tagGroup SexSummer Storm Ch. 08

Summer Storm Ch. 08


We'd barely deposited out luggage in our rooms and come downstairs when Ronnie and Rob drove up. Kathy, surprisingly enough, ran over to greet Ronnie first. They hadn't really spent much time together the last time we were all here; but they were both new mothers, and that was a bond.

"I fucking hate you," Kathy said after they hugged.


"Look at you," Kathy said. "Three months after giving birth, and you're in the same shape you were in last summer. Except with more boobs. While I'm still a cow."

"Kathy, you look great," Ronnie said. And she was right: Kathy was curvy a year ago, and she was curvy now. Perhaps with a bit of weight she'd still like to get rid of, but a lot of that was in her breasts because she was still nursing. She was "a cow" like Marilyn Monroe was a cow.

Robbie and Rob introduced us to Marie, their live-in nanny, whom they were treating to a paid vacation because Ronnie's mother had insisted she could take care of Baby Becky herself. "How come when we had a nanny for a week, she looked like Ernest Borgnine?" Terry whispered to me.

I elbowed him in the ribs, but he was right: Marie was a beautiful 19-year-old Asian woman, a nursing student who'd been working for Ronnie and Rob since her summer break began two months earlier.

Then Rob said, "Marie, would you go inside and check us all in, please? We'll be with you in a moment." When she was gone, he said, "There's something I wanted to discuss with the six of you, something I really didn't want to get into on the phone or online."

"Sounds serious," Carl said. "Is everything okay?"

Terrible possibilities ran through my head: marriage trouble, something wrong with Baby Becky...

"No," Rob said, "everything's fine, really. We're good, the baby's great. It's just that..." he looked over at Ronnie who smiled sheepishly. "When I was sixteen, I got the mumps." I glanced over at Terry, Carl and Larry. They knew what was coming. "I'm sterile."

And I thought of my Famous Last Words to Ronnie a year earlier: "It'll make everybody's lives a lot easier once you and Ron know the truth"...


We were so thoroughly cooled down from our run, Ronnie and I decided to walk back to the B&B rather than start running again and risk hurting ourselves. Since I'd told Ronnie how we'd all walked back to the B&B topless after the storm the other day, she suggested that she and I do the same today. Since her sports bra and my tank top were both soaked through with sweat, it seemed like a good idea.

As we walked, we chatted of course. Ronnie wanted to know whether I'd left anything out: had any of we women fooled around together? I assured her we hadn't, though of course I had left things out: Kathy's secret, because it wasn't mine to tell, and the fact that Carl and I had broken the rules and fucked twice last night.

We suddenly saw in the distance some people running toward us, and we both scurried to get our tops back on. I managed to get myself decent, but Ronnie, in her haste, got herself tangled up in the sports bra's straps. "Hang on," I told her. "It's just Terry and Rob."

She pulled her top back off just as the men reached us. "Where were you?" Rob said.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"We were worried," Terry said, hugging me. "You said you'd be back in a couple of hours. I mean --" he said, glancing over at Ronnie.

"It's okay," I told him. "Ronnie knows everything."

"So does Rob," Terry said. "I had to explain why I was anxious to find you."

"Sorry," I said. "We got to talking. I guess we both forgot to bring a cell phone."

Rob kissed Ronnie, then backed off a bit to look at her, naked except for a pair of skimpy running shorts, her skim damp with sweat. He clearly liked what he saw.

I pulled my top back off, and Terry put an arm around my waist as we started back to the B&B. Before long his hand had worked its way down to my ass -- and since my skirt was so short, his hand was soon on my almost-bare cheek.

Next to us, Ronnie was giving Rob's cock occasional light rubs as they walked, and Ron's cock was responding by creating an obvious bulge in his shorts. Ronnie glanced over at me and smiled, knowing that I was noticing.

I was very aware of the fact that Rob's was the only cock I hadn't seen this week, and I wouldn't have been at all unhappy if she'd yanked down his shorts and shown it to me.

Terry's hand was inside my panties now, and he was feeling the evidence of how wet I'd been earlier. I stopped walking, because it's difficult to walk alongside somebody who had half of his finger up your pussy.

