tagRomanceSummer in Maine Ch. 05

Summer in Maine Ch. 05


We both jolted awake at the sound of a phone ringing. Chrissy bolted out of bed to answer it.

"Hello?" She said anxiously, after a moment she sighed. "Okay sweety, have fun, we'll see you this afternoon. Love you, bye."

I looked over at the bedside clock and realized we'd slept late, it was after 9.

"They're going to a matinee in town then Diane is going to drop her off around 3 o'clock."

"What will we do until then?" I said sarcastically.

She looked me up and down with the blankets thrown back. "Oh I'm sure we'll think of something." She wiggled her eyebrows at me, and I busted out laughing.

She climbed back into the bed, we were instantly kissing and touching, there was no urgency, just the acknowledgment that we were both where we most wanted to be, and with whom we we wanted to be. Lips teased, fingers caressed, and time floated pleasantly by without either of us noticing. Chrissy rolled me onto my back and threw a leg over me sliding down my legs, and began licking my cock. She looked me in the eye as she did it, the hunger I saw there was intense. My breathing was getting shallow as I watched her get me harder and wetter. I lifted my hips hoping she would take me in her mouth but she only smiled, and licked again, and again. The sweet torture nearing a fever pitch, and she only continued, long slow wet licks.

"If you see something you want, take it." She said, her voice low and husky. She licked the length of me, then swirled her tongue around the tip. I gathered what little wits I had, and slid out from under her got up and walked to the foot of the bed seeing her beautiful ass pointing up in the air, moisture glinting off pink lips, I knew what I wanted. I placed my cock at her entrance and pushed slightly, eliciting a moan from each of us.

"I want it, and I'll take it." I said as I pushed forward burying my hard cock deep inside her. Chrissy let out a sharp moan, as she threw her head back. I began long hard strokes, the moans synchronized quickly.

"Pull my hair." She gasped. I reached up and gathered her hair and pulled her head back gently. Her moans increased and my tempo picked up, my hips driving her forward with every stroke. She began chanting, "yes, yes, yes, oh fuck" and I soon lost all control and took her hips in both hands driving forward a few last hard strokes exploding deep inside her. I could feel the walls of her pussy clamp down on me hard as spent myself in her. Chrissy collapsed face first into the sheets gasping for air. I still had her hips in a vice like grip as the spasms subsided.

"I didn't think it was possible, but I think you're getting better at this." Chrissy gasped from the folds of the sheets. "Which is impressive considering you were damn good at it in the first place."

I smiled, gasping for air. "I have a good teacher." I released my grip on her hips and pulled free of her, she let out a sad little moan and rolled onto her side. Her hair was a complete mess, covering her face I could see her peeking out from between the locks. "Nice hair." I laughed.

"It has that freshly fucked look I was going for." She giggled. We cuddled for a while before she groaned. "We'd better get up, it's lunch time, and we'll need to be presentable when Emily gets home."

I stripped the bed and got the sheets into the wash. Chrissy made coffee and whipped us up some brunch. A not so quick shower for the both of us and we were parked on the couch watching TV when Emily burst into the house, her friend Jesse hot on her heels.

"Hi Mom! Pete we listened to all those guitar players you gave me to listen to, they were awesome. They all play electric guitar though. I'm not sure mom's going to let me get one."

"Well let's look at some great acoustics then. No need to dive head long into your rock & roll career just yet, you've got a couple years." I said laughing.

"We'd better get going Jesse." Her mother said.

Em just sat next to me and I gave her a nudge. "Don't you think you should say thank you?" I murmured. She looked at me, smiled and jumped up and ran after Jesse and her mother. Chrissy and I hot on her heels to join in with thanks.

She spent the afternoon apprising us of everything they did, and the movie they saw. At her insistence I gave her a short list of acoustic guitarists to research online. We ended up finishing our Italian food weekend with baked ziti for dinner. Bed time was a bit tougher, I had to promise to be there tomorrow when she got home from school before I got a hug.

Chrissy poured the dregs of the wine off into our glasses and handed me mine. "You're doing it again."

"Doing what?"

"Thinking, the question is, what about."

I just shook my head. "Nothing really... it's just that..." I let out a heavy sigh.

