tagGroup SexSummer’s Revelations

Summer’s Revelations


This is an entry in the 2018 Summer Lovin' Story Contest.


Kirsten had been home a week after finishing her sophomore year at college in northern Arizona. She would have preferred to spend the summer in the cooler mountain air instead of the sun-drenched desert of southern Arizona where temperatures routinely broke one hundred. Still, she was used to it having grown up in the desert. And, it was a great opportunity to spend quality time with her mom.

Susan, Kirsten's mother, had been in a funk ever since her nasty divorce from Kirsten's father several years ago. Kirsten was finishing high school when it happened. Despite being a relief from the years of bitterness in the family, Susan remained a bit depressed as a middle-aged single woman. She was about to celebrate her fiftieth birthday.

"Hey mom," Kirsten began while they were eating a light dinner on Thursday evening. "You know that guy in last Sunday morning's yoga class, the one next me with the silver streaked, long blond hair in a ponytail?"

"Yes, what about him?" Susan responded.

"I ran into him at the library this morning. He was collecting signatures for the ballot initiative for school funding," Kirsten explained. "He is really nice and very intelligent."

"Are you trying to play match-maker again?" her mother retorted.

"Of course. I talked with him a while and he is very available," Kirsten stated. "Besides, he is very good looking."

"You know I've about had it with men," Susan lamented.

"Well, if you got laid maybe you wouldn't be so depressed," her daughter admonished.

"I wouldn't be able to handle another relationship like with your father," Susan reiterated for the hundredth time.

"You don't have to make it all serious, mom," Kirsten shot back. "Just get him in bed and forget about everything and have a good time."

"You sound like you are pretty casual about sex," Susan told her daughter. "I just wasn't brought up that way."

"It wouldn't hurt to change," Kirsten replied.

"I am going to invite him to our little party for your birthday and if you don't fuck him, I certainly will. Oh, by the way, his name is Karl."

Susan knew her daughter was right. She couldn't keep on going this way, always slightly sad, punishing herself for her failed marriage. Bill, her ex-husband, was a narcissistic, self-absorbed jerk with a bad drinking problem. Susan knew it wasn't her fault but she still blamed herself for not doing more to help him and help their relationship.

Kirsten's teenage years were tainted by her parents' bad relationship. Although one of the prettiest girls in high school, she inherited her mother's large breasts and fiery red hair, she never had a relationship with any of the boys that worked. Her closest friend, Sheri, became her part time lover as Kirsten rebuffed the impetuous boys who hounded her.

"Mom," Kirsten called out to her mother.

"Remember my friend Sheri from high school? She is back for the summer from school in California. She's coming over Saturday. Want to do something with us?"

"What are you girls planning?" Susan inquired.

"First thing is to stay out of the heat. We could go to the mall, do a little shopping, have lunch and maybe catch a matinee," Kirsten responded.

"That sounds like fun," Susan said.

Saturday morning Sheri arrived at Susan and Kirsten's house dressed in short denim cut-offs and a low cut V-neck, a size or two too big allowing a clear view of her perky breasts from the right side angle. They got in Susan's car for the ten-minute ride to the mall.

"You planning on flashing your tits today at all the unsuspecting boys and girls at the mall?" Kirsten chided Sheri.

"You bet," said the exhibitionist.

"Those shorts really do make your butt look good," Kirsten added. "What do you think mom? Doesn't she look good enough to eat?" she blurted out with a laugh.

Susan kept watching the road, not sure how to take her daughters bantering with Sheri.

"Well, if you are a good girl today maybe I'll let you have a taste," Sheri quipped back.

Now, Susan was definitely not sure. Did she and her friend have something sexual going on? They were best friends in high school but since they both went off to college, they rarely saw each other anymore. Besides, Kirsten had told her mom she had been dating several boys, though none of them seriously.

At one of the shops, Kirsten picked out a sexy summer dress she was planning on wearing at her mother's birthday party. "I think that would also look great on you, Mrs. Jensen," Sheri remarked. "You have a great body. You should try it on."

"I'm not twenty anymore and I think it would be too revealing," Susan informed the girls.

"Go ahead mom. Try it on," Kirsten begged her.

"You'll see," Sheri added.

Reluctantly, Susan went to the dressing room and changed into the dress her daughter picked out. When she came out to show the girls, a barrage of complimentary remarks greeted her.

"Wow, you look smokin', Mrs. Jensen," Sheri exclaimed.

