Summer Love


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen.


Miami, Florida.

The wind swept over the palm trees rustling them as the cool breeze hit the man in the back walking along the sandy shore of the beach out of town. At one time or another, this man had been at the top of the world at least in his eyes. What felt like a lifetime ago in the prime of his life had long been forgotten by now. The man opened his bottle of whiskey now and took a hard drink chugging it down before slinging the bottle into the water. That one splash into the water was enough to sum up how he looked at his life from here.

A couple hours later, retreated back in a mansion in the neighborhoods of Miami Beach, he rested in his lair of isolation when the phone rang began to rang. Reaching over, he picked up on the receiving end of the call.

"Hey, is this Trevor C?"

"Who wants to know?"

"A mutual friend of ours wanted to invite you to a party out here in South Beach tonight."

"Let me guess, you one of Sonny's friends?"

"How did you know? Yeah, he asked me to phone ahead. Said you was the party man with the jams."

"I don't know if I can play tonight if you're asking me to show up and work the turntables."

"No, it's all good. The party is gonna be at Sonny's place on Star Island."

"Yeah, I know the place. Been there a lot over the years."

"Cool, just drop on by tonight around 7. There's gonna be a lot of people here, good to meet you man!"

"Likewise, I'll be there later."

Pressing the button on the old brick phone and then pushing down the antenna, Trevor got up from his chair and stretched out. The short slumber of a nap after his walk on the beach had been much needed for now. With partying on his mind, that is pretty much all Trevor lived for at this point in life. He took a long look around the empty mansion living room. Pretty soon, all this would be lost in foreclose as he had been sinking more and more into debt with ludicrous decision making that had led to pissing away so much money on self indulgence.

Many would have killed to have the kind of success he had drifted into just three years ago. Back in another place far away from Miami, his name graced the credits of underground sensations coming in the new wave of dance music. Taking a lot of time to become a self taught musician and later self taught producer, Trevor had become a mysterious Jack-of-all-trades in creating any type of music with synth keyboards blaring like it was 1985. Using his talents to sell his way into the music scene elsewhere, he had 'made it' so to speak with the hard work leading him to record studios to lay down production and mixing work for up and coming pop acts with heavy dance music. When it wasn't his music making skills in general, he could always ghost write and get the money up hand but then he was stuck with the side effect of when the money was gone. Trevor lived the fast life and blew money left and right on the indulgences to keep him going, that led him right here today in Miami.

This past year had been a mess, as he dwindled down his money into a spending craze and sunk lower and lower into debt while striking a drought with studio work, as he was pushed into doing DJ shows to compensate, along side ghost writing a few songs that had been shelved and a sticky situation where he couldn't even get paid after the trade. At this time, he knew everything he laid eyes on in this mansion would be gone one day, and probably his life too if anyone busted in and found the amount of drugs he had been using to keep his mind sane. For now, he didn't let it bother him at the moment as he went to the kitchen and curled up a dollar bill and shot up a line of coke through his nostrils. Now it was time to go upstairs and dig out a floral shirt to match his jeans and get ready for tonight. Without a care in the world he was going to party it off.


The clock struck 8:10 before Trevor was in the driveway of Sonny's old mansion. Situated on Star Island, one would expect to see any kind of celebrity of fame walk through these doors, just as Sonny was a big time player here in Miami with connections out the ass. Trevor walked right in to the door steps in his white button up floral shirt and faded jeans, while his face had been shaved this morning, he had a small 5 o' clock shadow at this time. Putting up his hands to be patted down by the security guards, there was no way he could hide a weapon in his pants or shirt even if he wanted to. With a nod, he walked in under their administrative view, brushing through a couple that made it.

The foyer of the mansion was crowded with people from all over. Anyone that lived in Miami for at least 4 months could tell who was a tourist based off their clothes of choice, and Trevor already was eyeing out the suits and dresses of the people. The disco ball was up above the stairs, and there was loud blaring electronic music booming. Off one of the spiral staircases, was a black fellow waving Trevor's way.

"Yo Trevor! My man!"

