tagGroup SexSummer Storm Ch. 06

Summer Storm Ch. 06


So... Carl and Kathy, Larry and Linda, and Terry and I went off to a B&B for a week. Our second day there, during a long hike after a brief storm, the other women and I sort of dared one another to remove our shirts. The guys seeing our boobs didn't make the world come to an end, and the three of us because pretty blasé about sunbathing topless. Which somehow led to us having sex in one another's presence and then, though none of us planned it, Carl and I and Terry and Kathy fucking one another. In the same bed.

After that we decided to take a step back: Larry and Linda said they didn't want to swap, and Carl and Kathy said they didn't want to do it again (which I later found out was because Kathy was trying to get pregnant, and was both unprotected and at her most fertile; but I was sworn to secrecy about this, even from my husband) -- on the other hand, everybody was okay with soft-swapping, that is to say all manner of fooling around other than actual fucking.

So there we were by the B&B's private lake, thinking we were alone, all of us half naked and making out like crazy with somebody else's spouse, when along come the B&B's newest guests, Ronnie and Rob. And then came the first face-saving lie: telling them Carl (which was dry-humping me at the time) was my husband, etc. etc.

Which was fine, until Ronnie and Rob saw us later on being very cozy with our actual spouses. So not wanting to confess our first lie, Linda told them we'd decided to try wife-swapping: so now we could have sex with our actual spouses, while pretending that our actual spouses weren't our actual spouses.

Confused yet?

Imagine how we felt!


That night, we all went dancing, at a club several towns over. We invited Ronnie and Rob to join us, of course, since they were the only other guests at the B&B (and once you've sunbathed topless with people, and you've heard them fucking in the next room, you sort of have a bond with them). With eight of us going, we took two cars: I went with my "husband" Carl in Carl and Kathy's car, along with Linda and Terry. Larry and Kathy followed in Ronnie and Rob's car.

Kathy, Linda and I were all dressed... okay, "slutty" wouldn't really be accurate, but we'd each brought an outfit along that we hadn't expected to actually wear. We probably would have worn them tonight anyway, since the plan had been to hit the club and fool around with one of our friends' husbands. And now that Ronnie and Rob had thrown a monkeywrench into that plan, well... none of us were over the hill by any means, but Ronnie was several years younger, apparently didn't own any tops that covered her midriff, and just exuded sex. We girls hadn't discussed the fact beforehand, but we all wanted to make sure we looked as hot as we could.

"Well, Linda," Terry said as we drove, in a poor Oliver Hardy imitation,"this is another fine mess you've gotten us into."

"Fuck you," Linda said, with the accompanying hand gesture.

"Sorry," he said. "Soft-sex only."

"Seriously," Carl said, "it's not that I'll mind making out with Kathy tonight -- I can't believe she's actually wearing that outfit in public -- but I was kind of looking forward to a little adventure tonight."

"With my wife, you mean," Terry said.

"Well, yeah. Can you blame me?"

"Guys," I said, "you're overlooking the obvious."

"Just telling Ronnie and Rob the truth?" Carl asked.

"No, we're too many lies past that. But look, they think we're each married to whoever we we were fooling around with this morning, and fooling around with our real spouses. But why not just tell them we've decided to swap in the other direction tonight? Me with Larry, you Carl with Linda, and Terry with Kathy. And that'll actually be true."

"Duh," Linda said approvingly.

"That's so incredibly logical," Terry said, "it just might work."


When we got to the club, I took Larry to the side, and Terry took Kathy to the side, and we told them what the new plan was. Carl and Linda, and Ronnie and Rob, went directly to the bar, then to the dance floor.

Ronnie, just to give you an idea, was wearing an off-one-shoulder crop top, and a skirt that showed her thong panties every time she spun around. Kathy wore a dress with a neckline that scooped down low enough to show off not only an impressive amount of breast, but a sheer bra as well, almost down to her nipples.

I felt positively schoolmarmish is a short sundress -- with no bra, of course -- and Linda had on a tight sleeveless blouse with a strapless Wonderbra that turned her breasts into dangerous weapons.

Let's be honest: the guys weren't going to complain no matter which one of us they ended up with.

Turns out my "date" Larry loves to dance. So do I (Terry, not so much) . We worked up quite a sweat on the dance floor -- and I worked up a bit of extra sweat each time Larry brushed against me: the feel of his cock made me regret the fact that we'd agreed on only "soft swapping," because I wanted so badly to have that thing inside me.

Yes, that's objectifying. Yes, it's as sexist to make those comments about a man for the size of his penis as it is to make those comments about a woman about the size of her breasts. But oh my god, what a package on that man!

Larry and I were actually attracting the attention of some of the other dancers, and when I glanced over at Ronnie, it looked like she was getting a bit jealous. I smiled, pleased that I was getting noticed over this younger -- and, yes, sexier -- woman, and then I realized that Ronnie had interpreted my smile as gloating. Which it wasn't.

She whispered something to Rob, and the two of them started dancing a lot more energetically, as only a young couple in great shape can dance. Not a lot of style, but with every jump, and each time Rob lifted her, she showed her tiny thong to the crowd. Great ass, I couldn't help thinking.

Well, I have my own moves, and I turned my share of heads when I twirled about, exposing my own brief, silk panties.

Who'd have imagined, a few days ago, that I'd be deliberately showing off my panties to a room full of strangers?

