tagBDSMSummer Night in the City

Summer Night in the City

bybare oneness©

she inhaled deeply and let her breath out very slowly, controlling her tension, easing her bonds, smelling the warm night air of the city in summer above and below her, smiling around the gag to think that the people walking the streets 22 floors below her were oblivious. her nude body was imprisoned on the hotel balcony, the faint light from the room behind her casting her in shadow. the balcony banister had a flat top of concrete, about 12 inches wide, and just a little more than waist high, upon which her breasts rested, bound in rope with the nipples clamped. another set of ropes fastened her torso and hips against the balusters, arching her back slightly. her wrists were cuffed together behind her back, and her ankles were cuffed and fastened to a spreader bar, again connected to the balusters. a posture collar prevented her from using anything but her eyes to see around her and the butterfly vibrator strapped between her legs stirred every time a horn honked, or the street noise was loud enough to reach it. she waited, listening, her mind going back over the days events.


her Husband was working out of town for a few weeks and had arranged for her to join Him for a few days in the City. before she left home, He had e-mailed her that He had been studying diligently and a few surprises awaited her. little did she guess so much was in store. He met her at the airport and drove her back to the hotel. the valet greeted Him by name and smiled at her, handing her luggage to the bellman. He walked with the bellman, leaving her to follow, chatting so that she knew they had become acquainted. in the elevator, she stood behind them, feeling a bit ignored. when they reached His suite, the bellman took the key card and opened the door, holding it for her to enter. He pulled her into the center of the room and whispered to her to her to kneel beside Him as the bellman hung up her clothes from the garment bag and placed her suitcase on the luggage stand, then came to stand in front of her, looking at Him with a smile.

"Anything else, Sir?" the bellman asked.

"No, thank you, Mark. Are you ready for the tip we discussed?" He replied.

"Yes, Sir," the bellman, Mark, grinned.

He leaned down to whisper in her ear, "show Mark what a good little cock sucking slut you are."

she turned scarlet and looked up at Him. He nodded and smiled, and she turned to face Mark. Mark unzipped his pants, freeing his cock, already hard. she took a deep breath, and looking at Him once more for reassurance, raised up to grasp Mark's hips and take his cock in her mouth. she licked the tip slowly, circling it with her tongue, then started to take it deeper. Mark was anxious and grasped her head, thrusting deeply into her mouth, nearly gagging her. she relaxed her throat and took Mark's cock as he fucked her mouth and hard, pulling out just before he came and squirting his cum all over her face. Marked tucked his cock back into his pants and zipped them up.

"Thank You, Sir, best tip I've had all day. Enjoy your stay, ma'am."

Mark left the suite and her Husband turned to her.

"I want you to crawl into the bathroom and wash yourself, then take off all your clothes and return to me."

she silently did as He asked, all the while wondering what more was in store. He had certainly changed, become more commanding, and full of surprises. she crawled back into the living area to find Him sitting in a wingback chair. she went to Him and placed her head on His knee, kneeling at His feet. He stroked her head, leaning down to kiss it.

"Well, are you enjoying your trip so far?" He asked.

"yes, Sir, thank You," she replied. "i've missed You, Sir."

"Good. Did you enjoy that little treat?"

"yes, Sir, but not as much as i would have enjoyed it with You, Sir."

"Show me."

she looked at Him for several minutes, trying to assess His expression, His tone, His eyes. she removed His shoes, setting them to the side of His chair, then slipped off His socks, balling them carefully and tucking them in His left shoe. Rising tall on her knees, she unfastened His belt, and undid His pants. Obligingly, He raised His hips, and she slid them down, along with His briefs...freeing Him. Moving forward on her knees, she knelt between His thighs, slowly, lightly, raking them with her fingernails as she leaned in to kiss just the tip of His hardness.........a butterfly kiss, shy, soft....Tentatively, she circled the head with the tip of her tongue, tasting Him, inhaling His scent. One small hand moved to cup His scrotum, softly massaging, as she began to lick His shaft, long, spiral strokes, around and up and down.......His hands rested on the arms of His chair, as she began to take Him into her mouth, inch by inch, her right hand continuing its massage, her left still raking His thigh with her nails. As slowly as she descended, she released, all but the tip, then down again......she continued her sweet torture for an eternity, then, pulling back until just the head was in her mouth, she moved her left hand to grasp His shaft. Sucking gently at first, her left hand began to stroke Him, firm but gently, her right hand never ceasing its gentle massage....Ever so gradually, she increased the speed of her strokes, the strength of her suckling, pausing only occasionally to lick just the tip, circling it, delving into the crease to taste His pre-cum. she felt Him tense, grow harder, larger, and carefully slipped her right hand further under Him. Then, taking Him deep into her throat, she pressed the point, between His anus and the base of His penis and swallowed, closing her throat muscles against Him. He arched and spilled Himself into her, as she continued to swallow convulsively, milking Him. When His spasms ceased, she gently released Him, licking Him clean, savoring every drop.... Backing slowly up, she placed her buttocks on her heels and lowered her torso until it rested on her knees.

