tagGroup SexSummer Storm Ch. 03

Summer Storm Ch. 03



When we came downstairs for breakfast, it was clear we weren't going anywhere today: we could see and hear the wind-blown rain beating against the dining room windows. As we were finishing the meal, Larry said "You know what, guys, why don't you all come to our room in about half an hour, and we can check out the photos we took yesterday."

"Sounds like fun," Terry said, "but I'd just as soon wait until we get home and you can e-mail them to us. Looking at the photos on your camera's screen probably won't do them justice."

Part of me was a bit apprehensive as well: I wasn't sure I wanted an audience the first time I saw the very explicit photos Terry took of me yesterday.

"Not on the camera," Larry said. "I brought my laptop."

"You brought a laptop along for a romantic getaway?" Carl asked.

"He's a geek," Linda said, "remember?"

"Still," Carl went on, "even a laptop screen isn't the best way for six people to look at --"

"It gets worse," Linda said. "He figured out how to hook up the laptop to the TV in the room."

"There are TVs in the rooms?" Kathy and I asked almost in unison.

"They're hidden behind cabinet doors," Larry said. "Doesn't clash with the B&B aesthetic that way. Nice-sized screen, too. I have it set up to run as a slideshow."

So about thirty minutes after we finished eating, Carl and Kathy, Terry and I walked down the hall to Larry and Linda's room and knocked on the door. Larry let us in and told us Linda was still in the shower -- they'd had to shower after breakfast because they'd overslept a bit this morning.

I hoped it wasn't because they'd already enjoyed the slideshow last night.

Linda came out of the bathroom with a large bath towel wrapped around her body, and using a smaller one to dry her hair. "Sorry to keep everybody waiting," she said. "Running a bit late."

She pulled a pair of small cotton shorts out of the dresser drawer, then tossed both towels over the arms of a chair and quickly stepped into them, giving us all a quick peek at her shaved pussy. Then she rummaged around for a tanktop, pulled it on over her head, and crawled onto the bed. "You really can't see the screen well from anywhere but here."

Like many B&Bs, this one outfitted the bedrooms with beds large enough for a small army, so we all climbed aboard except for Larry. The bed was wide enough for each couple to lie next to one another, but well away from any other couple.

When we were settled in -- "When does the pillow fight begin?" Kathy asked -- Larry hit the PLAY button and then crawled in next to Linda.

The photos appeared on the screen in random order, for 20 seconds each. The first was Kathy in her full bikini. "I guess we're starting out with a decent shot," Larry said -- through with the amount of skin the bikini was showing, and the way it was straining to cover Kathy's breasts, "decent" was an overstatement.

Next up was me, in all my full frontal nudity. Larry and Carl both applauded, and I was a little embarrassed. This was definitely not a photo I'd expected us all to be viewing together.

Terry pulled me closer and kissed me softly. "You're beautiful," he reminded me. I could tell he was already hard.

Next was one of the "Larry Bond" photos, then the one where Kathy was hugging Carl, her bare back to the camera and nothing exposed.

Then Linda, standing next to the lake, completely naked, her pussy lips completely visibly on her shaven mons. "Wow," Carl said out loud, drawing a soft punch in the arm from Kathy. "When did you take that one?" he asked.

"Before the rest of you showed up," Larry said. "We wanted to get a couple of those, and of course we didn't think the whole afternoon would become x-rated."

"Not fair," Kathy said.

Larry looked at her. "I'm the only one who didn't get a nude shot," she went on.

"Maybe later," Larry said. "The rain seems to be letting up."

"Now," she said.

"Are you sure?"

She climbed out of the bed, and pulled off her shirt, then her bra, then her shorts, and then her panties. "Yes," she said.

Larry thought for a moment. "Step out on the balcony."

"Are you kidding? It's pouring out there."

"Not anymore. It's raining, but it won't be any worse than taking a shower."

"But --"

"I'm the photographer. It's my call."

"Yes sir!" she snapped, slid open the glass door leading to the balcony, and stepped out. She was soaked almost immediately, but she seemed to like the feel of the rain. "Aren't you coming out?"

"And get all wet? Are you crazy?" Larry said. "I can take the photos from in here. Put your arms out and turn around."

She spun around slowly, letting the rain hit her all over, a big smile on her face. She looked like a little kid playing innocently in the rain. A little kid with a stunning adult body, anyway.

Larry took about a dozen photos. "These are going to be amazing," he said.

When he was done, Kathy ran inside, dripping all over the carpet. She grabbed one of the towels Linda had left on the chair, quickly dried herself off, pulled on her panties, and scampered onto the bed nest to Carl. "Warm me up," she said, pulling his shirt over his head and then nestling against his bare chest. As he held her close, his hand rested on one of her breasts.

Larry restarted the slideshow, and the first photo up was Larry and Linda standing next to one another wearing their bathing suits. The next one was a close-up of my face as I was cumming. I didn't even know anybody had taken that. Once more I felt embarrassed -- well, embarrassed and very turned on -- and buried my face in Terry's chest. He pulled me on top of him and kissed me again.

I returned the kiss, running my tongue against the inside of his upper lip, and he slipped both hands under my shorts, caressing my ass through my panties. I raised up my lower body to make it easier for him to push down my shorts. Then I ground my crotch against his as we kissed again; through his shorts and underwear, and my panties, I could feel his cock rubbing against me.

