tagGroup SexSummer House Fun Ch. 01

Summer House Fun Ch. 01


Please let me know what you think of my story. I'm a bit new to all this so any criticism/praise will be welcome! Enjoy!

Jenny pulled into the airport car-park and parked her rented jeep. The weather was hot and she had the top down, soaking up a few rays as she drove. She turned off the ignition and jumped out, heading for the arrivals lounge. The airport in Marseille was quite small so she had no trouble finding her way. She pushed through the recently arrived holiday-makers, laughing off the stares from the men. She was used to having guys stare at her, and today her attire attracted more attention than usual. She was wearing a pair of tight black shorts and a black halter neck top, which barely covered her full breasts, which themselves were bra-less. In her hand she had a pair of sunglasses and her car keys, over her arm a small bag swung freely. She saw Kay in the distance and made her way to where she was waiting. The two girls hugged and smiled at each other. "Hey baby" said Jenny, "welcome to France, let the fun begin!"

"Sounds great to me!" replied Kay.

They made their way to the jeep, and set of for their hotel in nearby Cassis. On the way the two girls swapped stories and gossip and generally caught up with each other, as Jenny had been living in France for a few months now, and Kay hadn't seen much of her best friend. They had decided to meet up in the South for the holidays, a perfect excuse for Jenny to escape the bustle of Paris, and for Kay to leave the rain behind in England for a week or two. And a perfect excuse to go see one of Jenny's friends who had a house on the coast.

"So what's he like?" asked Kay.

"Well, he's tall, tanned, toned, loaded, what more could a girl want?!"

"And have you?"

"What? Fucked him? Sadly not, we just fooled around a couple of times. He rang me yesterday, apparently a few of his friends are going to be there too, so our chances of sex are certainly high!!!"

In the hotel room Kay was in the shower while Jenny sat on the balcony sipping from a bottle of water. It was still mid morning but it was already over 30oC. Jenny heard the wardrobe door open and walked back into the room. \par

"So what should I wear? Asked Kay, clad in a bath towel, her blonde hair dripping water over her shoulders.

"Well, we want sex right?"

Kay giggled a yes.

"And its hot, and he's got a pool, so a bikini is a good start." She held up a black thong bikini bottom, and matching top.

"And how about these too?" Said Kay, holding up a pair of cut-off denim shorts.

"Perfect, but first..."

Jenny grabbed her friends towel and pulled it off, releasing Kay's d-cup breasts. She ran her tongue over Kay's nipples and pushed her onto the bed, climbing on top of her gently, her mouth all over Kay's boobs. Kay moaned and pulled her closer, running her fingers over her friends back and neck. Jenny looked into Kay's eyes and giggled, and slowly slid down her body towards her waist.

"Just so you know, this is just to get you warm and wet for our lucky friends!"

Kay moaned as Jenny's tongue found her clitoris and began to slowly lick and suck it. Jenny rubbed her nose against her friend's pussy and slid her tongue along Kay's moist slit. She took one finger and eased it slowly into Kay's pussy, teasing her clit with her tongue all the time. She felt Kay begin to grind against her finger, and quickly withdrew it.\par

"I'd say you were sufficiently warm and wet now!" She said, kneeling up between Kay's legs.

"Bitch!!!" Kay laughed, and swung her legs off the bed, she reached over and kissed Jenny full on the lips, tasting her juices eagerly.

John sat on the edge of the pool, his feet in the cooling water. His four friends were in the pool fooling around with a ball. One of them, Steve, swum over to John.

"So what's this Jenny like then John? I know you said she was hot and horny, but the question on all our lips is how horny? Are we going to get some this week or is she just going to tease our cocks?"

"Fear not Stevie, she makes the average pornstar look like a nun I promise you! I told you about the lift right? Well then, don't worry. And anyway she's bringing a friend, and in Jenny's own words Kay is 'a big-titted cock loving cum-slut', so I think we're definitely going to have fun!"

"Sounds like it! What time are they due?"

"Anytime now I guess, we should go inside and sort some food and drinks out."

John and Steve set off to the kitchen, followed by the other three guys.

"So how far did your fooling around get you then with John?" asked Kay.

"Well, to be blunt about it, which you know I will be, I blew him in the lift at work once, and once in his car."

"How did that come about?"

"Well I liked the guy right, so I flirted a bit, you know, bending over so he could see my tits a bit, or my legs, and then one day we were waiting for the lift, and I turned to him and said 'I bet I have made you cum by the time we leave the lift'. As soon as we got in he pulled his cock out and I started sucking for all I was worth. After a minute or two he told me he was about to cum, but we never got chance to fuck, which is what brings me here!"

She pulled into the long driveway, which according to John's directions, was the way to his summer house. The car slowed to a stop and both girls jumped out, Jenny still in her black shorts and halter-neck, Kay in her short denims, open at the waste, her thong showing, and bikini top.\par

"So what's the plan then? Do we make them work for it, or can I start sucking before I even get my shoes off?" said Kay.

"Well I told him about your love of cock, and he's undoubtedly told his friends, so I think the latter might be on the cards!"

They made their way round the side of the single story building, following the path. On their left was a large window, stretching almost from floor to ceiling. Jenny peered through into the lounge and turned to Kay,

"Look, there are four guys in here watching porn!"

Kay looked through the window, and she could see four heads facing the TV screen, where a guy was fucking a hot blond girl doggy style. Jenny looked a but closer, but couldn't find John.

"He's not there, so that means there are five guys, and us" she said.

They continued round the house, until they bumped into John coming out of the kitchen door near the pool.

"Hey, how are you girls?" He kissed Jenny on the cheek and rubbed her arse through her shorts.