Ronnie began to dance more sensuously, sexually, as if she were fucking Rob even though they were both upright and at least a foot apart. He seemed to be surprised, aroused and flustered, all at once.

She threw her arms up over head as she danced, and the movement pulled the bottom of her shirt high enough that it uncovered the very bottoms of her breasts. Not very much, just the swells of her breasts; she was nowhere close to showing her areolae or nipples, which made sense: I'd known Ronnie for less than a day, and I'd already figured out that she loved to dress provocatively, to tease, but always managed not to actually expose herself.

She did have such cute boobs, though, and I wondered what it would take to goad her into showing them off in public.

Hey... stranger things have happened on this vacation, as the dozens of people who saw my lace panties can attest.

When we got back to our booth, I snuggled close to Larry and kissed him. We'd already enjoyed a long session of dirty dancing; but since he didn't know until moments before we'd hit the dance floor that the two of us were a "couple" for the evening, we'd never gotten to kiss.

Terry and Kathy and Carl and Linda had apparently already gotten much better acquainted while the rest of us were dancing. Linda's short skirt was pretty tight -- she obviously hadn't packed it with dancing in mind -- and though our booth was in a fairly dark corner of the club, I was pretty certain that Carl's hand was resting under that skirt.

Terry, I suspected, having fucked Kathy the day before, would have been happy to fuck her again tonight, soft-swap agreement or not. I couldn't entirely blame him, since we'd both been willing to switch partners again if everybody else had agreed.

Ronnie was all over Rob: literally. She was on his lap kissing him and from his reaction he liked it a lot, but it wasn't something he was accustomed to.

Larry glanced around to make sure nobody else could really see what was going on at our booth, then placed a hand on my breast. Over my dress, of course -- but it's a thin dress, with no bra, so I could feel the warmth of his hand. And a growing wetness in my panties.

This overt fondling was definitely an escalation. Ronnie caught my eye, grabbed a very surprised Rob's hand and slid it under her crop top, then moaned as he began to rub her bare breast. His arm was pushing up the bottom of her shirt just enough to expose almost the entire bottom half of the breast.

Carl, emboldened by this, began to more obviously rub Linda underneath her tight skirt. Seeing this, Kathy suddenly jumped up and walked toward the bathroom. Carl didn't notice her leaving, and I wondered whether she was upset -- but I was fairly distracted by the fact that Larry was kissing my upper chest now, working his way down to the scooped top of my sundress, and he had one hand on one of the dress's narrow straps, as if wondering what to do with it.

Kathy came back a moment later and even in the dim light, it was obvious that there was no longer a bra underneath her dangerously low-cut dress. She sat back down next to Terry, who put a finger just below her neck, then moved it down and slowly traced her décolletage. Without the bra, Kathy's breasts were on display almost down to the nipples.

By now, Ronnie was grinding her thong-covered pussy against Rob's crotch, clearly willing to -- and wanting to -- cum in front of all of us; and Rob had both hands on her breasts, pushing her shirt high enough that only his hands were covering them from our view.. A voice in the back of my head told me that this competitive thing between the six of us and Ronnie and Rob was getting way out of control, and that any minute either Terry was going to pull down the top of Kathy's dress, exposing her breasts, or Larry was going to untie the straps on my sundress, letting it fall to my waist. Or both.

And then suddenly, "Uh... excuse me?" It was our waitress, a curvy young girl probably just out of her teens. Ronnie slid off Rob's lap, and all the men withdrew their hands from wherever they'd been. "Listen, I'm fine with what you guys are doing, and maybe about to do... actually it's making me hot as hell... but some of the other customers have been noticing, and they're mostly cool with it, but sooner or later somebody's going to complain to me or my manager, and you know..."

"It's okay," Terry said. "Thanks for letting us know."

"Maybe we should get back 'home,'" Linda said after the waitress left. "Will you be going back too?" Linda asked Ronnie and Rob.

Which puzzled me for a moment, and then I realized what she was really saying: she was subtlely reminding Ronnie and Rob that there was still the six of us, and then there was them.


Since all eight of us were indeed going back at the same time, we split off into two cars again. This time, Larry and I -- since he'd become my partner for the evening -- ended up in the back seat of Ronnie and Rob's car.

Once we were on the road, Rob gave Ronnie a meaningful look. She nodded, then turned around. "Listen, I think I owe all you guys an apology. Especially you," she added, meaning me.

"How do you mean?" I asked her.

"I was a little bit jealous of you guys," she said. "We have friends, but we don't have any friends close enough that we'd do... anything you guys have been doing. And I wanted to fit in, and I tried to do it by acting in a way that's really unlike me. And I think I goaded you guys into going further than you normally would have."

"No, not really," I said.

"Well, kinda," Larry said.

"I don't know where we would have ended up if the waitress hadn't come over and cooled us down. I know Rob was only seconds away from cumming in his pants."

"We could have left out that last detail, hun," Rob said under his breath.

"I know we can't be part of your Gang of Six," Ronnie said. "But we're going to be here for the next three days, and I'd like us all to be friends."

Larry and I exchanged glances. "Sure," I said, "I'm sure we'd all like that. And remember, we're not normally like this either. We're just using this week to let loose a bit. Though we are trying to keep things in some sort of bounds." Such as not bringing people we barely know into our soft-swapping game.

"We understand that," Ronnie said.

And I noticed that the way she was leaning over into the backseat, her top had billowed out enough that Larry could look straight down her shirt. And he was.

This could turn out badly, I thought.

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