tagLesbian SexSummer Solstice Ch. 02

Summer Solstice Ch. 02


Author's Note: I recommend you read part 1 to know the complete story of how Riley and Katey met. Thank You for all the comments and votes on the first part and to those who requested more, enjoy.


Riley's been gone for 2 months and I'm back to my routine, work and school.

I have a construction company that I started with my friend Tony when I was 18, he was 27. I met him through my mom's side of the family. He knew the industry, I had the money and the financial background.

My parents decided that my siblings and I had to be responsible, so they gave us each 250,000 to invest when we turned 18. I know you think "wow, your parents are great." No! You're 18 all you want to do is spend the money, not try to make money. I was so tempted to buy an awesome car and a lot of clothes, but I didn't.

I started by buying a fixer-upper, then I hired my construction company to flip it. I used part of the money for the down a payment and my parents helped me get a loan. Then while doing that project a neighbor from the area where the property was located came over and asked us to work on one of their properties and through word of mouth and minimal advertising we have been in business for 7 years now. It has been hard with the Real Estate market taking a turn but with the right connections and meeting new people we have done well for ourselves.

Riley by the way is probably the love of my life, I know probably, yes probably. I'm Katerina, Katey for short. Here goes the condensed version of our story: I went to live at my sister's beach house for the summer to get away from everything, only to meet my incredibly hot ass neighbor. She has short, blonde hair with golden highlights, tall, lean with muscle, a large chest and a nice ass. No I'm not gay, that was the problem. From the moment I saw her I thought she was hot and I felt an attraction to her, I had never seen a woman the way I saw her. We spent the first half of our summer basically flirting with each other. Usually having dinner together every night since we were both living in huge houses by ourselves and we enjoyed each other's company. She had a party one day, and that's when I learned she was gay.

Then she goes away for a week and I realize I miss her more than you would miss a friend. When she comes back, I jump her bones and tell her I want her. I really don't know what got into me. We decided to keep it simple considering we were going our separate ways in 3 weeks. That only worked for 2 weeks before I jumped her bones again. We had kept sex out of our "relationship" until that night when she made love to me. She warned me but she definitely spoiled me for men. I had had sex before but she was the first to make love to me. She gave my body attention the way no one ever had before. I know no man will ever do that for me. And no woman because she is the only woman I will ever want.

When summer came to an end we agreed that we were free to live our lives and move on. Since I'm part Persian it would have meant being disowned if I told my family I was in love with a woman, and I just couldn't do it. I never had the guts to tell her I loved her and when she told me, she told me so I would know, not expecting me to say it back. I am 25, in my parent's eyes I should have been married with kids by now. My aspirations to study are also too much for them. My mom tries to make my father understand considering they defeated the odds. My mother is Puerto Rican and my dad's family was not happy when he married her.

So for now Riley and I are back to being just friends. We don't talk about our love for each other. I miss her so much, but I have no right to hurt her that way. She once told me that if I asked her to stay she would, but I couldn't ask her to give up going to Columbia for her MBA if I was going to ask her to hide with me.

She's coming home for Christmas and I plan on enjoying her company but that's not for another 2 months. Until then I have to keep my emotions on check. If she wants to see other people she is free to do so. As attractive as she is, I don't doubt that some lucky girl will scoop her up soon.

No matter how busy I am, my family insists on setting me up with "Nice Persian Men", yes men, all of them in their 30's and ready to "settle down". Problem is I'm not ready to settle down! I want to finish school, then focus on my business. Before I didn't care too much about going on the dates. I would always manage to ditch them after a few, before it got serious. Now I don't want to because I know Riley is the only person I want to spend my time with and she's always on my mind.

Today is my first date since she and I.... broke up, I guess you can say. My dad set it up, and it's another "nice Persian man". I still have a few weeks before Riley comes to see me, she's all I ever think about.

She has no family left here and I'm the only reason she's coming. I feel so special, but she has that effect on me. I smile when I think of her but then it also makes me sad.

