tagGroup SexSummer Storm Ch. 04

Summer Storm Ch. 04


How did I come to be lying naked in a big bed with my two best friends and our respective husbands, Carl's cum dripping out of my pussy and my husband's dripping out of Kathy's? It's a long story, as they say, told in parts 1 through 3. If you want the short version... over the course of three days, our libidos were growing as our inhibitions were disappearing, and in hindsight it seems almost inevitable that we'd end up here. And it all started with a summer storm.


We really didn't say much to one another for a while, and one by one we eventually gathered up and put on our clothing, and each couple went off to their own rooms.

We all had a lot to process, I guess: Terry and I had never had sex with anybody but one another. I wasn't sure about Carl and Kathy and Larry and Linda, but I was pretty sure none of them had been with anybody else since they'd been married, at least. Larry and Linda had fucked only each other this morning, of course, but they had to be wondering when and if they'd be having sex with other partners, I had to be honest: though Terry and I had always been closer to Kathy and Carl than we were with Larry and Linda, in the heat of the moment, we would have switched off with one pair of friends as easily as the other.

We met back in the dining room at lunchtime, and we all avoided the topic. After lunch, we walked out to the front lawn, pulled a few lounge chairs together, and sat. And we all waited.

"Okay," I finally said, "we'll go first. We never planned what happened this morning, but if the situation came up again, Terry and I would do it again. With any of you. There, I said it."

Linda spoke for herself and Larry: "Okay, we're not entirely sure. This morning was hot as hell, and clearly we have no inhibitions left around you guys, but we don't know whether we're ready to actually have sex with anybody but one another. We've never done that sort of thing before."

"And we have?" I asked a little too defensively. I love Linda, really I do, but sometimes she just pushes my buttons without meaning to.

"I didn't say that," Linda said. "And we're sure as hell not making judgments. It's just... we're not sure. You can respect that, can't you?"

"I think we have to opt out as well," Kathy said, before I could respond to Linda. This surprised me, because she was the one who initiated the whole swapping thing by pushing her big tits against Terry's face while Carl was fucking her, then grabbing Terry's cock. And of the four of us, she'd screamed the loudest.

Of course I didn't know the real reason she didn't want another man cumming inside her.

"Well," I said, "isn't this awkward."

"No, listen," Kathy said, "these past few days with you guys have been the hottest days of my life. Sorry, hun," she said as an aside to Carl. "I enjoyed the hell of out of your husband's penis, and I want to keep having fun. Even more than we've already had, if you're okay with that. Just not... actual fucking. You know what I mean?"

Linda and Larry exchanged glances. "Everything but?" Larry asked.

Kathy nodded. "It's called soft swapping."

"We can work with that," Linda said, looking at Terry and smiling. Hey, I thought.

"You sound as if you know something about this," Terry said.

Now it was Carl and Kathy exchanging glances. "You might say that," Carl said. And he began his story.


This was just a few years after we were married [Carl told us], about a year before we moved to the coast and met you guys. We lived at the end of a cul-de-sac, right next to Mick and Annie. The rest of the neighborhood was older couples with tween or teenage kids, so being younger and childless, the four of us ended up spending almost all our free time together. Like the six of us here right now -- and look how that's turning out -- but we were together like that 365.

There was a lot of flirting going on, especially during the summer, when we alternated between hanging out by their pool and hanging out by ours. By the second summer, Kathy and Annie were competing with one another to wear the most revealing bathing suits -- oh come on, Kathy, you think Mick and I didn't know you were doing it on purpose?

Not that Mick and I were complaining: we didn't mind our wives showing off: I remember one afternoon at our pool... Annie was wearing a two-piece -- what do you call it, a microkini? Just a string down her ass, and barely enough material to cover her pussy and nipples. She wouldn't dare jump into the water, or even move very much, because she was into teasing, not exposing herself. That same day, Kathy was wearing a white suit that became almost transparent when wet. And she made sure it stayed wet.

