tagIncest/TabooSummer Vacation with Daddy

Summer Vacation with Daddy


My plane just landed in Rio the Janero, Brazil which marked the start of my summer vacation with my dad. My dad and mom met when my dad came to Boston, from Brazil, on an exchange program for his final year of high school, they were both in the same class and the co-ed soccer team. I was the result of that brief reunion and since then I've been shuttled back and forth. I spent every summer, a week either at Christmas or the following week, it alternated, and usually two weeks during the mid-winter break. I was always happy to visit with my dad and that side of the family. I had two live grandparents, an uncle who was four years older than my dad and an uncle who was three years younger and on aunt that was seven years younger than my dad. My older uncle had three boys of his own age 16, 18 and 19.

My dad, Marco, married Laura upon graduating college, they are both 36 years old, I believe. Laura was a shockingly beautiful woman from Columbia who was in the same college program as my dad and who always treated me well during my visits. Together they had two boys, my half-brothers, Adrian (15) and Alexander (13). I liked them well enough despite being generally obnoxious.

I usually loved spending the summers with my dad but this was the year between high school and entering college in the fall, so it would have been great to spend some time with my friends. But since I had been accepted at Harvard for business on partial scholarship and the rest with the support of both my parents, I'd still be there in the fall. I was pretty lucky.

In fact, I was more than pretty lucky when looking at the whole picture. I was a 5'9" half-Brazilian, half-Caucasian woman with olive skin, long, highlighted, black hair, near zero percent body fat with a nice small waist and a decent sized bust. I'm not big, but I'm not small either. I'd like to say I was hot and I am sure all of the guys at school would agree. That was another reason I loved summers in Brazil: the boys. The hot, hot boys... and men. All perfectly sized and tanned, white teeth and tight, well-filled Speedos. The all new craze were sungas, or boxed Speedos which always get me hot.

The customs and immigration lines were already long, but today felt endless. After nearly 6 hours in the airplane I wanted to unpack, shower and fall asleep in one of the reclining chairs in my dad's backyard sipping on a long island ice tea. After retrieving my suit case I made my way out of the airport where I was met by my dad.

I can't explain it, but I was blown away suddenly by how attractive he was. I had never seen him with scruff before but it suited him. He was probably 6'3", lean but I could see his white polo shirt bulging to accommodate his well-developed, tanned chest and arms. This was new, or perhaps I never noticed before. He wore a gold chain with a cross around his neck that rested between his pectoral muscles exposed by the v-neck of his polo. Short, curly black hair, deep brown eyes and a perfect, white smile. He was perfect. He was hot! And speaking of bulge, he was wearing a snug pair of Diesel jeans that seemed to draw all of the attention to his amply packed groin. I flushed. I was embarrassed but I was pretty sure I had a mini-orgasm.

He came over and hugged me tightly and all I could feel was his hard muscles and body heat then a brief moment when his crotch bulge brushed across my thigh. I can't explain it but I wanted him to fuck me right here in the airport, my own dad. All I could envision was him naked, thrusting his large piece of meat into my recently devirginized pussy. My womb ached for him to do it.

"Bella, my love, how was your flight?" my dad asked me in his Spanish accent. I was so flushed I couldn't answer. "Looks like you need something to drink?" He took hold of my suitcase and guided me out of the terminal. "We can stop at Starbucks on the way, if you want?"

"Sure, that'd be great," I needed something cold.

We pulled out of the airport parking lot and he asked me "How was the flight?" I told him it was great but I felt stiff from sitting for so long. The flight was full and I was crammed into a window seat so getting up and stretching my legs wasn't easy without bothering others.

We merged onto the highway taking us east to wear he and my other family lived. We were idly chatting about what was new and what we could do this summer. Adrian and Alexander were spending the summer at a sports camp so it was just going to be my dad, Laura and I for the most part but Laura travelled a lot for business and would be spending a couple weeks here and there in Asia and Germany over the next two months.

My eyes kept moving between the bulging muscles under my dad's shirt and the massive bulge between his legs. He just kept talking, oblivious to my new found lust for him. We soon pulled into the parking lot next to a Starbucks and I found myself following behind him, staring at his amazing muscular ass. What the hell was wrong with me? I had sex once in the last week of school and maybe the awakening was making me want more, maybe any man would due? The sex was with my much older math teacher, Mr. Gainer, he was maybe in his early fifties but he also always wore snug-fitting trousers that accentuated what I confirmed was a nice, big penis. He took his time with me and made sure to wear a condom but it still hurt a lot at first before becoming amazing. How big was my dad's penis? His bulge was certainly larger than Mr. Gainer's, would it fit? How good would it feel?

