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Summer of Skin


Roxanne Williams loved foreskin. To her, there was nothing like taking a big, uncircumcised dick inside of her tight pussy and feeling the foreskin rub against her sensitive G-spot. And there was nothing better than taking that same dick into her mouth, letting her tongue revolve from licking the sensitive underside to gently swirling around the head underneath that luscious skin. Every time she thought about foreskin, she would begin to get incredibly wet and have to cross her legs at her work desk, which was quite often. It was not a good look for a 28 year old female History teacher to remove her drenched panties in front of her hormone-crazed high school students.

The only other thing that Roxanne loved more than foreskin was summer vacation. That was only because she satisfied her passionate foreskin craving during her summer vacation for only one weekend. As a teacher, she did not make much but the little extra money that she saved was always put away for a sexy vacation. Just from looking at her, one would never think that she had such a raging lust within her. Roxanne was a beautiful woman, with smooth caramel brown skin, bright green eyes and thick, wavy brown hair. But she often hid her curly hair by putting it up into a severe bun, her bright green eyes behind thick glasses and her voluptuous body in dowdy, unflattering clothes. One might not even notice her walking down the street, much less guess about her sexy secret.

This year, she planned to go to Madrid, Spain to meet up with a man that she had met online. Antonio was a translator in the Spanish embassy who spoke excellent English. They bonded over her love of foreskin and his love of voluptuous black women. He often joked that there were not enough black women in Spain and even less who loved uncircumcised penises. After saving up enough money for a round-trip ticket, Roxanne happily packed her naughty wardrobe, left her cat, Boris, with her sister and headed for uncircumcised paradise!


Roxanne impatiently tapped her high heeled foot as she glanced at her watch. It was 12:45 p.m. and Antonio told her that he would be at the airport by 12:30.

"Where the hell is he?" She said aloud as she took a seat. Panic rose up in her as she began to think the worst. "Maybe he doesn't want to meet me. Maybe he likes to lure women from America and leave them stranded in airports". She bit her full lower lip, which she often did when she was nervous. However, as she heard her name being called, all of her nervousness melted away as she saw Antonio running toward her. "Oh God, this guy is even hotter in person."

Antonio had thick, wavy black hair that reached down to his chin, tanned skin, deep brown eyes and as he hugged Roxanne, she could feel his muscles bulging beneath his T-shirt. She looked up at him and he smiled back at her, still in his arms. "Sweet Jesus! You have beautiful dimples!" He laughed a hearty laugh and pulled her closer. After a gentle kiss on the lips, he pulled back, looked her up and down and whistled in well-earned approval. Roxanne was stunning in a green halter top that showed off her impressively full breasts and matched her eyes. She wore a pair of black jeans that hugged her ample hips and showed off her most impressive asset; a voluptuously fat ass. Her curly brown hair fell around her shoulders and cascaded down her back.

"Wow... you are so much more beautiful in person," Antonio gently breathed as he strokes the side of her face.

"I could certainly say the same about you," Roxanne giggled nervously. A wide grin cracked Antonio's face as he motioned behind him. "I hope you don't mind, but I have brought a guest." He saw the disappointment in Roxanne's face and burst out laughing. "Don't worry," he said in his incredibly sexy accent, "I brought him for you". As he spoke, another young man strode up to them both, standing next to Antonio. Roxanne's eyes nearly popped out her head. He was gorgeous! Nearly five inches taller than Antonio, this stranger had short, curly hair, the same strong, sloped nose as Antonio, smooth bronze skin, hazel eyes and full lips. He was also noticeably younger than Antonio. Roxanne guessed that he was about twenty to Antonio's thirty-two. "Allow me to introduce my cousin, Franco." Franco smiled shyly and waved at her. "He is a bit nervous, as this will be his first time." Roxanne's heart melted for this shy boy who constantly averted her gaze.

"Well, he won't be so nervous after tonight! I will take good care of him." They all laughed and walked away together into the blazing Spanish sun.

