tagInterracial LoveSummer Sale Days Ch. 04

Summer Sale Days Ch. 04


Sarah the trailer park girl was good to her word; she blew me all the way home. Well, she blew me to the third red light when I let go with all of the pent up desires created from watching two beauties go at each other for hours. After that I figured she just sort of played with my soft little tool to keep from getting bored.

I haven't seen her in two weeks. I've been laying kind of low with the temperatures in the hundreds. No one wants any work done in this weather and with out an influx of cash a visit to Sarah out of the question.

I was setting there watching the news when my front door opened. I usually keep it locked and it startled me. I looked up to see Sarah standing in the doorway.

"Want to watch?" she asked.

"I am." I said. "Matlock is about to catch this prick who's been going around killing old people and Ben Matlock is pissed."

"If I turn the fucking thing off will the guy get away?" she asked.

"I'm afraid to risk it." I said.

"There are more that enough old people to go around. Two or three, you'll never miss." She picked up the remote and switched the set off.

She straddled me in the armchair. Lowered her lips and kissed me. I let my hand slide along her leg and up onto her outer thigh. She pulled my hand out from under her skirt. "You can have all you want tomorrow but tonight I'm working, sorry."

"You work too much." I said.

"Girl's got to eat." She replied

"That's what I said, you work too much." My mind was wandering back to her latest session with Blair.

"Well, what I might be eating tonight won't wet you appetite as much as Blair did." She said.

"And yet you want me to go watch?" is responded.

She wrapped her arms around my neck. "What I want is for you to come with me, to stick out your chest and look real tough. I want you to set in a corner and intimidate people. I want them to think you are a ball buster."

"I thought that was what the dog was for?" I said.

"He gets car sick." She said

"Punk dog." I said.

"You tell him that." She challenged.

"Where you going?" I inquired

"I need to know you'll go first." She said

"You know I'll go." I said.

"Gulf Coast University." She said.

"Holy fuck, your farm has no fences." I said

She giggled. "It's not what you think." She said

"Baby, you have no idea what I'm thinking right now." I said. "How many?" I asked

"How many what?" she said

"Guys." I answered

'I'm not sure." She said. I waited. "Just two."

"Really? Two frat boys?" I clarified.

"They're not frat boys." She said. I waited again. "You need to trust me."

When I finally consented to going with her, I gathered up my trusty 32 and slipped it onto my belt and covered it the best I could with my tee shirt.

Sarah was quiet on the way over to the university. I didn't think that was a real good sign. She was wearing a white tee and a plaid skirt and knee socks with black penny loafers. I wondered where she got all of this stuff and where she kept it all in that little camper. Her short hair was in its normal state of sexy dishevel.

She drove onto the university campus and we cruised a number of streets before she turned into a driveway. The sign said Physical Therapy Department. There were only a few cars around. It dawned on me that school was not in session. The buildings were all dark. Sarah drove to the rear of the building to a small parking lot with one other car, a Mercedes 450 SL.

When we were parked she took a deep breath and blew it out. "You alright?" I asked.

"No" she said.

"Then lets go home." I offered.

"No." she said

"I don't understand." I replied.

"Don't have to." She said. "You just have to stay with me."

"I'm right here to the end." I said

"Bad choice of words." She said

She took my hand and put in between both of hers. "Don't judge me.' She said. "That's the only thing I can't accept."

We walked to a rear door and went in. The place was very dark and quiet. "224." She said


"Room 224." She repeated.

We found a set of wide squeaky wooden stairs and took them. Once up stairs I started to check the numbers on the doors, 218, 220, 222, "Here." I said. "Room 224."

Sarah sucked in air and looked at me and I had no idea what she expected me to say. I remained quiet and felt my side; my gun was still there.

