tagGroup SexSummer Foursome Ch. 01

Summer Foursome Ch. 01


Mark and Amy had always been good friends with Shantell and Derrick. The two couples had double dated and each had been friends since freshman year. Though Mark and Amy were white, and Shantell and Derrick black, it did not stop a close foursome friendship from growing. Shantell was the daughter of a successful business man who had moved his family to this lily-white suburb to make a better life for them. Derrick's mother raised him alone and had moved here from an inner-city neighborhood to keep Derrick away from gangs. Mark and Derrick had bonded on the high school football team, both highly popular for having led the team to victory after victory, and Amy and Shantell were co-captains on the cheerleading squad.

Now they had all graduated and each was headed for different colleges. It was a lazy summer day and the four of them were on the beach. Each had amazing toned bodies, which had not gone unnoticed among them, but up to now none said anything to the opposite couple.

Mark had always been attracted to Shantell, with her slender waist, generous round ass, firm round tits and caramel-colored skin, but had kept this to himself. He had also noticed sometimes when the four of them were out, Derrick would stare at Amy, who was gorgeous all through high school, with long light-blonde hair, large tits and perfectly rounded waist and ass to go with her tanned skin from long summers on the beach.

Mark sometimes imagined Derrick and Amy fucking, as Derrick had a large cock, which also had been noticed by Mark in the shower at school. Mark would get hard thinking of Derrick fucking Amy, and would imagine himself worshipping Shantell's big black round ass. Of course, he had not told any of this to Amy. But now that they were all about to go there separate ways, it was now or never.

In what was to be their last summer as a foursome, the group was on the beach, the guys splashing and dunking the girls while they giggled and pretended to protest. After they sat down, they realized they forgot the sunscreen. Each guy applied the sunscreen to his girl's back, and the girls returned the favor. Mark watched intently as Derrick rubbed the sunscreen over Shantell's exposed skin, looking at the firm roundness of her caramel-colored breasts and round waist, hoping that no one noticed him staring. To Mark's slight embarrassment, Shantell did notice him staring, and gave Mark a slightly flirtatious look without calling him out in front of the others. Mark blushed heavily and quickly looked away.

Shantell applied the sunscreen to Derrick, whose ripped body with its tight muscles and six-pack abs began to glisten. Mark noticed Amy staring at Derrick and biting her lower lip, and Derrick was returning the glance, looking Amy up and down in her bikini. This both excited and worried Mark, who was worried he actually liked the idea of his best friend flirting with his girl. But Mark glanced at Shantell, whose round breasts threatened to bust from her bikini top at any moment. The sexual tension soon became too much for Mark.

"Hey guys, lets go back to my parents' house. We can chill there," Mark said shakily. He was feeling himself becoming aroused and needed to diffuse the situation. "Their out of town on business again so we'll have the place to ourselves," Mark managed to add.

"That's a good idea, bruh," Derrick replied, his gaze still on Amy.

"We can have a little private party, just the four of us," Amy said in a low voice that caught Mark by surprise.

"Come on, y'all, the sun's going down anyway, let's go," Shantell announced, and Mark found himself more eager to leave. Shantell shot Mark a quick look as she got up and walked past him, jiggling her ass as she walked, knowing Mark would be looking. Derrick walked over to Mark and put his muscular arm around Mark's shoulder, causing Mark to nearly jump out of his skin.

"Relax, bruh. That's a fine sista, ain't it?" Derrick said to Mark, who suddenly felt completely naked and exposed.

"Dude, bro, you know I wouldn't— I mean, yeah, Shantell's hot, man but she's your girl and you know that I wouldn't—"

Derrick just chuckled in a friendly way and interrupted Mark's stammering with, "Its alright, man. I peeped you checkin' her out, and it's cool. You want some of that hot chocolate, bruh, I know you do." Unbeknownst to Mark, Amy was right behind them as Derrick was talking to Mark. Derrick said into Mark's ear, "What would you think about me and Amy in some hot action, man?" Derrick asked and Mark swallowed hard as he was becoming fully aroused at Derrick's bold suggestion.

