tagGroup SexSummer House Fun Ch. 03

Summer House Fun Ch. 03


It was evening now, and the air was a little cooler than earlier. The two girls, Jenny and Kay, were outside by the pool, lounging on sun beds. They had both showered and changed after their earlier exploits, and were having a well earned rest.

Inside the house three of the guys, John, Steve and Ben, were in the kitchen cooking, while the other two, Pete and Tom, were getting changed. There was only one topic of conversation as the guys readied the lasagne for the oven.

"Do you think there'll be any more action tonight then?" asked Ben.

"Well, the girls are already on the wine, so any inhibitions that may exist, and I don't think there are many, should be gone by the time we finish dinner!!" joked Steve.

Outside the girls were also talking, trying to come up with ideas for the night's entertainment.

"Well, so far, only John has fucked us, the others just got a little taster, so we should try to redress the balance a bit maybe. What do you think babe?" asked Jenny, who was wearing a light blue summer dress, with just a thong underneath.

"We could play a game maybe, to liven things up a bit. I mean, after this afternoon the guys must know they're in for a good time, so rather than just going straight for the jugular, or cock as it may be, we could string things out a little, tease them a bit until they're fit to explode" answered Kay, who was wearing a tight white vest top, and a red and orange sarong, with nothing else.

"Ohhh yes! What do you have in mind? God I'm horny just thinking about it, my pussy is aching!!"

Kay leaned over to her friend and slid her hand up Jenny's skirt, pulling her thong to one side and running a finger along her pussy.

"Ummm, you are horny babe!! Well, I was thinking we could have a competition again, but instead of seeing who can make them cum first, we could do something else. Like three different challenges or something, and then the winner gets a reward, or the loser gets a punishment." As she finished her sentence she slid her finger out of Jenny's wet hole, and put it in her mouth. "Any ideas for a challenge?""

Jenny thought for a second or two, aware that the guys in the kitchen had been watching. She parted her legs a little as she sat up straight on the sun bed. "Hey guys, which of you has the biggest cock?!

The guys looked at each other for a second, then John leaned out of the door,

"Erm, Steve probably, why?"

"Oh no reason!!" Jenny giggled. "Right darling, task one, who can deep throat Steve the furthest, you agree?!

"You're on. That's task one settled!" Kay licked her lips at the thought.

"And for task two," Kay continued, "we both pick a prick, and the winner is the one that can get the most cum out of it into a glass, which if the guys are horny enough at the time should take about 30 seconds!"

"Ok, that's two settled. What about a third and final task, should we need one of course, I mean, I'll probably have won by then, but just in case..." added Jenny

"Cheeky!! How about we give the guys 10 minutes to fuck the shit out of us anyway they like, and who ever has the most orgasms is the winner?

"Sounds great to me!! Now what about the rewards and punishments?

"How about we write things down. For example I write down a reward for myself if I win, and a punishment for you. And you do the same, then at the end we read out the winner's choices?"

"Perfect! I'll go get some paper!!" said Jenny.


The meal had long since been finished, the table had been cleared and the group was well into the 7th bottle of wine. The girls were drinking freely, Jenny frequently flashing a lot of cleavage as she reached for her glass, whether by accident or on purpose the guys didn't know, but they didn't really care! Kay decided that the time had come, and pushing her chair back she stood up to make her announcement,

"Right guys, its time for a game. John, as you're the host, I'm going to need your help." John stood up and moved towards Kay,

"How can I help you sexy?"

"Well, if I were selfish I'd say that you should get on your knees and lick me out here and now because my pussy is dripping wet thinking of all these cocks around the table, but I'm not selfish, so that'll have to wait! What I need is for you to go to our room and get me a lipstick from the table, then get two glasses from the kitchen, then come back here."

"and what's in it for me exactly?!" mocked John, already about to turn and go.

"This for a start big boy!!" said Kay, pulling her skirt up as she turned round, showing the guys her arse. She slowly bend over, spreading her legs, but before John could get closer she turned round and dropped her skirt,

"Now off you go!!"

He returned a minute later with the things she asked for. Kay carried on where she'd left off,

"Right, now as you may have noticed Jenny and I are a bit competitive sometimes, so we're going to have a little contest tonight, with three different tasks. The first task involves this," She said holding up the lipstick, "and Steve's big cock! Come here Steve." Steve stood up and walked around the table to where Kay was standing.