He stood there bewildered in a moment as Rico came rushing down the staircase now to shake his hand in all smiles.

"You noticed me without ever seeing my face before, huh?"

"Sonny told me what to look out for. You stick out among some others anyway with your fashion choice."

"Yeah, and what about yours? All slick and clean...There's no need for a suit when it hits 80 degrees in this town by 11 AM."

Rico softly smiled as he walked him out the back door to the back way of the mansion where the real party was getting underhand with the swimming pool. There was a whole lot of people making use of that jumbo 34 foot long pool. A double DJ table had been set up and two DJ's were going at it back and forth on their laptops and mixer stations supplying the air with heavy dance music that could almost put one in a trance. Sonny came walking over to the two now, as Trevor looked up at the tall older man in his white suit.

"So, you decided to come, that was a smart choice Trevor."

"Why did you want me at one of your parties if you didn't want me running a table to do music?"

"Well, I thought you'd want to get out of that house of yours that you stay all shacked up in, blowing all your money up your nose."

Trevor smiled back at Sonny, the most smart-ass way possible he could as he wasn't in the mood for any kind of lecture.

"Oh yeah? How thoughtful of you, I'm real delighted someone cares so much about my financial woes at the moment."

"To be honest with you Trevor, I feel bad for you."

"Yeah, sure you do."

The older man put his hand on Trevor's shoulder now as he walked him over the stone steps down from the mansion to where the party was, and then continued speaking to him.

"I thought you'd meet some new friends here, perhaps. I think once you get back to work to what you are best at, you'll break this destructive cycle you're killing yourself with. Now, you see that over there."

Sonny pointed his finger to the left near the DJ tables and identified a tall man in glasses tapping his foot to the rhythm of the beat.

"That's Stuart Count. Some hot shot DJ who's doing gigs all over here."

"So what? You know how much I despise doing those gigs?"

"That's not all, look over there by the pool."

A curvy blonde haired girl laughing by the pool as she pulled off her towel showing her white bikini before grabbing the hand rail and trudging into the water.

"Aubrey O'Day right there."

Trevor sighed at the sight before him.

"Yeah, I know her."

"Oh, so you do?"

"Fuck yeah I do. She's got a producer that was supposed to pay me up front for writing some songs for her. He got the product, I haven't seen a dime for all that hard."

"Oh, I see...Look, Trevor. I'm going to try and get you something big over time, I promise. Just enjoy yourself here since you came. Look around, you could be meeting some famous people tonight."

"Yeah sure, I'll enjoy this. While my career is going down the drain, at least I get to meet some famous faces and be able to take selfies with them."

Sonny shook his head with a smirk back at his young friend.

"You're still young, pal. You turned 29 a few months ago, you can get your shit together over time. You shouldn't give up just cause you're down in a bad hole right now, it can get better."

Trevor walked off and went back inside. He knew what he wanted from a party, but this one was too clean for him and slick for a good image. He knew Sonny all too well, that he wouldn't allow any real kinda fun at one of his get together events. This was social gathering where everyone there got to take a bunch of pictures with famous idols and post them online in glorious pride. Just the kind of fun that Trevor wasn't into.

As he walked back inside the big mansion that was gathered with other guests that were talking and dancing, he looked up at the staircase and saw a bombshell of a blonde standing on one of the steps laughing at a friend. She was wearing a purple dress hugging over voluptuous figure, and showing off a heavy cleavage. The woman looked back at him with her brown eyes piercing into his soul as all time had been lost in that moment, though he recognized the smile and face of someone that he had seen a million times before. If only his brain wasn't slowed down under the influence of his drugs earlier, perhaps he'd be able to guess.

"Britney! There you are!"

"Sonny! Long time, no see!"

The owner of the party had come behind Trevor to call out his pop singer friend as she came rushing down the stairs to hug him.

"It's been years since I've been to one of your parties, it's so good to see you again!"

"Hey Britney, look, I want you to meet a friend of mine right here. This is Trevor."

"Pleased to meet you."

