Summer Solstice Ch. 03


"Yes baby as long as you behave yourself."

"Well you should know I have no self-control around you."

I got up and went into the shower. "Baby I'm nice and wet for you."

"Just how I like you. You still expect me to behave."

"We have to make it quick our flight leaves in two hours and we still have to get dressed."

"You know I've never been good at quickies." She had a sneaky mischievous look in her eyes.

Today we we're headed to Puerto Rico to celebrate Riley getting her MBA. Her office will also be expanding to 2 more cities and we considered our options, Los Angeles our hometown or London where her uncle lives. It was nice because she came to me and talked to me about our options, I loved that she always took my feelings into consideration. Since moving to New York it was no longer about me or I, it was about us.

I want to say that we wanted to go to Los Angeles and be closer to my family, but that didn't work out. But London was just too far from my business so LA it was.

We went to LA the weekend after we got together and Riley drove me to my parents. I had already spoken to my brother, as he was as liberal as I, so I had hoped he would help when I had to make my escape. When we got there he was waiting for me. I went in and told my parents that I would be moving to New York and they both asked why. So I told them I was in love and I wanted to be with the person I loved. This killed them since they had no idea who I was with. Finally getting the courage after my brother held my hand, I said it. I told them I was in love with Riley Collins a Salvadoran English woman who was working on her MBA and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

It's actually funny when I look back at it, my mom freaked out, even went so far as to pretend to have a heart attack, too many soap opera's. She asked God in spanish what she had done to deserve this. Asking how I could do this to her and what was wrong with me. Saying that I should see a head doctor because I was going crazy. My brother held my hand and stood by my side never letting go. My dad was even meaner saying a whole bunch of stuff in farsi. Mid way through their rant I told them I was going home to be with my girlfriend who loved me and actually wanted what was best for me and just in case they were wondering, yes she could take care of me financially if I ever needed, even though I didn't since I was self-sufficient. When I left, my brother was forced to stay. My mom kept screaming telling me I had to stay and not to walk away from her ending in 'I would rather you be a whore than a lesbian.' My dad's parting words were 'No daughter of mine is a lesbian.'

Mine were simple, 'I'm neither a whore, nor your daughter, I'm a woman in love with a woman, that makes me a lesbian'.

Riley was outside and I made sure to leave the door open to let them see her and I together, happy. I also put on a show by kissing the love of my life. I knew if the neighbors saw it would make it even better for them. I was tired of being a sheep. I haven't spoken to either of them since. My brother and I grew closer and sister chose their side, which I had expected. Riley and my brother, Arash, really got along and he was very accepting of our relationship. He's visited a few times since then.

When we arrived in Puerto Rico we picked up our car and went to our hotel, Intercontinental. We had picked this hotel because it had great beach access and great amenities and restaurants in the area. It was also close to the highways and the tourist spots. We would be here for 5 days and the last 2 days were hers to plan, I planned the first three. It was her idea she said she wanted to plan something special. I know not to argue with her, and when she wants something she gets it from me. I love her too much to say no.

On the first day we visited El Yunque rainforest, we went snorkeling, kayaking and a night tour. Then on Tuesday I took her to Viejo San Juan and we did a walking tour that took us all day. She was amazing and loved everything about my country. We took so many pictures even went to 3 different restaurants in one day. We had gone shopping along the way and bought a new souvenir door. This one would be for her new office in LA, "Oficina Collins" (Collins office). On Wednesday we went to the Bacardi factory and spent the rest of the day on the beach.

I had fallen even more in love with her in these three days because of her passion to get to know where my family was from. I was just left wondering what she had planned for tomorrow.

"Baby are you ready?"

"Yes hun where are you taking me? Why did I have to pack all my stuff?"

"We're checking out today and checking into a hotel across the country. I'm also dropping off the rental."

"What, are you serious? How are we going to get there? How are going to get around?"

What does she have planned that we're going so far away.

"A small plane will take us there my love. Come on, no more questions."

