tagGay MaleSummer Foursome in College Ch. 01

Summer Foursome in College Ch. 01


I: Mark

Mark went off to college a few weeks after the orgy with Amy, Derrick, and Shantell, and he still burned when he thought of that night. Mostly, Mark had to admit to himself, he thought of Derrick. The confidence, the "swag" as the brothas call it, that Derrick exuded had always appealed to Mark.

Now after the orgy, Mark thought of the sight of Derrick's big black cock pounding both hot blonde Amy and saucy black girl Shantell. Mark had watched Derrick cum on both the girls, and Mark had came himself after seeing that.

Recounting all this gave Mark a growing hard-on as he now sat at the orientation at his college's football tryouts, the sport that had earned Mark a scholarship to this university.

Sitting upright and making an earnest effort to listen to what the coach was saying, Mark couldn't help glancing around the room at the handsome young black freshmen and wondered if most of these guys had cocks like Derrick's.

One or two caught Mark staring, and narrowed their eyes and grinned to let Mark know they saw him. Mark, of course, immediately flushed with embarrassment and looked away. Still, Mark felt somehow glad that these guys had caught him staring, wondering if the same thing was on their minds. Mark had a feeling it was going to be an interesting four years here.

In the locker room after tryouts on the field, Mark was putting his gear into his locker when he noticed four of the black guys at the orientation who caught him staring walking over to him. Mark stood up, still in a wifebeater T-shirt and boxers, trying to play it cool.

"What's up man? Got good hustle on the field, dawg," said the apparent leader of this quartet of handsome black studs. "I'm Tyrell. This Damien, Nigel, and Ray," Tyrell continued, motioning to the three others. Mark shook each of their hands, wincing a little at their squeezes of his hand.

"I'm Mark. Good to meet you, guys," Mark said, trying not to stare at their handsome faces. Mark was surprised at how attracted he was to all four of these guys, but this time he would not hide it away as he did with Derrick in high school.

Mark decided right at this meeting that if he could, he would fuck these black studs; one at a time or all four at once, he didn't care. Did this mean he was gay? Mark didn't care about that either. Mark soon realized he was getting hard, so he turned away from the group of young black men and returned to putting his gear into the locker.

"We 'bout to hit the shower, then go kickin' it," Nigel said, in a strong deep voice that almost startled Mark. "You should come with us, dawg."

"Yeah, that would be cool," Mark managed to say, and the four headed to the shower room. Mark took off his underwear, grabbed a towel, and followed them into the showers.

Once inside, Mark tried not to stare at the four naked, muscular black bodies. Mark kept his back to the four when he got an immediate throbbing hard-on, worried he might cum just from being naked with these four black studs.

Mark finished showering and turned off the nozzle. He was about to leave when he turned around and saw all four of the black studs surrounding him. The four blacks were wet, naked, and semi-erect, and began touching and feeling on Mark's wet naked body. Mark nearly fainted with arousal when he felt eight strong, powerful hands rubbing all over him.

"What's your hurry, man? We got plenty of time, dawg. Just relax," Ray said, rubbing Mark's naked butt cheeks, and Mark looked down to see that Ray was fully hard and thick, Ray's cock jabbing Mark's belly as Ray spread Mark's ass apart. The other three were stroking their long, thick dark cocks as they touched all over Mark's still dripping-wet body.

Mark was beyond the ability to form words, and the four guided Mark to an area in the shower where one could sit.

Tyrell bent Mark over, still standing, as Nigel sat in front of Mark and Ray stood next to Mark's face, stroking his cock as Mark sucked both cocks in turn. Tyrell prepared to fuck Mark's virgin ass by spitting on the hole and licking it while inserting one finger, then two into Mark's ass. Damien stroked his big hard black cock and rubbed Mark's ass cheeks.

Tyrell stood up and guided his thick dark cock into Mark's asshole: first the tip, then a few inches, then eventually balls-deep into Mark's ass. Mark felt like he might cum after Tyrell and penetrated his ass, and Tyrell begin to fuck Mark slowly then faster with each stroke.

Tyrell fucked Mark faster and harder, as Mark now sucked on three hard cocks, sucking and slurping on one while jerking the other two. Nigel grasped Mark's head and exploded jets of warm cum into Mark's eager mouth, just as Tyrell came hard and deep into Mark's ass. Mark then came himself without having been touched, Ray's softening, yet still thick cock in Mark's mouth as Mark came.

Damien then took Tyrell's place at Marks ass, while Ray sat in front of Mark, who eagerly took the throbbing dark cock into his mouth. Tyrell was still hard, and masturbated furiously watching Mark suck Ray's hard black cock. Damien pounded Mark's ass, and Mark came again, just as Tyrell came on Mark's face, and Ray came in Mark's mouth.

Nigel, jerking his dark cock next to Damien, exploded all over Mark's ass, even cumming on Damien's chest. Damien pulled his cock out and came on Mark's gaping asshole and ass cheeks.

Days later Mark and the four blacks got on the football team and all hung out on regular, even dating girls. Mark found that he was still sexually attracted to girls, but found any and every excuse to be alone with his teammates. Mark even thought of Derrick, thinking of his best friend in high school as the one who got away. Still, there was summer...

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