Summer on the Farm Ch. 03


At the same time, Christian's heart had stopped beating in his chest as he gazed at the beautiful, sun-kissed face of this girl before him. Just as his brain was registering that this was indeed the perfect opportunity to kiss her, Tiffany's had already fired the same message. However, her higher brain centers had also kicked in and in that split second of excitement and uncertainty Tiffany leaned forward aiming for Christian's lips, but veering onto his cheek instead. Realizing that she'd still kissed this boy even if it was just on the cheek, she quickly covered it up by thanking him for the good laugh. Already mentally kicking herself for not being lip-locked with Christian and for saying something so hokey, she slipped away and began to root through the lunch basket.

Christian was also kicking himself for not having a faster brain to tell him what to do when it needed doing, but he was also ecstatic that Tiffany had kissed him at all. Even if it was just an innocent little peck, a) she'd touched him with her lips and b) even if it meant nothing to her, they'd still crossed an invisible 'touching' boundary together that certainly left the future looking more optimistic. This was further confirmed for Christian by the fact that Tiffany was now blushing like crazy and not looking anywhere near him. Although he was pleased by this sign on one level, he also realized that if he didn't do some damage control things could become awkward between them.

"Your sister makes a mean hummus sandwich," Christian remarked as he scored another one from their basket. "You girls are amazing chefs."

Smiling, Tiffany replied: "Thanks, we try our best. Julie actually taught me most of what I know about cooking and preparing vegetarian meals. She's more the indoors type while I'm more outdoors, as I suppose you could guess by what we're both doing today."

"It amazes me that you and your sister and so similar, and yet so different, too," Christian began. "Even though you look exactly the same, your mannerisms and personalities are so different. And since you both grew up here on the farm, went to the same school, etc, it sort of throws that whole 'nature vs. nurture' argument for a loop."

"Yeah, it's true," Tiffany agreed. "Julie and I are best friends and do everything together, but we are really different. I guess it has something to do with the natural relationship dynamic that evolved between us as we grew up. I'm really glad that we get along so well; having a twin that you didn't mesh well with would be horrible."

After chatting and eating for a few more minutes, the pair finished the basket of food and were both in the mood to just relax until their break was over. Christian was relieved that Tiffany seemed to be over the kissing incident and that they could banter like usual. Not liking to be away from the sun for long, Tiffany got up to move to the edge of the shade of the tree they were under. Christian lagged behind to put all of their refuse into the basket and informed Tiffany that he was going to 'see a man about a horse' - a farm slang term for going to be washroom that Christian had just learned (while normally he would be more gracious about excusing himself to pee, Christian had quickly learned that rural peoples were completely at ease when speaking about normal bodily functions. While a foreign concept to him, he decided that 'when in Rome'...).

Upon returning from his brief foray into the bush, Christian returned to find a most lovely sight before his eyes: Tiffany, now lying on her front, had taken off her cutoffs and was now wearing only her bikini top and bottom. Not believing his luck, Christian slowly moved closer, wanting to prolong his view for as much as possible. As he approached, Christian saw that while the bikini bottom was a typical one (i.e. not a G-string), the material was largely collected in the crack of Tiffany's ass, giving a great view of the majority of her ass cheeks. Not questioning it, Christian gazed longingly at the smooth mounds before him, so tight and well-formed, just begging for his hands to grab them. However, all too soon his show had to end, as Christian neared Tiffany and lay down beside her.

"I hope you don't mind that I took my shorts off," Tiffany said once Christian had situated himself. "Julie and I have this silly competition every summer where we see who can get the best tan, and we lose points for having too many lines."

"Oh, that's okay," Christian said as smoothly as possible. "I don't mind."

"Ummm, actually, would you mind undoing the string of my top? It makes things easier for me if I'm already lying down."

Knowing exactly what she meant, Christian leaned forward to undo the knot on her back. His fingers fumbling like a high school kid, something which caused Tiffany to giggle, he set about his task. A shiver went through his body when he made contact with the skin of Tiffany's back and he had to suppress the urge to run his hands all over her feminine curves and muscles. Eventually he succeeded in undoing the knot and lay back down, his heart racing.

"Thanks, Christian," Tiffany said. "I always beat Julie on the back tan."

"Ummm, I hope this doesn't sound too weird, but have you ever tanned naked?" Christian asked, boldly.

"What?" Julie asked, turning to face Christian and blushing and smiling. "Isn't that kind of personal?"

"Well, I suppose it is," Christian replied. "I mean, I wasn't asking to pry or anything. I was actually just going to suggest it, based on, umm, personal experience."

Now it was Christian's turn to blush and Tiffany smiled all the wider.