Chrissy's eyebrows raised as she waited for me to spill my guts.

"Promise me you won't laugh?" I said.

She smiled. "Not a chance."

"I was just thinking that I wondered what kind of step-dad I'd make."

Chrissy's eyes popped open at that. A few expressions raced across her face, before quickly returning to a thoughtful look of her own. "Listen," she said, "don't get ahead of yourself. I don't want you to feel like you have to fill any role in that regard. Let's take it one day at a time. Besides, you have a lot on your plate to start with, a new job, a new city, a new life. The only thing she needs is a friend, and I think you've already proven that you can do that with little effort." She smiled at me, but there was worry in her eyes.

"That's not going to be a problem." I smiled back at her and drew her closer. "I'm turning into a worry-wart like you." I got a quick poke in the ribs for that.

We were up at the crack of dawn, well actually before it cracked. Chrissy kept telling me that I didn't need to be up so early and I just turned her towards the bathroom to get ready for work. While the girls did their thing, I did mine, and had lunches ready to go for both of them, and breakfast laid out before they even popped back into the kitchen.

"Don't get used to this." Chrissy turned to lecture Em. "As soon as he's gone it's back to corn flakes and bananas." I laughed, as they dug into breakfast with a single minded urgency. Em was soon bundled up and out the door with her book bag, Chrissy wasn't far behind her a deep kiss and a wish to play hooky from work. I patted her gently on the backside.

"Your patients are waiting for that bright smile to make them feel better." I said.

"Well if Mr. Brown makes a grab for my ass while I'm checking his vitals again, he may ended up for an extended stay with a few extra bruises." She said smartly. "I might just have to put him in restraints."

"Sounds fun." I said wiggling my eyebrows.

"Maybe I'll bring some home for you." She grinned. She bolted out the door, as I shouted for her to drive safe.

The next days lent themselves to relative domesticity. I played house mate, making meals, keeping things organized and assisting with homework.

It soon came time for me to head home. That morning I woke before the alarm staring at the glow of the clock. Our lovemaking the night before had been frantic as if we were never going to see each other again. I could feel the slight sting of scratches on my back which left me with a feeling of contentment. As I wallowed in bliss at the feelings flowing through me I was surprised when I felt her lips brush the knuckles of my hand.

"You're awake." I whispered softly enough not to wake her if I was wrong. She responded with a gentle hum. I leaned forward and kissed behind the ear, a tremble flowed through her as she arched her neck gracefully inviting more of the same. I obliged her, a contented sigh was how she responded.

"I don't know how I'm going to keep from going crazy for the next two months." She said, another sigh escaping her lips.

"How so?"

Laughter bubbled up from deep in her chest. "Despite what you may think, you're not the only horny one of this duo. I've kind of gotten used to this guy being ready and willing with little notice." She said as she snaked her hand over her hip grasping my cock.

"I hope he's not all your after." I teased.

She rolled over quickly, her hand slipping around my neck bringing us forehead to forehead. "You don't think that, do you?" She asked, concern evident in her voice.

It was my turn to laugh. "If I were at all worried, I wouldn't be here. Remember, I'm the one who came looking for you." I said as I kissed her. She took control and rolled me onto my back and straddled me. I wasn't sure if it was her hips pinning me to the mattress, or me pinning her hips to mine as she kissed my chest, she worked her way up neck. Quickly our lips crashed together, bodies gripped tightly not wanting to let go. She slid forward slightly and settled herself on me as she took my face in her hands, willing herself to slow down. I wrapped my arms around her waist holding her in place as I lifted my hips plunging into her in long deep strokes.

"Take me like you did the other night." She gasped into my mouth. "Take me like you want nothing else."

"I want nothing else." I growled as I rolled her off me, she scooted onto all fours and snatched my pillow from the head of the bed hugging it tightly, her ass pointing straight up. I slid my hand down her ass and up between her legs, she was so wet and hot I thought she was melting. She pressed back against my hand and made a small yearning moan.

