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Summer Heat


It was the hottest summer anyone could remember. All through the southwest record temperatures were being set almost daily and wild fires raged over vast portions of some states, the grass and trees dry and brittle from the heat.

Kelly lay in bed, her naked body uncovered by the sheets. Her husband had gotten up and his rattling around near the sink had awakened her. The air?conditioning was a life saver because she knew that even at this hour of the morning it was sweltering outside. Trying to decide whether to get up out of bed now that she was awake, she stretched her arms over her head and tensed her long legs, curling her toes in the process.

Then she heard the noise from outside. Oh, no, she thought to herself, the workmen are working on that damn garage again, and so early.

Kelly sat up on the side of the bed for a moment, finally getting up and walking to the bathroom just off the bedroom. Stopping in front of the full length mirror, she admired her body. Not bad for a 42?year?old woman, she thought. Kelly was tall, blonde, and her body was firm. She ran her hands over her 36?inch breats, lingering an extra few seconds on her soft pink nipples, just long enough to bring them to attention. Turning, she admired her heart?shaped ass, and turning back again her bottom?shaved pussy. Yes, Kelly had taken good care of herself.

She began washing her face when the noise from outside became louder. What on earth is going on out there? she wondered.

She and hubby had decided that they were going to remodel their attached garage into a new den and they were building a new garage that was set back away from the house. The frame had been put up and it was supposed to take about a month to complete the job.

Slipping on a silk robe, Kelly walked to the balcony door and pushed it open. A blast of hot air immediately assaulted her as she stepped out onto the small ledge that overlooked the garden so she could see what was happening at the adjacent work site.

A truck had pulled into the driveway and some of the building supplies it carried had fallen off. There was some general shouting from the man in charge and a couple of his men scurried to clean up the mess.

Returning to the sink, Kelly finished her morning rituals and put on a bikini so that she could catch some sun on her little balcony before it got too hot.

The balcony was just big enough for a lounge chair and she draped a beach towel over the railing to block her body from view. No sense giving the workers too much of a show, she thought. After all, they had rudely aroused her from her bed.

Settling into the lounge, she poured the lotion over her body, letting it cascade over her ample breasts and then rubbed it in. As she lay there, the sun beat down mightily. It had to be at least 95 degrees and it was still only 9 o'clock. Looking down over the railing she watched the men working on the garage. The boss and two workers she had seen before seemed to be directing most of the work, but Kelly was most intrigued with the two new men on the scene. Two young black men seemed to be doing most of the heavy dragging and toting.

Kelly had a secret longing for black men. There was just something about them that excited her. The color of their dark skin. The shape of their features. She wasn't really sure what it was that attracted her. She had never acted on this fantasy, she was much too conservative for that, but she couldn't help wondering what it would be like to be taken by a big black stallion.

Another noise startled her from her daydream and her attention was again focused on the garage. The two black men had removed their shirts due to the heat and were banging some tools around. The sight of this brought on a warm feeling between her thighs. Their dark brown skin glistened with sweat as they went about their job. She imagined how it would feel to run her hands over their muscular chests, how it would feel to then put her fingers into her mouth and taste the salt of their sweat on them, and how it would feel to have one of them take her in his arms and pull her close to him. Without realizing it, Kelly had slipped a hand into her bikini bottom and had begun rubbing her pussy. She was so taken with this fantasy that she was soon climaxing, all the while her eyes fixed on the two men down below.

Kelly was surprised by her own actions, and maybe a little bit embarrassed, but it was clear that she was turned on completely by the men. Maybe this building project is just what I needed, she thought to herself, and giggled a little. Having errands to run and other things to do, Kelly returned to her bedroom to shower and get ready. Besides the heat was becoming unbearable.

Over the next couple of days, Kelly's mornings always included a little sun?bathing and each day she became a little bolder. The very next day she again lounged on the balcony, but this time she didn't drape a towell over the railing. And she definitely got the attention of the men below. Kelly found that she liked it when she noticed them stealing glances at her, especially when her young black bucks looked up at her. Too embarrassed to masturbate again without the cover of the towell, she still managed to become quite aroused as she rubbed more and more lotion over her body, often closing her eyes to imagine that it was the black men's hands running over her body.

On the following day, Kelly moved to the patio just off the garden. Now she was in plain sight of the workers and her string bikini brought more than just stolen glances. She saw that each of the men ogled her for extended periods as she lay there on her stomach, her ass cheeks exposed and when she untied her bikini top to let the sun have full access to her back, she was sure she heard a groan come from the direction of the garage. She raised her head a little to glance over there and exposed nearly all of her full breasts in the process. Kelly watched the two black men intently and she knew by their reaction to her that they liked what they saw. And she like what she saw too. Both men, besides being muscular, were also quite good looking. From listening to the men talking among themselves, she had also learned that their names were Michael and Jason. And that they were brothers.

Kelly knew that she had to get closer to them. And the next day she thought of a way.

The afternoon sun beat down relentlessly as Kelly approached the garage carrying a picnic thermos. She was wearing shorts and a halter top and knew that she was looking good. "I thought you men might like some iced tea," she said to the boss. She looked Michael and Jason up and down but managed to fight the impulse to reach her hand out to touch their brown chests.

The boss responded quickly, "That's mighty nice of you missus. We can always use a cool drink."