"And you must be Kay, right?" he asked, giving her a visual once over. He was dressed in just a pair of shorts, and Kay looked for any signs of excitement as she answered.

"Correct, I've heard a lot about you." She leaned to kiss him on the cheek, brushing her hand lightly against his cock as she did.

"Sorry to rush off like this girls, but we need more food, I'll be back in 20 minutes or so. In the meantime make yourselves at home, have a swim, take a shower, whatever, my friends are in the lounge if you need anything." He set off towards his car, Jenny set off to follow him, first flashing a smile at Kay that said 'see you in a minute'.

Jenny caught up with John near his car and started to speak,

"Hey John don't be long, don't keep me waiting,"

"and what would you be waiting for exactly?" said John, smiling.

"Your cock for starters, today's the day I finally get to fuck you right? The day I get to feel your big cock in my pussy." John's cock twitched, and he looked down, then back into Jenny's eyes.

"How about a little taster now, a preview?"

"Like what John?"

"Would a blow job be out of the question?!"

"What, and waste your cum now? Certainly not, you'll have to make do with this I'm afraid."

And with that she slid her hand down her shorts and slowly began rubbing her pussy, sliding her finger along her wet clit. She pulled out her hand and held her fingers out for John, who sucked them one by one.

In the kitchen Kay was lining up beers on a tray when Jenny walked back in.

"I don't know about you, but I'm very fucking horny, let's go meet the guys!" Kay said, picking up the tray.

As the girls entered the room the guys all straightened up, and one of them, Ben, turned the TV off.

They were all wearing just shorts, and all looked extremely pleased to see the girls. They were sat on sofas, two guys to each one. Kay took the initiative.

"Hey guys, I'm Kay and this is Jenny. I'm sure John has already told you the basics about us, so we're not going to beat around the bush. We're both horny, and we know for a fact that less than five minutes ago there was a busty blond having the shit fucked out of her on the TV, so we guess you're all horny too. I guess that by now the busty blond is covered in cum, so why don't you turn it back on and we can all watch?" She aimed the last comment at Ben, who had guiltily glanced at the remote control in his hand. Not knowing what else to do, he pressed play. As it happened it was still the same scene, but they had switched from doggy to cowgirl. The girls placed the beer on the table and looked at each other. Kay fiddled with the button of her shorts, which was open, and gently pulled the zip down a little, showing more of her thong. She leaned over to Jenny and whispered to her. Jenny giggled, and nodded her agreement.

"Okay boys" Jenny said, keeping one eye on the TV and one on the couch nearest to her, "me and Kay are going to have a little competition, the aim is very simple, but we will need your help. Here's what we're gonna do. I'm going to kneel down here, in front of this sofa, and Kay is going to do the same over there, in front of you two guys. We're going to see which one of us, using whatever means necessary, can make our two men cum the quickest. Does that sound alright to you?"

The guys looked at each other in stunned silence for a second or two not knowing what to do, before Steve, who was about a foot away from where Kay was kneeling stood up, dropped his shorts, and offered his hardening cock to her open mouth. On the other couch both guys, Ben and a tanned guy called Pete stood up simultaneously. Jenny reached for both cocks and pulled them free of the shorts. She hungrily thrust one into her mouth and started wanking the other. Kay had Steve balls deep in her throat and was gently massaging his balls with one hand. She pulled her mouth of, saliva dripping from her chin, and with her free hand began to rub his cock. She looked at the other guy on the sofa, who was wanking his hard cock, and said to him,

"Don't even think of cumming before I've had chance to taste your cock!"

With that she turned back to Steve and once more started sucking his length. Steve reached down and gently pulled her onto his cock.

Jenny had a cock in each hand, and was wanking them both furiously, seemingly determined to beat her friend. She licked each one, and spat on them to lube them up, before devouring each one alternately, as far as she could without gagging. She looked at the screen and saw the girl drop to her knees in front of the male actor in anticipation of the cumshot. She looked at Ben, whose cock she was deepthroating, and pulling her mouth free said to him,

"Cum on me like in the film."

Ben grabbed the base of his cock while Jenny flicked her tongue over the end. He gasped as his balls tightened and he felt the cum rise. Jenny tipped her head back as the first stream shot out of his cock, landing on her left cheek. It was followed by two more that coated her chin and mouth, she opened her mouth and took the rest of his cum. She sucked him dry and then let the cum spill from her mouth and down onto her top.

Steve must have seen this for he began to shoot his cum too, deep into Kay's mouth. She milked his balls and opened her mouth showing Steve all his cum. She turned to the second guy on the couch, and looking him in the eyes she slowly spat the cum out onto her bikini covered tits. At this he jumped up and aimed his own cock at her face as she wanked him hard. Within seconds he was cumming, shot after shot of hot cum landing on her cheeks and forehead. She kept wanking till he had finished cumming, her face covered in cum. Kay looked over to Jenny, who had Pete's cock in her mouth, and his balls in her hand.

Kay walked over to her friend,

"It looks like I win babe!" Jenny looked at her but kept sucking Pete's cock. Kay decided to help out, she leant over to Pete and started to whisper in his ear, telling him what a slut Jenny was and how he should cover her in his cum. It didn't take long before he did just that, covering her mouth and chest. Jenny stood up, cum dripping from her chin onto her halter-neck, which was already stained with cum. She laughed and looked at Kay, equally covered. Jenny reached out a hand and rubbed her friends big breasts, rubbing the cum into her bikini. The guys were exhausted and speechless, their cocks hanging limply as they stood around the girls. Just then they heard the sound of a car on the drive way, Kay and Jenny looked at each other,

"John's back! said Kay,

"Lets go show him what we've been up to!" said Jenny.

To be continued...

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