tagMatureSummer Ship to Sea to Shore Sex

Summer Ship to Sea to Shore Sex


All characters in the story are all over the age of 18-years-old.

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Summer Ship to Sea to Shore Sex

Pirates are everywhere, especially once out in international waters, about 12 nautical miles from shore, where it's safer for them to pillage unsuspecting pleasure boats.

Robert, a retired, insurance executive, owned a beautiful boat, a 42' cabin cruiser. He used to cruise the ocean with his wife, Mary, their family, and their friends by his side. Now that his wife died, his children married and moved away, and with many of his friends' dead too, he was alone with his boat.

He thought about selling the pleasure craft but there were too many memories to sell his beloved boat. The only place he connected with his deceased wife was when sitting on the deck of the docked vessel, having a drink, and smoking a cigar. Talking to her as if she was still there, lost and lonely without her, he sometimes believed that she was still there with him aboard his boat. With the responsibility and expense of boat ownership weighing heavily in the way of an anchor around his neck or an albatross flying overhead, he'd be stuck with his small yacht until the day he died.

Too tired and too old to take out such a big boat alone, he no longer had the need to own such a fine boat, that is until he met Kimberly. He didn't think he'd ever take the boat out again, until he had the idea of sharing his boating adventures with his three, new, best friends, John, Joe, and Jim. He never thought he'd ever have as much fun aboard this boat, christened, Mother Mary, in honor of his wife, until he was boarded by a band of desperate pirates.

Who knew there were pirates off the coast of San Diego? Who knew pirates could be such sexy fun? Who knew having his boat taken over by swashbucklers was what he needed to enjoy living life large again. The best sailing adventure he ever had was having his boat commandeered by a band of buccaneers. Who knew that what he needed to complete his bucket list, boating adventure was to make Kim the center of their loving attention and sexual affection.

"Ahoy! Avast maties! Arrr! Shiver me timbers me hearties. Be ready to be boarded," said the pirates. "Get ready to rumble. We're coming aboard to commandeer your ship and take whatever is ours."

# # # # #

"Daddy. Oh, my God, Daddy. Lick me, Daddy. Lick me faster. Finger me deeper while fondling my tits and fingering my nipples." said Kim to Robert, her new, much older boyfriend. "Squeeze my tits, Daddy. Squeeze them harder while pulling my nipples. Pull my nipples harder, Daddy. Pinch them, Daddy, pinch them. Squeeze my tits harder while pulling and pinching my nipples. Slap my ass, Daddy. Slap my ass. Harder. Harder, Daddy, harder. Really wallop me. Lick me Daddy, lick me. I need to cum," said Kim. "Make me cum, Daddy. Make me cum."

Robert momentarily stopped licking her to compliment her.

"You're so beautiful. You're so sexy. I love your big tits. I love eating your pussy," he said.

Acting as if he was her obedient grandfather, Robert continued licking his oh, so young and oh, so beautiful girlfriend's black, trimmed pussy faster. He fingered her clit harder with one hand while reaching up with his other hand to squeeze her big tits and pull her erect nipples. Licking her faster, he was determined to make his young girlfriend cum. So much more pleasurable and sexually exciting, having sex with Kim was nothing like having sex with Mary. Grateful that she had agreed to have sex with him, he wanted to sexually satisfy her so that she'd have sex with him again.

"Oh, my God, Daddy. Oh, my God. Don't stop. That's it. Right there. Lick me faster. Finger me deeper. Press on my clit harder. I'm cumming, Daddy. I'm cumming," said Kim. "Ohhh, Daddy. Ohhh, Daddy. Ohhh, Daddy."

Exhausted from eating a woman nearly fifty-years his junior, he needed a break. His arthritic shoulder was hurting him, he had lower back pain, and his leg was starting to cramp. Sex with Kim was a real workout and Robert needed to rest. It had been years, decades since he had nonstop sex like this. Never had he met a woman who was as sexually insatiable. Never had he met a woman like Kimberly, his new, young friend with sexual benefits, who wanted to have as much sex as he would have loved to have had sex forty-years-ago.

'All she wants to do is to stroke me, suck me, and fuck me,' he thought while shocked by her horniness. 'She has the sexual appetite of a young, testosterone filled man. All she wants me to do is to kiss her, feel her, fondle her, finger her, lick her, and fuck her. If this what it's like to have a young girlfriend, then, I'm too old to have a young girlfriend,' he thought. 'Only, if this is what it's like to have a young girlfriend, then out with a hump, a bang, and an orgasm, what a way to go?'

