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Summer of my Dreams


As Dickens said it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I had just turned eighteen, which made me an adult, but I still had a year of high school left which made feel like a child. Although I lied about it to my friends, I was also still a virgin and I was such a nerd I saw no prospects in my future to remedy that situation. It looked like it was to be another long boring summer of TV reruns and video games. Just when it looked like it couldn't get any worse, my grandpa fell off the roof and broke his leg, so mother sent me to stay with them and finish re-roofing their house.

Now I do love both gramps and grandma but geese, there was nothing to do at their house, and the thought of working all day on their roof didn't help matters either. That all changed almost as soon as I got there when I saw their new neighbor Eve working on her flower bed as I walked up the path to Grannies door. Now that I am older, I would describe Eva as a full figured woman with large hips, full breasts and a small waist between them. As for that day, all I saw was a huge pair of knockers.

"Hi, you must be Roger; Mrs. Johnston has told me all about you. It's so nice you're wasting your summer to help out. My name is Eve I'm here all summer too, when you get a chance come on over for some lemonade and we can get to know each other."

At least I think that's what she said because the only thing I remembered where those breasts trying to bust out of her skimpy top. I mumbled something like sure and hoped she didn't notice the boner starting to grow inside my jeans. Just then, Grandma opened the door and came rushing outside to greet me. She waved to her neighbor as she wrapped her arm around me and walked me inside. She told me that after Eve had moved in her husband left and the poor thing was living there all alone.

"You know sweetie, maybe you could spend some time over there, I know she has a lot of movies on CD and I think she even has some of those games you like so much."

I nodded my head all the while thinking this might not be such a bad summer after all.

I went in to see gramps, I told him not to worry that I'd take care of the roof. He knew I'd helped my dad do ours and so knew what to do. The work was hard and it was extra hot on the roof but grandma wouldn't let me work long and was always having me come down for breaks and cold drinks. As I got to Eves side of the house I looked down to her backyard to see her lying in the sun. I almost fell off the roof when I saw her there with no top and her boobs exposed. She looked up to see me staring at her and she casually reached over and put her top on.

"Sorry I forgot you'd be on the roof today, I hope I didn't embarrass you."

"Didn't bother me at all, in fact I was enjoying the view."

I couldn't believe I'd just said that, even if it was true.

"Well in that case I'll just carry on,"

and she pulled her top off again. After about an hour or so, she got up to go inside, she waved to me and told me to come over when I was done for the day.

After dinner that night, I helped grandma clean up the kitchen and then left to go visit the new neighbor. I soon found myself sitting across her small table drinking lemonade and staring into her dark eyes. Her skin was tan and complimented her blond hair, I wondered if it was dyed because most of the blond people I knew only burned, and never tanned. Her smile was big and friendly and covered in pink lipstick, the same color as her nails. Her hair hung over her shoulders and outlined her cleavage.

I tried to talk like an adult but soon she had me discussing school and other teenage activities I did. She told me not to try to grow up too fast, that these were the best times of our lives; she even said she wished she were still a teen. She smiled when I told her she still looked young, and said she was in her thirties, which I couldn't believe. She reached across the table, putting her hands on mine she looked into my eyes.

"Roger, tell me the truth, have you ever been with a woman?"

I shook my head no,

"It would be my honor to be your first."

Without waiting for my answer, she stood, took my hand, and led me to her bedroom.

"I've been very lonely and when I saw you staring at me, I just knew you could help cheer me up."

Was I in a daze, or was I dreaming, because I knew this couldn't be happening for real and yet, here I was walking down this woman's hall toward the very place that all young men dream about. Once in her bedroom she turned and kissed me right on the mouth, her kiss was warm and when I felt her tongue slip between my lips, I knew I was going to have a hard time lasting. I reached up to squeeze her breast but she stopped me, telling me to just relax and let her do the work. She then slipped her hand up my tee shirt and teased my nipples. Each time she lightly pinched them it sent shock waves down my body strait to my groin. Eve broke our kiss and pulled my shirt off over my head then she began to at first kiss and then to nibble gently on my chest.