This guy is no different from the rest. Wants me to settle down, quit school and have kids. Shoot me now, this is the reason I don't want to date anymore. I definitely have to learn to say no. My parents no longer support me financially, so I don't know why I just can't say no.

When I got home I called Riley, I hadn't told her I was going on this date but I missed her so much and needed to hear her voice.

"Hello?" Oh no she sounds groggy, I forgot the time difference thing.

"Hey baby, I'm sorry to wake you." Crap and I haven't called her that in months.

"Hey honey is everything ok?" I miss her so much, tears start coming to my eyes with just her voice.

"Yea, I just really miss you Ri. I'm sorry I know I shouldn't be doing this, I just had such a bad date that I see how wrong it is for me to have let you go, when all you ever did was care for me." Shit I said date I didn't mean to just blurt it out.

"Oh...um...it's ok...I didn't realize you were seeing someone." Her voice sounded sad, heartbroken.

"I'm not, it's these stupid dates my parents set up for me to go on."

"Baby, you know I'm here for whatever you need. Maybe someday you'll find some guy who can give you the world, someone your parents will love." How can she say that? How is she so strong?

"No Ri I want you." It was almost a whisper.

"Baby I want you too, but you're not ready. I don't think you will ever be ready, as hard as it is for me to know that. You need your family's approval and they will never give it to you."

How could she say this. I hate the truth. I hate that she no longer sugar coats it for me, but how can I expect her to pretend that it will be ok when I let her go. I told her we could never be together. I made it clear that I wasn't gay and that what we had was just a fling, and we could never be more than that. In the time we spent together before making love and after I kissed her I made it clear that we would probably never get past kissing then I go and throw myself at her. It's always me. She always gave me the space I needed to evaluate my feelings for her, she never once forced me. All she ever did was be the most amazing person in the world. Why am I doing this? Why am I being so selfish?


"I'm here, you're right. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have called have a good night."


I hung up and turned off my phone, she deserves better. She deserves someone who doesn't care what everyone thinks, someone who will not hold back. Someone whose not afraid. I don't deserve her.

I stayed awake all night patronizing myself and crying for being such a jerk to her. All she had ever done was be good to me. Yet here I was, calling her, bringing up old feelings, how dare I? I wonder what scares me more being with her or not being with her. Having to deal my parents controlling my life for the rest of my days or not having a family at all. Riley would be my family, but it's like she once said "Why don't you see me as being enough for you". That will always stay with me, after everything she still takes my calls even though I know I broke her heart.

I eventually knocked out or passed out it was sometime around 4 in the morning.

My alarm went of at 8, for my morning meeting with one of my company's clients. I hated working on weekends but when you own your company that's not a choice. You have to make yourself available 24/7.

When I turned on my phone I was surprised to see that I had a voicemail, I was sure it was Riley. How could she want to be with me when all I ever do is give her reasons to run away. All I ever do is hurt her. She tells me she loves me and I call her when a date goes bad. I think..... no I know I have issues.

"I'm sorry if I said anything to hurt you. I told you once and I'll tell you again princess, 'you will always have my heart and soul and I can only hope that one day I will get it back from you'. But that's just it, hope my love. I refrain from speaking of my feelings to avoid you feeling bad. But I know now that you're trying to move forward with your life and I guess I should too. I'm here when you're ready to talk, good night my love."

The tears started again. I know she hurts and I also know that her pain will only stop when she finds someone better or I go home to her. She is my home. She is my life. Riley is my true love, but she and I both know that I'm not ready.

The rest of my day went as expected, boring. I didn't call Ri I wanted her to forget about me, it was better that way right? It didn't last long, I gave in the next morning when I knew she would be on her way to church. She's so cute, she goes to church without being forced. I love that she's so spiritual and is proud of who she is.

"Good morning beautiful." I'm a bitch to her and she's still so good to me.

"Good morning Ri, you sound happy."

"I love hearing your voice. I missed you yesterday." We talk almost everyday.

"I tried to be strong and never call you again since I'm hopelessly in love with you but as you can tell I failed miserably."