Roxanne had no idea that Antonio had planned out an entire weekend of sightseeing. The three of them drove to Buen Retiro Park in the middle of the city. They walked around the Rosaleda rose gardens to admire the plump flowers, had their fortunes told by older women in colorful dresses and flashy gold jewelry, took pictures by the Fountain of the Falling Angel and had a good bit of fun. Roxanne began to learn more about both Antonio and Franco throughout the day. Franco was a third year university student and played soccer for his college team. Antonio was not only a translator but a talented saxophonist and cook. Roxanne talked about her experiences as an English teacher and her love of Latin fusion jazz and early Moorish architecture. Antonio promised that she would not leave without seeing some of the art and architectural museums.

With excellent conversation comes intense hunger and Roxanne realized how hungry she was when she smelled food from street vendor during a concert in the park. Franco and Antonio began to feel hungry as well and they all left the park before the sun completely set. Luckily, Antonio's flat was within walking distance from the park and ten minutes later, Roxanne was having her shoulders massaged by Franco while Antonio left to prepare dinner. She leaned her head back into his chest and her hands drifted down his thigh and over his crotch. He was flaccid but her motions down his thigh began to give him a hard on. He groaned and gently nuzzled her neck as his hands moved lower past her shoulders and he cupped her full breasts. Roxanne moaned as he began to rub her sensitive breasts. Even though she had on both a shirt and bra, Franco could easily tell that her nipples were hard. He pulled her shirt and bra down and her breasts popped out. Franco's breathing became shallow as he gently palmed her luscious dark chocolate nipples and squeezed her breasts. Roxanne pulled down her pants, spread her long, caramel legs on either side of the sofa and began to rub her own clit while thrusting her middle finger inside of herself.

Roxanne's moans attracted Antonio who walked into the living room to the tantalizing sight of her fingering her smooth pussy while Franco rubbed her breasts. Antonio went to clear off the table, silently motioned to Franco and turned the stove off. Franco pulled Roxanne over to the table and laid her down on top. Antonio soon returned and spread her thick legs apart.

"Pay close attention Franco, I am going to teach you the art of pleasuring a woman." Oh shit, this is good Roxanne thought as she felt her juices start to drip from her spread-open pussy.

"First, you kiss..." Antonio softly began kissing up Roxanne's full thighs, making her squirm with pleasure. "Then, you bite..." He then gently nipped at her inner thighs, leaving red marks on her soft skin. "Then, you taste..." Antonio gently spread her smooth caramel lips open, licking from her opening to her strawberry clit, eliciting a sweet moan from her. "Then... you devour." His face dove between her legs and Roxanne began to moan and pant hard as Antonio began licking her pussy. He circled her clit with his tongue and stroked her labia while his index finger entered her and searched for her G-spot. Roxanne threw her head back and moaned loudly, feeling Antonio's sweet, slippery tongue stroke her sensitive spots. He looked up at her while he licked her pussy and wrapped his arms around her thighs. His smoldering brown eyes burned into her green ones as he pulled his mouth away and said "I have been waiting so long to taste you...and you taste even better than I ever thought you could."

Antonio lowered his mouth to her sweet pussy and Roxanne cooed as she felt him push his tongue on her clit while he entered two fingers inside of her. "Oh shit!" Roxanne cried out as she squirted once on Antonio's eager tongue. As he continued his oral assault on her pussy, Roxanne turned and noticed Franco rubbing the front of his cargo shorts. His dick was barely concealed beneath the cloth and he was already starting to leak pre-cum. Roxanne took pity on him and gently coaxed him over as she reclined on the table.

"Take off your shorts baby," she moaned as Antonio's tongue delved deep inside of her. Franco hurriedly took off his pants and his thick, uncircumcised, 7-inch dick popped out of his briefs. Roxanne quickly opened her mouth as wide as she could and threw her head back. "I told you I would take care of you. Now put your dick in my mouth, I want you to come down my throat." Franco quickly grabbed the back of her head and shoved his penis into her mouth. The sensation of her willing tongue stroking him around his tip and underneath his foreskin was incredible and he found himself moving back and forth, fucking her mouth and groaning loudly. Roxanne's moans were muffled due to Franco's incredible dick down her throat, but she was nearly cumming from Antonio's licks and sucks on her clit.