We order our drinks and continued chatting, now about books that I read for school and what books I may choose to read during the summer. My eyes always trialed down to his crotch and this time I'm pretty sure he noticed. He smiled and had a slight twinkle in this eye but he didn't move. I could feel flushed again. When our drinks came up at the bar he led me out of the cafe but this time very close to me with his hand on the small of my back. His touch sent insane tingles through my body. I wanted to lean back and feel his hard body against mine.

Once at his car he hugged me again and kissed me on the forehead, "I like our visits, too bad you always have to go home. There are good universities in Rio you know." I felt his bulge on my thigh again and I swear it he pushed it into me. This was enough for me to agree to taking a look at the business programs.

Back in the car I tried my best not to stare at his bulge again but I couldn't help it. This time I could see the size of his dick because it was growing slowly down his left thigh. I needed to close my eyes and focus on my iced tea.

We arrived home ten minutes later and my dad helped me bring my suitcase to my room. Laura wouldn't be home until much later, which was a shame because I needed to break this sexual tension. The house was beautiful, as always, a one floor, four bedroom home that sprawled across half an acre of lush land. I had my own bedroom that no one ever went into. It was fairly private, certainly the back yard where a recently installed pool sat tantalizingly. I needed desperately to cool down. I showered quickly and changed into my bikini then ran downstairs to the pool. I dove straight in. The water was amazing.

I just pulled myself out of the water when my dad came outside carrying two drinks and wearing a very well-packed pair of tan and blue sungas. I could make out that he had very large balls and that his penis, while soft, looked like a can of coke. Shirtless now, I could see his broad muscular chest and arms, a definitive six pack, if not an eight pack. He was perfectly tanned and completely smooth. He had a tattoo of a ying yang and some flames on his left shoulder.

"Hey Bella, I brought you a long island iced tea." I nervously took it from him. He totally knew I was staring at his package. He smiled at me and sipped his drink.

I sipped mine acutely aware of how quiet it was. He continued to smile at me this time his eyes traced over my own perfect body. He occasionally look down at his crotch and every time it led my own eyes there as well. He was full-on erect now. I could see his cock wrapping around his waist and his cock head was just visible by the time with made it half way around.

"You are all grown up now? Funny how time flies." He smiled again and stepped closer. I could feel his body heat. His visibly throbbing cock was throwing off more than the rest of his flawless body. "I saw you staring at Starbucks, but you know I did." He moved even closer this time coming into contact with my melting body. He pressed hard into me, cock bulge first. I moaned. "Do you like how this feels, baby?" He asked, again with a sexy Spanish accent. I nodded and moaned again.

"I never realized how beautiful you are, daddy's little girl," his hand brushed my soaked hair away from my neck then he leaned down and started gently kissing me all the way up to my ear lobe when he nibbled a little. I was putty. My pussy was so moist. I want him to touch me everywhere. He shifted and his hard, spandex-covered cock was pushing into my stomach. He kissed me full on the lips for what felt like years.

He guided me backwards to the outdoor beach bed that was in the afternoon shade and slowly lowered me onto my back without breaking his kiss. He centered me on the bed and then began nibbling his way down my neck, then chest, stomach and rested at my naval above my panty line. His hands gently squeezed my breasts then slowly removed my bottoms exposing my neatly-trimmed pussy. I felt his lips against my pussy lips before his tongue started caressing my clit. I moaned and came. He continued to eat my pussy while one arm raised me slightly off the bed and the other expertly slide my bikini top off before lowering me back down.

His mouth worked its way back up my stomach to my breasts where he took one nipple into his mouth to gently suck while he teased and pinched my other nipple. Then a hand was back on my pussy, moving slowly, pushing first one finger then two and three into my well lubricated hole. I closed my eyes. His lips left my breasts and I felt him step back but still administered to my very horny pussy. I need his enormous cock in me now, I thought.

I opened my eyes to see him remove his sungas with one hand causing his massive prick to slap up into his well-sculpted abs. It was huge. So huge. It was well beyond his belly bottom and looked to be as thick as my wrist. It bobbed in the air for a few moments. Suddenly he was on top of me and I felt his prick rubbing against my stomach then he moved and the head came into contact with my pussy lips. I moaned and thrust upwards. His lips were on mine, his tongue in my mouth. We both thrust and his giant cock head popped inside me. I came again. This sexy man was going to fuck me with his humongous fuck stick. He was so much bigger than Mr. Gainer. My hand desperately reached down to grab on to his tennis ball-sized testicles and up to his massive shaft before he grabbed my hands and held them above my head. He thrust again and again and again, each time pushing in another inch or two.

