Summer of Discontent

bySeries 6©

"Good, because I need this just as badly as you needed it. You'll be fine." She assured him.

As Jeff brought his mouth between her thighs, he could smell the sweet pungency of her sex. His eyes widened at the sight of her swollen clit that seemed to beckon for his attention. It was large and distended by her arousal.

Samantha spread her legs even wider and brought her knees up to her shoulders, completely opening herself to her brother. He brought his lips to her trickling pussy. Sticking his tongue out, he began to timidly lap at the seam between her soft lips. His head nodded up and down with each of his gentle licks. Samantha gave a soft whimper and winced at his touch.

"Oh yes, just like that. You're doing fine." Samantha gasped.

Her reaction gave him confidence as he let his tongue explore, sliding up her soft folds to the erect little nub. Samantha spread her pussy wider with her fingers, encouraging him to continue on. Samantha's body shook with a tremor of pleasure when his tongue found the ultra-sensitive knot. Using the flat of his tongue, he lapped at it with long swipes.

"Fuck yes, lick it like that. Right there." She gasped.

his cheeks and dripped down his chin. She moaned gutturally as his tongue lavished her pussy, and then gasped in time with each lick.

He intensified his licks, focusing his attention on her protruding nub, circling and flicking it with his tongue. Jeff licked with abandon while her juices continued to flow down his face and her thighs. Samantha's legs trembled and her toes curled. Her loins felt like they were on fire with pleasure.

Then Jeff sucked the nub into his mouth. In and out he sucked, making her writhe and whimper with pleasure. Samantha was rocking her hips and her legs bobbed in time with his sucking as she bit her lower lip in a grimace of ecstasy.

Jeff increased his intensity, sucking her clit with his lips while voraciously licking it. Circling and flicking it with his tongue, he wanted to make his sister cum. She was pinching and rolling her erect nipples between her fingers. Her moans became soft cries, growing louder as he worked her to the brink.

With a loud moan, her hips bucked forward and she threw her head back. Her legs hung in the air as she grasped her ample breasts. Her pussy clenched and flexed as her body shook. She writhed as orgasm overtook her body. Wave after wave of pleasure spasmed through her body until it finally subsided; leaving her spent and slumped in her comfortable chair. Her feet were back on the floor as her body limply reclined in the cushion of the chair.

"You're a hot little pussy licker," she smiled as she ran her fingers through Jeff's hair. Jeff could only manage a sheepish grin.

"You liked that didn't you?" She asked.

"Definitely." He smirked.

"I can tell, you're hard again." Samantha said as she looked down at his crotch.

"Do you want to jerk me off again?" He asked.

"I think you'd like more than just a hand-job, wouldn't you?"

Shocked, Jeff could only nod his head.

"Get on the bed." Samantha commanded.

Jeff did as he was told, lying flat on her bed. He was a little unsure of what his sister was thinking.

Samantha sidled up to him, straddling his prone body. She leaned down so she was on all fours. Her knees and hands dug into the soft mattress on either side of Jeff. She let her breasts drag along the length of his body as she shifted her hips to let the length of Jeff's cock rest against her sopping wet opening.

"I'm going to give you a fucking that will make up for both of our shitty summers." Samantha whispered.

As she grasped Jeff's cock to feed it into her hungry opening, they both froze. Samantha arched up to peer out the window of her room to confirm the sound they both heard. Their mother had pulled into the drive way and had just shut the door to her car.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" Jeff exclaimed as he fought to get up from under his sister. She quickly rolled off of him as he leapt off the bed to run back to his room.

As he ran down the hall into his room, he knew he didn't have time to get dressed. He quickly looked for the Fleshlight, the bottle of lube, and the incriminating boxes and kicked them under his bed. He flung the covers to his bed down and dove underneath, pulling them over him to conceal his hard on and hopefully the guilt of how he had spent his afternoon.

Jeff could hear the house door open and the click of his mother's shoes as she entered the house.

"Anyone around?" She called out as the sounds of her footsteps coming up the stairs were almost as loud as the thudding of Jeff's heartbeat.

"I'm in here, Mom. " Jeff called out.

He looked up as she came to the doorway.

"Don't tell me you spent the whole day in bed? Come on Jeff, you have to get up and do something. You can't just waste your whole summer like this." She frowned.