"Please." She whispered urgently wiggling her ass in the air. I felt my cock throb at the sight of her, in the gray light. I couldn't take my eyes off her, but my body moved without conscious control as I slipped behind her, took her hips in my hands and slid into her. She whimpered into the pillow, she tried to pull away from me and I only pulled her back onto me. I held her like that for a long moment, her pussy gripping down on me, trying hard to get me moving. I closed my eyes and tried to keep my breathing steady as I began rolling my hips back and forth. She let out a long moan as I picked up the pace driving forward. I don't know when I did it but I had my hand on her neck, holding her in place while I filled her with deep hard strokes. I was barely aware of her fingers stroking her clit lighting fast , as she began to jerk and moan loudly into the pillow. Her pussy clenched hard, the spasms were more than I could take as I erupted in her one last time.

I reached up beneath her cupping her breasts and lifted her up toward me, she shifted her head to one side, reached back, and pulled my face down to hers and kissed me deeply.

"I don't deserve you." She said.

"Sshh, you deserve everything I can give you and more."

"I don't think I can take much more and still be able to walk." She laughed. Just then the alarm clock went off.

"Time to get up." I said softly into her mussed hair.

"I'd say you already did a fine job of that." She leaned forward crawling on all fours to turn the alarm off. She turned back towards me and flipped her hair back out of her face. The light was brighter, and shone in her eyes, the look she gave me was nothing short of feral. My stomach did a little flip and I suddenly knew how the gazelle feels when the lioness has made her decision. Chrissy crawled back towards me and leaned down taking my half hard cock in her mouth bringing it fully to attention quickly. She wasn't stopping, she hungrily sucked and licked bringing me near the edge and stopped. She turned quickly and laid back with her legs spread wide. "If I have to wait two months for more then I plan on filling up now." She held up her finger beckoning me towards her. I reached down and circled her clit with my thumb, her sharp intake of breath was all I needed to hear as I pushed deep into her again. She waved her hand at me in an effort to speed me up as she covered her mouth with the other. Soon the waving stopped and she was pulling and massaging her nipple. I began to flick her faster with my thumb causing her to yelp into the back of her hand as her hips arched up and I exploded again, with less force, but no less desire.

We collapsed into a heap on the bed panting like we'd just sprinted a mile, the alarm went off again.

"I hate that thing already." I gasped. Chrissy chuckled before she rolled over and got up slowly, limping to her closet and pulled on her robe.

"Shit. You're hard on a girl's anatomy. I'm going to have to come up with a cover story for limping today. I guess I could say I twisted my ankle again. C'mon sleepy head, time to face the music."

"I... I don't think I can walk." I chuckled. A few minutes later we were sitting around the kitchen table.

"Are you all right Mom?"

"Yes hon, I just stubbed my toe." She said sitting gently with her cup of coffee. I buried my face in my cup so as not to be caught grinning. "I'm going in a little late this morning, so when you get off the bus, head over to Beth's and I'll pick you up there. Okay?"

Em just nodded, and continued eating her cereal. It wasn't long before she was giving me a big bear hug imploring me to drive safe so I'd be back in a couple months to stay. I had her promise to work hard on her schoolwork, and if she needed any help with her to call me.

Chrissy made her phone calls and turned to me, her robe falling open slightly. "I feel like a hot bath." She didn't move but looked at me sweetly, the invitation was clearly implied.

"That sounds nice." I said pulling my shirt off. I looked up and her smile had gotten wider. I held out my hand and she stepped forward taking it in hers as I led her to the bath.

She laid back against my chest, the warm water lapping around us, fingers glided down slippery skin. We didn't need to speak, our bodies were carrying on a conversation of their own.

"You know." I started softly. Chrissy quickly shook her head shushing me. She took my hand in hers running her fingers up and down the lines in my palm the turned it over rubbing the knuckles and surprisingly brought it up and kissed them. She relaxed even more and melted against me and laid my hand over her heart holding it there. I wrapped my other arm slowly around her and pulled her tighter against me.