"It's okay princess it'll get easier with time. We already have distance between us so in just a few months all you will remember of me is that I was a phase in your life and you will move forward."

"Yea that will happen especially when we talk everyday. I will never forget you and you know you were never a phase."

"You know I realized that I have to move on."

"I know. That doesn't mean that I will stop loving you or that I will forget you. I do hope that you find someone who can be good to you and someone who deserves you." Bullshit I want to be the one she spends the rest of her life with. But I can't seem to get it together.

"Yeah maybe someday. Hey I'm at church I have to go."

"Okay, have a nice day."

"Thanks you too."

I don't know what's wrong with me. She deserves better and yet I keep forcing my emotions on her as if she isn't nice enough to deal with my crap as it is. You would swear she's older than me, she's actually 4 years younger. Honestly I love that about her she's only 21 and she's so mature. She turns 22 in a month and I have already ordered her present.

Eventually by Monday I had gotten over my emotional rut and our friendship was back on track. She was Riley to me and I was Katey to her. I hated when men called me sweetie or honey or princess it always felt condescending. But with her it felt beautiful, special, it felt right. I had missed it since she had left for New York, she hadn't spoken to me that way. She was always in such great control of herself and her emotions.

The rest of the weeks until Christmas were a blur we didn't talk as much as she had a lot more school and work since she was taking off two weeks to come be with me. I was working overtime to finish my dissertation. I felt the distance growing but I hoped we could get past it since she would be visiting. I had no clue what this time together would be like. Honestly if it entailed me making love to her everyday I would be in heaven, but if all she wanted was to be my friend then that was enough for me. We spoke 2 days before she was scheduled to leave.


"Hey Katey, um do you still want me to come." Straight and to the point.

"Of course you know I miss you. I want to see you. I thought you had bought the ticket already."

"I just want to make sure you still want me to come."

"If you don't come, I will go find you."

"Okay, okay no need for that. My flight arrives at 6 in the morning, we will fly into Van Nuys."

"Van Nuys?"

"Yea, my boss told me he was going to LA and offered for me to ride with him, so I'm flying private."

"Wow, aren't you lucky. Well let me know where to wait."

"I will, sorry it's so early."

"Don't be, anything for you."


It took forever for Sunday to come, I looked at my calendar and watched a million times and yet it was still the same day. Saturday was eternal. I cleaned my house a million times and she wasn't even going to stay here. She decided to stay at the W in Westwood. I offered my place but she said it was probably better she stay in a hotel just in case my family visited.

I had picked up her favorite drink for her on my way to the airport, a coffee frappucino with extra whipped cream from Starbucks. Every time we talk I swear that's what she's drinking no matter how cold it is.

She looked stunning coming off of the plane. She was wearing fitted black slacks, a white dress shirt, that must have been tailored to perfectly hug her sexy body, and a black wool Burberry Trench coat, such a New Yorker in her coat. Lastly were the heels she was tall but in those she was even more stunning. Wearing plain black Louboutin pumps, but on her, they were not plain at all. She had been offered a position with a large corporation and the perks started with her making triple her salary from when she was a Bank Manager, and she was definitely putting that money to good use. I'm glad I decided to wear heels to pick her up.

"Hey beautiful." She made my heart skip a beat and with that came a delicate kiss on my lips.

"Baby I've missed you." I wrapped my arms around her neck which was not easy considering how tall she is.

"Can I be your girlfriend for the next two weeks Katerina Pahlavi." She can be so sensual without even trying.

"Claro que si mi amor." (Of course my love.) I never spoke spanish. Not that I wasn't fluent in it but I just didn't find too many situations to use it but with her I found it beautiful and sexy. I'm glad she spoke it too.

"I love it when you speak spanish it turns me on so much you know."

"I know, do you want to go to the hotel or my place."

"Your place, I don't want to deal with any hotel crap so early with check-in problems you know how they are. I just want to enjoy your company."