He took a ragged breath, "good girl, well done. Come here."

she crawled back to Him, kneeling in front of Him. He took her face in His hands and kissed her deeply, passionately. releasing her, He placed her head on His lap and stroked it as He spoke.

"Now, for your instructions: whenever you are here in the suite, you will remove all clothing and remain nude, no matter who is in the room. When we go out, you will wear only what I tell you to. I almost told you not to pack any clothes, but I was afraid you and the kids would be suspicious. I've done a little shopping in my spare time."

she lifted her head to look at Him, "oh, really, Sir? what did You buy?"

He just laughed. "You'll find out soon enough. God, what a little slut you are."


she shifted her weight as best as she could, taking another deep breath and letting it out again slowly. she had lost all track of time. where was He? how long had He been gone? dinner had been...memorable...to say the least. they had visited for a couple hours, about their children, her trip there, His job, and then He had sent her into the bedroom to get "dressed" for dinner. on the bed was a black corset, silk with a spray of orchids embroidered across the front, sheer thigh high stockings in black, a short black skirt and a butterfly vibrator, the wireless kind that operates on sound. on the floor beside the bed rested a pair of black spike-heeled sandals. she smiled and wrapped the corset around her, fastening the metal brusks as He stepped up behind her. she felt Him take hold of the laces, pulling them snug and tying them off. He watched as she rolled up the stockings and fastened them to the garters hanging from the corset and helped her adjust the vibrator so that it fit "just right". she slipped into the skirt, blushing at how short it was, and put on the sandals, turning to model the outfit for Him. He kissed her softly and placed a sterling silver Celtic collar about her neck, the knot pendant dangling in the light, then taking her hand led her from the room and out into the night.

all evening, He had played with the controls of the vibrator: setting it to respond to the music in the car, then to the sounds of the restaurant, then turning it off, repeatedly bringing her nearly to orgasm and then stopping her from coming. He ordered their meal, smiled whenever anyone complemented on her appearance, and fed her her favorite dessert, tira misu. after dinner, they went to a public dungeon, "just to look" and He strolled thru hold her by the hand, leading her slightly behind Him, nodding at a few people in passing, so that she knew He must have spent some time here. ("that would explain how quickly He has leaned," she thought.) around 10:00 they returned to the hotel and upon entering the suite, she removed her clothes, leaving only the vibrator on at His instructions, and went out onto the balcony to join Him.


and that was how she came to be here, and to realize just how much He had learned. after binding her to the balcony, He had kissed her cheek and told her He would return, making a remark on how this was her chance to indulge her exhibitionistic side. once more, she took a deep breath and stretched as best as she could, the summer night air was getting cooler and making her nipples strain against the clamps. the vibrator buzzed at the sound of the door opening and voices, His and...a woman. They stepped out onto the balcony with her, and she heard the woman remark with a laugh,

"My what a lovely view"

"Isn't it though," He replied. "Miranda, may I introduce my wife."

"Mmmmm, lovely." Miranda stroked a hand over her head and shoulders. "Your descriptions didn't do her justice. Such a sweet little slut she is, feel how wet she is just thinking about what might happen."

Miranda's long slim fingers slipped between her pussy and the butterfly, feeling the moisture accumulated there. He leaned in to whisper in her ear, "be a good little fuck toy, now, I am going to watch, while Miranda plays with you," then kissed her cheek and sat in the chair in the corner of the balcony.

Slowly, Miranda's hands began to stroke over her captive body, while Miranda purred softly to her.

"Such a sweet thing, and as tasty as your tira misu I'll wager. Yes, I've been watching you all evening. I even helped pick out your clothes and the new toys for your Master. He is a quick study, but tonight, We have more lessons. Now, let's start by giving those nipples a rest."

Miranda removed the clamps and she hissed as the blood rushed back into them.

"shh, baby, good girl. Let Miranda make them better."

Miranda undid the ropes binding her to the baluster and turned her around, retying them so that she faced in, toward the room, her back to the city night. next, Miranda began to suckle her tender nipples and she moaned against the gag.

