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Summer Job


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Part I – Discovery

I recently graduated from college, but I don’t want to join corporate America just yet. On my dad’s suggestion, I volunteered to help out Uncle Phil with his little hardware store in a small town in New Hampshire. Uncle Phil is my mom’s step brother. There is quite an age difference between them. My mother is in her early forties, but Uncle Phil will be 59 this coming November. Mom tells us never-ending stories of how nice Uncle Phil is and how he took care of her when she was a kid.

He never had kids of his own. His wife died not long after they got married. It took decades before he finally learned to let her go, meet somebody and remarried. He married a much younger woman Aunt Edna. They didn’t have kids, either. At the time of the wedding, Edna was 35 and Phil was already 50. I don’t blame him. Aunt Edna was hot. I was a horny teenager, then. I masturbated to lascivious fantasies about Edna. I feel somewhat guilty of having such dirty thoughts, but I can always blame youth.

Although, Edna was the element of my every sexual dream, she is not the slutty type. She dresses very conservatively and very demure. This fact made my guilt feeling more intense. Although she was normally quiet and doesn’t say much, she is very pleasant to talk to once you get her started.

A few weeks into my new job, my uncle requested me to take the rest of the day off to help Edna get rid of some junk that has been collecting dust in the attic and basement. I am in the middle of unloading boxes from my uncle’s basement when the phone started ringing. After 5 rings, I decided to go down to get the phone. Edna might be in the back yard and didn’t bring the wireless phone with her.

I greeted the caller my usual cheerful tone. However, I started cursing once I realized who is in the other line. “Are you really so eager to get laid last night that you didn’t even bother to let me know that you are leaving? I combed through the bar for at least an hour looking for you. By the way, Andy, I left your car on a ditch somewhere by Mountain Road.” I said pretending to be angry.

I knew Andy from college. We are not really buddies, but we hang out a few times. One day, he went to store to get some materials for his Dad’s project. I recognized him immediately. Since I don’t know anybody else in the area, he designated himself to be my tour guide. One of the places we frequent is a bar at the edge of town. This is where we were last night.

“Oh man. I must be getting old. My back is hurting from the banging I gave this brawd last night. You should have seen her. Ooooh.. she was hot. I am practically crawling into my house and onto my bed when she dropped me off. How about you? Did you get lucky?” He asked.

“What the hell are you talking about? All the women at the place are old enough to be our mother. The only lady there that came close to our age is with some old geezer with a cane. To each his own, but I am sure that we don’t have the same taste in women.” I replied.

“I think the way you do before I got a taste of mature women. I am telling you that you are missing a lot if you limit yourself to stuck-up girl bitches that have often struck your fancy. Even the most skanky co-ed in campus cannot compare to what you will experience with a real woman. Try it once and you will be hooked. They are insatiable and they will do things with you that you won’t even dream of.” Andy continued.

“So what’s happening this weekend?” I decided to change the topic before he go into the details last night.

“I think I will be a bum today and watch some tv. You are welcome to come over, if you like.” He invited.

“No. Not today. I am helping me aunt move stuff out of the house. I am free tomorrow.” I replied.

“Tell you what. Let’s go fishing tomorrow. Keep the car today. I am not going anywhere. Pick me up at around 7… Damn! I left my prescription in the old lady’s glove compartment. But, the good news is I know her number. You see, I called my house last night using her cell phone to check for messages. And thanks to Caller ID, I will be able to call her back. I have to go to my room to access the machine. Alright, I’ll let you get back to your work. Don’t forget tomorrow 7 o’clock.” Andy’s ranting continued.

“Are you crazy? What if the husband answered the phone?” I asked.

“I am not that stupid. I am calling in behalf of the St. James Episcopal Church. Good bye… Just help me pray that she doesn’t have caller id blocking.” He hanged up.

I am just about to work my way down the stairs when the phone rang again. I picked it up and it’s Andy again. However, this time he sounded frantic.

“Oh my God. Let me ask you a question is you aunt’s name Edna Volpy?” He asked.

“Her name is Edna. However, my uncle last name is Kilmer and I don’t know her maiden name. What are you driving at?” I asked.

His follow-up question is “Does she own an SUV?”