I opened the door and Sarah walked in first. It was a long narrow storeroom room. There were pieces of exercise equipment and some gymnastic stuff. There was a dim light at the far end of the room and two men stood, talking and they turned to look at us. The men were in their late forties, well groomed and well dressed. One was in a black linen pullover and tan linen slacks. The other was wearing a white cotton tee and Black slacks. There was nothing exceptional about them. Not overly muscled up, their eyes seemed clear. And there were no weapons in site. Only noticeable characteristic was that they were both black. Sarah had her arm around mine as we approached.

One man looked as Sarah and nodded at me. "Who's this?"

"A friend." Sarah said.

"You didn't mention a friend." He said.

"Yea, well, we all have them, don't we?" Sarah was sounding tough but I could tell she was using it as a shield. She was frightened or at least nervous.

"You just here for moral support? No other involvement?" The man was talking to me.

I waited long enough to give Sarah a chance to speak. The last time this happened she insisted I remain quiet. When she said nothing. I said, "You play nice, you won't know I'm here."

"Sure." He said. "So, I'm Carl and this my brother Darren. I teach physical rehab and he is just visiting from Chicago. He's recently divorced. He's in town to celebrate.

"Sure." Sarah said

"So you understood what we discussed earlier?"

"Sure." Sarah said

"Sure." He said

He and his brother started getting undressed. Sarah starting to unbutton her skirt, "Wait." He said. So Sarah just stood there and watched the two men disrobe. They were toned enough I guess, nothing special. There cocks were only slightly above average. Couldn't know for sure until they had full erections. Once nude, they both walked over to a stack of maybe five blue vinyl floor mats and then motioned for Sarah to join them. I hopped up on a nearby table and settled in.

They positioned Sarah between them and the one in back pulled up her tee so it was rolled up above her breasts. He slid her sports bra up too and started massaging her tits and rubbing her nipples between his fingers. She raised her right hand and put it behind his head and held on to him.

The one in front raised her skirt and tugged her panties down just below her hips. They fondled her for a while and then the two lowered her to her knees and she accepted the cock in front of her. She licked the fat head and ran her tongue over it and opened her mouth and took it inside.

The other one was stroking his rod and letting it bounce on her shoulder. She released the one in front and turned her head and kissed the one pointing at her from behind. She mouthed the head of it then returned her attention to the dick dangling in front of her. She placed her hand at its base and stroked it into her mouth while she used her tongue to tease the head. He started rocking his hips to her rhythm. And she pumped him faster.

Just as the man was getting serious, she left him stranded and turned to take the rear guy into her mouth. She twisted to give him better access to her mouth. He pumped into her and took a hand full of her hair and guided her down onto him. He was aggressive and pushing himself deep down her throat but Sarah wasn't struggling so I sat still. I was aware that Sarah had a way of letting a cock slide all the way down her throat and still breath by controlling the timing of the thrusts. It's how she was dealing with the guy now. It was working, the man tensed up and grunted and said something vulgar when he came in her mouth and he held her on him while she swallowed.

When he let go of her hair the man in front turned her head to him and pushed his cock into her just like the first one did. These fellows were very aggressive. I reached under my tee and unsnapped the holster flap. Sarah was being pulled onto the second dick and was letting it sink far down into her throat; She was grabbing air through her nose when he pulled out. She was performing an amazing feat, as the cock, now fully inflated, was a dominant seven plus inches and quite thick. Her man was thrusting with vigor and he had his hands on the sides of her face and was saying things like. "Take it" or "Suck it", very imaginative stuff. He clenched his hips and pulled back his cock so Sarah had just the fat head in her mouth and he started pumping into her mouth and she was gulping it down.

The brother had moved a sawhorse into the center of the room and was now draping one of the blue mats over it. The one she just finished pulled her to her feet and led her over to the new apparatus. They walked up to it and he whispered in her ear. She laid herself over the bar and let her head and shoulders sink toward the floor. Her feet, on the opposite side, dangled just above the hardwood. She was balanced on the thing. The brother had some long straps in his hand and he handed two to the other man. They both knelt down and tied her hands and feet to the wooden legs.