"I was up earlier." Jeff blurted out, feeling his face flush with guilt from the secret only he and his sister knew. He hoped his mother didn't notice.

"Are you ok? You seem like there's something is wrong?" His mother asked.

"Nothing's wrong. I need to get dressed so I can get up."

"Cripes, you're not even dressed yet? What the hell did you do with your day? This has got to stop. I'm going to tell your sister to find something for you to do tomorrow so all this sulking around ends." She said as she left his room.

Jeff just rolled his eyes as his mother stormed away.

"If she only knew," he silently thought to himself.

"Samantha, where are you?" His mother called out. Her voice slightly muffled as she walked down the hallway.

"In the bathroom. I'm going to take a shower." Samantha called out.

"Tomorrow you and Jeff are going to go do something. Anything. His lazing around this house is going to stop starting tomorrow."

"Ok, whatever you say Mom." Samantha called out as the sound of the shower started running.

"Dinner will be on at 6. Both of you better be up and ready."

Jeff just lay back on the bed. He knew Samantha was in the shower, finishing herself off. He imagined her spreading her thighs and arching her hips to let the shower massage spray an oscillating stream of water over her throbbing pussy. He imagined her wet, soapy body writhing with pleasure in the shower while he had to suffer with a raging erection. At least he finally managed get off today, thanks to his sister. He just waited in bed for his sister to finish so he could clean up for dinner.

He wrapped a towel around his waist before walking down the hall. Samantha was also wrapped in a towel as she grinned knowingly at him as they passed in the hall.

"Hope you had fun in there." He mumbled curtly.

"Sure did. Wasn't as good as the previous one, but it still felt fine. You better be ready for dinner." She teased back.

Jeff wrapped his casts with special water-proof covers that the doctor gave him. They protected his casts from getting wet when showering, but left his hands even less functional. The warm water felt good as Jeff let the water run through his hair and over his body as he showered the best he could. He knew Samantha had just masturbated in the same spot he stood. He let the shower spray over his rigid cock. It felt good but it wasn't enough to make him cum. He wished he could just grip his cock for one quick stroke off as he showered.

He managed to dry off and get dressed just in time for dinner. His dad greeted him with a warm smile as he sat down. Samantha gave him a knowing grin from across the table. Jeff could just tell she wanted to make him squirm during this meal.

"Jeff, you need to get out of the house and socialize. I understand what summer camp meant to you, I really do. And losing it sucks, I get that. But you have to pick yourself up and make something out of this summer. You are not going to spend it moping on the couch." His mother lectured.

"I think he did see someone today. Amy, was it?" Samantha needled with a devilish smirk.

Damn her, Jeff thought to himself. She knew exactly what she was doing.

"Amy? Who's Amy? You had a visitor?" His mother asked, perking up.

Jeff could feel his face growing warm as he blushed. He hoped his parents didn't notice or suspect anything was wrong.

"Uh, well, not exactly. She was a UPS delivery person. She stopped by this afternoon."

"Did you order something?" His father asked as he chewed a mouthful of food.

"Uhhhh, no. She came to the wrong house. I gave her directions to the right house." He stammered, his face growing a littler redder as his mind raced to find a believable answer.

"You'd think her GPS would have gotten her to the right address with no problem." Samantha added with mock dismay as she shot Jeff a wicked grin. She was enjoying watching Jeff squirm.

"I dunno. She knocked on the door and all I know is that the package wasn't for us. It was for the Janssens across the street." Jeff glared back at Samantha as he discreetly tried to kick her under the table.

"Yea, I can see that. Their mailbox is next to ours. We've gotten packages for them before." His dad replied, completely oblivious to the good-natured turmoil that was going on between his children.

"Well, you need to get off the damn couch tomorrow, understood?" Their mother sternly lectured.

"I'll get him off." Samantha grinned as Jeff nearly choked on a mouthful of food.

"Thank you Samantha. I knew I could count on you to take care of your brother." Their mother said.

Jeff wanted to crawl under the table and die. His face was burning with embarrassment. Somehow Samantha successfully kept a relatively straight face as she made her little innuendos while their parents never perceived their ulterior meaning. He knew she was laughing beneath her calm exterior. And Jeff knew that a part of him was laughing too.

"Well Mom, I thank you for dinner. I'm going to run out for a bit."

"OK dear, but I am serious about you doing something with Jeffrey tomorrow."