"Get that cock out for us Stevie"

Jenny joined Kay in admiring Steve's cock as he dropped his trousers. It was semi hard, and already an impressive size. Jenny carried on the explanation, "our task, and we do choose to accept it, is to see which of us can deep throat Steve's huge length the furthest. Now we each get three goes, and we mark the distance with this lipstick to see who wins. Firstly though, we need to know if Steve here is happy with our plan?" Jenny reached out and began to lightly rub up and down the length of his cock.

"Sounds fine girls, but you'll have to get me hard first, otherwise it wouldn't be a fair test!

Kay replied, "Don't worry, we've thought of that!!"

Kay then untied her sarong, allowing it to fall to the floor. Jenny moved towards her, sliding the straps of her dress off her shoulders, revealing her breasts. Already Steve's cock was twitching, but the girls weren't finished yet. Kay sat on her chair as Jenny dropped to her knees. She grabbed her friend's knees, and pulled them sharply apart and dived towards Kay's dripping pussy. She flicked her tongue up and down causing Kay to moan deeply. Kay put her hands on the back of Jenny's head and pulled her closer, forcing her tongue into her pussy. Kay looked towards Steve,

"You hard yet stud? You ready to fuck our throats?"

He looked down at his cock, which was almost hard. "Nearly!"

Jenny heard this and looked at his cock, where precum was forming on the tip. "Looks like I'll have to try harder then babe" she said to Kay, "John, pass me that wine bottle"

John passed it to her, and loosened his own trousers.

Jenny took the bottle, and began to suck and lick the neck while looking at Steve. She then turned back to Kay and gently eased the tip inside her friend. Kay moaned again, and began to finger her own clit.

Jenny continued to gently fuck her friend with the bottle, until Steve tapped her on the shoulder.

At the sight of his fully erect cock both girls gasped and got to their knees in front of him.

"Who do you want to go first big boy?" Jenny asked

"You I guess"

Jenny then licked her lips and lined herself up opposite John's prick. She opened her mouth and took the tip as Kay grabbed the lipstick. Jenny placed her hands on John's hips and pulled herself further down. She had taken about 6 inches when her gag reflex kicked in and she pulled off. Kay marked the point and handed the lipstick to Jenny,

"That all you got Jen? I'll win easily!!" she mocked.

"That's just the warm up!!"

Kay swallowed the end of John's cock, and inched her way down to about the 6 ½ inch mark before pulling off with an audible pop.

Jenny took up the position again, and managed a little further than before, just past Kay's mark this time. She pulled off, a long trail of saliva falling from her mouth onto her tits. She coughed a little, spitting more saliva out. "Fuck Steve, I'm gonna choke on you!!" Steve just laughed as Kay moved into position, ready to take his well lubed cock into her mouth. This time she grabbed his arse as she pulled herself down further, to about 7 inches this time. She held it for a second, and then tried to go further by pulling on his arse, before falling back coughing and gagging on his cock. Saliva covered his cock and her mouth. Jenny looked at the furthest mark on his cock, and then looked him in the eye,

"Look Steve, I want you to help me swallow your big fucking cock. I don't care if I gag or cough or spit of even fucking puke, I want you to pull me onto your hard prick. I want to win this fucking competition."

She ran her hand up and down his cock, spreading the saliva long it. She took her hand into her own mouth, then took it out and went straight down to the 6 inch mark. She took his hands and put them on the back of his head. Steve pulled her gently and moaned as another half inch of his cock disappeared into her mouth. He pulled again and she reached 7 inches with a cough. With one final effort she pushed his hands on her own head and went another full inch, down to just over 8inches. Steve tried to pull her further but she jumped back, coughing and gagging. She spat a huge amount of saliva out onto her chest, and breathing deeply she looked at Kay,

"Beat that bitch!!"

"No fucking way! I'll be sick. I concede this challenge, I don't think these guys want to see me puke on his cock!! It's yours babe! Lets do the second task!!"


