tagGroup SexSummer Foursome in College Ch. 02

Summer Foursome in College Ch. 02


II: Amy

Amy sat in class at the prestigious university where she had earned a full scholarship. The 19-year-old shapely blonde couldn't take her eyes of her history professor, a tall mid-forties black man who commanded attention. Professor William Powers had the undivided attention of every woman in the class, his powerful baritone and alpha male presence undeniably a turn-on.

As Powers went on about his lecture, the very handsome middle aged black man was perhaps unaware of the young blonde white girl staring at him, barely hearing his words but determined to look at though she was taking notes.

In reality Amy wondered what it would be like to be at this black man's command, her mind going over a range of scenarios where she was Powers' helpless fuck toy. The thought turned her on more and more, so much she could feel her panties getting wet.

Amy shifted in her chair and pulled her short skirt as far on her legs as she could, and tried to clear her head of the hot images.

Amy thought back to the last summer with Mark, Derrick, and Shantell, and fixed on Derrick's huge black cock, fucking her where no other guy had ever been. Derrick had made Amy cum hard and repeatedly, and she knew the professor could bring her to the same number of orgasms, if not more.

Hearing the professor speak turned Amy on more than anyone ever had. When Professor Powers asked to speak to Amy after class, Amy worried the professor had somehow read her thoughts.

"Ms. Harris, you seem distracted in class. Is everything alright?" Powers asked in his deep baritone only fanned Amy's desire.

"Oh yes, Professor, I'm just excited to be here," Amy managed to reply. "And I am really enjoying your class, sir."

"I enjoy eager students, Ms. Harris," Powers said as he stood up from his desk, walked over and stood in front of Amy, so close she could smell his cologne. Amy looked up at the tall black man and bit her lip. "I'm always available for any personal attention my students need."

Amy thought she would faint with desire, but managed to say, "Thank you, Professor. I'm so glad to be in your class, sir." Swallowing hard, Amy added, "I do feel I need some one-on-one attention, Professor."

Looking into Amy's blue eyes as he spoke, the black man said, "Would you care to join me and my wife for dinner, Ms. Harris?" Amy's face dropped at the mention of the professor's wife. Powers lifted her head with his finger and grinned slightly

Amy couldn't help but grin, and she felt commanded somehow to accept the invite. "I'd love to, professor," Amy said and meant it. She felt the professor had the power to command her to do anything. The thought both excited and worried Amy.

The professor offered to drive her to his home, and again Amy accepted the offer as though obligated. As they got in the car, the black man looked over at his young white female passenger for a long moment.

Amy felt her desire had taken over her body, and the two leaned over and exchanged a very long, slow, passionate kiss. Amy felt her body was on fire as she felt the professor's lips devour hers, his tongue in her mouth, his big hand slowly rubbing her tits through her blouse.

Then, very calmly, the black man broke his kiss, started the car and off they went.

At the professor's beautiful home, Amy followed the professor up the walk and to the door. Once inside, they were greeted by an incredibly beautiful, buxom middle-aged black woman. Her hourglass figure was accentuated by the black skirt she wore, which barely contained her round breasts.

Even more turned on than before, Amy guessed this was the professor's wife. The woman looked at the young blonde girl with a mix of contempt and lust, which made Amy burn under her gaze.

"Amy this is my wife Lenore," the professor said slowly. Lenore smiled, took Amy's hand and kissed it slowly. Amy, surprised by the gesture, burned as she felt Lenore's lips on her hand.

Lenore spoke to her husband. "I see you brought me a gift, Will," Lenore said while looking in Amy's blue eyes. Amy looked from one to the other, confused and yet turned on by the unfolding situation. The black couple looked over the young blonde white girl. Amy felt herself getting more and more aroused.

"Beautiful isn't she baby?" the professor said to his beautiful wife.

Lenore finally addressed Amy. "You little white whores, you love our men, don't you slut?" Lenore said the words so calmly, with no trace of malice, in such a low seductive voice that Amy was caught completely off-guard.

Before Amy could attempt a response, Lenore continued, "Of course you do, you little white slut. You've probably already fucked black dicks, haven't you whore? You loved every minute of it. Didn't you?"