Kathy, naked except for her panties, was lying on her side next to us, facing us, with Carl behind her, spooning her, softly caressing her breast. They were both openly watching us. My eyes met Terry's, and he smiled. Yeah, we both thought. Let's do it.

We both pulled off our shirts. I was braless, of course. I twirled my shirt over my head like a stripper and tossed it to the side, onto Carl's head. Then I unzipped Terry's shorts and pulled off his shorts and underwear together. I softly stroked his hard cock, then laid myself on top of him and kissed him deeply, grinding my pussy against his cock. Kathy and Carl could probably see how wet my panties were.

Finally I pulled off my panties and mounted Terry, letting his cock sink deep inside of me. It was so hot knowing our friends were watching us from no more than a foot away.

As I began slowly bouncing on Terry's cock, I looked to the side and saw that Kathy and Carl had removed their underwear. They were still on their sides, Carl behind Kathy, and he was fucking her hard from behind.

Terry and I both noticed that as Carl fucked Kathy, she was being pushed closer to us.

Kathy and I were both moaning.

Terry put his hands on his chest, to give Kathy more room. We all saw that she was just a few inches from him, and any of us could have stopped, but nobody did.

Finally they made contact as Terry's forearm wedged between Kathy's breasts. "Mmm," she said softly. Carl kept ramming his cock into Kathy, and I kept bouncing on and grinding into Terry's cock.

Kathy squirmed against Terry, until one of he breasts, and then the nipple, was rubbing against Terry's forearm. "Oh god," she gasped, rubbing her nipple against him harder, with no pretense that it wasn't deliberate.

When nobody seemed to object, she moved a few inches further up the bed, Carl moving with her so he never missed a stroke, until her nipple was almost touching Terry's cheek. He did what you'd expect him to do: he turned his head, took her nipple into his mouth, and sucked hard.

Kathy screamed as she came hard. I started fucking Terry faster, and I looked over to see where Larry and Linda were. They were out on the balcony in the rain, Linda bent over the railing, Larry fucking her from behind. They'd turned to see who was screaming, then went back to business.

Kathy had a hand on Terry's thigh now, as close to his cock as possible without getting in the way of our own fucking. She caressed him for a few seconds, all the while still being fucked by her own husband and having her nipple sucked by mine.

I decided to see what would happen if I pulled up for a moment, and let Terry's cock slide completely out of my pussy. No sooner was his cock free than Kathy surprised all of us, including herself I'm sure, by wrapping her hand around it, not caring that it was coated with my pussy juices.

I knew the next decision was mine, so I made it: I crawled over to the other side of Carl and pushed him onto his back, watching his cock slip out of Kathy's pussy with a wet POP. I took his hard, sticky cock in my hand and straddled him. He had a big smile on his face. "Are you sure?" he whispered. I smiled back at him and very slowly lowered myself onto his cock.

Up until now, Terry's had been the only cock I'd ever had inside of me. Carl's wasn't better or worse; it was just... different. And it felt wonderfully naughty to be fucking a different man, the husband of one of my best friends. He reached up and put his hands on my breasts. I knew he loved his wife, and was turned on by her large breasts, but he was also excited to be caressing my small ones.

Next to us Kathy was on her back, her legs spread, and my husband was sinking his cock into her pussy. I never imagined I could feel so turned on watching him fuck another woman, watching her pussy juices coating his cock each time he pulled out (mixing with my own). I wondered what his cock would look like pushing into Linda's smooth, hairless pussy.

My attention went back where it belonged: to Carl, whose cock pushed deep inside of me every time I lowered my body against him. He was pinching my hard, sensitive nipples but otherwise he was letting me take control, letting me use his cock to give myself pleasure.

We were all being quiet about it; I felt self-conscious about groaning with pleasure while another man was fucking me and my husband was just a couple of feet away, and I guessed the others felt the same way. But then Kathy broke the ice with "Oh my fucking god, Terry, you're fucking me so good," and that put us all in overdrive, fucking more frantically, moaning loudly and without inhibition.

Finally I felt Carl tense up and I said "Cum in me, cum in my hot pussy," and with a soft moan he did, shooting his hot cum deep in side: once, twice, three times, and when I felt him pulsing against me the third time, I came loudly.

A moment later Terry came inside of Kathy, and watching my husband filling another woman with his cum got me so hot, I would have fucked Carl all over again if I thought he could handle it. I saw Larry and Linda standing by the side of the bed watching us, his cock impressive even semi-flaccid, her shaven pussy wet with his cum, and I wondered whether he'd recovered enough that I could pull him down to the bed and beg him to fuck me.

In the end, though, I just pulled myself off of Carl's spent cock, crawled over Kathy (dripping some of her husband's cum onto her body while looking at my husband's cum overflowing out of her pussy), and snuggled up against Terry. Carl put his arm around Kathy, pulling her close to his own body. Larry and Linda found some free space on the bed, and joined us.

It was nice and peaceful, lying contentedly with our own spouses after a round of vigorous, unexpected sex.

Well, at least Larry, Linda, Terry and I were feeling calm and contented: Kathy and Carl were a bit uneasy because they knew something the rest of us didn't -- that Kathy wasn't using any sort of birth control.

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