I answered him, “A Land Rover. If you are implying that…”.

He cut me off, “Just humor me. Go to the car and open the glove compartment.”

I have to admit my disgust is replaced by curiosity. With the 2.4 GHz phone, the reception is great, even moving from the basement to the garage. I reached the car, opened the glove compartment and found a folded piece of paper. Now, I am feeling a little bit anxious and angry.

“Well…” The voice said at the other end of the phone.

I slowly unfold the small sheet and my world started spinning. I cannot believe it. Surely Aunt Edna wouldn’t be picking up strangers in a bar. They are so much in love. How can she do this?

“Well…” Andy asked again.

“Andy, if this is one of your prank. It’s not funny. It’s sick.” I huffed at him.

“Oh man… I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. Oh man… What are you going to do? You know that I would never do that to you, right?” Andy said apologetically.

“Don’t worry, Andy. Of course, I know it’s not your fault. You’re just a horny little prick. I have to go now. Shit… I have to decide what to do. I’ll talk to you later.” I hanged up.

Part II – Confrontation

I closed my eyes and leaned back on the Land Rover. I contemplated on whether I should tell my uncle and, more importantly how to tell my uncle. I don’t think such news is easy to swallow. It will destroy him.

My thoughts are interrupted by the adulteress bitch calling my name. Anger exploded from within me. It grew from a tiny spark into an all consuming inferno that made my blood boil. I decided that I will confront my aunt about her infidelity.

I ran up and spew my fury at Edna. I tore at her like a man possessed. At first she denied it. But as soon as I relate to her how I found out, she practically admitted to everything and apologized for being such a slut. She cried and professed her love for Uncle Phil. But it not up to me to accept her apology. I have to tell Phil.

I head straight for the door. I quickly went around the sofa that is blocking my path to the door. Edna managed to cut me off and stood ground in front of me. I have no where to go. I am stuck between the center table and the leather sofa. However, Edna is a petite woman. I easily pushed her away from me but she grabbed hold on the sleeve of my shirt like her life depended on it. Maybe it does.

“Let go of me.” I snapped at her and try to swing my arm free.

“Please don’t tell Phil. I swear that it will never happen again. I’ll do anything. Please…” She pleaded between her sobs and sniffles. It’s pathetic really. But I cannot let this female defense tactic dissuade me on what should be done.

I yanked my arm again. This time, I got loose but it is not the only thing that got loose. I heard cloth tearing. It is not mine. But my aunt’s sundress got caught. It broke in half and drop to the floor.

I turned around to checked what happened. Edna’s torn dress is crumpled at her feet. Surprisingly, she is not wearing anything underneath. She is buck naked. Hair tossed, tears flowing down her cheek, mascara running and lipstick smudged. She collapsed on the sofa and gave up hope of improve her predicament. I felt sorry for her. However, I also felt something else. I felt a familiar tingle in my loins.

The lust that has been buried deep inside me erupted from within. As she shook while sobbing, I noticed that, at her age, her breast as still very firm as it jiggled. I don’t know what she did but her nipples are about an inch long that serves as the centerpiece of her large aureoles. Sweat travels down her cleavage as her jugs are pressed together by her arms as her hands are clasped together to cover her nose and mouth. My eyes traveled down her flat stomach to her plump mons which is lightly covered by soft blond hairs. It is disgusting for me to have these thoughts towards my crying aunt, but I find this scene very erotic. My mind eye is picturing fingers rolling and pinching her nipples as another hand is squeezing and rubbing that soft flesh of her mammary. It didn’t stop there. I can picture her luscious cunt being penetrated by a big cock. It’s not Phil’s or Andy’s. It’s my cock. I can almost feel the contraction of her pussy as I plunge my organ into her depths. She wrapped her legs around me to pull me deeper into her. The cock slid fluidly in and out her slippery hole.

She might have noticed that I haven’t left yet. So she reached for my hand to continue her pleading. She wrapped her two sweaty, tear covered hands around my right hand. This woke me up from my reverie and I, instinctively, looked down at her. As I made contact her eyes, sadness has been replaced with joy. I am surprised by her sudden mood change until I realized that I am sporting a huge woody. The tent pushed through the opening of my boxer shorts and pushing through the soft fabric of my sweat pants. I can even trace the slit and the mushroom head as it struggles to get out. It will be unlikely that Edna wouldn’t have noticed it also. Edna took advantage of the situation and changed from being the victim to the aggressor.