Kelly set the thermos down in the shade and said as she turned back to the house, "Just bring it back to the house when you're finished." As she walked away, Kelly could feel the eyes of the men on her body and it excited her greatly.

Once inside the house, Kelly went to her bedroom and masturbated feverishly, all the while thinking about Michael and Jason, about them taking turns fucking her. She was dying to feel a hard black cock pounding her wet pussy and that thought made her cum hard.

Figuring that since Michael and Jason seemed to be the gophers for the other men that one of them would be asked to bring the jug back at the end of the day. The afternoon dragged on until, finally, she saw that the men were quitting for the day and that the boss was talking to Michael and pointing toward the house. Soon she saw the brothers making their way through the garden to the patio, still shirtless, still so damn sexy.

She let them knock at the sliding door for a moment before answering it.

"Here's your thermos, ma'am," said Michael.

"Why, thank you boys. You men have been working so hard out in this hot sun. Would you like a cool drink of water before you leave?" she said as she looked at the two of them, trying not to let her desire show through too blatantly.

"Yes, ma'am. That would be great," Jason said, as he exchanged glances with his brother.

Kelly took the thermos and walked to the sink. "Come in and slide that door closed. I don't want to let all that hot air in here," she laughed. Clad in her shorts and halter top, Kelly walked bare?footed to the refrigerator to get some cold water for them. She saw how they were looking at her and that warm feeling began to grow deep inside her once again. As she brought the glasses to them, she began to get a little flustered and, not watching where she was going, she stumbled and fell against Michael, drenching him with the water. Michael caught her before she could fall, but in the process her left breast escaped her halter top and was resting in his hand. There was a momentary silence as the three of them stood there frozen like statues, not knowing what to do. Looking up at Michael, she had such a look of wanton desire on her face that he pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply.

Kelly's knees buckled and she went limp in his arms. Her thigh was tight against the front of his pants and she felt the hardness growing beneath the fabric. Her hands instinctively moved to his crotch and she began groping at his belt and zipper. It was as if the summer heat had moved into her body. She was on fire. She wanted these black men and she wanted them now.

As she worked on Michael's pants she felt Jason's hands on her ass, tugging at her shorts, his big hands probing between here legs. Michael quickly removed her top and his hot lips on her tits made her swoon. As her hands worked his belt, her mouth was drawn to his chest and she began licking and kissing his nipples just as she had fantasized so many times over the last few days.

Soon Kelly was naked and holding on to a hard black cock that was at least 10?inches long, shuddering at the thought of it deep inside her.

"Oh, man, Mike, this bitch is hot for it! You like black cock don't you, missus?"

The only way Kelly could answer that was to wrap her lips around the monster in her hands. Michael dropped to the floor, bringing Kelly with him. "Oh, yeh, baby, suck me, suck me, your mouth feels so good," and he grabbed her blonde head and began thrusting his huge cock into her mouth.

"Oh, jeezus, Mike, look at this sweet pussy! Baby, I'm gonna fuck you like you never been fucked before!" and with that Kelly felt Jason's hard cock plunge into her now soaking pussy.

The excitement of sucking on a huge black cock and having another one ramming her pussy, right there on the kitchen floor, was more than Kelly could endure. A great torrent of orgasm washed over her, followed quickly by another, and then another. Jason's hard cock filled her pussy and it felt so damn good.

Michael was moaning, too, and soon her mouth was being filled with his hot cum. She struggled to swallow it all down, but there was too much and some of it oozed out the side of her mouth, and down her chin.

Feeling Jason's cock stiffen and stroke more deeply into her, she pushed back just in time for him to shoot his load into her pussy, his cries of ecstacy exciting her more and more, and she came hard once more before collapsing on Michael.

"Damn, baby, gimme some of that pussy now," said Michael, as he pulled her up onto him.

"Oh, my god, you're still hard", Kelly exclaimed as she grabbed his cock and guided it into her cum?soaked pussy. Even though she was so wet and already had a pussy full of Jason's cum, Michael's massive cock was a tight fit. As she pushed down on it, she thought that it would rip her apart, but feeling it inside her was too good, too sexy, too hot for her to stop. I'll never get in all in me, she thought, but then he gave thrust of his own and pushed it into her to the hilt, causing Kelly to scream out in pleasure.

Moving her ass up and down, Kelly began convulsing as she started to cum again. This time her orgasm was so intense that she actually squirted her cum out all over Michael's cock, and that sensation drove him to cum again, his strong brown arms, pulling her tightly to him.

"Man, Mike, quit hoggin' her. Baby, I'm gonna fuck your ass real hard right now."

Electric shock waves shot through Kelly's body. She was their's and they knew it. They could do whatever they wanted with her and as often as they wanted. And she would do whatever they asked. She was in such a sexual frenzy that she didn't care what happened or who walked in. If her hubby walked through the door right then, she would continue fucking these two black studs until the three of them couldn't move anymore. All she wanted was their cocks!

The more they made demands and the more they told her what they were going to do to her the more she came. The two men were like stallions. They each fucked her three or four times during the rest of the afternoon, in the ass, in the pussy, in the mouth, and Kelly loved it.

No, her husband didn't walk in on them, but every afternoon until the garage was finished, Michael and Jason brought back the thermos, and each afternoon, Kelly was fucked senseless by their two big black cocks.

Her husband was surprised when Kelly suddenly had a list of other renovation projects that she wanted done. Kelly knew a good thing when she had it, and she wasn't about to give it up.

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