Jenny was still sitting on the floor, her lipstick smudged and saliva dripping off her chin onto her breasts. Kay, seeing that her friend needed a minute to compose herself, began explaining,

"For task two we need the glasses, and two eager cocks of our choosing. The aim is to fill the glass as much as possible with cum, the winner being the one who gets the most from her man's cock. Now personally, after swallowing a gallon of his cum earlier, I pick John. Who do you want babe?" She said, looking at Jenny.

Jenny pulled herself to her feet, her dress round her waist, her tits sticky with spit.

"Well, I seem to remember being truly covered earlier, but I also remember that you were pretty glazed too honey, so I'm gonna let the guys decide I think! So which of you filthy bastards thinks they can fill this glass with cum for me?"

Pete stepped forward, his cock visibly hard in his trousers.

"After watching you deep throat I'm ready to fill a bucket!!"

"Bring it on stud" she purred.

John and Pete dropped their trousers to reveal their hard cocks. John ran his hand up and down his shaft a couple of times, teasing out a little precum, which Kay duly wiped off with her finger, which she then sucked. The girls sat on chairs in front of their chosen cocks, holding the glasses out. Kay began to rub John's balls as he wanked his cock slowly, looking straight into his eyes.

"Remember this afternoon John? When you fucked me deep, then you fucked Jenny too? Remember how I sucked this big cock John? Or how I licked my friend's pussy as you fucked her?"

John began to wank harder, as Kay spoke, continually cupping his balls. She reached forward and grabbed the base of his cock, then slowly lowered her head towards him. His cock was sticky with precum, and she hungrily licked him clean. "Or how about when you came in Jenny's pussy John? And I swallowed it all. Did you like that?"

Jenny looked up at Pete, whose cock was now fully erect.

"So you liked to see me deep throat then? I bet you're a dirty fucker aren't you? Did you like it when I gagged? I bet you want me to gag on your cock don't you? I bet you want be to cough and spit on your cock too."

Pete nodded a yes, and pushed his cock towards Jenny's mouth. "Fuck my mouth Pete, thrust your cock into my hot, wet mouth. Fuck me hard."

He complied willingly, pushing his cock deep into her waiting mouth. He began to slide in and out slowly at first, then more quickly, holding onto Jenny's shoulders. Meanwhile Kay had begun to suck on John as he wanked quickly. She could sense he was ready to cum and removed her mouth. She brought the glass up in front of her face. "Cum for me John, cum in this glass like you came in Jenny right before I licked her out and swallowed it all. Cum for me please." John couldn't hold back any longer, and unleashed a torrent of cum into the glass, half filling it with his first two spurts. He kept cumming, almost filling it to the top. When he had finished Kay set the glass on the table, and sucked him clean, swallowing the last few drops for herself.

Pete too was close to cumming, and he pulled himself free of Jenny's vice-like throat. He furiously wanked his cock, and Jenny held the glass for him. He tensed, then let out a long moan as an enormous jet of spunk arced from his cock and landed straight in Jenny's left eye, then dribbled down her cheek. The second shot hit the glass, as did the third, half filling it. The fourth huge shot again hit Jenny, this time on the lips, and the fifth on her left breast. He then milked what was left in his balls into the glass, which he then took from Jenny, whose eyes were closed. He placed it alongside Kay's to be judged. Tom did the honours, crouching down to see who had won. It was close, but the spoils went to Kay, who had managed to catch all of John's cum in the glass, whereas Jenny caught most in the eye! Jenny managed to open her right eye to see for herself, and scraped the cum from her left eye with a finger. "Fuck Pete, I could have won if you had a better aim!! I thought you were joking about the bucket!!"

Pete and John stood, their cocks going slightly limp, and looked at the two kneeling girls; Kay, still wearing just her white vest top, and Jenny, her dress round her waist, her breasts soaked with spit and cum in her eye and on her face. Steve began to speak:

"Looks like it's a draw so far girls, what's the last task to be?"

Kay got to her feet and looked around her. Pete and John had removed their shorts, their cocks shiny with cum and saliva. Steve himself was still fairly hard after the first contest, and Tom was also showing signs of arousal, the outline of his hard cock clearly visible through his jeans.

"Well boys, basically you get to do whatever you like to us for the next 10 minutes, and try your best to make us cum. The girl who has the most orgasms wins."