"This is what love feels like." She whispered. I sighed and drew a wet heart between her breasts. She giggled as the water droplets slid down her chest. Time was moving far too quickly though and she stood up to rinse off, in the process she sprayed me in the face with a laugh. I reached up and gave her ass a wet smack which made her yelp. We dried off, Chrissy began applying lotion to her arms, and placed one foot on the edge of the tub and did one leg then the other. I don't think I'd ever seen anything more beautiful in my life. She took a bottle of baby oil and poured some into my hand. She looked me deep in the eye as she placed it between her legs. I took her cue and massaged it gently into her warm wet skin. She gasped, lifting gently away for a moment. Her hands were on my shoulders, holding herself steady as I massaged slowly, my middle finger slipped inside her. Her mouth fell open, her breath shallow and fast as I began pulling back and pushing forward in that little come hither motion she'd taught me years before. Her body tensed, her nails digging into my shoulders as she began to shudder. She was up on her toes now, as she moaned loudly. My fingers suddenly more slippery as I kept up my assault on her. She fell forward clutching me, her face buried in my neck.

"Stop!" She gasped, drawing in air deeply. "Stop, please." She pleaded. I let my finger slip out of her and gently patted her lips.

"You're not going to forget me in two months are you?" I said smiling.

"Forget you? I'm going to need two months to rest." She said. "Besides, it's a long dark winter here in the mountains. We don't want to wear ourselves out too fast now do we?" She reached for another towel and handed it to me, pushing me out so that she could 'put her face on' and get to work.

I walked to the bedroom and toweled off along the way. That little moment we had aroused me incredibly, my hard cock bounced in front of me. I stripped the bed, not for the first time since I'd been there and made my way to the washer with the rumpled damp sheets. When I walked into the bedroom again Chrissy was wearing the palest pink lace panties and was bent over a drawer rummaging around. My arousal, which had begun to subside, was back in spades. She turned and peeked at me from under her hair. "Brute, I look like I've been the main course at a vampire buffet. Now I have to find a turtleneck or face a lot of embarrassing questions all day."

"Like why you're wearing a turtleneck, a silly grin, and walking funny?" I laughed. I ducked as she threw a balled up t-shirt at me, but started laughing too.

"I get your point. Sandy and Sam will catch on quick, they've seen you, and won't be surprised." She found the shirt she was looking for tossed it on the bed. Pulled a bra out and whipped that on with practiced efficiency, she turned and noticed me standing there leaning against the doorway watching her, she just looked me up and down and sighed. "I'm sorry hon." Her eyes tilted and her mouth pulled down in a frown.

"What?" I asked, my eyes opening wider.

She looked down at my bobbing cock. I just chuckled. "Don't worry about me, you don't want to be any later."

She stepped over took a pillow off the bed and knelt down on it in front of me. "Sweets, you're going to be late." I said with a lot less conviction now that my cock was slipping over her tongue.

"Have faith in me." She said before swallowing me as far as she could drawing back with incredible suction, her cheeks hollowing as she drew me out. She began bobbing in earnest. I laid my hand gently on her head and began pumping furiously. She pulled back with just the tip in her mouth just before reaching up and massaging my balls. I couldn't take any more and filled her mouth, her throat bob as she swallowed. She cleaned me up quickly, and licked her lips clean, all the while giving me a look that said, "if I didn't have to get to work I could have kept you on edge all morning." I knew she could too. She stood up tossed the pillow back on the bed and grabbed the shirt pulling it on. She fluffed her hair out from the collar and smiled at me. She pulled on her scrubs, donned socks and her work shoes. She pinned on her badge and gave a little twirl, the smile still on her face.

"Will you put some clothes on so I can get out of here." She said laughing. "I can't tear myself away with you standing there like that."

"Sorry." I said, not feeling one bit sorry as I grabbed my jeans. She went out and filled her travel mug with the rest of the coffee.

"Listen, if you feel tired you pull over. I don't want a call that they found you in a ditch. Drive safe okay?" She said in her best motherly voice.

"I'm already tired. I didn't get much sleep last night." I said kissing her.

"Make some more coffee, take a nap before you leave, stay until tomorrow, what ever you need to do. I'm serious." She said pausing to look at me. A moment passed and a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Hey, hey." I said gently brushing the tear away and kissing her. "I will be careful, don't worry."

"I wish you didn't have to go." She said wrapping her arms around me and hugging me tight.

"It's only two months, and you'll be busy with Em, the holidays and work that it will be behind us before you know it."

"Don't stand under any mistletoe before you get back here." She smiled though another tear followed the first.

I smiled. "Consider yourself off the market. Your prince will return after the ball."

"Don't you dare steal one of my shoes before you go." We both laughed at that.

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