She dropped to her knees undid my belt and the snaps on my jeans. Once that was done, she pulled my jeans down to my knees, leaving my boner pushing out my unders like a tent pole. She pulled me through the fly and then holding me in her hand, she kissed the tip of my dick.

"I want to make you come so you'll last longer when it counts,"

was all she said before putting my erection between those big lips. I could feel her saliva copiously running down my cock and she caressed my balls as she sucked. I erupted like a volcano cumming so much she couldn't swallow it all and some trickled out of her mouth and down her chin. She laughed at my explosion and rubbed my dick around in the mess I made and licked it off with a smile.

Eve stood up and pushed me to a sitting position on her bed. I told her I wanted to see her naked and she smiled as she assured me I would. She told me to take off my pants as she began to unbutton her blouse,

"You've already seen these," she said as she peeled off the garment. I told her that that was from a long way off and I wanted a closer look. She unhooked her bra and let it slide off her arms, and then she walked up to me so close my face was between her boobs. I kissed her chest as she held me between them with her hands.

"You know, it turned me on to let you stare at me today, in fact I was so aroused I had to come inside and play with myself. Would like to see what I did?"

She stepped back and took off her shorts leaving her panties on. She got down beside me with her feet still on the floor. Spreading her legs first, she began to rub herself as she watched me watch her. She asked me if I wanted to help, I blurted out, 'sure' like some kid, and when she told me to take off her panties I hoped she couldn't see my hands shaking. Her bushy pubic hair was dark brown and I remember thinking, 'I knew she wasn't a natural blond.' Once she spread her legs again I forgot all about hair color as I got my first up close look at a real live pussy. She took hold of the flaps of skin on each side and spread herself apart,

"Now watch and see what I do and then you can do it to me."

She told me the skin flaps were called pussy lips or labia and she now used the fingers of one hand to hold them apart.

"Do you see this little bump right here, this is my clit or clitoris and when I rub it like this, ooh, ooh, it feels real good. Go ahead; you try it, no not like that that's too rough, softly, yes, that's better, much better."

She began to run herself against my finger, then suddenly she grabbed my hand hard to hold it in place and then she was moaning. She told me I'd made her cum and that I would make a good lover.

Then it was my turn, she pushed me down on the bed and then straddled me,

"You just relax and let me do the work."

She held me in her hand and placed me between her folds. She was so wet I just slipped right inside her and she began to slowly rock back and forth. It felt really good but she was going so slow it more of a tease than a fuck and I wanted to cum and right now. Without a word, I flipped her on her back and now with me on top I began my assault. I saw the surprised look on her face but that didn't stop me and I kept slamming into her until I was on the brink of climax. I told her I was going to cum but she begged me to wait for her, suddenly she screamed she was cumming and with that, I did as well. We lay there together bathed in our combined sweat both of us panting.

As I look back on this scene, I realize she was just stroking my ego when she told me she had never had an orgasm like the one I had just given her. On that hot summer night, with my cherry now gone forever her words made me feel like I was king of the hill and I knew I was now a man. Eve went to the bathroom to clean herself up and as I lay there thinking about what had just happened I got hard again. When she came back, she laughed at my erection,

"I just got you all cleaned out and you're ready to go again, well sorry lover all you're getting is a BJ."

She got between my legs and as she looked me in the eyes, she began to suck me. When I came this time, it wasn't as much and she swallowed my whole load without spilling a drop.

So how did my summer go, well I worked on the roof all day and on Eve's pussy all night and as you might guess it was my best summer ever. Later in the fall when I talked to Grandma, I asked how Eve was doing, she told me that she had reconciled with her husband. I tried to keep the disappointment out of my voice but I think Grandma heard it anyway because she said that Eve missed me more when I left than she did her husband. The next time I visited, I found that Eve and her husband had moved away. I never saw her again but I'll never forget her or the lesions she gave me. I bet my new girlfriend would appreciate those lesions as well if she knew about them.

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