tagMatureSummer School Story Ch. 02

Summer School Story Ch. 02


"Did your fiancé ever find out about this?" I asked.

"No", Janet responded. "But I lived in fear of it for years."

"I guess you could not really do anything for fear of losing your fiancé and facing the embarrassment of canceling the wedding." I offered more as a question than a comment.

"Jim, I was young and afraid. When I was dating my husband we broke up a couple of times because he had trouble with the fact that I was not a virgin when we met. I knew if he found out I had cheated on him it would be over. That was never a question."

"And there was no way to cut it off with your boss?" I asked.

Janet looked sad as she responded, "I tried but he had me trapped. He stuck by his story that it was me who seduced him the first night and although I used drunkenness as an excuse, I believed him."

"So you don't think he took advantage of you?" I asked with some surprise.

"He definitely took advantage of me but some of the details he described make me believe that I had initiated things." She responded.

I looked surprised and she continued. "When I tried to cut it off by accusing him of taking advantage if not raping me, he told me his version of the whole story. Two details emerged that ensured me I was at least partly to blame."

"And what were they?" I asked.

"He told me he intended to leave my room and that I could sleep late because I did not have to go into the office the next day. And according to him I responded 'No work means more play'. That is something I used to say to my fiancé whenever I wanted him to stay over and there is no way Rick would have known that. He also said I was putting my arms around him and trying to dance with him. Another thing I often did with my fiancé. But there was one detail that convinced me that I had been a very willing participant."

I was hanging on her every word. Janet sipped her beer and continued talking. "Rick said that I was trying to dance with him while wearing nothing but my bra and panties and that he was wondering how far I would take it. He said that I began to rub him through his slacks and then unzipped him. He claimed I pushed him on to the bed and began giving him a blow job. I did not believe any of it until he said that I had pulled my hair band off and told him to put my hair in a pig tail."

She paused and was close to getting emotional. When she continued I understood the importance of that detail. "I knew when he told me about the hair band that I had done it. I have never liked hair in my face and this may sound silly given this conversation but I always thought giving a blow job with my hair dangling was sort of slutty. I always either pulled my hair back myself or had my fiancé do it. Rick was not lying about that."

"I realize it may be small consolation but it does not mean that you wanted to have sex with him." I responded.

"Not that it really matters because my fate was probably sealed with the blow job but Rick went on to say that I was very aggressive during the first time. He said that I positioned myself during the blow job with my feet near the head of the bed and that I invited him to put his hands on me. He said that once he put his mouth on me there was nothing he could do to stop me." And again she looked down and chuckled almost in self pity. "To make a long story longer, he said I was in complete control as I got on top of him and rode him straight to orgasm. I really had no reason not to believe him."

"Wow", I responded, "So, you were stuck."

"Yep", she said, "I could either submit to the every whim of Rick or risk losing my fiancé and my reputation. I can't say that I think I made the wrong choice given how things have turned out in my life."

"I guess so but it had to be a living hell up until your wedding." I said.

"He was pretty relentless." Janet responded. "But I ran track in high school and I decided to treat it like a really hard work out. Something I had to do but that would soon be over."

"How often was he making you do things?" I asked.

"Pretty much daily until my wedding." Janet responded. "He made me do things that were really terrible but I had to go along."

"I hate to ask but this is an incredible story. I understand if you don't want to keep going." I responded.

Janet kept talking. She told me that she really did not mind telling me and she thought it was good for her to finally tell someone. She said that she had gotten over the whole thing in most ways but there were times when she felt really guilty toward her husband. Janet said that she enjoyed a good but conservative sex life with her husband and for whatever reason it troubled her that another man had experienced so much more with her.

I could not resist asking what Rick did to her and with the help of the many beers she had consumed Janet kept on talking.

"A lot of things were pretty routine." She said. "Quickies and blow jobs in the office or car were pretty consistent but he made me do a couple of things that were really sick."

"Like what?" I asked.

"One time he came to my apartment after he had been drinking with some buddies. I was on the phone with my fiancé so I made an excuse to get off the phone and I let him in. I was always afraid that if I did not let him inside my apartment quickly that he would make a scene and my neighbors would begin to wonder. When I let him in I told him I had to call my fiancé back or he would worry. Rick told me to go ahead and he would be quiet. So, here I was sitting in my apartment talking to my fiancé on one end of the couch while Rick sat channel surfing on the other end. He kept motioning for me to hang up but I ignored him. All of a sudden he grabs my legs and pulls them onto the couch and across his lap. He started rubbing my calves and thighs and there was nothing I could do about it. I started to resist but I realized I could not struggle much without my fiancé wondering what was going on. We were going over responses to our wedding events and planning out seating. It was going to be a long conversation unless I made up some emergency to get off the phone."

Janet took another huge pull from her beer before continuing to struggle through her story. "It did not take Rick long to move all the way up my legs. I was wearing running shorts and he pulled them aside and began rubbing the outside of my panties. I almost always wore white nylon panties and Rick loved them. When I tried to resist he gestured that he would start talking out loud if I protested. He knew my fiancé would hear his voice. I was stuck. So there I sat with Rick's hands all over me while planning my wedding on the phone with my fiancé. I kept waiting for him to pull my panties to the side but he seemed content to gently run his fingers over my panties. He knew what he was doing and exactly where to rub and I could feel myself giving in to the feeling."

"Is that all he did while you were on the phone?" I asked. I was aroused by this story and could not wait to hear more.

"No, he kept on until he knew I was giving in. Eventually he pulled my panties to the side and pushed my legs further apart. I was soaking wet and having difficulty concentrating on my phone conversation as my body betrayed me. I just put my head back, closed my eyes, and tried to get through it all. Rick put a finger inside of me and began to gently rub my clitoris. Every time I was close to orgasm he would stop and allow me to partially recover. Finally, I could not stop it and I came even while I listened to my fiancé on the other end of the line. I just held my breath so I would not make any noise."

I could not believe my ears and was shocked that my relationship with Janet had taken such an unexpected turn. Hours ago we were classmates working together on a project and now she was telling me her deepest secrets. "Is that how that night ended?" I asked.

Janet chuckled again and responded. "Not quite. Rick wasted no time in pulling his trousers down and I was sure that he was going to try and fuck me while I was still on the phone. I was not going to allow that so I told my fiancé I needed a break and would call him back in a few minutes and hung up. I am ashamed to say that once I have had an orgasm I tend to have several. So as much to continue my pleasure as to get rid of Rick I climbed on top of him with my shorts and panties still pulled to the side and finished the job. He did not last long and mercifully left my apartment immediately afterward."

I was mesmerized and could not wait to hear more.

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