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Summer Fun


This is my first story and is completely true in every way. If I receive good feedback I have lots more to tell. I am a bisexual man who enjoys fun with both men and women.


I had my first sexual experience at a pretty young age. I don't know for sure if it was what set my sexuality or if I was always going to be bisexual, but either way I enjoy every minute of the fun that I have with both guys and girls.

I can still remember the first time I put a cock in my mouth. It was a beautiful summer day and my next door neighbor, who was a couple years older than me, and myself went out for one of our usual adventures through a local woods. It wasn't all that far from our houses and we were always going into the woods and building dams in the creek so that the water would pool up on the other side and make us a nice little swimming hole.

I'm purposely going to leave our ages out as I want no controversy on the subject. On this particular day we sat out into the woods and found that, for an odd first time, the dam we had built the day before had survived the night and the large area we had dug out to make a swimming hole was filled as deep as it could be with water.

It had been one of the hottest summers I could remember in a very long time, so we slipped in and began enjoying the cool creek water. We always went in fully clothed even if we had blue jeans on. It made it easier to lie to our parents, who told us every day not to get wet or muddy, and tell them that we had fallen in.

Today was going to be different though. My friend suggested that it would be a good idea to get nude and swim that way we could wait till we had dried to go home. We were plenty far enough away from the road that no one was going to see us and no one but us ever came back to where we were. It made a lot of sense to me so we stripped down out of our clothes and got into the water.

Now, I had never been nude outside of my bedroom or bathroom, so as soon as I stepped into the water my dick began to get hard. It turned me on at how dirty we were being. The water was deep enough for us to get in and sit, but I couldn't hide my erection from my friend, nor could he hide his from me. I found myself staring at his cock and couldn't really figure out why I was fascinated by it. There was something about the way it looked that had really drawn my attention.

My buddy noticed me looking and asked me if I had every jerked off before. I had, but told him no and asked him what he was talking about. He moved himself out of the water and onto the edge of the bank and began slowly working his cock up and down. If I was entranced before now I was completely enthralled. I couldn't take my eyes off of him as he started to speed up his pumping. Before long he began to raise his hips up to meet the end of every downward stroke.

All of a sudden he stopped and looked at me. He realized that I hadn't take my eyes off his dick since he started and smiled. He told me that he knew something that was even more fun than just watching him and that was helping. My mind went blank, I didn't know what to say or do, but I found myself sliding through the water towards him.

I took his rock hard dick in my hand and began to work it just the way he had done as he just put his head back and smiled. I started out going up and down with my hand slowly just as he had done. I sped up every so slowly till I was working his cock with as much force a I could muster without hurting him. He looked at me and asked if I wanted to try putting it in my mouth. I didn't even answer just popped it in my mouth. He was telling my to suck it and I responded to every single command I was given.

Before long my friend had his hands on either side of my head and was pumping my mouth. Never having done this before, I just let him do it and it wasn't long before he was putting his dick as far in my mouth as I could get it. I had never been so turned on as I was at that moment. I began to gag a little as his cock slide ever further down my throat, but even that got me worked up further.

He sat up a little and began to make small grunting noises. I could feel something warm starting to ooze out of his cock head. The taste of his cock and of the pre-cum, I know what it is now, had me on edge and with a final grunt and thrust he came. The feeling and taste of it was something I immediately loved, and I swallowed it down back then as best I could, losing most of it down the front of my chin. As he began to go limp I let his dick slide out of my mouth.

Never in the time that we were fooling around did he return the favor. After he was done he said we should probably go home so we did. The entire rest of the day I couldn't keep my mind off what had happen. He asked if I wanted to spend the night that night and I of course jumped at his offer. After a quick check with the parents we were good to go. We spent the rest of the day playing games and with action figures and said no more about what had happened at the creek. As evening started to approach we stayed outside playing. During the summer we always stayed outside as long as we could which was usually till 9:30 when the sun went down completely.

I'm going skip ahead a bit here, until later that night when we went to bed together in a large king size bed, as we always did for sleepovers. As always we had outlasted my friends grandparents, whom he stayed with for the summers back then. We were making jokes and having fun, trying our hardest not to make so much noise that we woke anyone up, when he asked me if I really enjoyed what had happened at the creek earlier in the day. Not wanting to sound too weird, or eager, I answered in a coy manner trying to make sure he knew I did without seeming to excited he was bringing it up again.

When it was understood that I had enjoyed myself, my friend grinned and told me that he knew something else we could try that was just as fun. He had heard about it but had never tried it himself. We pulled down our pants and he told me to face way from him on my side. I heard him spit on his hand and then all of a sudden I felt his spit covered fingers probing my asshole. Being a little naïve I had no idea what was about to happen. One of his spit covered finger slid into my hole and my cock instantly jumped to attention.

Soon his finger was removed and I felt the head of his dick pressing against my hole. He pushed a little and told me to relax. His breath on the back of my neck had an unexpected effect, it relaxed soon much that the head of his cock slipped into my tight ass. With a few more gentle pushes his cock was all the way in and I could feel his balls against my taint. It was a feeling like no other I had ever felt, and my friend began slowly working his cock in and out of me.

Meanwhile my dick was twitching jumping. I was getting sensations of pleasure I had never felt before. He was beginning to work his cock in and out of me pretty fast when a wave swept from my balls threw the tip of my dick and I came without even touching it. The pulsing of my hole must have been something my buddy wasn't ready for, because as soon as I started spurting he grunted really hard and drove his cock all the way into me. I felt his dick swell and pulse and, with a last grunt, felt several squirts of warm cum spraying inside me.

As before he simply pulled out of me and didn't say anything else about it for the rest of the night. I lay there for a long time thinking about what had happened not able to sleep a bit. Morning came and I went home. Later that day, when I saw my friend, it was as if nothing had happened.

For the rest of the time that we were friends it always went the same way and we continued to fool around on and off until his parents moved to far away for him to come and stay the summer at his grandparents. The experience changed me and from that day on I fooled around with several guys until junior high, when I didn't feel safe approaching guys. Eventually I found that I like girls too and didn't play with another guy until I was in high school when I rediscovered how much fun it could be. I have since been with several guys and even more girls. But those are stories for another time.

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