We got to the hotel and she had the room covered in candles a bottle of champagne and our favorite, chocolate covered strawberries. We stayed at the Horned Dorset Residences. The place was like a small apartment, huge open spaces and a beautiful tub overlooking the beach.

"So my plan for you for the next two days is to spoil you."

She came to me and walked me over to the tub. It was a heritage claw-foot tub, filled with rose petals floating on the water.

She stood behind me and pulled my shirt over my head and kissed my neck. Then wrapped her arms around my waist as she nibbled on my ear and undid the button on my shorts and I stepped out of them.

"Like you don't do that enough?"

"Nope." She then turned me around and released my breasts onto her own, letting my bra drop when she removed my panties. Then she picked me up and gently laid me in the tub.

"You know you're my queen right?" I love how she always makes me feel like I'm the only person in her world.

"Mmm I love it when you call me that."

"When I had been without you I was so empty and I felt like there was no hope for me."

"I know honey I'm sorry." She was sitting next to the tub washing my body.

"Well I don't want that to ever happen again."

"It won't, you know that my love."

"I want more Katey."

"What else can I give you my love to convince you that I will never leave you?" I always want her to feel secure of my love, but I can't help think that sometimes she worries.

"Yourself, will you marry me my love."

"What?" I turned around and splashed water all over her. But there she was sitting next to me with a box and a beautiful ring inside. It was actually a platinum ring set, with diamonds all around and an emerald cut black diamond in the center.

"Um well that's one way to answer, making me all wet."

"Baby what did you say?"

"Will you make me the happiest person in the world by spending the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me Katerina Pahlavi?" I was crying in the tub with water still splashing all over the place.

"YES! YES! YES!" I wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her into the tub with me.

"Yeah, you will?"

"Of course. With one condition actually."

"Anything for you my queen?"

"Can I take your name?" She actually had a confused look on her face.

"You know you don't have to, I'm not old school like that. I would love that, it would be an honor, but why my love?"

"Pahlavi represents my past and a family that abandoned me. But you, Riley Collins, you created a family with me and I want US to be a family. I want our kids to have OUR last name, just one, the one that truly represents us." She had tears in her eyes. I loved seeing her cry because it was so rare. It was beautiful. I don't mean to sound mean but her tears of happiness are amazing.

"Katerina Tanaz Collins. I like the sound of that."

******************************* Riley:

I had an idea that she probably wouldn't have said no to me. She had already let go of the demons that once haunted her and given herself unconditionally to me, to us. Nothing was standing between our happiness.

"Baby can I undress you since you're all wet."

"Mmmmm, I love it when you're hot for me, I like that idea." No pretense when getting sticky wet clothes of you. It wasn't going to be easy so I stood up in the tub and took of my shirt and bra as my fiancee (smile) undid my shorts and pulled down my boy shorts waiting for me to step out of them she started licking my mound and I almost fell, but I got closer to her. "Oh shit."

"Now you have to stand there while I thank you for my ring." She lifted up one of my legs to the side of the tub. This would be interesting I can barely keep still when I'm on the bed and she brings pleasure to me, now in the tub this may be dangerous but fuck it I don't mind.

"You don't have to thank me."

"But I want to, now shut up and take it gorgeous."

She came forward on her knees and wrapped her arms around my ass as she pulled me towards her mouth while digging her nails into me. She loves to take it slow and take her time. I always find her so irresistible that it's hard for me not to try to get her to go faster.

She licked up and down my slit from one lip around to the other, smiling her wicked smile. She knew her power over me, I had handed it to her with my heart. From that day a year ago when she promised me her love and affection she had never given me a reason to doubt her love.

As I remembered that night she knew I was lost and sucked in my clit whole right into her mouth biting down as she pulled. I was snapped out of my dream and screamed her name. Just like that I was ready to let go but she had other ideas as she completely pulled away and started stroking my pussy with her fingers.

"Where were you?"

"Fuck Katey don't tease me."