"good girl, shhh."

Miranda turned and reached into a large bag, pulling out a cd player and two small speakers.

"I hear you have a fondness for slut music, so I took the liberty of putting together some of my favorites."

the vibrator twitched and pulsed to the beat of Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd, Nine Inch Nails, as Miranda removed more items from the bag and laid them out on the table beside them. her eyes widened at the crop, the flogger, the large dildo. she moaned as Miranda pulled on leather gloves and removed her dress to stand before them in full Domme regalia: black leather corset and thigh high boots. Miranda picked up the flogger first and began to talk to Him.

"Now, the technique can vary, but You have to develop a certain rhythm. I prefer a criss-cross pattern, like so."

Lash. she flinched as the flogger came across her sensitive nipples. Lash, it landed again. Miranda continued the strokes, softer, harder, faster, slower, all the while continuing the lecture to Him on technique. He even took over for a bit, Miranda guiding Him and praising her.

"such a good girl she is, not screaming, not begging, You are so lucky to have such a loving little slut. I bet she's really getting wet."

Miranda unfastened the vibrator and pulled it away, replacing it with long, slender fingers.

"Oh, my, what a good little slut. Like that do you? Like Miranda to play with you?"

Miranda slowly circled her clit, teasing it, pinching it, running those long fingers down her slit, then quickly plunging them in. she bucked against them, as much as the bonds would allow.

"Ah, Ah, Ah, not yet, not until Miranda says you can come."

Miranda removed the spreader bar, untied the ropes and undid the wrist restraints, pulling her arms up and refastening her wrists over her head.

"Now, go to Master and kneel over His lap, like a good little slut."

she started to walk to Him, but the flogger caught her.

"CRAWL" Miranda commanded.

she dropped to her knees and crawled to Him, prostrating herself over His knees. He stroked her head lovingly and told her what a wonderful little fuck toy she was, while the other arm held her firmly against His lap.

Crack! the first strike of the crop caught her unaware on her left buttock and she started to rise up, but His arm pushed her firmly down. Crack! it came again on her right buttock. Crack, crack, crack. the crop struck her repeatedly and she lost count. her ass stung, and she could feel the welts, tears started to run down her cheeks, just as her juices dripped and ran down her thighs, betraying the pleasure/pain she felt. she also felt a bit humiliated. what did He think of her? did He understand how she needed this, or was He punishing her for being such a slut, for being so...perverted? as of He read her thoughts, His pulled her face up and kissed her.

"good girl, such a good girl, My little slut. liking this are you?" He reached down and felt her wetness, teasing her as Miranda laughed.

"Of course she likes this; You were right when You talked to me about her. she is a sweet little slut, and I bet she tastes sweet, too. Pull her up into Your lap for me."

He lifted her into His lap, her back resting against His chest, and commanded her to spread her legs for Miranda. she moaned around the gag as Miranda knelt and began to lick her slowly, lapping up her dripping juices, teasing her swollen clit. He held her firmly in place as she bucked and writhed against Miranda's talented tongue and mouth, squealing as Miranda inserted the large dildo into her dripping sex and fucking her with it as Miranda continued to suck and bite at her clit.

"NOW" He commanded and she came, flooding Miranda's waiting mouth, moaning as Miranda lapped up the cum spilling from her. He pulled the gag from her mouth and removed the collar, then kissed her, His tongue and teeth demanding. she could feel Him hard beneath her and the control in His voice as He took over.

"Miranda, lie back on that chaise and spread your legs. Now, you my little fuck toy, kneel in front of her and taste what another woman has to offer you, just like your fantasies."

she knelt before Miranda and started to lick Miranda's waiting pussy, slowly at first, but the Miranda pulled her head down and held her in place, fucking her face. she felt Him behind her, felt Him lifting her hips and holding them firmly. suddenly He thrust into her, one deep hard stroke, then slowly out, then in again. she moaned at the assault, Him fucking her hard from behind, Miranda holding her head down and fucking her face. her senses were overloaded by the smell, the feel of another woman, mixed with the familiarity of His touch, His cock inside her. she started to come again, over and over, her body vibrating, as she felt Miranda come beneath her, felt Him spill Himself inside her, and collapsed.


she roused as if from a deep sleep, her body still humming. what was that, applause? slowly, as in a dream, she raised her head, and blushed hotly as Miranda laughed pleasantly. across the busy city street, at the next hotel, was a balcony full of people, all holding...binoculars! they were whistling and cheering, as He pulled her to her feet and hugged her, kissing her deeply.

"good girl, welcome to the city!"

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