Tom and Ben jumped up, having seen little action so far they were eager to join in. they dropped the trousers and stood in front of the girls. Kay willing reached for both cocks with her hands and began to rub them as they hardened. Pete was still standing next to Jenny, his cock still fairly hard. She grabbed him at the base and began to slap his cock against her cum covered cheek. Steve, his swollen cock looking ready to explode moved towards Kay too. She stood up, leading the two cocks in her hand, and moved to one of the sun beds. She stripped off her top and stood naked in front of Tom, Ben and Steve.

"It looks like a simple equation guys, 3 cocks, and 3 holes! I'm all yours!!" Tom immediately spun her round so that she was facing away from them, and he bent her over the sun bed. She slipped her hand between her legs to guide his hard cock and he pushed towards her wet pussy. He entered her slowly with a moan, as Ben and Steve moved to the other side of the sun bed. Kay was now leaning both hands on the sun bed as Tom began to fuck her. In front of her two hard cocks were waiting for attention, and she opened her mouth eagerly, licking and sucking each one in turn.

Meanwhile Jenny was now on the table, John's cock deep inside her as Pete sucked her nipples and tits while she caressed his hardening cock. John was fucking her hard now, his balls slapping against Jenny's arse. She lifted her legs up towards his shoulders, and using her free hand began to massage her clit. As he thrust deeper she began to moan, releasing Pete's cock and concentrating on her own enjoyment. She tweaked and rubbed her clit as John pushed deeper still, rubbing against her g-spot as she neared orgasm. Pete sensed this and went back to sucking and licking her nipples, pushing her over the edge as she moaned deeply, clutching the edge of the table. John pulled free, and looked over at Kay, still bent over and with Steve's cock in her mouth,

"Looks like its 1-0 so far babe!!" he said.

Kay released Steve's cock, and pulled herself free of Tom. She told Steve to sit down, and she gently lowered herself down onto his thick cock. She gasped as it went in, inch by inch, until he was almost completely inside her. Kay began to grind slowly against his cock, as Ben and Tom both sucked on her tits. Within a few seconds she was groaning deeply, Steve's cock sliding easily in and out of her wet pussy. Her moans got louder and louder, then she finally released a long, satisfied groan, and her body tensed and then relaxed. She took Ben and Tom in her hands and shouted out,


Ben told her to lean forwards onto Steve's chest, freeing up her arse for him to explore. As Steve continued to pound her Ben lubed up his cock with spit, and eased it into her tight anus. She groaned and gasped as he nudged further in. Tom moved round again and fed his cock into her mouth, filling her completely.

Jenny saw her friend's arse cheeks being parted, and began sucking John with renewed vigour, as Pete now inserted his hard cock into her pussy as she lay on the table. He held onto her hips and began to slam against her, causing her to scream with pleasure. She took John out of her mouth and told him to swap with Pete, so Pete to fuck her arse too. She moved from the table to a chair, and guided both pricks into her with ease. They began to fuck her in time, stretching her pussy and arse as she moaned with pleasure.

Ben pulled out of Kay's arse, and swapped with tom, who slid straight into her gaping hole. Ben waved his cock in front of Kay, who oblivious to the fact that it had just been up her own arse sucked him deep. Steve, still deep inside Kay, called out that the 10 minutes were almost up. Both girls began pushing harder against the cocks inside them, straining for a further orgasm. Tom began slamming in and out of Kay, as she deep throated Ben. Jenny on the other hand could sense victory, the two cocks inside her edging her closer and closer. She pushed hard on Johns shoulders, lifting herself partially free, and then pushed down hard on both cocks, causing her body to contract as she let out a deep sigh.

"2-1" she managed to whisper, just as Steve called time on the proceedings.

The girls freed themselves from the cocks, and stumbled onto chairs around the table. The boys stood in a semi circle all around them, their cocks hard and sticky, their balls full of cum.

John broke the silence,

"I guess that makes Jenny the winner then! So what is her prize to be?!"

...to be continued yet again!

Ok, I'm throwing this open to you, the reader. So far response to my stories has been great, and here's your chance to contribute. What should Jenny's prize, and Kay's punishment be? E-mail your answers to me, and I'll continue the story...

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