"Where were you? or you can suffer for as long as I feel like." She had found long ago that she could make me do whatever she wanted. We shared control in the bedroom and right now I would let her take it. Sometimes I just had to remind her that she wasn't immune to me either and she liked it that way.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Now she completely pulled her hand away and and licked her fingers clean as she stood. Fuck me, I was torturing myself but I would make her work for it to because I knew she was just as turned on as I was. She grabbed the nape of my neck then pinched my nipple with her free hand as she whispered into my ear flicking my lobe. I pulled her hips towards me.

"Yes and you're gonna tell me if you want me to let you cum."

"You have me so fucking hot for you that I can use my able fingers to take care of myself right here."

"You know I wouldn't let you do that. So I am going to ask you one more time." She pulled my nipple even further out making my whole body shiver as I felt my juices dripping down my thigh.

"Fine, fine." I looked into her eyes and let go of all the pretenses, nothing but love left. "I was thinking of the day you gave yourself to me after you came to visit me a year ago. When you became my whole world and you left me powerless to everything you do to me."

She released my nipple pulled my body into her and took her other hand down to my pussy and fucked me to an amazing orgasm never taking her eyes off of mine. Until I finally couldn't take it and threw my head back as euphoria hit. She slowed down her fingers and pulled my face back to face her, mischief in her eyes.

"Don't you ever forget that."

"You're gonna pay for that, actually your pussy will pay." I grabbed her close and kissed her wanting to consume her with one kiss. She gave in and she was done for the day. From this moment forward she was mine to do with as I wanted.

"Take me baby, make me pay all day long." We dried of and went to bed. I didn't mind since we still would have enough time to sleep that night. Tomorrow was the second phase of my plans. The day she would become my wife, except she didn't know it yet.

I got up early to get everything ready before my queen woke up. I knew she was tired I made sure of it yesterday, all day. I pulled out my custom-made white suit and her dress. I also had it custom made for her it was short perfect for a ceremony on the beach. We had to go to a gala in NY a month ago and I had her get a dress made telling her that I wanted to get it for her as a gift. Then I had the designer make this gown for her and she had tried it on as a sample of her size and she didn't even know she was trying on her wedding dress.

A make up artist and stylist would come down and help her and I get ready. Our witness would be her brother, who got here last night. He was amazing with me and the whole situation. He had given me the don't break my sister's heart or else speech, "I'll have my persian side take care of you Lesbian or not". I had laughed I'm sure his Persian family and my Salvadoran connections could really have it out. But I had no intent of letting that happen.

I had arranged everything with the hotel and we would have a private ceremony in a cabana style tent. Her brother would come with us to dinner and then fly back home. We would be going back to NY tonight.

I knew it was soon for the ceremony but we both would become very busy pretty soon with moving and house hunting and a new job. I also know that her side of the family won't come to our wedding. This was for her, with her brother in a country she loved that was a part of her heritage, in the place where I had proposed.

"Good morning my love." I loved waking her up with kisses because it always brought a smile to her face. I hated when the alarm woke us up because she hated it and she would wake up grumpy. As cute as it was to see her face scrunch up I knew she hated mornings like that. Kisses on her shoulders were much better for her and me.

"Morning baby. What time is it?"

"Time for your last surprise."

"'re last surprise left me satisfied and with a huge rock on my finger. What could possibly be better than that."

"Let me show you."

I had already showered and had a separate room from this one to get ready in. She wrapped her arms around me forcing me to join her in bed for a whole 15 minutes. It took us a few minutes but we finally got up.

"So where am I going?"

I walked her over to the closet where two garments were hanging next to each other, only thing missing were our bodies inside them.

"Wait what is this, where are we going?" I wrapped my arms around her waist as I stood behind her.

"Do you want to marry me?"

"Of course you know I do."

"Good." I wanted it to hit her like a ton of bricks. She was a smart girl and it would not take long.