"Please call me Susan," she asked.

"You are going to arouse some dicks with that dress," Kirsten told her mom.

"And pussies. I'm getting a bit wet myself," Sheri interjected.

"I'm not going to buy this dress," Susan insisted.

"Yes you are," the girls cried in unison.

After some more shopping, the three women sat down for lunch. They each ordered a salad, fitting for a hot summer day. Susan wanted to know what was going on with the girls.

"There's been a lot of sexual innuendo in your conversations this morning," Susan looked directly at her daughter and Sheri. "Is there something I should know about you two?"

Kirsten smiled and confessed to her mother, "We used to have sex with each other, mom."

"Back in high school," Sheri explained further. "It was just for fun and the boys then were so immature."

"We are just good friends. It was nothing serious. We're not lesbians or anything," Kirsten continued. "I still like cock. Don't you Sheri?"

"Absolutely," her friend confirmed.

Susan wasn't sure how to take this but she found it somewhat arousing thinking about the girls. "I'm not shocked," she said. "It's just that I have lived such a sheltered and repressed life. I am just having a hard time getting over accepting sex as something not shameful."

"Hey mom. It's OK," Kirsten reassured her.

"It's never too late to blossom," Sheri added.

It was late afternoon when they arrived back at the house. They put away their purchases and met in the kitchen where Susan was pouring each of them a glass of wine.

"I think you girls are old enough to enjoy some wine," Susan said, handing her daughter and friend their glasses.

"It's too hot to think about dinner now so let's hit the pool," Kirsten suggested.

"Like the old days Kirsten?" Sheri stated rhetorically.

"Mom knows, so sure," Kirsten replied.

"Are you going to join us Susan?" Sheri asked. "Skinny dipping."

"Well, I suppose so, if I'm ever going to overcome being a prude," Susan answered. With that reply, Sheri hugged Susan and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Susan melted. That kiss was the first intimate gesture from another person Susan had felt in years. Sheri could feel Susan's acceptance so she kissed her more deeply again, her tongue making its way past Susan's soft lips into her waiting mouth.

Without speaking, gaining permission by looking in her eyes and the response from their embraced lips, Sheri began to unbutton Susan's blouse, eventually it slid off her shoulders on to the floor. Kirsten came up from behind Susan and unclasped her bra. As Sheri momentarily stepped back Susan's bra fell to the floor. Kirsten reached around and cupped her mother's breasts gently squeezing her nipples. Sheri got on her knees, pulling the zipper down, taking her pants by the waistband and sliding them down to her

ankles. Sheri caught the aroma of Susan's already wet sex. She gently pulled her soaked panties down, gesturing Susan to step out of them.

Kirsten knew the pool was going to wait for them. She gently guided her mother and friend down the hall to her bedroom. Kirsten and Sheri quickly shed their clothing. Sheri began a passionate seduction, kissing furiously, running her fingers along the older woman's labia and eventually in. Sheri moved the attack of Susan's prudishness to her large, soft, luscious breasts. Sucking on each nipple, eliciting moans of delight from Susan's lips. Kirsten was sitting on the bed watching the erotic scene, bringing herself to one of many orgasms.

Susan was lost. Her mind gave way to the overwhelming sensual sensations consuming her body. Sheri ravished Susan's pussy with vigor, Kirsten biting lightly on her mother's nipples, massaging her breasts, evoking moans and screams. Sheri inserted two fingers, hooking them to rub on Susan's spongy inner spot. Building a quick rhythm until Susan's hips bucked, her body writhed, her womanly cum gushing, a scream of ecstasy.

"Are you alright, mom?" Kirsten asked after a few moments, allowing Susan to catch her breath.

"I don't know," she responded, dazed and unsure. "I have never experienced anything like that," she continued. "I can't describe the feeling."

"You just had a fantastic orgasm," Sheri explained.

"You never felt anything like that with dad?" Kirsten asked her mother.

"I never felt anything with your father," Susan told her daughter. "He would just fuck me, shoot his load and fall asleep. That's what he thought of sex. He never treated me the way you two just did."

Susan became all of a sudden desponded when her brain returned to being rational again. She realized that, not only did she have sex with two woman, but also one of them was her daughter.

"Oh my god, what have I done?" Susan lamented.

Kirsten sensing her mother's sudden guilt tried to comfort her. "Mom, it was great. I love you. I love you in so many ways and I want to see you happy. It can't be wrong when there's love."

