tagFetishSummer Heat (In Heat)

Summer Heat (In Heat)


It was a warm sultry summer night. She had just walked down the street from work to the local tavern for a cold one before going home alone again. The bar was dark and stale from the smell of stale cigarettes. Miranda sat down at the nearest stool. Finally, about ten minutes later the bartender noticed her. "Can I get you something?" he asked.

Miranda nodded. "I'll have a Margarita." Suddenly she noticed a tall, dark, tan muscular man at the end of the bar staring at her. At first she felt uneasy. As Miranda sipped her drink, then another, she became less aware of his presence. It had been a very trying day at work and she was stressed to the limit. Not being much of a drinker, the drinks soon started taking effect. Feeling a little more at home, she sauntered over to the pool table. "Anyone of you gents up for a good game with me," she asked. Immediately she had several offers.

Being in her mid thirties, no longer looking like a nineteen year old, but not bad for her age either, she looked hot in her black mini dress and red silk blouse. She decided to play partners with a young looking man. She guessed him to be no more than twenty-three. The first game was won with no problem. She continued to sip drink after drink. Miranda hadn't noticed that one of her opponents had left the table and now she was playing against the dark haired man she'd noticed earlier at the bar. The two teams played game after game until finally the young man she was teamed with and the blonde gentleman from the other team said it was time for them to cut out. Now she was left alone to play against this man who had been staring at her. Some time after the two guys left, he said "I noticed you at the bar tonight."

"Are you adventurous?" the man asked.

Miranda more than half drunk from the Margaritas said, "I can be sometimes, I haven't had much opportunity to be lately." He simply said," Maybe we can change all that tonight." with a snide look on his face. At first Miranda was hesitant. "I don't even know your name." He said, "Just call me Ace." Miranda chucked at this. She didn't know why but his name had struck her funny.

It was nearly two a.m. The bar was nearing closing time. Ace said, why don't we get out of here for a while. Miranda dreading the idea of another lonely night at home alone readily agreed. It had been only a year since she divorced her husband of twelve years. He had been the love of her life, but she couldn't take the fighting anymore. Enough was enough. She was so used to having someone there. Even the occasional touch was better than nothing at all. All her life she had never been alone until recently. Miranda was not in the habit of going out with strangers. Somehow her loneliness had taken over for common sense. They exited the bar and headed for his truck. It was a black truck with the windows tinted completely black as well. This made him even more intriguing to her. Miranda had never been the bad girl type. All her life was focused around family and morals. She had gone from high school to living with her boyfriend then on to marriage and children. Now she was discovering herself for the first time. It had been hard for her to go to work after being a wife and mother for so long. It was even worse when the night came. She had never really had to be alone.

The girls at work had been on her and telling her to take a chance and try to meet new people. They kept telling her not all guys were like her ex. Stacy at work told her to be more adventurous and take a chance. She wanted to take Miranda to a bar she liked to frequent but Miranda graciously refused. Now, here she was, with a total stranger. Something she had never imagined herself doing. They climbed into his truck, Miranda needing a little help as the steps were so high. As the doors slammed shut, apprehension took over her body. Was she sure she wanted to do this? It was too late for second thoughts now as the truck slowly pulled from the lot. Nervously she asked where are we heading. Ace just smiled that mischievous smile at her. Miranda, trying to get something more out of him during the ride kept trying to make small talk. All he would do was smile. They drove for what seemed like hours. Finally, she noticed a small dirt driveway that looked like it led to nowhere. She hadn't been paying attention up to this point so she had no idea where they were. After driving about half a mile up the dark stone drive, they came to a log cabin in the woods. Ace put the truck in park and said now we can get out.

After he had climbed out of the truck, he came around to help her down. "Where are we?" she asked. He just grinned and said heaven. They walked slowly into the cabin, Miranda a few steps behind him as she was apprehensive. Here she was, miles away from anyone or anything. She had no idea where she was, who this person was or what he would do to her. Inside the rustic cabin, Ace offered her another drink. Miranda said no thanks. I think I've had enough. Ace was persistent. I thought you wanted to be adventurous. With that comment, Miranda accepted his offer. He started a fire in the fireplace. It made it a little cozier. They sat on a rug in front of the fireplace saying nothing at all. It was starting to get hot. Between the summer heat, the drinks and the fire, Miranda was feeling extremely warm. The sweat trickled down Miranda's neck to her breasts. The feeling tickled a bit and her nipples perked up. They showed through the red silk blouse like she was wearing nothing. Ace pretended not to notice, the whole time glancing down his gaze upon them. Miranda lost count. How many drinks had she had? Oh well, it didn't matter at this point. She knew she was beyond helping herself if things got too heated anyway.