I kept a pretty close eye on Annie that afternoon, but I also spent most of the time in the water with Kathy, finding excuses to grab her whenever I could. I don't think I was being very subtle about it: in the beginning I made sure Mick and Annie were looking elsewhere before I touched her breasts -- which might as well have been exposed for all the bathing suit was hiding -- but by the end of the afternoon I was giving them quick caresses without even checking whether our friends were looking. At one point she pushed her hand into my trunks and gave my cock a quick squeeze. I swear, another few seconds and I would have lost it right then and there, leaving a trail of cum floating in the water next to us.

I wasn't sure what Mick and Annie were up to all this time, since I'd made an effort to give them their privacy once Kathy and I started fooling around, but Mick was lying next to her for most of the time, and I'm sure he was letting his hands wander pretty freely around over and maybe underneath her microkini.

If anything, we were all feeling friskier that evening, after we were all dressed and grilling up dinner. Of course by "dressed," I mean the girls were wearing dangerously skimpy tops and very short shorts. Mick and I grabbed quick handfuls of our wives' tits or asses fairly openly and at one point as I was walking into the kitchen from the deck while Annie was walking out, she "accidentally" let her breasts rub across my chest. Very slowly. I'm sure she could feel my erection, because I certainly had one by now, but she didn't react to it, and I didn't care.

By the end of the evening, as it was getting dark and we were sharing one last round of beers, Kathy was sitting on my lap and Annie was on Mick's. Kathy was slowly grinding her ass against my cock, once more bringing me very close to cumming. I had my free hand around Kathy's torso, but I'd occasionally let it creep up to the underside of a breast -- and Kick was taking similar liberties with his own wife.

As soon as they left, the moment I was pretty sure they were out of sight, I leaned Kathy over the railing of the deck, pulled her shorts down to her ankles, and fucked her hard. I'm sure you could hear her screaming all through the cul-de-sac.


Kathy was blushing as Carl told us how he'd fucked her over the railing of their deck, and their neighbors could almost certainly have heard her screams. I'd been s caught up in the story that I'd been barely conscious of the fact that Terry had had his hand on my right breast through most of it.

I knew Carl's story was just getting started, but I had to ask her: "Did you accidentally-on-purpose brush against Mick the same way Annie did with Carl?"

She smiled a bit sheepishly. "No, but... after I saw her do that, I leaned over to gather up the paper plate Mick had used, and made sure he got a look down my shirt. A really good look."

Terry reacted to this by giving my tit a light squeeze. I smiled. "Well, Carl did say we were all feeling a bit naughty that night," Kathy reminded us.

"But clearly that's not what you meant by soft swap," Larry prompted.

"No," Carl said.


Kathy called me at work [Carl continued] and told me she and Annie wanted to have a talk with Mick and me that evening. Annie had called Mick with the same ominous message.

Mick thought the same thing I did, of course: that the girls were upset at how things had gotten out of hand the night before, and all the good-natured teasing we'd enjoyed over the last few weeks was going to be a thing of the past. Or it could have been worse, they were pissed off at us as if everything had been our fault.

Well, obviously you already know the point of this story, so I'll spare you our paranoid fears and fast-forward to when Annie said "I was reading about something, and I mentioned it to Kathy, and we talked about it... what would you guys think about soft swap?"

"Wife-swapping?" I asked. "Are you girls sure you want that?"

"Slow down, cowboy," Kathy said. "You've never heard of soft swap?"

Mick and I both shook our heads. "It means no fucking," Annie said. "But everything else."

"Uhhh..." I said, or something clever like that.

"You mean like kissing and, like oral sex?" Mick said.

Annie laughed. "That's quite a jump from A to Z," she said, "but yes."

Not for the first time, but a lot more seriously now, I looked at Annie and imagined her naked. She's smaller than Kathy, blonde where Kathy's a brunette. Slightly smaller breasts, but firm. I saw a lot of them the day before at the pool, but I wondered what her nipples were like. I wondered whether her public hair was blonde as well, but I guessed she'd shaved it so she could wear that tiny bikini. I wondered whether she screamed when she came.

Yeah, I'm a guy: All of this went through my mind in the first couple of seconds. "You're really okay with this?" I asked the girls.

"We are if you are," Kathy said. "We think. Probably. We talked about it and we'd like to try it... but maybe take it slow at first."

Was I okay with Mick seeing Kathy naked? And touching her intimately? And, you know... oral sex?