"Definitely." Samantha said as she got up from the table to put her plate in the kitchen sink. Jeff got up to follow her.

"You bitch!" He whispered with a huge grin as they stood at the kitchen sink. "You're incorrigible!"

"You love it! So, Amy was the UPS delivery person? You were jerking off thinking about her?" She needled.

"Stop!" He hissed in a low whisper.

"Oh my God! She handed you your sex toy and then you jerked off with it while fantasizing about her. That is just too fucking funny."

"Stop, stop, stop!" Jeffrey whispered, waiving his hands.

"We'll continue this tomorrow, little brother. I'm going to go visit with a friend tonight, but don't you worry. I'll be here tomorrow, just as Mom requested." She said as she grabbed her keys from the kitchen table and headed out the door.

The next morning Jeff woke up and padded downstairs to the kitchen. His parents had left for work a couple of hours ago. It was 9 am, early compared to the times he had been getting out of bed since he was sent home from camp. He was wearing his usual wardrobe of the past couple weeks -- a beat-up pair of cut off sweat pants, a t shirt, and a severe case of bed-head.

He was surprised to find Samantha in the kitchen. She was standing at the island, leaning on her elbows while eating a bowl of cereal. He was even more surprised to see that she was wearing just a skimpy wife-beater tank top that left an inch of bare flesh exposed above a pair of low-rise white bikini panties.

"Glad to see you dressed up for me, bro." She said sarcastically from behind a mouthful of cereal.

"I could say the same for you." He replied as he sidled next to her at the counter.

"I wanted to see what you wanted to do before I got dressed."

"Maybe pick up where we left off yesterday?" He said, apprehensively.

"Is that what you want? Your sister to be your summer fuck buddy?"

"You're definitely more fun than that sex toy I got." Jeff grinned nervously.

Samantha smiled and managed a sheepish giggle.

"Honestly, did you use that thing last night after dinner while I was gone?"

"Yea." Jeff answered sheepishly as he stared down at the granite countertop.

"Did you think about me while you were using it?" Samantha asked.

"Yea. I...I...I couldn't help it. I mean, after what we did. It was my first time and it was with you. You're my sister, but you're one of my closest friends too. It felt comfortable with you. I can't describe it. Plus you are hot." Jeff said.

"Hot?" Samantha said, raising her eyebrows.

"I admit, my buddies tease me about you. They ask me what it's like having such a hot looking sister. I tell them to fuck off, but I notice you. Just because you are my sister doesn't mean I don't recognize that you're really pretty." Jeff reluctantly admitted while looking down at the floor. He felt a little embarrassed about his admission to his sister.

"Well, your little friends only have their masturbatory fantasies. You can tell them how I was." Samantha kidded, giving Jeff a gentle push on his shoulder.

"Oh my gosh, I would never!" Jeff exclaimed.

"You better not. I don't think they'd ever look at you the same way. And I don't mean that in a good way." Samantha replied.

"I gotta ask, do you regret what happened?" Jeff asked.

"I dunno. I feel like I should, but I don't. Do you?" Samantha replied pensively.

They shared a long pause before Jeff managed a reply.

"I know I should feel ashamed and guilty, and a small part of me does. Our friends would be disgusted and I can't even begin to think what Mom and Dad would do. But I keep thinking about what we did. I remember how good it felt. When you were straddling me, I wanted you to fuck me. It didn't feel wrong at all when we were doing it."

"So what are you saying?" Samantha asked.

Jeff had started to get hard when he saw his sister standing there in just her panties and the tight little tank top. He loved the way her nipples poked out underneath the white cotton like two little pebbles. Now he could feel his heart begin to beat faster at the hopeful anticipation of another encounter with Samantha. He hesitated, unsure of what to say.

"I know you want to; you don't have to say anything. It felt so good, just you and me. Just pure sex, not having to worry about impressing someone. I know you want it and I do too." She said as she stood up straight and turned toward Jeff.

They were standing face to face. Jeff had turned so his back was against the counter with Samantha right in front of him. She put her hands on him, rubbing his chest and gently squeezing his pecs. She could feel his heart pounding and his nipples hardening into little pegs underneath his shirt. His breathing became ragged as he closed his eyes. His erection protruded from underneath his sweat shorts, stretching them out in a massive bulge. The tip prodded against Samanta's crotch, encouraging her to continue.