She offered her hand and Trevor took it, lost in the gaze of a moment that he was holding the hand of Britney Spears. She gave him that famous pearly white smile with her perfect teeth. He was starring back in the face of a girl, now a woman that he had dreamed for many years. He didn't even notice that his 5"7 height made him taller than her.

"'s, it's an honor."

"Hey Britney, that vocal track you did with Moroder last year was amazing. Trevor here, works in production and synth is his specialty. You should let him work something out for you sometime."

Sonny looked over at Trevor and gave a small reassuring smile, and then Trevor perked up a bit nodding to her.

"Yeah, I love Giorgio Moroder. The man is a legend, and a big influence on me. When that track hit, I was real thrilled. I always dreamed of hearing you sing to that throwback disco sound."

Britney laughed now at the both of them.

"Thank you, so I take it you work in music?"

"Yeah, something like that. I've done a lot of work for underground artists up and coming, apart from myself. I like an old-school type of sound, you know?"

She nodded her head at him now and responded.

"That sounds wonderful, old-school stuff is great. I'll have to listen to some of your work sometime. It's been nice meeting you. Alright y'all, I better go see this party that's going on out here."

With that sexy southern accent of hers, she stomped off going outside leaving the two men behind. Sonny turned and smiled at Trevor and nodded.

"See, I told you this wouldn't be so bad. Who knows, maybe this can be your big ticket somewhere."

"Maybe...I was thinking you'd tell me at least I got to meet the hottest woman in America back in the day."

"Oh, shut up with this pity party bullshit Trevor. It's OK at first, but damn, you don't know when to quit it. Go get a drink and cheer yourself up. I got Kate Upton arriving at any minute, maybe you wanna get a picture with her?"

"I met Upton last year down here, not like it would be something new. I don't want to take pictures with anybody famous. I'm just here for the booze and the women, that's it. Besides, just seconds ago I did get to meet fuckin', Britney Spears of all people. I'd say that's fair enough.

Sonny rolled his eyes and sighed shaking his head.

"Fine, you win pal. You get an Oscar nod from me for your acting skills. I know you pretty well though, and I saw your face when she looked at you. You ain't fooling me with that lonely guy act."

The man walked off leaving Trevor behind. Perhaps he had a point, but Trevor didn't give a shit. He had a lot of things on his mind and one of them was the dropped bomb over his head that he had just met Britney Spears. He walked back outside so he could find her, but looking around the first gaze, he couldn't find her anywhere. He then walked over to the pool glossing over it in his view but she was nowhere to be seen. With a short run of patience, he decided to bolt from this party and then stomped back into the home before exiting to where his '79 Porsche 928 was parked. With the car cranked up and the headlights popped out, he drove out and now was on his short journey back to his own mansion in Miami Beach.

Back home that night, the only thing Trevor could think about was seeing the face of Britney Spears. That smile, her eyes, speaking to her; all of those mental memories would be etched in his brain like stone tablets. For it felt like a lifetime of lusting over that woman, and here he was about to drop this cid and go upstairs in his bedroom to stare at the trees painted on the walls in their modern Art Deco style. By midnight, he had dozed off into a drug fueled rest.


Half day had struck on the clock come noon in Miami Beach. The sun was out and whatever coolness that may have swept over the place during the night was long gone as the blazing hot sun was frying over and the typical hot summer weather was in full steadiness on the beach. Trevor found himself hanging out at the Fountainbleau hotel just inside Miami Beach. Every Thursday he liked to go there to the hook up with one of his friends and shoot the score over what was going on in the streets and to hook up for the product necessities. He had already blew most of his monthly stash anyway, down to just a few grams of coke left back at the house.

Sitting by himself at one of the tables looking over the beach by the bar, he sucked down the juice of his drink through his straw, while the bikini and swim trunk clad bodies were passing over to the bar to get drinks. A short blonde walked by in a neon blue bikini catching Trevor's eye just as she went over to the bar and bent over showing that glorious ass and a nice fairy tramp stamp tattoo in place on her lower back. He couldn't help but move and cross over his legs and get a good look at her view under his Aviators sunglasses. Not a care in the world if this woman would catch him starring at the lovely sight before him, the beauty was impressive. Just as he had noted in his mind her plump and muscular legs she turned around holding her coconut drink and walked his way catching him starring within seconds.