“Ow… come on, Dave. I will do anything to keep this thing between us. Absolutely anything…” As she said with a sexy tone, she removed her right hand and started to massage my hard-on. She dragged the shiny manicured nail of her index finger along the underside of the penis and traced the underside of the head. This elicited a moan from my dry throat which encourages her even further.

“Did your friend tell you how I made him shiver by the mere flick of my fingers on his nipples? I love how I excite young guys with my feminine wiles. He is very willing and he is rewarded. He grabbed the armrest of the car will all his might, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he is gasping for breath as my fingers works it magic on his defenseless man-meat. He is squirming on his seat and begging for me to let him cum. But he is not going to get it yet, not until I get mine. However, it left him docile, quiet and panting as I drive to the motel to consummate our tryst.” If this vivid revelation is meant to excite me more, she knows what she is doing. I can feel the pre-cum leaking out of my cock head.

“Let us release this beast that is pointing at me.” Edna grabbed hold of the garter waist and pulled my sweat pants down to my knees. Her face is mere inches from my penis as she executes this maneuver. Her breathe blew warm air on the thick hair of my groin. Her soft hair brushed through the sensitive skin of my penis. The friction sends jolts of electricity throughout my body. My member twitched, in response. With my cock bobbing in the air, she grabbed it with one hand and other reached inside my boxer shorts and cupped my balls. She looked up at me again with a smirk and her face moved closer to my throbbing member. In anticipation on what is going to happen next, I slowly closed my eyes and let me libido take over.

As darkness covered my vision, I saw a glimmer of light. Then a vision of my aunt sucking me cock in the living room of my uncle’s house. This excited me but it also woke me up from the trance that my slutty aunt put me into. I opened my eyes wide. As my aunt is about to devour my manhood, I backed away. I panted as I continued moving back and around the coffee table. My face is flustered as I cannot believe what is happening.

Edna is shocked by the recent development, but she kept her composure. She must have seen my longing eyes as I moved further away. Despite my recent evidence of self-control, she saw how I am staring at her lips wishing that it is wrapped around my aching cock. She knows that I am just an inexperienced young lad and no match for a ravenous predator like her. She knows that the lust is still ablaze within me. This sudden enlightenment can easily be drowned. She just have to turn up the heat and the flame will become an all consuming inferno. There was no hope, I may try to struggle but in the end I will be hers. She knows that and she is not going to wait to stake her claim.

“We can’t do this.” I exclaimed while backpedaling. Wrong move. I tripped over my pants, which are, now, rolled down to my ankles. Fortunately, the recliner saved me from having a bad fall. “I can’t do this”, trying to convince myself.

“But you want to, don’t you? You would like to know how it feels to fuck you own aunt.” She stood up and walked towards me. Her hips moved more emphatically than usual. All the while her eyes are trained on mine. Somehow her lips seems more luscious, her breast more tender and pussy more inviting. “Stop resisting, Davey. You don’t stand a chance. You and I know that you yearn for this day to come. Do you ever go through my used panties and sniff them. Or do you steal them and use them to jack off. I bet you peak down my dress every chance you get to get a glimpse of these.” She said as she grabbed her two globes and kneeded them. Although, I never done the things that she is accusing me of, I am picturing myself performing these lewd acts that she put into my head.

I am overwhelmed with desire for this woman. But this can’t be right. I shouldn’t be doing this. “Stay away from me.” I said but there is no conviction in my voice as she is almost on top of me. She moved on to the recliner. She placed one of her knee on the arm rest and another between my thighs on the seat. She leaned forward putting both hands on the back of the seat. Her breast is now in front of my face. I closed my eyes and turned my head to one side to summon the last of my resistance. “Stay away. Don’t touch me.”