Samantha pulled Jeff's t shirt up over his head, helping him to take it off and toss it aside. She kissed her way from his neck down to his nipples, stopping to flick at the pink little buds with the tip of her tongue.

"You like that, don't you? Having your nipples licked?"

A groaned "oh" was all he could manage while nodding his head as she brought her mouth back to his chest. She gently sucked his nipple into her warm mouth, swirling her tongue around the swelled little aureole.

"Most guys aren't comfortable with it. I'm glad you can handle it." She smiled wickedly as she gently pinched his sensitive nubs, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger and causing Jeff to whimper a groan of pleasure. His body was bucking like he was in pleasure overload.

"Your cock must be aching right now Jeffrey. I can tell by the way you keep thrusting it against me. Let's see what I can do for you about that." She said. As she knelt down in front of him, she grabbed the waist band to his shorts, pulling them down as she lowered her face to meet his crotch.

"Oh, you are definitely liking this Jeffrey. The tip is all wet. Do you want me to lick it for you?" She cooed, her wide green eyes looking up at him as she curled her thumb and forefinger around the base. Jeff could only manage to nod his head as he pushed his hips forward while overcome with lust.

She started with a single long lick, running the flat of her tongue then entire length of his hard shaft. She flicked the tip of her tongue underneath the dribbling purple head, making it jump and flex with each lap of her tongue.

Samantha crouched lower to bring her mouth down to the base, running her lips and tongue along the crinkled skin of his sack, continuing back to the sensitive flesh behind his low-hanging balls. It brought Jeff up onto the balls of his feet, arching back as she licked at his undercarriage. His full sack resting on the bridge of her nose as his cock waggled against her forehead.

She continued on, letting each of his plums dip into her mouth like a tea bag into a dainty little teacup. His dripping cock bobbed to the beat of his pulse as her tongue circled around each testicle. His legs trembled as she sucked each of his orbs into mouth, leaving each one glistening with her saliva.

Samantha licked her way back up to the mushroom head. She took a breath before parting her lips as they stretched to pop over the rim of his swollen head. Her mouth slipped as far down his shaft as she could possibly go, feeling it fill her mouth with its throbbing girth. Her tongue caressed his soft, sleek flesh as she bobbed up and down on his thick cock. Jeff made throaty groans between gasps and snorts for breath.

Up and down she sucked her brother. She could feel him writhing in ecstasy as he leaned against the counter for support. Jeff's fingers clenched at the edges of his casts while his head arched back, his face grimacing with pleasure. His feet were firmly planted on the floor a little more than shoulder length apart so he could keep his balance. Jeff's groans were becoming louder and more frenzied and the bucking of his hips was growing more intense. She knew he was going to spill out very soon.

She released his prick from her sucking mouth and quickly pulled off her tank top. She shifted her body up to bring his cock between her breasts, clasping them tightly around his wet stalk as she began fucking him with her cleavage.

"You like this Jeff? Fucking my tits?"

Jeff could only manage a groan and a gasp as Samantha let his cock slip in and out between her breasts. The wet purple head appeared and disappeared from the fold of her cleavage.

With one final moan, Jeff came. Long white strings flared from the slit of his penis, landing on Samantha's pretty face. A few final dribbles frothed from the tip onto her breasts as the fury of his orgasm ebbed. Tendrils of white goo hung from her nose and chin and her neck and chest were coated with his cum.

"Oh my God, Samantha. That was unbelievable." Jeff hoarsely said as he slumped to sit on the tiled floor. He watched as she wiped herself clean with a paper towel from the roll that sat on the counter.

"The way you respond makes it so hot for me." She said as she sat down next to him, leaning into him to put her arm around his bare shoulder.

Her other hand rested on her panties, casually rubbing her pussy through the drenched cotton as she waited for him to recover. Thankfully his youth worked both of their benefit. It didn't take long for him to grow hard again as he watched Samantha's fingers dip inside her panties to touch herself.

"Let's take this where we can be more comfortable." She said, noticing the return of his arousal.

She circled her fingers around Jeff's casted thumb, pulling him along to lead him up to her room. Hurriedly she pulled the waistband of her panties down her thighs; bending over to pull them off and toss them onto the floor. Her breathing was ragged; she was practically gasping for air from excitement.

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