Ronnie and Rob had stopped walking too, and were openly watching us. I was pretty sure they'd never seen another couple having sex right in front of them, and I was equally certain that Terry and I were about to do just that.

Rob moved behind Ronnie, and was clearly rubbing his cock against he back of her thin nylon shorts as he reached around and started teasing her nipples. Her nipples got big and hard like mine do, and even I was a little turned on looking at them.

Terry reached his other hand under my skirt, and eased my panties down my legs. I stepped out of them, leaving me completely naked other than my socks and sneakers, and a very short skirt -- and with Terry's hands under my skirt, it was raised enough that Rob could see most of my pussy.

I didn't want to wait another minute, and I certainly didn't want something to happen to interrupt us. I rolled my shirt back into a pillow, and lay back down in the grass. Terry had his shorts and underwear off before I was even fully down on the ground, then climbed on top of me and began kissing me deeply. As if either of us really needed any foreplay.

Then suddenly I felt somebody take my hand. It was Ronnie. "Hold on," she said.


"What you told me before about you and Terry being open to swapping, but your friends didn't want to?" She glanced over at Rob, who seemed confused for a moment, then smiled at her. "We're game if you are," she said, easing her shorts down her legs.

I realized that everybody was looking at me to make a decision.

A million things went through my head at once: it's kind of rude to say no in a situation like this, isn't it? But it's one thing to swap partners with our closest friends, and something else entirely to do it with a couple we'd just met; we're not that kind of people.

But this week, maybe we were. Last night I was seconds away from letting Larry expose my breasts in front of a room full of strangers, after all.

"Let's do it," I said.

Without hesitating, Ronnie pulled Terry off of me and rolled him onto his back on the grass next to me, straddled him, her hairless pussy right about at his navel, then leaned down to kiss him. Terry put both hands on her ass, and she squirmed excitedly as his fingers inched closer to her anus.

In the meantime, Rob kissed me lightly on the mouth, then moved down to kiss my chin, my upper chest, then each breast, lingering a bit there, then down to my bellybutton, and finally my pussy. I wondered whether Ronnie had always shaved down there, and whether this was Rob's first encounter with a woman's pubic hair.

Funny, the things that go through your head sometimes.

I took Rob's cock in my mouth, and sucked him deeply. After a few moments he began pumping his cock, fucking my mouth. I don't really like that -- Terry knows this, though I let him do it as a special treat sometimes -- but Rob was sucking and licking my pussy with skill and enthusiasm, so it's not as if he wasn't giving as energetically as he was taking.

A few feet to our side, Terry was, for want of a better word, fucking the living hell out of Ronnie, and she was thrashing around like a live wire, moaning loudly. Terry's good, but he's not that good. Ronnie wasn't faking anything, though: she just really loved being fucked.

I could see Terry was really enjoying having Ronnie squirming and moaning loudly under him, and I made a mental note to try to give him more of that in the future.

Finally with a loud groan of his own, Terry began cumming inside of Ronnie and he seemed to to be filling her with an impressive load. When he finally pulled out of her, I could see his cum leaking out of her shaven pussy.

Rob and I had both become distracted watching our spouses fuck, but now we were focused on one another again. As much as I enjoyed having Rob's cock in my mouth -- though nowhere near as much as I enjoyed the feel of his mouth on my pussy -- I'd signed up for a fucking.

I let his cock fall out of my mouth, then turned around to let him fuck me doggy-style. I knew he's be able to get his cock deep inside my pussy that way, and that's how I wanted him.

"Oh yeah," I said as I felt him push into me.

Terry and Ronnie were very openly watching us. Ronnie had never seen her husband fucking another woman, of course. I swear, no woman had ever looked sexier to me than she did at that moment.

Terry's cock looked almost as hard as it had been before he'd begin fucking Ronnie, and it was glistening with both his cum and Ronnie's.

Watching my husband's hard, wet cock was adding to my arousal, even as another man was fucking me from behind. In the middle of the day, in the middle of an open field. Yeah, I was on sexual overload. And I suddenly realized the only thing that could make all this hotter would be something I'd never done before and would certainly never get the chance -- or have the nerve -- to do again.