“You don’t really mean that. Do you? I can feel the burning lust that you are repressing. You can’t hold it back for long. You desire this body too much. And I am willing to give it to you and much more. Mmmmhhh… My pussy is so wet and waiting for that magnificent cock of yours to slide in.” She urged. “Feel my nipples they are so hard. They ached to be suckled.” She made sure that I felt them as they slide along my cheek as she moved down and caress my chest. She kissed my cheek and let her tongue explore my earlobes. She then moved to the back of my ears and my neck. She sat down on her heel. One of her soft hands touched my face and turned it towards her. I didn’t put up a fight. I am now looking straight at her gorgeous face. She looked into my longing eyes and decided that it is time to seal my fate. She enclosed my mouth with her lips and started to probe within. I kiss her in response and started exchanging juices. With my sign of surrender and to declare her latest conquest she wrapped both her arms around my neck and sat astride me.

Part III – Sweet Surrender

The beast in me is awakened. There is no way to hold it back. I didn’t care anymore if she is my aunt. Nor did I care if she cheated on my uncle. I am now a very willing accomplice in her scheme. My hormones have already dominated my system that I am turned into a primal animal whose sole purpose is to fuck the hell out of the wanton vixen on top of me.

I guess she was surprised at my transformation, but reveled at her ability to incite such raw lust from a much younger man. I grunted as I attacked her mouth, suck her neck and mash at her breast. My mouth moved down to her nipples. Biting and sucking like a hungry child. Her moans excited me further. I grabbed her tight buns and squeeze it in my callous hands.

She tightens her grip around my neck, pinning my face between her heavenly breasts. While she rubs her clit and pussy lips along the side of my engorged cock by writhing and undulating her hips, I lick the salty sweat pooling in the valley of her cleavage. Kissing and grazing my tongue on the tender skin of her breast cheeks towards her shoulder bone, to her neck and finally back to her waiting mouth.

We ravage each others mouth. I grabbed the back neck to pull her closer to me. Our tongues probing deeper and deeper into every crevice. The rhythmic suction grew in intensity after every cycle. After minutes of this furious exchange, we reluctantly let go to catch our breath. Both of us suck in fresh air panting, but yearning for more. All this time, we are staring at each other’s eyes, never blinking.

She broke the momentary silence as she leaned over. I thought we are going to continue our kissing marathon. But she just pecked me on the lips. Her lips moved to my chin, my adam’s apple, to my chest and finally finding its home on my nipple. She wrapped her soft lips around it and lick me until it is covered with her saliva. She, then, grazed her teeth on the bumpy flesh surrounding the peak. She did this a few more times before lubricating it again with her wet tongue. She playfully bit down at the nipple itself. That illicit a groan from the back of my throat. However, she is looking for more than a groan. She repeated the process again and again but each time biting a little bit harder until I yelled both in pain and in ecstasy.

Seeming satisfied with her devices, she moved to the floor between my legs. My cock twitch in expectation of what’s to come. She removed the remainder of my clothes and threw it behind her. She rested her arms on my thighs and grabbed on the meat in front of her. She slowly and gently pulled the loose skin up and down the shaft. My cock is painfully hard from her ministrations. Then, her lovely face move in toward my organ while never missing a stroke. Her coarse, warm tongue travels its way from the base to the cock head and back. With my penis, now, somewhat lubricated, her strokes became more even, more rhythmic. Her warm and damp orifice envelops my nut and bounces it against her expert tongue. My cock pointed skyward, but yet I still feel it get harder with each pull of her nimble fingers.

I guess she had enough of my balls that she shifted northward. Evidently, she enjoyed teasing the hell out of me. As it took her almost a minute before I feel her luscious lips wrapped around my raging cock head. She played with it using her fingernails, rubbing it across her lips like a harmonica, and feeling its warmth on the side of her face.

As soon as she envelops my manhood with her warm, wet mouth, I know I wouldn’t last long. She moved my cock in and out of her mouth in a slow rhythm, while her hand is still jacking me off near the base. The sensation is so exquisite. This lasted for, at least, a minute. Holding my cock straight up, she allows her tongue to encircle the unside of the mushroom head. I squirmed in my seat, pressed my arm deep into the armrest, the veins in my neck strained and let out a helpless moan. This is the first time somebody did this to me. I thrashed my head side to side. It was only seconds of sweet torture but it seems like eternity. After it was over, I slump down panting. All this time, I have been holding my breath to concentrate on the rapture of the moment.

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