Beyond his wildest imaginings, better than any of his sexual fantasies when masturbating himself over some of his deceased wife's, elderly friends, instead of lusting over elderly women his age, Kim was so young. She was so pretty. She was so sexy. She was so unashamed and unembarrassed. She did dirty, naughty, and nasty things with her mouth, her hands, and her fingers that his wife had never done and would never do. He never knew how happy and sexually revitalized he could be until he met Kim.

Forget about polite, pillow talk, never had he met a woman who enjoyed talking so dirty. Never had he met such an unembarrassed, unashamed, and sexually free woman. Immodestly immoral, he enjoyed her acting like such a whore. Never had he been with a woman who enjoyed sex. If this was what her generation was like, then he wished he had been born in the early 1990's instead of being born in the mid 1940's.

In the way that Kim was hot to suck his cock, something that whores would do and not something expected of a loving wife and the mother of his children, Mary would never suck his prick. In the way that Kim encouraged him to cum in her mouth, Mary would never even take him in her mouth never mind allow him to cum in her mouth. Just once, he wished his beloved Mary had given him a blowjob. Just once, he would have loved to cum in her mouth while feeling her small tits and fingering her nipples.

# # # # #

"Are you okay, Daddy?" Kim continued leaning over him while stroking his cock to a harder erection. "You have a nice, big, hard cock, Daddy. I love your big prick," she said kissing and licking his prick before taking his cock in her mouth.

He looked in her blue eyes before staring down at her hand to watch her lovingly stoke him. Even in his wildest, sexual fantasies, never had he ever dreamt of having sex with a woman so young. Never had he imagined having sex with a woman as pretty, as shapely, and as sexy as Kim. He thanked God every day for her coming in his sadly boring and depressed life.

"I'm just resting," he said running his wrinkled fingers through her lush, blue-black hair while she continued sucking him. "I thought I was impotent until you came along. I thought I'd needed Viagra to have an erection but you bring out the animal in me," he said giving her a long, deep, wet kiss. "I never thought I'd be having sex with a woman young enough to be my granddaughter."

Obviously not satisfied with just masturbating her lover, making herself more comfortable, Kim moved halfway down the length of the bed. She continued lowering her body until her mouth was parallel to Robert's crotch. Sexually teasing him, she stared up at him with her big, beautiful, blue eyes while kissing his cock and licking his prick. Then, stroking him again with her right hand, she cupped his testicles with her left hand while continuing to stare up at him.

Never removing her eyes from his eyes, she kissed and licked his cock him before taking his erect prick in her mouth again. Teasing him with her stare, she gave him a visual memory of her blowing him by showing him how his hard and hairy prick looked in her mouth. As much as he enjoyed looking at her with his prick stretching her mouth, she obviously enjoyed seeing his reaction to her giving him a blowjob.

With her looking more like jail bait than looking her 25-year-old age, Kim was blowing a man who was easily old enough to be her grandfather. A woman he had recently met and barely knew, she was sucking his prick in the way that he would have loved to have his wife of nearly 50-years suck his prick. In the way that he couldn't wait to cum in Kim's mouth, just once, he would have loved to cum in his wife's mouth.

"I love sucking you, Daddy," she said removing his cock from her mouth long enough to speak. "Only, don't cum. Not yet. After I make you hard with my mouth, I want you to stick your prick in me. I want you to make love to me before you fuck me, Daddy," she said.

He looked at her as if he was dreaming. He looked at her as if she wasn't real. He looked at her as if he was hallucinating from all the medication he took.

"You have made an old man so very happy, Kim," he said kissing her as if to make sure she was actually there with him.

She looked at him as if he was young and handsome. She looked at him as if he was someone famous. She willingly and consensually gave him all the sex he could possibly want as if he was a rich multi-millionaire or billionaire.

"I want you to really pound my pussy, Daddy. I want you to cum in my pussy. It's okay, Daddy, I'm on the pill. I want you to make me cum again while fucking me, Daddy," she said mounting him. "Then, after you give me an orgasm with your cock, I'll stroke and suck you again until you cum in my mouth and I swallow your cum."