Ace told her to relax. He gently rubbed the back of her neck with an ice cube. She slipped her stilettos off and leaned back into his touch. She knew she was loosing herself in the time and in the moment. The fire crackled and her skin was hot under his touch. Even with the ice. He slowly started to unbutton her blouse. At first she raised her hand in protest but his firm strong hands pushed hers aside. Who was this man who was so sure of himself and his touches? Her head spun with the drinks and the intensity of his touches. He only had one button left to undo. There, it was done. Now her breasts were exposed, covered only by a thin white bra. He continued to move the ice across her chest. Droplets of water rolling down over her nipples made them even harder. He gently yet firmly removed her blouse. Now he was getting more aggressive. He demanded she remove her bra and exposed herself the rest of the way.

Miranda was somewhat shy and said she couldn't. With that, he tore the bra away and her full round plump breasts popped out. Next he told her to remove her pantyhose. Wanting to avoid a repeat performance, she reluctantly agreed. Now Miranda was partially exposed. She was on the floor with only her skirt and panties on. Ace stood up and disappeared for a few minutes. Miranda looked around for a phone to call for help but there was none. She couldn't even run away. She looked out of the window and saw they were in the middle of nowhere with cliffs outside of the cabin on one side. Just then, ace returned. He grinned. He knew she was his.He pushed her back down to the floor. "Please, just don't hurt me." she begged. He didn't reply. He came close to her, grabbing her breasts with more firmness than before. Suddenly, she felt a stinging pain on her nipples. He put nipples clamps on them. She started to cry. Ace slowly crept around her and started to lick her navel. She was afraid and yet aroused at the same time. She could feel the wetness growing in her panties and the pain in her nipples was subsiding.

Her head was reeling from the mixed signals to her brain of both pain and pleasure. Ace grabbed some rope he'd brought back. He tied her hands firmly enough that she couldn't get out but not so tight as to hurt. Next he blindfolded her. The fear came back and washed over her. He scooped her up in his strong arms and carried her somewhere in the cabin. She could hear a door open and shut behind her. Now she could feel herself being laid down on something hard and cold. It had to be some kind of table. He pulled her bound hands above her head and tied them to whatever it was she was lying on. She started to cry again. This time, he put a gag on her mouth. She can feel his hands moving down her legs and back to her waist. She tries to squirm away from his touch. Suddenly, he pulls her skirt off in one swift motion. Only her g-string remains.She tries to scream but it is in vain. No one can hear her. Between the gag and the location, she knows it is futile. Almost immediately, she feels him yank her legs apart. Is she going to be raped? First he ties one leg, then the other. They are wide apart. Miranda feels the table give way under her and there is no more table under her bottom. It feels like it broke apart. Now Miranda is tied up with her legs apart her bottom hanging in suspension and only a g-string separating her most personal places from whatever intrusion Ace decided for her fate.

She can feel tugging at the clamps on her breasts. It feels like they are being lifted up high above her. Now realizing they too are being lifted in the air by chains on the clamps she panics. Ace comes between her legs and cuts the small panties away with one swipe. She is now completely exposed and his for the taking. Ace knew she was scared but he also knew she was a woman with deep desires and he wanted to fulfill them. Even the deepest darkest desires one could imagine. Ace took a candle from its holder and lit it. Slowly he dripped the warm wax all over her breasts. She wriggled. He goes to his little box of delights and finds a surprise for her. From within the box, he pulls out a bottle of baby oil. It is already warm from the temperature of the house. Next, he pours it gingerly over her clean shaven mound. He slowly massages it in as he drips more. Miranda is still afraid but now highly aroused too.She is moaning now as he touches her most intimate parts. She can feel his long thick fingers rubbing over her clitoris, down across her vagina, even back to her anus. He feels so good. It's been such a long time. Now that she is nice and slippery, he grabs a small anal probe. He slowly inserts it in her anus, a little at a time. It goes in a little, he gently pushes harder, a little further to go to get past the bulb and anchor it securely in her rectum. It is in now.

He decides to pick out another toy. This one is a metal dildo about eight inches long and two inches around. He rubs it over her clit and slides it over her opening. He slowly pushes just the tip in and pulls it back out only to rub it over her clit again. With each stroke over her clit and into her vagina, he pushes it in a little deeper. With this stroke he will push it all the way in. She feels so full and tight with the plug in her butt and the dildo in her opening. Ace just lets her adjust to the sizes inside her for a moment or two. He now takes out the dildo and then the plug. She has mixed feelings of both relief and longing. She tries to utter something to Ace but she can't be heard. Now he can see the desire in her body. He slides his hands over her vagina, gently opening the labia. First he slips in one finger and he can feel her tighten under his touch. He is enjoying this. Nothing is better than the feeling of being in control of your lovers emotions during sex. He loves the feel of her squirming under his touch. He slips in a second finger. It slides in with little effort as she is stretched a little from the dildo. Now he pushes in a third and forth. It feels like a warm velvety blanket wrapping around his fingers. It is so hot and so moist.