Before Mark could answer, Amy walked over to him and looked seductively at Derrick then Mark, and Mark realized Amy had heard the whole exchange. Amy bit her lower lip, then said, "I think we should mix it up for the summer, huh, baby," Amy said, looking at Mark who was now fully erect between the two of them.

Looking from one to the other, Mark shocked himself by saying, "Could...Could you guys kiss?" Derrick and Amy looked at each other, smiled and gladly obliged Mark with a deep wet kiss, playing with each other's tongues as Mark looked on, the sight of Derrick and Amy kissing hotter than he had imagined.

After they broke, Shantell called to them, "Hey! Let's bring this party inside, y'all," proving Shantell, too, had seen the exchange. Mark became dizzy with the possibilities of what was to come.

After the short drive to Mark's parents' house, in which couples spent the drive deep tongue kissing, Mark quickly found the key to the front door and the four went inside. They had not even closed the door when Shantell went over to Mark and gave him the deepest kiss he had ever had, and then said, "You want me, white boy?" Mark was so overwhelmed with lust that he returned the kiss, cupping Shantell's large breasts and rubbing his hands all over her ass, playing with her tongue with his. Mark opened his eyes to see Amy and Derrick in another deep lust filled kiss, fanning Mark's own desire.

Derrick led Amy to the large sofa in the living room, where he sat down and pulled Amy to him, and Amy immediately helped Derrick pull down his shorts and took Derrick's hard black cock in her small hand. Derrick's cock was even larger than Mark had imagined, and Amy was bobbing her head up and down on maybe half of it, gagging and slurping as she tried to deep throat it. Shantell led Mark next to Derrick and Amy on the sofa, pushing Mark down on the sofa. Shantell took off her top, doing a striptease for Mark, and exposed her round firm breasts, her nipples hard and pointed.

Mark's mouth gaped open, and Derrick said, "That's right, baby, tease him." Shantell leaned down on Mark, and Mark took both her breasts and sucked on one nipple then the other, then pushed her breasts together and sucked them both at the same time.

Shantell moaned loudly, then said, "I wanna taste you, white boy," then pulled off the rest of her clothes.

Shantell told Mark to lie down, and once he did, Shantell straddled Mark's head, putting her round brown ass in Mark's face. Shantell took Mark's throbbing cock and sucked and slurped on it as Mark greedily licked her dripping wet pussy, spanking her ass cheeks while he did it.

Derrick was already fucking Amy, both her legs in his strong hands while he pounded her missionary. Amy was shaking and gasping as Derrick skillfully fucked her, already on the verge of the first of many orgasms. Mark was a great lover, but Derrick had awakened a lust in Amy she never knew she had.

Shantell got into a doggy position for Mark, jiggling her round black ass, and Mark entered her hot wet pussy. Shantell fucked Mark back, shaking her ass while Mark fucked her.

Derrick and Amy moved into a 69, Derrick's lower body and Amy's head facing Shantell and Mark, and Shantell moved closer so she could help Amy suck Derrick's hard, long black cock. Shantell and Amy were worshipping Derrick's huge black member, as Mark fucked Shantell from behind and watched as each girl took turns gagging and slurping on Derrick. The sight of the two girls on Derrick sent Mark into frenzy, and he grabbed Shantell's ass and fucked her with all he had.

Shantell moaned and gurgled as Mark pounded her, and Amy managed to say, "Pound that black booty, baby."

Mark knew he was going to cum soon, but he wanted to look at Shantell when he did, so he laid her down and fucked her missionary. He looked at his white cock entering that hot black pussy, then looked over at Derrick, who was fucking Amy doggy style. Suddenly, Derrick took his black monster from Amy and exploded all over Amy's ass and back, even shooting a stream of cum in her hair. Mark watched Derrick's hot cum drip down Amy's ass, and then felt himself about to explode. Mark cupped Shantell's ass and pounded her until he pulled out and covered Shantell's black pussy with his white cum. Shantell shook and moaned, and Mark knew she had came herself.

The four were spent, but each of them was still hot with desire. The girls looked at each other through narrow eyes and smiled playfully. "Don't nobody fall asleep," Derrick said. "We just gettin' started.

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