I was, surprisingly enough. We really were that close to Mick and Annie.

And I won't lie, the thought of fooling around with Annie helped me decide.

"How slow?" Mick asked.

Kathy walked over to Mick, took his head in her hands, and kissed him. He pulled her closer, and the kiss quickly became noisy, obviously with a lot of tongue and saliva changing places.

Annie climbed onto my lap, and we kissed with just as much enthusiasm as she ground her ass against my crotch. If I'd let myself, I could have cum right then and there.

When we all finally separated -- or came up for air, more accurately -- Annie said, "We're still on for dinner Friday night, right? Only I think you'll be my date, Carl, and Kathy will be Mick's."


"It was a long two days until Friday," Kathy interrupted. She glanced over at us and smiled slightly when she noticed that Terry had rested his hand on my breast as he listened to Carl's story. "I know Annie and I sounded confident about the whole thing, but we weren't: would any of us chicken out? How far would be actually go? Would we feel awkward around one another afterward? And yeah, when we had sex that night, and the following night, I was thinking about Mick... you know, in me. And I'm sure Carl was dreaming about Annie."

Carl grinned. "Guilty as charged."

Okay [he continued], so finally it was Friday. Now you know how women always seem to have that "little black dress" in the back of the closet that they always plan on wearing when the right occasion comes up but they never do? Well, Kathy wore hers that evening. I'd never seen it before until she came out of the bedroom and asked me to zip her up. Her naked back exposed to me, I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. The zipper actually came down almost to her ass, and I wasn't sure she was even wearing panties. Once she was zipped up, I saw that the dress fit her like a glove. A glove that ended just not all that many inches below her waist.

I knew the restaurant we were eating at was always fairly dark, and I wondered whether she'd have had the nerve to expose so much of herself where she could be better seen. "Do you think my date will like it?" she asked, twirling around slowly.

"Your date and your husband," I assured her. "Maybe we should stay home after all. You look too good to share tonight."

"Hush," she said. "Besides, you'll like what Annie is wearing as well."

Almost on cue, the doorbell rang. Mike was standing by the front door, Annie behind him almost as if trying to hide. "Come on, honey," Mick told her. "It's now or never." He stepped to the side and Annie stood up straight, letting Kathy and me take in her outfit. Her skirt was short -- not as short as Kathy's dress but short, and flouncy where Kathy's was tight. But most noticeably, her blouse was tan and translucent, and clearly she'd left her bra at home. Remember when I said I'd been wondering what Annie's nipples looked like? Now I knew.

"Um... is it okay if I say Wow?"

"I'd be flattered," Annie said.

"And may I say my date is a 'wow' as well," Mick said, taking Kathy's hand.

There was an awkward moment, then Mick kissed Kathy and I followed by kissing Annie. I'm not sure what was going on a couple of feet over, but before our kiss was through my hands had found their way to Annie's ass -- over her skirt, of course.

Fortunately none of our other neighbors lived close enough to see what was going on on our front steps.

I managed to keep my eyes off of Annie's might-as-well-be-bare breasts enough to get us all to the restaurant alive (though since she was sitting next to me in the front seat, I did manage to rest my right hand on her left thigh through much of the trip).

(And I avoided looking in the rear view mirror as much as possible, because I didn't want to know what was going on in the back seat)

When we got out of the car at the parking lot, Annie stayed close behind me, again self-conscious about how the bright streetlights shone right through her blouse -- but once we got inside the darker restaurant she stopped worrying about it, letting Mick and me watch her dark nipples all we wanted.

I could see that Kathy was feeling a bit jealous. No, jealous isn't the word for it. Competitive. I mean, she was wearing a painted-on dress -- with her figure, right? -- and that would have made her the center of attention just about anyplace on earth; but Mick and I kept looking over at her best friend with the see-through blouse. "I'm a little chilly," Kathy said to her date, and she had to follow this with a sharp glance before Mick got the hint and put his arm around her torso, drawing her closer to him. The waitress came and took our orders, and as soon as she was gone, Kathy pushed Mick's arm higher up her body until his hand was touching the underside of her breast. "Be careful not to touch my nipple," she warned him in a whisper we could all hear. "It'll get hard and poke through my dress rather obscenely."

