tagGroup SexSummer Foursome Ch. 02

Summer Foursome Ch. 02


Derrick, Mark, Shantell, and Amy had relieved some of the sexual tension pent up among them from four years of high school, but each knew without saying they were far from done with each other. Now, in Mark's parents' lavish living room butt-naked and spent, each was ready to go at each other again.

Amy had cum four times taking Derrick's long, thick black cock, and Mark had exploded with lust all over Shantell. Each of the four was mentally connecting with the other about what next, as it would be a long while before Mark's parents came home.

"Woo, I'm dirty. I think its time for a shower, y'all," Shantell announced, looking sexily at her boyfriend Derrick, who was playing with Amy's still-hard nipples with his fingers but looked at Shantell and winked.

"Yeah, baby. Time to get cleaned up," Derrick said, looking at Shantell through sexy, narrowed eyes, then kissed Amy. Mark looked at Derrick's cock, which was still almost to Derrick's knee even though Derrick was only half-hard. Mark then had an idea.

"The bathtub's pretty big. We could all...help clean each other up," Mark said slowly, his idea forming in the other's minds. Mark stood up and reached his hand to Shantell, who smiled then took Mark's hand and stood up. Derrick picked up Amy and did a fireman's carry with Amy over his shoulder, causing her to laugh and giggle and pretend to try to escape. As Derrick carried Amy to the bathroom, Mark and Shantell laughed, Mark glancing at Shantell's naked body, feeling himself becoming aroused again.

The four entered the bathroom and stepped into the large bathtub. Derrick turned on the shower and removed the detachable showerhead, covering the two girls with water playfully as they laughed and fake protested. Derrick gave the showerhead to Mark, who also sprayed the girls and Derrick as well, and Mark could see Derrick's cock hardening. Mark was fully erect again, watching the water cover the two girls' bodies and making their nipples hard. Derrick too was fully hard, his long black member standing tall to nearly halfway to his chest.

Derrick let go of the attachment and boldly put his arms around the girls, taking turns kissing them both. Mark went over and cupped both girls' breasts and played with their already- stiff nipples. Amy reached back and slowly massaged Mark's throbbing cock, and Shantell reached over to Mark, rubbing his chest and pinching one of his nipples.

Shantell broke from Derrick, and kneeled in front of Mark, the shower still soaking her. Shantell took Mark's throbbing cock in her mouth without using her hands, and Amy was doing the same to Derrick, warm water still showering on all of them.

Shantell looked innocently into Mark's eyes as she slurped on Mark's cock and the shower water. Mark looked up to see Amy licking Derrick's large balls and stroking his cock, and Mark felt like he might explode right then. Amy was bobbing up and down on Derrick long black cock, soaking wet. Mark looked at Shantell, and realized he was going to cum. Shantell sensed that, and sucked harder and faster until Mark groaned loudly and erupted into Shantell's willing mouth.

Mark opened his eyes and saw Derrick with his eyes closed and grunting loudly as Amy's head moved back and fourth, swallowing Derrick's huge load. Amy looked up through half open eyes at Derrick, having came herself from sucking Derrick's huge black cock. Shantell sucked the last of Mark's cum, and she and Amy walked out of the shower holding hands. Mark and Derrick looked at each other in amazement.

After drying off, Mark went to the kitchen to get some snacks so the group could recharge some energy. When they finished, Shantell took Amy and pulled her down on the queen-sized bed in the guest bedroom. Shantell then said, "Lick this black pussy, slut," then spread her legs and exposed her naked purple cunt, spreading her lips and showing the pink inside.

"You fucking bitch," Amy said playfully. "Get your black ass over here." Amy then crawled between Shantell's legs and licked and sucked on Shantell's throbbing clit, probing Shantell's now dripping black pussy with two fingers. Derrick sat beside the two girls on the bed and watched, smiling, his long member slowly hardening. Mark was on the other side of the girls, watching in utter amazement. Mark would never have thought Amy would be into girls. Shantell grabbed Amy's head and shook and moan as she came hard and wet on Amy's tongue.

"Ooooh, yeah lick it up, slut," Shantell said as she shook and gasped with orgasm. Shantell then pushed Amy from between her legs playfully and climbed on top of Derrick, his cock rock-hard from the girls' show. Shantell rode Derrick's long cock, then looked at Mark and said, "I want both these dicks. Come over here, white boy."

Amy and Mark went over to Shantell and Derrick. Amy sat down over Derrick's head, and Derrick licked and sucked on her wet pussy lips. Amy and Shantell tongue kissed while one rode Derrick's face and the other rode Derrick's cock. Mark stood on the bed beside Shantell, and she broke from Amy to deep-throat Mark while bouncing on Derrick's cock, Derrick's thrust getting harder and faster each time.

Mark then left Shantell's mouth and stroked his cock by her bouncing black ass, jetting a stream of cum on Shantell's jiggling ass cheeks. Amy came hard on Derrick's face, and as Derrick licked it up, Amy and Shantell tongue-kissed deeply. Amy left Derrick's face, and Derrick groaned and grunted as he pulled out of Shantell and exploded up and all over Shantell's ass and back, Shantell still on top of him. Amy rubbed the mix of Derrick's cum and Mark's cum all over Shantell's ass.

The four continued pretty much that way all that summer, going to each other's parents houses when the parents were away. When the time came for them to part, all of them promised they would meet up over the summers in college, in whosever town they could. For that reason, all of them looked forward to the summers even more.

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