"And it can't be wrong to want to be satisfied and experience what comes naturally," Sheri added. "I know Kirsten loves you and she wants you to be happy so much that she is giving herself to you."

Kirsten wrapped her arms around her mother, their naked bodies firmly pressed against each other. Kirsten whispered in her mother's ear, "I love you so much."

"Hey, weren't we heading to the pool?" Sheri shouted out.

"If you girls don't mind I just want to rest here a little. I don't have the energy you have," Susan told them.

Kirsten and Sheri frolicked in the pool for a while until the sexual tension from their flirting needed to be satisfied. Sheri had her face buried between Kirsten's thighs when Susan arrived at the pool deck.

"Hi mom," Kirsten greeted Susan. Sheri disengaged her leisurely lapping at her friend's pussy.

"Hi Susan," Sheri said then turned her attention to Kirsten. "You know your mom tastes better than you," she said trying to act serious. "Pussy must be like fine wine, it gets better as it ages."

The three women looked at each other and suddenly broke out in laughter.

"I'll make some dinner," Susan offered. "I hope you can stay, Sheri. I mean stay the night as well."

"I would like nothing more," Sheri replied with a smile.

Susan, Kirsten and Sheri went to bed together in Susan's room. The night was filled with gentle lovemaking, warm caresses and soft kisses. Susan fell asleep in her daughter's arms. Sometime during the night, Susan awoke to watch through hazing eyes, her daughter and Sheri engaged with each other's pussies in a sixty-nine position. Smiling, she quickly fell back asleep.


Susan almost chuckled aloud when she woke Sunday morning to see Kirsten and Sheri lying side by side in the position of their last sexual embrace, sometime in the wee hours of the morning. Sheri had one arm draped across Kirsten's ass, their angelic expressions as they continued to sleep displayed the content they felt with themselves.

Susan didn't dress as she made her way to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. Sitting there, naked in thought as well as body, she reflected on yesterday's revelations about her need for sexual fulfillment. Susan felt good this morning, her anxieties and depressed emotions absent as she sipped her morning cup of coffee.

"Good morning Susan," Sheri greeted Susan still rubbing her groggy eyes.

"Good morning. Kirsten still getting her beauty rest?" Susan asked.

"No. She's up. Just getting a little cleaned up," Sheri responded. "Guess I'm a little over dressed," Sheri remarked as she pulled the oversized T-shirt over her head and slid her panties off. The two women embraced each other, their lips meeting softly for a morning kiss.

Kirsten entered the kitchen, upon seeing her mother and friend in a naked embrace discarded her robe and went to them, wrapping her arms around both, pulling in close.

Susan pulled a few bagels out of the freezer and baked them in the toaster oven until they were warm enough to eat. Cream cheese and peach jam made a sweet topping for their breakfast.

"Alright girls, we need to get ready for yoga class at the gym," Susan commanded.

The three women hurried out of the car to the entrance of the gym to catch up to Karl who had arrived just moments before them. Kirsten got to him first.

"Hi Karl," she greeted him, stopping his forward momentum.

"Good morning Kirsten," Karl smiled. "Good to see you here." Addressing Susan, Karl introduced himself, "My name is Karl," extending his hand to her.

"I'm Susan. Nice to meet you."

"And I'm Sheri. Kirsten's friend," Sheri added to the introductions.

The woman followed Karl into the room where the yoga class was conducted. When he laid out his mat, Kirsten placed hers on one side of him, Susan on the other. Sheri was next to Susan. Karl looked a bit perplexed as the women sandwiched him between them. He had taken a liking to Kirsten when they had talked at the library but he knew she was excessively young for him. Her mother, Susan, though younger than Karl, seemed about the right age. Before the class began, Susan struck up a conversation with Karl.

"Next Saturday we are having a little get-together for my fiftieth birthday," Susan began inviting him. "We would like you to come. It's going to be a small party, just a few friends."

By now, Kirsten had joined in. "I would love for you to come. I want to hear more about the education initiative," she added. "I'm going to school to become a teacher and I want to know what the future holds for me."

Karl was astounded by all this attention. "If you insist. Of course, I would be happy to attend."

They talked further after the class, exchanging good byes with everyone stating how much they were looking forward to the following weekend.

Karl had not had sex with a woman for more than fifteen years since his wife left him for her rich boss. His only sexual activity was at a strip club where over the years he made friends, was a constant client, with a couple of the dancers. There he would get their affection ten dollars at a time. The girls would get him aroused and he would go home to relieve himself.