Mick didn't have to be "warned" twice: he let his thumb wander up Kathy's breast until it brushed against her nipple. "Wooo," Kathy said under her breath. Since nobody seemed to object, he reached over with his other hand and gave Kathy's other nipple a quick pinch, then pulled away quickly when he saw the waitress returning.

As the waitress put down out drinks, I noticed that the top two buttons of Annie's blouse had somehow come undone. Only the very tops of her breasts were exposed -- but I could tell that the first time she leaned in my direction, I'd be able to see everything.

Viva la Competition!

The waitress, a very pretty, petite woman maybe a couple of years younger than we were, stood there looking at us for a few seconds. "Your first time doing this, right?"

"Doing what?" Kathy asked, making not even a serious attempt at innocence, sitting there with both nipples pushing through her dress.

The waitress smiled, dug an old receipt out of her jeans pocket, wrote a phone number on the back of it, and put it on the table in front of Mick. "My name is Ronnie. Give me a call if you'd like me to join you. I get off at midnight."

Mick reached for the slip of paper as she as she turned to leave, and Kathy slapped his hand. "What?" he said.

"You're already bored of me?" Kathy said.

"Besides," Annie said with a slight giggle, "I'm hoping to get off by 11."

That was the first any of us had mentioned out loud that tonight was likely to go beyond kissing and touching, and we were all quiet for a moment -- and when we began talking again, it was about something completely unrelated: some funny thing that happened to Kathy at work, I think.

When the waitress returned with our meals, she was holding the tray high on her chest and when she put it down, we could see why: she'd undone the buttons of her blouse as low as Annie had and when she bent to serve us our meals, I could see everything clear down to her navel. Small perky breasts.

She smiled, and re-buttoned her shirt before she headed back toward the kitchen. "Okay," Mick said, "at the very least we're going to have to give her a nice tip."

"I think she wants more than just your tip," Kathy said, which almost made me spit out the wine I'd just sipped.

We managed to get through the rest of our meal with no further discussion of sex, our waitress, or sex with our waitress -- though none of those topics were far from any of our minds. We paid the bill, and made it out of the restaurant before the waitress had a chance to strip naked and follow us out to the car. When we got to the parking lot (Annie had lost all self-consciousness about what the streetlights were doing to her blouse, by the way), I clicked my key fob to unlock the car doors and said "So... home?"

"Um..." Kathy said, suddenly nervous about facing the Moment of Truth.

"I'd love to go dancing," Annie said to Mick. "We haven't done that in a long time."

"Don't tell me," Mick said. "Tell your date."

"Do you have anyplace in mind?" I asked Annie. We weren't exactly living on a one-horse town at the time, but I'd give it two-and-a-half horses at most.

She had none, but Kathy said "Carl, remember where we used to go when we were dating?"

"Excellent idea," I said, opening Annie's door. As she bent to slide into the front seat, I caught a brief look at both of her bare breasts.

"Where are we going?" she asked me after I walked around the car and slid in next to her.

"The world's best dance floor," I told her, and began to drive.

I pulled off the road by a field just outside of town. "Problem?" Mick asked.

"Nope. We're here."

I turned off the engine, switched the key to "auxiliary," and a slow jazz CD into the player. After switching off the dome light to save car battery power, I got out of the car, walked around to Annie's side, and opened her door. "May I have this dance?" I asked her.

There's nothing like dancing under the stars on a warm summer night. Kathy and I spent a lot of nights here when we were home from college -- and not just dancing, either. Tonight, well, it didn't take long until the dancing turned into just swaying slightly while pressing our bodies into one another. I put both of my hands on Annie's ass, under her skirt. She was wearing panties, but just barely. In the near-darkness, I could only guess that Mick had his hands under Kathy's dress as well, and remember I wasn't sure she was even wearing panties.

Annie pulled away from me, and for a moment I thought she'd gotten cold feet and our night was over -- but she just needed the room to unbutton her blouse and when she was done -- frustrating me because it was took dark to see her very well -- she pressed one of her breasts against my face and I began sucking on it and I could hear her groaning. Then I heard a gasp and a little "oh my god," from Kathy, and a few seconds later Mick saying "Lie down."

"It's a new dress," Kathy said.

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