Expecting to have a heart attack but willing to die while fucking this incredible beauty, the last thing that he wanted to do was to disappoint Kim but not giving her another orgasm. The last thing that he wanted to do was to make her unhappy. Hoping she'd return to give him sex again, not knowing how long this May/December relationship would last, every day, he counted his blessings. Every day he thanked God for her.

'Thank you, Jesus,' thought Robert. 'If you help me to get her to cum again, I promise to go to church every Sunday.'

# # # # #

As if he was a beanbag chair, Kim sat on her new boyfriend and reached down to insert his hard, hairy erection inside her warm, wet pussy. A warm sensation he hadn't felt in years, compared to his wife who gave him three, beautiful children, Kimberly was so tight. She was so wet, wetter than he remembered his wife ever being. His fantasy dream woman come true, she was so sexy and so sexual.

Obviously, this young woman wanted to have sex with him in the way that his wife didn't. Obviously, this young woman enjoyed having sex, even if her sexual partner was a much older man. In the way that Mary should have been as sexual with him, he wished he had married someone as salaciously sexual as Kim. With Kim looking at their sexual time together as something pleasurable, his wife looked at them having sex as a chore and her wifely duty. Without all the begging, bartering, promising, pleading, and arguing, he never knew that having sex could be such fun.

"Oh, my God, Kim. You're so tight, so much tighter than my late wife, Mary," said Robert while suddenly feeling guilty as if he was cheating on his deceased wife. "So soft and yet so firm, you have an unbelievable body. You feel so good," he said reaching his horny hands up to feel her big tits again while fingering her erect nipples. "This is unbelievable. You're making an old man very happy," he said giving her a big smile.

As if he was her interactive dildo, she bounced and wiggled her wet pussy on her new boyfriend's cock. Bouncing up and down and all around, she moved her hips from side-to-side while making love to Robert. A sexy sight he had never seen, with his wife having small, A cup breasts, Kim's big C cup breasts bounced and swayed from side-to-side as she fucked Robert. As if taking control of the helm to steer his boat, he reached up to harness her big breasts in his horny hands.

With her doing nearly most of the sexual work, humping him harder and humping him faster, forget about making love, she was fucking him. Never had he been fucked as hard and as fast by his wife before in the way that Kim was fucking him now. Never had he sexually been with a woman who wanted sex from him as much as he wanted sex from her. Never had he felt such sexual pleasure as he did when having sex with her. In the way that he always wanted to fuck his wife, he couldn't wait to fuck Kim.

'Please forgive me, Mary. Close your eyes. Don't look,' he thought while looking up to Heaven and imagining talking to his deceased wife. 'God, even though the sex is incredible and even though Kim is such a Godsend, please make her cum soon before she kills me.'

Kim fucked him in the way that Mary never fucked him. She fucked him in the way that he always wanted to fuck Mary. Only, afraid to hurt his beloved wife by breaking her hip, he gently and slowly made love to her than he dared to fuck her. With Kim doing most of the sexual work, all he needed to do was to return her fast and hard humps with his fast and hard humps. With her willing to do every and any sexual thing that he wanted, he only wished he was younger and healthier.

"Hump me, Daddy. Hump me. Hump me harder. Hump me faster. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck me faster. Fuck me harder," she said bouncing harder and faster on Robert's prick. "Make me cum, Daddy. Make me cum. I want to cum again. Stick your big, hard dick deep inside me," she said leaning to him to whisper what she wanted in his ear. "Shove your cock deep in my warm, wet cunt. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me. I need to cum."

# # # # #

In all the years that he was married to Mary, never had he heard her say cock or prick. She said penis or thing instead. In all the years that he was married to Mary, never had he heard her say pussy or cunt. She said vagina or lady parts instead. In all the years that he was married to Mary, never had she given him sexy, pillow talk in the way that Kim enjoyed giving him explicit, dirty, sexy, pillow talk.

Not wanting to disappoint his sexual, fantasy woman, he humped her harder and he fucked her faster until he could no longer hump and fuck her. Feeling his age now, he suddenly felt as old as he felt tired, out of breath, and defeated. Pounding him harder and faster, as if she was a piledriving machine on a construction site, Kim fucked him to a sexual pulp. He wished he had met her forty-years ago. She could have been the other woman, the woman he would have left Mary over while having torrid, once-in-a-lifetime sex.