Antonio, sensing that she was close, quickly withdrew his tongue. Roxanne gave an impatient cry but Antonio held up his hand and motioned to Franco, who in turn withdrew his dick from Roxanne's skilled lips. "Give her as much pleasure as you receive." Franco nodded and positioned himself in front of her, his penis stroking against her wet opening.

"Hold on," Roxanne got up from her position, stood on the floor and pulled a chair underneath her. "Sit, baby," she cooed to the confused Franco, who did as she asked. She looked up and smiled at Antonio, whose eyes sparkled warmly. Roxanne sat on Franco's lap, placed the tip of his dick at her opening and let her juices trickle over it. Franco's breathing became shallow as Roxanne began moving her wet lips over his dick, teasing it. Soon, Roxanne arched her back and, guiding him inside of her, began to ride his dick, slowly taking him in, inch by tantalizing inch. By the seventh stroke, he was completely submerged in her wet pussy. Roxanne gasped and moaned at the feeling of his young, delicious dick deep inside of her, tickling her G-spot. Franco groaned as he watched Roxanne's beautiful, fat ass slapping against his thighs. Each of her cheeks was easily twice the size of Franco's hand and he slapped each one hard. This sent Roxanne over the edge and with a high-pitched scream, she came hard and fast, squeezing Franco's dick with her tightening insides. For Franco, the sensations were too intense and he came equally as hard, coating Roxanne's insides with fresh semen.

Antonio, who watched the entire encounter and enjoyed the pleasures of his right hand, watched as they both relaxed into the chair, Roxanne's head drooping down in exhaustion. He reached over, cupped Roxanne's chin and began kissing her soft lips. She loved feeling Antonio's tongue stroke the inside of her mouth and he loved how sweet the inside of Roxanne's mouth tasted. Roxanne's hand drifted down to Antonio's exposed, eight inch dick and gently traced over his thick foreskin.

"Do you like what you feel?" Antonio asked her hoarsely while looking into her eyes.

"Oh, I love what I feel!" Roxanne said warmly. Antonio chuckled and helped her off of Franco who was still in a daze from their previous fucking.

"You know, I have fantasized about fucking you like a bitch in heat for months," Antonio growled, sending shivers down Roxanne's spine.

"Well I'm yours for a few days, so you can do whatever you want with me," Roxanne smiled devilishly. Antonio moved even closer to her and spoke in a voice that made Roxanne's pussy juices trickle.

"Then get on your knees."

Slowly, Roxanne moved to the floor and raised her beautiful, voluptuous body up on her hands and knees. Without warning, Antonio ripped his shirt off and slid into her freshly fucked pussy and began pounding into her. Roxanne cried out in pleasure as Antonio began slapping her fat ass, watching it jiggle like jelly when he thrust into her. Meanwhile, Franco had recovered from Roxanne's amazing pussy and was already getting hard again watching her get fucked from behind. Roxanne moaned deep and passionately, the pleasure of being fucked by Antonio beginning to build up inside of her. She looked back at Antonio, watching him fuck her. His smooth, tanned muscles were a decadent contrast to her rich caramel skin and his thick muscled arms gripped the soft flesh of her ass cheeks. Soon, Roxanne felt hands on her shoulders and she turned around to be confronted with Franco's hard dick. When she opened her mouth to moan, he thrust his penis inside of it. Roxanne yelped in surprise then quickly began working the thick dick in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down. Her tongue began vibrating around Franco like Antonio's dick inside of her.

Soon enough, with the sensations of two thick dicks inside of her, Roxanne's pleasure became very intense and she climaxed around Antonio's dick. The impact of Roxanne's tight pussy and exceptional mouth became too much for Antonio and Franco. Antonio came inside of Roxanne's pussy and Franco came inside of her mouth, which she swallowed down to the last drop. At last, all three exhausted people dropped to the floor and began to doze off to sleep. Some may have called it an early night but for Roxanne, who had two more days with two sexy men with two delicious, thick, uncircumcised dicks, it was just the beginning!

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