"Move your head so we can see," Sarah said to me. When I lifted my head, I saw that Sarah's top was off, and Eric was massaging her breasts.

"That's enough. You've seen it," Caroline said, pulling my head down with both hands, and holding it in place. Juices were flowing from Caroline's pussy, and the aroma of sexual arousal could have been cut with a knife. I fluttered my tongue between her lips again before moving it up to her clit. Caroline went wild, locking her legs around my neck and humping my tongue. I removed by thumbs from her pussy so I could place my hands under her butt. My intention was to slow her down, but I couldn't. She was pumping her ass so fast that all I could do was to suck on her pussy and give it an occasional lick. She slowed down twice, and I thought she was finished, only to be propelled even faster when she resumed humping my mouth.

Eventually, she slowed to a stop, but her legs were still locked in back of my head. She sat motionless in the chair for minutes. I heard Eric and Sarah talking and wondered why they didn't free me. I felt Caroline's hands moving on my head, brushing my hair in one direction and then the other. She was making a cooing sound. Gradually, she relaxed her legs and let me lift my head.

"I'm going to let my sister suck your cock, and then I'm going to fuck you," she whispered to me.

I turned to see Sarah sitting in her chair with Eric on his knees in front of her. Caroline saw it too. "Hey, that's no fair. You lose a turn for that," she said.

"We got tired of waiting on you," Sarah said as she watched Eric eat her pussy. They were both naked, and Sarah had her heels on his back, the same way Caroline's heels had been on my back until she decided to lock them and nearly strangle me.

Caroline moved to the table, and pushed the knob down. We watched the hands move until the big hand stopped, facing the chair where Eric had sat. She placed her finger over her lips, warning me not to say anything. "It's pointing to me again," she said. "Sarah, I want you to suck Victor's cock. Take your clothes off, Victor."

Had she been paying attention, Sarah could have seen her sister move the big hand back to point to where she'd been sitting. However, Sarah eyes were focused on Eric's mouth, and what he was doing to her pussy. She looked my way. "You heard her. Take your clothes off if your want your cock sucked."

I was out of my clothes in seconds, and noticed that Caroline was doing the same. Sarah held out her hand, beckoning for me to come to where she was sitting. My cock was waving to and fro as I took the few steps toward her. Sarah reached for one of my hands and placed it on her breast. She then reached for my cock and pulled me closer. Just before she took my cock into her mouth, she smiled up at me.

I stood next to the chair with my hand on her breast, and watched her bob her head on my cock. There were a couple of times that she pulled her head away to give Eric instructions or to recover from an orgasm he'd given her. During these breaks in the action, I was able to sneak a peek at Caroline, who was draped over Eric's back with her arms around his waist, playing with his balls and cock.

As Sarah resumed sucking my cock, I eased forward so I could put my free hand around her, and massage both breasts. This must have met her approval because she took more of my cock into her mouth and sucked harder. When my cum spurted out of the end of my cock, Sarah was sucking so hard that she didn't notice that it was flooding the back of her throat. Then, her eyes became big and she smiled up at me as she cleaned the head of my cock. When she was satisfied that she'd finished, Sarah patted my cock and turned her attention back to Eric.

Seeing this, Caroline untangled her body from her fiancée, and took me by the hand, leading me toward the bed.

"Hey! You didn't finish," Eric yelled in our direction.

"Sarah will take care of you," Caroline said.

I watched Sarah and Eric move into a sixty-nine position as we got onto the bed.

"You're going to enjoy this. I'm a good fuck. Everyone says so," Caroline said, pulling me to her for a long kiss.

Everyone says so? What had I gotten myself into here?

We were still kissing and groping each other when we heard Eric announce that he was coming.

Caroline was sucking my tongue into her mouth the same way her sister had sucked my cock. She must have felt that I'd fully recovered, because she maneuvered us so that I was between her open legs. "Do you know what to do with this?" she asked, taking my cock between her fingers and pulling it to her pussy.

Anxious to show her that I knew what to do, I thrust forward, burying my cock to the hilt.

"I see that you know how to start. Now, let's see if you know how to get to the finish."

What others had said about Caroline was true. She really was a good fuck. She met my thrusts, and used the muscles in the walls of her pussy to grip my cock, only to release it and make her pussy feel velvety for the backstroke.

"You're a good fuck," I said.

"Stop!" she shouted and I did, wondering what I'd done wrong. A second later she was pushing her pelvis upward. "That was a nice one," she said.

"Did you climax?"

"Do you have to ask?" she asked as she pulled on my ass with both hands.

We must have fucked for ten more minutes before she spoke again. "We'll do it doggy style next time. Do you like doggie?"

"Oh, yeah, I can't wait," I assured her.

"Not tonight. It'll have to wait until next time."

"Why?" I asked, pushing my cock into her as far as I could.

"Because, my sister will want to fuck you tonight," she said.

"Oh," I said, feeling my balls erupt. "I'm coming," I warned her, and Caroline used her heels to push me deep into her. We shivered together as my cum shot into her pussy, and then we lay quietly with my full weight upon her until my cock popped out of her pussy.

I got off of Caroline. We watched as Eric lay on his back at the foot of the bed, and Sarah bounced up and down on top of him.

I'm not sure what happened after that. As I told Elizabeth on the way to work the next morning, "I must have gone to sleep before Sarah and Eric finished."

"Are you saying that you didn't fuck Sarah?"

"I may have. I'm not sure," I said.

"How can you not be sure?" she asked.

"I woke up when I felt my cock being sucked. It was dark in the room, and I couldn't tell if it was Caroline or Sarah. Their bodies are almost identical, and their voices sound the same. Whichever one it was moved up, and told me not to wake her sister and Eric as she lowered her pussy and we connected. I believe it was Sarah, but I can't be sure."

"Why do you think it was Sarah?" Elizabeth asked, sounding like she gave a shit which one it was.

"The only difference in their bodies is that Sarah's clit is normal size and Caroline's is tiny. I'm pretty sure I felt Sarah's clit while she was bouncing up and down on me. I only got one feel because she kept my hands busy fondling her tits."

Elizabeth was contemplative for a few seconds. "Are you going to see them again?"

"I don't know. I came, and she got off of me. I got dressed in the dark and drove home. It was after three when I got to the cottage."

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