"Get over here," I told Terry; and when he was in front of me, I told him to get down on his knees.

His cock was even with my head, and I took it in my mouth. In addition to his cum, I could taste Ronnie's pussy juices. She tasted different than I did. I'd never thought about that one way or the other.

I felt completely out of control -- the whole situation felt out of control -- and just as I was wondering what could possibly make all this hotter, Ronnie was standing next to Terry, facing Rob and me, and she had three fingers of her right hand in her pussy, working herself toward another orgasm. I could see Terry's cum still coming out of her pussy as she stroked herself.

I swear, Rob's cock seemed to grown an inch when he saw this, and he began fucking me like a wild man. When he came, less than a minute later, I came too, so hard that I let Terry's cock slip out of my mouth, and I dropped to the ground gasping for breath.

And then with a crack of thunder, it began raining again: a summer storm that soaked our naked bodies in a matter of seconds.

32: Meanwhile, Back at the B&B...

Carl, Kathy, Larry and Linda had been sitting outside enjoying the early afternoon sun -- Terry had texted them half an hour ago to tell them they found they girls okay -- when the skies suddenly opened up, and they were all soaked by the time they got into the building. They all ran into Carl and Kathy's room.

Linda's t-shirt, sans bra, was already transparent, and neither Carl nor Larry could miss the effect the room's air conditioning was having on her nipples. "I swear," she said, noticing that they were staring, "you guys are more turned on by wet t-shirts than bare breasts."

"I think that's true, hun," Larry said. "It's a very sexy look."

"Well, here's your punishment for staring," she said, pulling off the t-shirt and throwing it on the bed.

"Some punishment," Carl said. "You know," he said, walking over to her, "we have some unfinished business from last night."


"Uh-huh. I never even got close to your breasts at the nightclub, and they look particularly ripe this afternoon. Does anybody have anything else in mind while we're waiting for the storm to let up?"

Larry began unbuttoning Kathy's blouse. "No, that sounds good to me."

It didn't take more than a few seconds before Carl had Linda on her back on one of the beds, her shorts and panties on the floor, and his mouth on her bare pussy, the first bare pussy he'd ever eaten.

"I thought you were interested in my breasts today," Linda teased, then drew in her breath and said "Oh!" as Carl's tongue reached her clit.

Linda pulled Carl's face tight against her pussy, and Carl accommodated by thrusting his tongue deep inside her. She moaned with pleasure, and after about a minute pulled his head away and said "Turn around, I want to suck you at the same time."

Carl moved position and noticed that in the next bed, Kathy was naked and between Larry legs, starting to take Larry big, hard cock into her mouth. Though he himself was rock hard, and his cock certainly wasn't small, he was certain that both women were making mental comparisons -- that Linda was unimpressed, and that Kathy would always think about Larry's cock from now on when he had sex with her.

"Mmmm," Kathy said, as she began sucking as much of Larry's cock as she could fit in her mouth.

"Hard to believe he fucked the hell out of me twice just a few hours ago," Linda said.

"I fucked twice this morning too," Carl said, as Linda began licking his cock.


And for a moment, time seemed to stop.


Kathy let Larry's cock fall out of her mouth, and she sat up and stared at her husband. "You... did...what?"

"I..." Carl began. But what could he say? That it had been an accident? Twice?

Without saying another word, Kathy took Larry's cock in her hand, then straddled him and pushed his cock deep into her pussy. "Kathy, don't!" Carl shouted as she fucked Larry hard, surprised and pleased that his entire cock fit inside her, and felt so good.

Larry, for his part, knew something was very wrong; but nobody could blame him -- nobody would blame him -- for not stopping it: a beautiful woman was suddenly riding his cock, fucking him with a vengeance (literally).

Kathy was angry, and hurt, but she also felt more emotionally charged than she had in a long time, and was experiencing a series of tiny orgasms as she used Larry's big cock. "Cum for me," she moaned. "Cum for me, fill me with your hot cum." And then he erupted, shooting his cum deep, deep into her cervix.


Thank you for reading. As always, your votes and comments will help get the next chapters online sooner rather than later.

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