"I have, too, actually," Tiff admitted. "It's so nice and secluded around here, so whenever you want to be totally alone you can be. I go swimming and tanning naked all the time. I'm surprised that you have, though!"

"Yeah, I guess it's a little embarrassing," Christian said, still blushing. "I just wanted to try it a few times. I mean, I figure that once upon a time, and actually still in parts of the world, people walked around naked and didn't think anything of it."

"Oh definitely," Tiffany agreed. "It's certainly a weird thing that our society frowns on nudity so much. The human body is a beautiful thing to be enjoyed, not hidden. But I guess there are some advantages to it, too."

"Such as?"

"Well, it sort of feels, I don't know, special to be outside and naked. I feel way more connected to nature and somehow feel like I'm honoring my body, almost like a ritual. Plus it feels really, umm..."

"What?" Christian asked, Tiffany having trailed off.

"Never mind," Tiffany said, blushing harder than ever.

Knowing that it had to be something good, Christian pressed her: "Come on, you have to tell me now! Tell me or I'll tell your dad that I was able to digest my lunch today."

Laughing at his joke, Tiffany said: "Okay, I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to laugh at me or make fun."

Christian made a 'cross my heart' motion.

"Well, it feels really sexual," Tiffany finally continued. "It just makes my body tingle and seems to heighten my senses."

Looking almost pleadingly at Christian for him to not judge her, Christian smiled and said: "I know exactly what you mean. It's probably one of the most sexual things I've done, which is so cool given that it's so simple and natural. I'm glad that you feel the same way, too."

Smiling at Christian warmly, Tiffany opened her mouth as if to say something but then looked at her watch and nearly jumped up.

"We have to go!" she announced, reached behind her to retie her top.

Only having a moment to reflect on how easily she did this, Christian got up, grabbed their basket and the two of them headed back for work. The afternoon was much like the morning and the two worked hard while maintaining pleasant conversation (which both thought to be more than pleasant given who the conversation was with). As the day wore on and the sun began to make a noticeable decent, the crew around the farm began to pack things up and head home. Not wanting to bring his work ethic into question, Christian just kept plugging away at his job, noticing that Tiffany showed no signs of quitting. Finally, after everyone had gone home, Demetri and Dustin returned from town and Tiffany finally started to pack things up.

After bantering with the guys about what they'd done in town and Demetri inspecting the days' work, Christian and Tiffany went to one of the barns to wash up before coming in for dinner. As Christian let Tiffany wash up first, it was clear that she was deep in thought.

"Something on your mind?" Christian asked after a moment.

"Huh? Oh, no, I was just thinking about something," Tiffany replied.

"That sounds like something's on your mind then," Christian retorted, a wry grin on his face. "What's up?"

"Well," she began, "I know this is going to sound silly, but I overanalyze everything and something's been on my mind since it happened. I'm sorry that I kissed you earlier. I shouldn't have."

Swallowing, Christian said: "I'm not sorry."

Her heart racing with both fear and anticipation, Tiffany gave Christian a questioning look.

"You said that you kissed me on the cheek because I made you laugh, right? Well as far as I'm concerned, that's the best incentive I could ever get to start being funnier."

Seeing Christian's smile, not knowing what to think or do, Tiffany just let go and found herself beginning to laugh. She didn't really know why, but she did and it felt like a weight coming off of her shoulders. Christian laughed lightly along with her, looking so handsome and kind.

"Well does that deserve another kiss?" Christian asked.

Still smiling, Tiffany leaned forward and kissed Christian's cheek. Basking in the sensation of her soft, warm lips on his face, Christian noticed that her mouth was not only more open than the last kiss, but that it also lingered a bit longer than before.

"You have very lovely kisses," Christian said. "I really don't deserve them."

"Oh, I think you do," Tiffany disagreed, leaning forward to kiss his cheek again. This time the kiss was longer still and Christian could feel a subtle lick of her tongue coming between her parted lips. Pulling back again, Tiffany could taste the salt of Christian's sweat on her lips which caused a tingling between her legs. Her instincts guiding her, Tiffany kissed Christian again, this time her lips landing right beside his at the corner of his mouth. There was no question where the next one would land as Christian took Tiffany in his arms, preparing to show her his love, when...

They heard footsteps outside.

Pushing each other away silently, Christian lunged for the sink where he quickly turned on the water and began washing his hands. Tiffany was searching for a towel to dry hers on when Dustin rounded the corner.

"Man, how long does it take to wash your hands guys?" he asked. "Dinner's on the table!"

Smiling at Dustin and saying that she'd meet them inside, Tiffany dried her hands on her pants and ran off for the house. Christian stared at his friend and let out a groan, grasping his head in his wet hands.

"Shit," was all that Dustin could say.

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