tagMatureSummer Sex In Cool Pool

Summer Sex In Cool Pool

bySweet Muffins©

I was lying face down on a raft in the pool when Mason came home from the office. He put his briefcase down on the kitchen counter and hung his suit jacket on one of the barstools before coming outside. I didn't even know he was there until he launched into his usual diatribe about the dangers of lying out in the sun. Startled, I quickly sat up, revealing my bare chest. Mason's skin cancer tirade came to an abrupt end when he saw my young, firm, naked breasts. My nipples were hard as nails from the chilly water, which was mixing with my tanning oil to form little beads all over my skin. I could tell from the expression on his face that Mason's dick was getting hard as he took in the sight of his beautiful 22-year-old girlfriend's semi-nude body. I couldn't resist the opportunity to tease him about the bulge in his pants. "You dirty old man," I said to him coyly, "I thought that by the time men turned 50, they knew how to master their domain. Can't you control yourself in the least bit?"

Mason barely cracked a smile before he retorted, "Well, how am I supposed to control myself? You are so unbelievably beautiful, and for crying out loud, you are fucking naked! What in the hell am I supposed to be thinking about when my sweet girl is displaying her breasts like they are some art exhibit at the Met? Jesus…" He trailed off and began muttering something unintelligible under his breath.

"I am NOT naked," I said as I slid off of the raft into the pool. "I have my bikini bottoms on, see?" I pointed in the direction of my lower mid-section but Mason was struggling with the knot in his tie and was no longer looking at me. Finally he unknotted it and tossed it onto a nearby chaise lounge. I began to swim towards the edge of the pool but before I had even gone two feet, Mason jumped into the water, still fully clothed in what he wore to the office. He quickly reached me and began kissing me hard on my mouth. I tried to protest but Mason pried open my lips with his tongue, effectively silencing my cries. His hands cupped my breasts as his fingers circled my nipples. He began to suck on my tongue, gently, as if it were one of my nipples. His hands dropped down to my upper legs. He deftly wrapped my thighs around his hips before grasping my ass with his hands. Moments later, he was carrying me towards the shallow end of the pool.

Mason set me down on the first stair of the steps leading into the pool. He tried to back away for a better look at me but I quickly hooked my finger inside the waistband of his pants, preventing him from getting very far from me. I pulled him towards me and undid his zipper. As I pulled his wet pants down, the head of Mason's huge purple cock escaped from his boxers. I leaned into him and began to lightly flick the tip of the head with my tongue. However, I couldn't stand to tease him too much so after a few more licks, I took the entire length of his cock into my mouth. Mason began to moan as I sucked on his cock and played with his balls. Then I felt Mason's hands grab the back of my head. He pushed my mouth towards him at the same moment that he thrust his cock into me. I almost choked on his long, thick dick as it hit the back of my throat. I continued to let Mason face-fuck me but I was more and more concerned with the tingling sensation that was overtaking my pussy. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, and although I knew it was selfish to not finish Mason off right then, I pulled away from his cock and then stared up at him with my best "eat my pussy right now" look.

"Get out of the water and onto the deck now!" Mason demanded as he pulled the rest of his boxers off and discarded them to the side. I quickly did as I was told and moved to edge of the pool. Mason kneeled on the step in front of me and pushed my thighs apart, spreading my legs wide open. My pussy was already throbbing and I knew that it was probably soaking wet with my juices.

Mason snaked a finger under the side of bikini and lightly stroked the outer lips of my pussy. My moans grew louder and louder as he continued to tease me. Finally he pulled my suit off altogether and two of his fingers into my slit. I gasped as Mason pumped his fingers in and out of my cunt. He lowered his mouth to mine and kissed my lips before moving onto my breasts. He took my nipple in his mouth, hungrily licking it, sucking it, and nibbling on it like it was my clit. After both of my tits had been serviced and my nipples were once again rock hard, Mason continued to move down my body with his mouth. When he reached my pussy, he grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him as he buried his face between my open legs. He began to devour my clit in the same way he had with my nipples, licking and sucking my little nub of ecstasy, while his fingers kept fucking my slit. I was so turned on that I couldn't stop myself. I raised my hips in air and shoved my cunt into Mason's face.

He began to finger-fuck me with three fingers as he lapped up the juice that was streaming out of my wet pussy. Although I knew how much Mason loved eating my pussy, I could tell that he was aching to fuck me with his hard cock. After a few more moments, he gave into his desire and ordered me to turn over and get on all fours. I felt his cock on my ass as he gave my pussy a few final strokes with his finger before he plunged his purple dick deep inside me. Mason immediately pulled back, almost taking his cock all of the way out of my pussy. I pushed myself into him, savoring the feeling of his thickness as it stretched my pussy apart. Mason pumped his cock in and out of me, faster and faster, and harder and harder.

"Touch yourself baby. Come on, play with that clit of yours," Mason whispered fiercely into my ear as he took my fingers and began rubbing them on my clit. I worked my fingers up and down my clit as hard as I could while Mason continued to fuck me from behind. I could feel my orgasm quickly building up inside of me, threatening to peak at any moment. Mason sensed how close I was to cumming so he pulled his cock out of my pussy and flipped me over onto my back, telling me to finger-fuck myself as he did so. I plunged three of my fingers into my slit with one hand while my other hand continued to devour my engorged clit. Mason stepped back to admire his sweet baby's pussy as I worked myself to the brink of cumming. He watched me while his hand furiously jerked off his hard purple cock. Just as I began to cum, Mason's cock exploded onto me. His thick white cum showered all over my tits and abdomen while I writhed in ecstasy below him. Moments later, we collapsed together onto the pool deck. Both of us were exhausted but at least we had fulfilled our sexual desires.

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