The drive home was nice, really quiet but I finally felt at peace, a sense of harmony I hadn't felt in 4 months. She was happy with her coffee she hadn't slept since we last spoke with how busy her days had been and leaving last night before ever getting to bed. I know that my heart will break when she leaves me in two weeks, but for now I will enjoy every minute we get together. No one will take these memories from me because this may be all that I have in the end. The memories of what I could have had.

"This is my humble abode."

"Humble, baby you live in a 3 bedroom home alone, your living room is as big as my whole loft." She was looking around laughing. "How is it that you moved in a month ago and it looks perfect?"

"I have a friend whose an interior designer and all I had at my old place was clothes and books. Oh and by the way I plan on making use of every single one of those rooms with you." I walked away letting her see my ass that she loves. I was wearing a white pencil skirt just for her. "Baby are you hungry?"

I went to the kitchen headed for the fridge and looked for something to make her, she loved my cooking. I heard her walking towards me as I have hard wood floors and could hear her heels clicking on the floor. She even sounds sexy when she walks.

"Baby, did you..uuuh"

She came up behind me, wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me in, while closing the fridge door, nudging me towards it.

"I've been starving for the past four months, can you guess what I'm hungry for?" She kept her arms around me and started to pull my shirt out of my skirt.

"Mmm, Riley make me yours again my love." She started to undo the zipper of my skirt and nibble on my ear, she knew that was my weakness. Then she whispered again.

"That didn't answer my question Katey. What...am...I....hungry....for?"

She now let my skirt fall down to the floor, pressing her thigh between my legs and nudged upwards into my now very wet pussy. As she went up my body with her hands and cradled my breast, it sent chills down my spine.

"Me baby." She pinched my nipples trough my lacy bra, I wanted her to just take me right there on my kitchen floor.

"Uh huh but that's only half right. Guess again." She had worked one of her hands down my stomach and was going inside the waistline of my white lacy thong. I knew what she wanted and I was no one to hold out.

"My pussy baby, eat me out please you have to stop teasing me."

"Ding, ding ding." She squeezed my pussy and made me jerk my ass right into her as the slight stimulation to my clit drove me wild.

"Uh, fuck Riley you're such a tease." She pulled away both of her hands and turned me around. Then she proceeded to lick her fingers clean of my juices never taking her eyes off of mine.

"I'm not teasing, I just want you to know what I want. I'm just trying to be clear and thorough."

She then pulled my shirt upwards and I was more than happy to help her by putting my hands over my head. She took it up all the way to my elbows and wrapped it around my arms as she used her other hand to cup my pussy and then drew a line of kisses from my ear, down my jaw, down my neck and to my right breast. She licked her way along the edge of my bra from one side to the other. She was definitely going to make me wait. It had been four months for both of us and all I wanted was to get her in my bed, in my arms, hold her tight and let her know how much I loved her.

This woman is everything I could have ever asked for. I never asked for anyone to be in my life. I knew I would probably never find someone who was this special, someone who loved me for me. Someone who loved and appreciated my body. She treated me like a queen. Respected me more than anyone I had ever met. I had always figured I would end up with someone who my parents picked, yet here I was with the perfect woman and I didn't know how to appreciate her. I didn't know how to be there for her the way she was there for me. In the middle of all my torment, I stopped and just enjoyed being with her in that moment.

I gave up on pushing her to go faster I gave myself over to her. I relished in the attention and gave my woman what she wanted, me. She pulled the shirt completely off, watching me fall all over her.

"I love you Riley, I am yours."

"I know and I promise I will take care of you as long as you let me. I love you princess. Take me to your bed so I can continue what I have started."

She picked up my skirt and shirt and walked behind me. I was left in a matching set of white lace thong and a white lace bra and red stiletto heels. I knew she loved and enjoyed watching me walk away and getting a good view of my ass. I sat on the bed and watched her fold my skirt and shirt and place them on a chair across my bed. She was still fully clothed for the exception of her coat.

She walked over to me and started to undo the buttons on her shirt.

"Let me help you with that."

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