Hoping to find either Laura or Juliet working that Sunday afternoon, Karl went to the club. Shortly after ordering a drink, he felt a familiar hand on his shoulder. "Hi sexy." It was Laura. "What brings you here on a Sunday afternoon?"

"Well, I was hoping you or Juliet were here," he started. "I wanted to talk to you about something."

"We are both here," Laura informed him. "Let me see if Juliet is busy. You can talk to both of us."

Just as the server arrived with Karl's gin and tonic, Laura came back with Juliet, who gave him a light kiss on the cheek and sat down on his lap. Both of these girls were in their early thirties and Karl had known them for at least ten years since they started dancing at the club.

"I need your advice," Karl told the girls as he proceeded to tell them about the confusing morning he had. "It sure felt like they were coming on to me, the both of them, mother and daughter, but it was awkward."

"Do you know anything about the mother? Like is she divorced?" Laura asked.

"And what about the daughter. She is a college student. Is she just home for the summer?" Juliet continued the interrogation.

"Yes, the daughter is here for only a couple of months. And, I know the mother is single. Probably divorced," Karl answered.

"The daughter is just trying to get her mother hooked up," Laura explained.

"Yea, she probably hasn't had a good fuck in a long time and the daughter wants to help her out," Juliet confirmed.

"So, when's this party they invited you to?" Juliet asked.


The two girls looked at each other knowing exactly what the other was thinking. Laura took the initiative. "We are going to have to get you ready for your lucky moment, Karl," she said. Laura and Juliet lead him back to the VIP, a place he was already familiar with on many occasions.

Both dancers stripped down to their G-strings, but this time instead of exciting Karl by shoving their tits and ass in his face, they began to instruct him.

"When you feel her tits, run your fingers around lightly at first. Get her excited and don't seem too anxious," Juliet began by taking Karl's hand demonstrating the technique on her breasts. "Massage them gently at first."

"All girls like their nipples licked, pinched and bitten. But not too hard," Laura stepped in. Karl lightly licked around her left nipple while his left hand, still on Juliet lightly pinched her nipple bringing out a soft moan from her lips. His mouth moved to consume as much of Laura's breast as would fit, sucking hard and then releasing it with a soft bite on her hard nipple.

"Oh god, you're a natural, Karl," Laura said while enjoying having her tits pleasured.

"When was the last time you ate pussy, Karl?" Juliet asked her pupil.

"Uh ....I never did," he confessed.

"That's a requirement, Karl," Juliet informed him. She positioned him laying down on the couch and squatting putting her pussy an inch from his face. Laura conducted the instruction.

"Grab a hold of her ass cheeks. Lick slowly from her butt hole to her pussy lips," Laura counseled Karl. "Feel how she reacts. Stick your tongue in her slit." When he did, Juliet pushed down a little, wanting more of his tongue in her. "She likes it Karl. Tongue fuck her. In and out." Karl couldn't believe how sweet she tasted and instinctively he wanted more. His mouth now encompassed her swollen pussy while his tongue explored her inner vagina. Laura had to cover Juliet's mouth to muffle her moans so they wouldn't get caught.

"Now you have to bring her to the big clit orgasm, Karl," Laura continued to instruct.

"Pull aside the cover over clit. See the little love nub? Now lick it gently." Karl was awed by the reaction he was getting from Juliet as he tongue played with her clit. "Suck on her clit, Karl. Bite it gently. Respond to her intensity," Laura encouraged.

Laura muffled Juliet's screams as Karl brought her to a climax. "OK....stop...," Juliet panted, "it's very sensitive."

"Karl, now she is ready to be fucked," Laura concluded. Karl's hard cock was painfully restrained in his pants. Laura noticed. "I've never seen you get that big of a bulge before," she said while feeling his crotch.

"Cover for me Juliet," Laura commanded as she unbuttoned Karl's pants and pulled his zipper down. She reached in and freed his raging rod from the opening in his boxers. Laura's mouth quickly consumed Karl's cock, her lips tight around it, her tongue gliding along the underside of his shaft, rapidly bobbing up and down.

This time Juliet put her hand over Karl's mouth to muffle his exhortations as he pumped streams of his hot salty cum in Laura's mouth. Swallowing Karl's sperm she acknowledged, "You are very tasty, Karl."

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