"I'm sorry, Kim but that's all the energy I have. You've exhausted me. You wore me out," he said. "I need to rest. I need to catch my breath and recoup my energy," he said. "That was incredible. That was unbelievable. That was the best sex I ever had in my life."

Extricating her wet pussy from his still erect prick, she rolled off him and moved down to meet his cock again with her mouth. She stared up at him with her big, beautiful, blue eyes while kissing his prick and licking her vaginal secretions from his prick. Then, stroking him faster and stroking him harder than she stroked him before, she sucked his prick as if he was the college football quarterback and she was the head cheerleader. She sucked his prick as if he was the homecoming queen and he was the homecoming king. She gave him sex as if they were on Spring break.

She stroked his prick and sucked his prick as if she was a stripper in a VIP suite and he had a fistful of hundred-dollar bills. Something he had never experienced before, as if she was Linda Lovelace reincarnated and he was a porn star in Deep Throat, she deep throated him. He couldn't believe that she took the entire length of him deep in her mouth. The first time watching the full length of his erect prick completely disappear in a woman's mouth and down her throat, abracadabra, as if she was a magician, she was an amazing cocksucker.

'Oh, my God,' he thought. 'I don't believe this woman. This is unbelievable. I go from never receiving a blowjob from my wife to receiving the best blowjob in my life from someone I barely know. I never knew what I was missing. I can't believe this young, sexy, and pretty girl is giving me the best sex I've ever had in my life.'

She sucked him even deeper while stroking him faster.

"Cum, Daddy, cum," she said removing his cock from her mouth and her throat to speak. "Cum in my mouth. Fill my mouth with your cum. I want to taste you. I want to swallow you," she said. "Cum, Daddy, cum. Cum in my mouth," she said taking his stiff prick in her mouth again.

Kim gave Robert all the encouragement that he needed to ejaculate a load of cum in her young, pretty mouth. Obediently obeying her as if he was her sexual slave, he shot a load of cum in her more than willing mouth. Even while he was cumming, she was still sucking. She still sucked his cock as if she couldn't get enough of his prick and of his cum.

Finally, she allowed him to pull free of her mouth. He stared at her as if he was dreaming. He stared at her as if he was sexually fantasizing receiving a blowjob from someone so young and so pretty. Only, just as she wasn't done giving him sex, evidentially he wasn't done giving her sex either. He surprised himself as much as he surprised her.

When she removed his prick from her mouth, with her having sucked him so deep and so hard, as if building pressure from an underground oil well, he was still very sexually excited. Unable to control himself, he ejaculated a second load of cum all over her pretty face, in her hair, and across her naked breasts. He couldn't have planned it any better. Taking him by surprise as much as it took her by surprise, it just happened.

He couldn't believe he had given her a cum bath, the first cum bath that he had given anyone, Mary would have been so angry with him if he ever dared give her a cum bath. Only, with her not even allowing him to masturbate himself on her, she never sucked his cock for him to cum in her mouth never mind giving her a cum bath. Something he always wanted to do when she was sleeping, she would have deemed him a disgusting degenerate if he ever ejaculated his cum on her face or even on her naked breasts.

"Oh, Daddy," said Kim while laughing with glee. "You gave me quite the cum bath," she said wiping the cum from her face with her fingers and taking gobs of his cum in her mouth to swallow. "That was fun. You make me feel so wanted. You've made me so happy. I can't wait to do that again."

'Holy smokes,' he said to himself. 'That was fun? She can't wait to do it again? I hope she's not expecting me to cum again now. Lord Almighty, this woman is unbelievable. I only wish I had met her ten-years ago, twenty-years ago, or thirty-years-ago. She's too much woman for me,' he thought. 'I just hope Mary isn't seeing this. I hope she's not looking down at me from Heaven. I hope she's not angry with me. Please forgive me, Mary. I'm sorry but I can't help myself.'

As if he was dreaming and sexually fantasizing this, he looked at his beautiful, sexy, young girlfriend decorated with his cum.

"That was unbelievable Kim," said Robert to his new girlfriend. "My first blowjob in more than fifty-years, before I was with Mary, that was the best sex I've ever had in my life."

She gave him a big smile while wiping her face and her naked breasts before carefully blotting his cum from her hair with a hand towel.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, Daddy," she said.

She moved to her knees on the bed too look out at the starboard side window. As if she was one of Homer's alluring, sexy sirens trapped below deck, she suddenly looked so sad.

"What is it Kim? What's wrong?"

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