One of them moved behind her and raised her skirt. Her panties were still around her hips. He pulled them up so the were just below her cunt. He pointed has dick at here sex and rubbed it along her lips and Sarah was wet. He pushed the head in her and she moaned up from the floor. He worked at her and was moving deeper into her as he did.

The other one stood on the opposite side with his legs against her shoulders. He was rubbing her ass cheeks with both hands. The cock in her was pumping long steady strokes and even tied as she was, I could see her ass bucking. He was relentless, slamming into her until his balls slapped against her legs. Brother was still at her ass and he had one hand in her crack and it looked like a finger had disappeared into her anus. Her ass was still bucking and she was working her head back and forth.

The cock gave her an unusually hard slam and she grunted and started cussing to no one in particular. "Fucking.....dick...god damn. ..big...son...of...a........please...fuck..."

He let go with an amazing shuddering orgasm and filled Sarah with his seed. He stayed in her until his dick had turned flaccid and it finally slipped itself out.

He placed a hand on her ass and patted it with real affection. The two men changed places and the one who had just fucked her knelt down and lifted her slightly and said something to her. She shook her head. When he stood up he looked and his brother and said. "She says she's fine. Go to it."

The brother pulled two mats over behind her legs and stepped up on them. It elevated him just enough that his cock was now able to align with her ass. The guy was bigger than me, that is the only comparison I had. He lifted his dick and swiped it along her sloppy cunt to wet it and then he raised it to her little brown opening. When he pushed hard, it sank half way into her. She growled out loud and pulled her head back. The guy leaned over and said something else and she howled. "Fuck me god damn it. Just fucking fuck me for Christ sake. Black cock, yes....god." He pumped the rest of his dick into her in a single stroke and then pulled it out and shoved again.

Sarah was stroking out. "I've never fucked a black man." She screamed.

The guy gave her what she asked for. He was slamming her and the sawhorse was rocking and she was babbling.

"I'm sssss....orry." She said. She was panting. "I d.. .d..d..didn't mean to say.......fuck." He slammed her again. He tightened his hips and shortened his stroke and grunted out his ejaculate into her bowels. Sarah road her own climax and pulled so hard she tore one arm loose from the wooden leg. She rubbed her head and reached back for the man in her ass but he was pulling out and moving away from her. She was bent double and alone and reaching out into empty space. The two men were starting to get dressed.

"Well now I guess I seen about everything." We all turned and there was a big dude wearing a janitor's uniform and leaning against a cleaning cart. He walked forward and looked at Sarah, tied to the wooded horse. "It would look like it's bout my turn." He was looking at the two brothers and I realized he hadn't noticed me setting back against the darkened wall. He stepped up to Sarah and tugged at his zipper and rubbed her ass cheeks. Looks like you've been used in both holes baby. Which door you want old Jake to use.

"She wants you to use the door you came in." I put the pistol to the back of his ear and cocked it. "She wants you to do it right now."

The guy straightened and raised his hands. "No problem friend." He said.

I guided him around so he was facing toward the door and pushed the barrel causing his head the lower and he stepped forward. I took hold of the back of his collar. "She wants you to get amnesia. Do you under stand me?"

He nodded his head rapidly. "Go. And don't look back." He hurried out of the room.

I looked at the two men while I untied Sarah and helped her up. "They pay you yet?" I asked. She shook her head no.

I looked at them. "Pay her." I said. They both hustled to there wallets and took out cash.

Sarah had pulled up her panties and straightened herself. "Go get your money."

She walked over and took the cash. "Is that enough?" I asked

"It's more." She answered

"Then lets go." We walked out staying close together and looking around corners and listening for sounds. I don't think I breathed until we were in the car and the doors were locked.

Sarah started the engine and pulled out. Her hands were shaking and she was having trouble lighting a cigarette. I took it out of her mouth and lit it and handed it back to her.

"I can't believe you did that for me." She said.

"I know." I said. "I hate cigarettes."

"Fuck you." She said.

"Okay." I answered

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