Ace wants to explore further. He slides his fingers from her pouting opening and slowly eases his way towards her rear opening. Now he slips in a finger there. Miranda, already hot with passion moans. He knows she is enjoying this. This only makes him hotter and more engrossed in his endeavor. He goes for two fingers in her rear. They enter with ease from the previous plug. Now she is really wriggling around. With his other hand, he puts pressure on her clit. The whole time she is wriggling, it is making the chains on her nipples tug at them a little harder. All of the sensations and emotions have her in a daze. The third finger goes in with a little more effort than the others. His own erection is no longer hidden. He gives his own member a stroke. Now he is becoming intoxicated with desire, so much so he pushes a forth finger in without thinking. This snaps both Miranda and Ace to reality as she stiffens with pain. He quietly mumbles he's sorry.

Ace maneuvers to her head where he removes the gag. He rubs his growing erection over her lips and she tries to catch it in her mouth. He will not let her. Not yet. Suddenly the room is completely still. He has left the room for something. A few minutes later she can hear footsteps. It's not just his footsteps though. She can hear other footsteps but they are strange to her. They sound odd. She feels something cold and wet between her legs and then a hot rough tongue lapping at her crotch. It feels like sandpaper but at the same time it's turning her on all over again. What can it be? She's lost in the moment. The licking stops and she feels something sharp on her thighs and something huge suddenly invades her rear orifice. She feels it pushing deeper and then a popping feeling. It's sliding in and out quickly yet she can feel it growing ever larger inside her, the whole time the digging in her legs still there. She can feel trickles of blood warm and sticky running down her leg where the scratches are. Now Miranda can feel fingers probing at her womanhood.

Without hesitation, Ace rams four fingers into Miranda's hot wanting vagina. Again, she stiffens for a minute to adjust to the new feelings flooding over her body. She can feel the fingers pushing in and out deeper and deeper and the rhythmic strokes in her back door. Ace drives his entire hand into her tiny vagina. She explodes in pain. As she lets it sink in, the pain slowly turns to a heightened state of ecstasy. Now just as abruptly as the intruder entered her rear, she can feel it being yanked out. It tears her a little and she hears a yelp. With the sound, she realizes it was a dog and with the size of its member, it had to be a big one. The footsteps of the dog decrease as it leaves the room. The dog's tool is now replaced by an even larger tool. It has to be Ace, Miranda realizes. Now Ace is between her legs, pumping her vagina with his full hand in her and ramming her anus with his own giant tool. She figured it had to be at least three inches around and eleven inches long. He felt huge in her. Ace strokes her anus with a few forceful strokes and then withdrawals.

Now he maneuvers his penis around to Miranda's waiting mouth. Now she may suck him. She is hesitant at first but as he continues to batter her vagina with his fist, she is driven closer to the edge of orgasm and swallows him up in her hot mouth. She is allowed to suck him for about ten minutes. Now he again pulls his tool from her mouth and returns to her lower body. As he repositions himself near her bottom, he puts four fingers from his other hand in her rectum. She feels so full. How can this be humanly possible? There is a huge hand in the front and now more in the back. How can she survive this abuse? Will her body ever be the same? She is afraid and so hot at the same time. Now he is working carefully and masterfully on both openings. He stops moving the hand in the front and keeps it completely still while with his other hand, he tucks in his thumb and slowly pushes his whole hand forward again. He can't fit it in. Ace removes his hand from the front and concentrates entirely on the rear. After several attempts, he leans his weight into it and it slides in with a pop. Miranda winces in pain. Ace holds completely still for a few minutes to allow her to adjust to the new sensations she is experiencing. Eventually the pain dissipates and is replaced by pleasure.

Now he begins the slow task of moving in and out just a little at a time. He slowly works up faster and deeper. At first his hand was only in to the wrist. Now he has worked it up to the forearm and still pushing his way further into the bowels of her soul. The feelings are indescribable. She has never been taken to these heights before. She has never even imagined anything like this in her life. He has his arm buried deep in her rectum all the way to the elbow. The fattest part of his arm being about seven or eight inches in circumference. Now he knows she is comfortable with the new feelings. He wants to take her higher. He plows into her front opening with his other fist. She is crying and moaning in ecstasy and pain combined. Waves and waves of orgasm wash over her body. She has never come like this before. She is completely impaled on two massive arms pistoning in and out of her. She has never even had one orgasm in her life let alone multiple orgasms. Miranda passed out from the orgasms. When she awoke, she was still impaled on Ace's arms. Welcome back sweet thing, Ace tells her. Slowly he removes the hand in her front. This feeling is so powerful she almost climaxes again, now the careful process of removing the other hand. He slowly backs out a little at a time, first back to the forearm, then back to the wrist, now the hand slips out. This pushes her over the edge and she climaxes again. Now it's his turn...

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