"Fuck baby girl, you are so tight. Daddy wants to get all of his baby maker into you. Do you want to feel daddy all the way inside you, baby?" I moaned a "God yes". And he pushed again, he was somewhere around 8 inches inside of me. "Daddy's at your cervix baby. Do you want all eleven, thick inches of daddy cock in you baby? Fucking you? Cumming inside of you?"

I came at the idea of him cumming inside of me. It was all the lubrication needed for him to plunge all the way inside, his balls smacked my ass. I screamed. The stretching hurt but was quickly starting to feel amazing. This man was a stallion. He moved in and out slowly as he sucked on my neck and ear lobe muttering "fuck baby, fuck daddy's little girl, you are so amazing, daddy loves you, you're so sexy, daddy wants to fuck you good, daddy wants to cum inside of you".

The pace began to pick up. The feeling of his cock pumping in and out, gliding across my clit, filling me to the brim was too much. I came again. It was so good. He fucked me fast, then slow, then fast again still holding my arms above my head and nibbling my ear lobe. After 15 minutes he slowed to a complete stop and looked into my eyes. "Oh, my beautiful Bella, I hope you know how much I love you." I fell in love with him at that moment. I never wanted to be away from him.

He stopped for a moment then picked up the pace, muttering into my ear quicker now "oh baby, uh yeah baby, daddy's going to fill you up, daddy's going to cum inside you so good, daddy's going to breed you baby. Fuck, yeah!" He thrust hard, burying himself all the way inside me and moaned loudly. I felt his cock expand and his balls contract. His cock continued chugging for five minutes before he collapsed on top of me. After a couple minutes he rolled off me causing his cock, that was acting like a plug, to pull out releasing a copious amount of both our cum. He pushed himself up onto one arm and I admired the rippling of his muscles as he held himself there, smiling at me. His long, but soft cock rested lazily on my thigh. His other hand pushed my now mostly dried hair from my face. "So beautiful, my baby girl is."

After another moment I felt him harden again just before he rolled back onto me and plunged deep inside me once again. His lips covered mine, his hands explored my body and his dick pounded in and out in long staccatos. "Mmmm... Mmmmm.. Mmmmm... Daddy's little princess getting daddy's big, hard cock". "Uh, uh, uh," was all that I could mutter. I loved this. Each thrust caused me to move up a bit until my head was no longer on the bed but hung over the edge exposing my neck where daddy started sucking hard. I was cumming again. It was so good.

"Mmmm, fuck, baby, Mmmmm, daddy's going to cum inside you again" Then one hard shove and I felt him expanding inside me as he bit my ear hard, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" was all he managed.

We spooned for half an hour before he was rock hard again but this time he pulled me onto all fours and plunged into my sloppy cunt from behind. He fucked me slowly, hunched over me and kissing my neck and ears and my lips from the side. "Do you like riding daddy like this baby?" I moaned a yes. He fucked me for another 10 minutes before standing straight up and pulling my hips hard onto him. "Cumming, baby, cumming, uhhh." He flooded my insides again then pulled out and stepped back to look at his handy work, my sopping 18 year old pussy dripping with his cum.

He bent down and picked up his sungas and slid them back on creating his large bulge again. I rolled onto my butt and looked at him then both of our eyes looked down at this bulge. "You like daddy's bulge, baby girl?" he asked. "Very much, it is very hot." I answered.

I squeezed his limp cock through the fabric and cupped his giant balls then leaned forward to press my face into it. His cock twitched again. "Not again baby, Laura will be home soon. " He bent down and pulled my chin so that our lips met. He kissed me deeply for about a minute. "Tomorrow we'll have all day."

I cupped his package again and he grinned, "Grab your bikini." As soon as I had it in my hand he scooped me up and carried me to the shower where he washed me down. He was fully erect again. He lifted me up, front first, and lowered me onto him again. I was being completely suspended as he raised and lowered me onto his fuck stick. He did this for five minutes before putting me down, bending me over and fucked me with wild abandon. We were both shouting each time he pounded back into me. Then he came again, pulled out and finished washing. We were clothed and presentable by the time his wife came home.

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