Lenore was silent for a long moment, obviously waiting for Amy to respond. Confused and aroused at the same time by this woman's boldness, Amy couldn't help but be fully honest under the woman's burning gaze.

"Y-Yes I did ma'am. A-And yes I have. I...I do love black men, ma'am," Amy confessed, and Amy heard a slow unzipping behind her. The professor, whose presence Amy had almost forgotten, had unzipped his pants and pulled out a very long, very dark monster of a cock, which Amy saw was slowly hardening.

The black man began to stroke himself slowly as he looked at Amy, then his wife said, "Then show us you sweet little white whore. Get on your knees before that black god and suck him. Show us how much you love black men. Now, you little white bitch."

Amy's senses were on overload, and at once went to the professor in the lavish living room, kneeled in front of him and took his massive black member in her sweet white mouth. The professor gripped Amy's shoulder as she slurped and gurgled on his black cock, swelling and growing harder, thicker in her mouth.

Lenore stood behind Amy, in front of her husband, and took Amy's head in her hand and began to guide Amy's head back and forth on the black man's thick, long, hard cock. "Yes whore, that's it. How's she doing, baby? Is this white slut sucking you good? She better be." Lenore did not change the seductive tone of her voice the entire time.

Moaning and grunting, the black man managed to say, "Ohhh yes baby, she's got a sweet little white mouth. These white sluts are built for sucking black cock."

Amy's panties were soaked as she sucked the professor and listened to the exchange. The feeling like she was nothing but a plaything for their enjoyment turned on Amy so much she felt she might cum just from Lenore's words.

As Amy took the professor's black cock deeper and deeper, gurgling and slurping, covering his cock and balls with her saliva, Lenore said, "Mmm I can tell she is baby. Let's see how she handles black pussy then. Come here, whore."

Lenore lifted her skirt, revealing she had on no panties. Amy let the professor's cock leave her mouth slowly, anticipating what Lenore would do next. Lenore gripped Amy's head and turned her around to Lenore's naked shaved pussy. The scent of Lenore's arousal pushed Amy further to ecstasy. "Lick this black pussy, you white bitch."

Amy willingly licked Lenore's warm wet pussy, sucking and flicking her clit and savoring Lenore's taste. Lenore began stroking her husband's dripping cock slowly as the black couple kissed, moaning in ecstasy, breaking the kiss only for Lenore to say, "That's it you little white whore. Eat that black pussy, bitch."

Lenore held Amy's head as she began to cum in Amy's mouth, and then a second time, and a third. "Ooohhhh yes, little white whores have sweet little mouths," Lenore said as she came a fourth time. The professor then turned Amy back to him and stuffed his swollen cock in Amy's willing mouth.

Amy could do nothing but be a living sex toy to the black couple, and Amy sucked the professor hard and fast until he exploded into her mouth, grunting and shaking and moaning as his wife calmly berated the young white girl swallowing her husband's huge sperm load. As the black man came, so did Amy, hard.

The black couple then guided Amy to the sofa. Lenore sat down on the sofa and spread her legs. Amy got on all fours in front of Lenore and the professor easily slid his hard-again massive dark cock into Amy's tight young white pussy.

The black man slammed the white girl's pussy as Amy licked his wife pussy again. Lenore came hard in Amy's mouth again and, calling her names. Then Amy suddenly felt the professor swell deep inside her and erupt hot thick jets of cum again and again, bringing Amy to a mind shattering orgasm. Amy shook and moaned into Lenore's dripping pussy.

"Beautiful white slut isn't she baby," the professor said, still buried inside Amy, slowly pulling out.

"I love when the little bitches do what they're told, and don't pretend they don't want it," Lenore replied, looking in Amy's watering eyes. "You belong to us. You come to us when we call, you sweet little white bitch," Lenore said to Amy, Lenore's legs still spread in front of Amy.

"Y-Yes, ma'am, I—I will," Amy managed to reply.

After showering in the black couple's bathroom, the professor drove Amy back to her dorm building.

Amy lay in bed later, thinking maybe she had imagined the whole encounter. The taste of Lenore still on her lips told Amy it was no dream, and that tonight was the first of many hot encounters with Professor William Powers and his wife Lenore.

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