" this...this is from the shop back home the ...and the suit you liked...Oh Shit! Sorry...... Are we getting married?" She turned around staying in my arms holding my face in her hands with a suspicious look.

"Yes my love."

"Why here honey? Why so quickly."

"A year ago when you came to visit me after your trip you told me that you wanted to bring me here. Then when I got my degree you brought me to teach me of your heritage and share with me a place that is so special to you. I know that when we have our wedding with friends and family it will mostly be my family. But here we are in your country, where you're from with your family. It's special and I don't want to wait any longer before making you my wife."

"You know I will never understand how I found you."

"On the beach where we will now get married, if you're ready."

"You're amazing Riley, I'm sorry for any pain I caused you."

"You were worth every moment I had to wait."

Then finally the knock on the door perfect timing.

"That is for you."

She walked towards the door in my pajamas that she had stolen from me last night. As she walked towards the door something clicked in her head.

"Honey what family no one from out here likes me anymore... Arash!"

"Congratulations sister." He was already in his suit.

"What are you doing here? Wait congratulations, how did you know?"

I was now at the door frame from our room to the living room. She turned and gave me a dirty look.

"Wait did you set me up?"
 "No I just surprised you."

"She came to me and asked for a blessing, not permission. She's very honorable, you got lucky sister." She ran over and jumped into my arms. Whispering into my ear. "Thank You!" *******************************


I stood before her thinking of how nothing else matters when I'm with her. She saved me from misery and loneliness, when my future seemed so dark. She is my world now, she is my everything.

I saw a beautiful, gorgeous sexy woman in front of me and I remembered the day I met her in surf shorts, a muscle shirt and chucks. I was naive to think we would only be friends, yet there we were about to get married in New York across the country from where we met. It's only been 2 years since we first met and it seems like she's grown up so much. The truth is we both have, but not because she's now in front of me in a white Channel suit, but because we have come so far from that summer relationship.

After my wife and I got married in Puerto Rico, we came home and began to plan our big "official" wedding. That day was special, a day of pampering and getting ready for our beachside wedding. It was simple, elegant and perfect just us the way the rest of our lives would be. Yes family is important but no one will be there at home but the two of us and that is what was important.

Then we were standing in front of each other in front of our loved ones. My brother was my only family at our NY wedding as expected. He came to walk me down the isle. Riley's uncle flew in with his family to walk her. The way her family is so welcoming to me makes me believe in the good still left in this world. Everyone came in from around the world for her. Even with all the love that surrounds me I wonder why my family couldn't try for me but none of that matters now, all that matters is Riley. Our wedding was actually surreal for me. I had never thought I could be so happy and at peace, but she had that power over me.

Two weeks later we were headed back to Los Angeles. I had rented out my place a few months ago so she we ended up staying at a hotel until we could find a place. She had another surprise up her sleeve.

"Honey can you come with me to the lawyers office today I need you to sign some papers for the name change, accounts and stuff."


"I'm going to need you all day is that okay?"

"Only if you promise to "feed me" in the end." She smiled she knew exactly what I wanted.

"You can eat anything and everything you want."

We were off to see her lawyer. She had bought another car as she had sold hers 2 years ago. She had a need for speed so she bought an Audi A6, which was sporty enough to go fast and big enough to not let her get carried away, it was a compromise from the porsche she wanted. I loved her driving us everywhere, she always looked gorgeous and sexy.

We went to the lawyers office and signed a million and one papers, we were officially linked in wills, trusts and accounts. We wanted to make sure that even if the law didn't recognize us in California, legally we were responsible for each other. We wanted to make sure neither family disrespected our union.

Then we were headed to the beach for lunch, we had stopped by the thai restaurant for food and we arrived at her uncle's beach house. My sister had sold hers soon after I moved out. I resented her for it, because she wouldn't sell it to me even after I was more than willing to overpay her. She had joined in on the whole, disowning bandwagon.

"What are we doing here?"

"We're home."

She handed me the keys to the house.

"Wait, what do you mean, are we staying here until we get a place."

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