"Hey! Don't I know you from some place?"

Trevor looked dumbfounded as the twangy southern voice rang into his ear as he looked at her, and then in a dead shot it rang through his heart that he was looking back at Britney Spears once again. She was standing there drop dead gorgeous in her blue bikini wearing almost matching sunglasses, as the light shined on her diamond pierced belly button ring. She was like a goddess standing right there before him under the sun.

"Me? I think we met last night, didn't we?"

Britney took a few seconds to gather her mind as she looked him over. The familiar man was skinny with a nice 5 o'clock shadow, brushed brown hair just past his ears and wearing a white Hawaiian shirt with his Khaki pants under. She then lit up with a smile after remembering.

"Oh yeah, I remember now! You were at that party last night. Your name is Trevor...something. Started with a K or a C, I think."

"Trevor C, that's it."

"Well Trevor, would you mind if I sit down with you?"

"Absolutely not, go right on ahead Britney."

With a soft smile, she sat across from him with her drink and he removed his sunglasses so he could see her with his own eyes and not behind a plastic visor.

"My god, you look absolutely amazing."

The legendary pop princess cracked a laugh and smiled with those famous pearly white teeth as he was smiling back at her, accepting the compliment. She never grew tired of hearing how amazing she looked, especially as she had matured in age and worked hard for her goddess figure of a body.

"Thank you! I came out here to maybe work on my tan a little bit. It's my off day anyway."

"What exactly are you doing here in Miami?"

"I'm on a little vacation. My boys are off back home in L.A. and I needed a few days to myself out in the sunshine of this place, while I'm off from my Vegas shows. Sonny heard I was in town from a friend and had to have me show up at his party last year."

"Yeah, that's the thing about Sonny. He likes the famous company, so he can get all those pictures in the papers."

"I know right? But you can't believe everything you read in the papers, Trevor."

He laughed at her for a second as she did too and then shook his head.

"Yeah, you of all people can tell the world that, after the shit you been through. So you like to vacation in Miami?"

"Yeah, it's beautiful here. I can go to the beach, get on a boat, hell I used to party it up down here too back in my more...wild days."

"Well, they don't call it 'America's Vacation Home' for nothing. I've been stuck out for a while now, I doubt I'll ever leave."

"I don't blame you one bit hun! I love this place when I'm here. So, Sonny said you were some underground guy with music? He told me you work production and song writing and that you also DJ for him every now and then for some of his parties."

"Yeah, I did...Not so much anymore."

His awkward words interested her further, as she leaned down to sip from her straw and respond to him.

"How come?"

"Opportunities washing up. I had a good thing going, but I don't know. Maybe I made the wrong decisions when I started taking money first hand for songs and getting ripped off. Sorta became a ghost writer out of accident with the deal. Spending money left and right, until I sunk myself into debt."

"You're in debt? What happened?"

Unknowing at first he had just ran his mouth too much, he sighed and rolled his eyes and shook his head to her.

"I"m sorry, I didn't mean to say it...Just going through a lot right now."

Britney looked back at him seeing his bothered hazed mind as she sucked the coconut juice down from the straw. Something else was on her mind as she could look right into this man's eyes and see something was off with him. She had been through the ringer before in her problems years ago with the partying and the drugs and having mental breakdowns, it was not something she was a rookie to seeing. She took off her sunglasses so they were both playing fair looking into one another's eyes.

"No need to be sorry sweetie, I understand. I've been there, you know?"

"Yeah. You went through harder shit than I'm going through right now Britney, I don't want to be disrespectful and compare my current situation to yours from a while back. "

"No, you're not being disrespectful at all. I can see the pain in your eyes Trevor."

They both looked forward as he starred into her big brown eyes and she looked back in his matching brown ones. She had flashbacks to her own meltdowns and the problems she went through. In what was almost 10 years ago of time flying by and how she fixed things, the least she could do was help this poor guy she believed. His eyes easily showed the drug use and she was no fool to that situation. She softly spoke to him now.

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