Summer with Mother


I said “Mother I think you were a fucking whore in another life. I think you want to show me all the strange sensations of sexual fun. You want to please me as you have many other men in your other life.” I said laughing.

She laughed with me and with her eyes still fixed on mine she took my cock into her mouth. I was not fully hard. I had fucked myself out over the last two days. So I let her enjoy the feel of my cock in her mouth for a few minutes and then told her I thought we should take a rest or go out for lunch. She pulled my cock from her mouth standing she kissed me letting me taste my cock. She said she wanted to rest also. She started toward the door when I asked her if I could join her in her bed. She told me to come along.

She curled up on her side I laid on my side with only our bare behinds touching. I fell asleep in seconds and my head was filled with dreams of wild sexual fantasies. I was fucking every person I had ever known all the girls that had gone to school with me and a few of there mothers. One that seemed to linger was the mother of a silly little girl I had never even dated but I knew her mother from church. I always thought she was so sexy so now in my dreams I was fucking this older lady and enjoying it.

When I started to wake I was now spooning mother and my hard-on was firmly planted along her wet pussy. Not in her pussy but just laying along that juicy slit.

Mother was breathing evenly and deeply. I pulled back some and with my finger tip tilted my cock up just enough to let the head slip into her. Just the head not my whole cock. I got the head wet and pulled back again. This time I pressed the wet head to her tiny rose hole. It gave way easily. My cock head slipped into my mother ass hole with out much resistance. I let the head rest there just in side her tight little ass hole. It felt so good and so strange.

My words screamed through my head. “Your cock is in your mother ass.”

It was so emotional and stimulating my cock was throbbing out of control. The blood was pulsating through my cock making it jerk of its own accord. With out much movement I come. It was unbelievable I was coming; I was cuming in my mother’s ass and I had not even started to fuck her. With each full spurt of cum my cock went in her ass a little deeper. Spurt, push, spurt push with in a few second my cock was firmly planted deep up her sweet ass and still my cum flew from my cock. Slowly it stopped and my cock was hard and fully embedded in her tiny tight ass hole.

I had both arms around her now hugging and my head was bent forward pushing on the back of her neck. She started to uncurl. She stopped and stiffened. Her head jerked around to look over her shoulder. “Your, your cock is in my ass. You fucked me in the ass. Oh, My God it feels so strange, so tight you’re so big. I can feel your cock throbbing I me.” she said in a whisper.

An hour later we both had showered and came down to the kitchen dressed only in robes my old terry cloth one and her silky red and black one. With tossed wet hair we were a sexy couple if I ever saw one. We never made it out for lunch. So Mom made sandwiches and a couple of glasses of milk. We sat without much talk just looking out the windows.

Finely she asked “Do you really care for Cindy?”

I told her Cindy was a fun girl and yes I did care for her but I was not serious about her if that is wanted she was asking. She said she guessed that is what she was asking.

I asked the same question about her and Tom. She said Tom was a very nice man and he wanted to marry her. She said that last week she may have said yes to his proposal. But now she was not too sure what she should say.

I told her that even though we have found a special sense of purpose in our lives I thought she should plan for her own future as I was going to do. I said I would always want to feel free to make love to her when ever we both agreed but would not want to keep her from enjoying a full life.

We did not talk for a while but then it occurred to me that maybe we should plan on having an on going relationship with the knowledge and consent of our other partners. When I told her what I was thinking she did not agree at first then she kind of laughed.

I asked what she was laughing about and she said she wondered what it would be like to see my ass bouncing up and down on another women. That picture seemed funny to me also.

So I said “Yes and I think it would be sexy as hell watching you suck another guys cock too.” I then asked her if she had sucked Tom’s cock.

She said she had and he was very fond of her oral talents. It seems his wife had not been so inclined to do that for him. I said “You’re very good that is for sure.”

We were talking sexy but not with any degree of sexual arousal as I think we both were pretty well fucked out. So we decided to go for a walk.

I told Mom to dress kind of sexy as we were sure to stop at the hotel. When she came down she was dressed in short shorts, a halter top that was low cut to show the smooth full globs of her fine tits. Her make up was mostly soft and natural except for the bright red lip gloss. What a beautiful mouth I thought for kissing or fucking. When she turned to walk out the door ahead of me my cock tingled as my eyes fixed on the solid round twin cheeks of her ass. What a sexy women she was.

More people had started to arrive for the summer. More boats were moored at the city docks just off the causeway bridge. The narrow street were beginning to fill with people. The hotel now had tables out side under roof. Several couples were sitting around drinking beer and eating. I noticed a few of the younger guys eyeing my mother with lust in there dirty little minds. As we entered the hotel I saw a friend from school and called to him. Phil Martin turned and came over to say “Hi” he was followed closely by a cute little blonde with a great set of tits and a big smile.

I introduced mother simply as Gail not as my mother. Phil introduced the blonde as Gloria and he introduced me as Blair no last names.

We said we were down for lunch and asked them to join us. Phil was pleased to join us. Gloria was showing signs of wanting to get on with her day. My guess was that she wanted to go back to the room they shared and screw his head off. I on the other hand thought I would like to see this young sweet thing naked. She did have one hell of a body.

After sandwiches and a couple of beers Gloria calmed down and got in the mood to be more sociable. Phil I noticed was paying a lot of attention to mother and I got the feeling she was enjoying the attention. After our third beer Phil asked “Where are you guys staying?”

I said we had rented a cabin for the whole summer and we were going to stay up for three months. Phil seemed impressed but I knew he was lacking for funds to play with. I suggested we all meet back here for dinner”On me” about eight tonight. They said they would see us then and we parted company.

I don’t know if it was because mother looked so sexy or the idea of that cute little Gloria with the great tits would be around tonight or what but as soon as we got in the house I pulled Mom up to her bedroom and practically ripped her cloths off. Mom was all fired up to by Phil’s giving her the once over so she cooperated in the business of grabbing and getting naked.

After a quick sixty-nine I got her up on all fours so I could get her doggie style. But once her ass was there in front of my glassy eyed stair I went fucking nuts. My cock was just touching her wet pussy lips when I smashed my hand across the ass. She gave out a cry and fell forward on her chest while keeping her ass well up in the air.

My cock throbbed as I laid one more hand across her ass. This time even harder. She cried out in pain and I hit her again. Both hands came together with ass between them. I took a grip on her hips and rammed my cock home. I worked faster with every thrust. I was banging her ass and driving my cock in her pussy harder and harder. She was making those animal sounds again as I arched my back and came deep inside her pussy. We fell lifeless on the bed. This fucking was even too much for me. A young hardened veteran of the school of hard fucking.

A cool shower and a glass beer shared brought us back to life. I went off to my room to dress and get ready for tonight. I was working on my second beer when Mom came down.

“Wow, Mom you’re gorgeous.” I said with my mouth hanging open. My eyes were feasting on a woman that was so sexy and beautiful I thought of taking her back to bed.

“Thank you Darling. Do you think your friends will no think I am too old to be part of the evening festivities?” she said in a low husky voice.

“Hell no you’re spectacular and all the guys will want a piece of you. I may have to fight off a mob of guys.” I was smiling and teasing but still very serious about how she looked.

“What will you do if your friend Phil should want more than a single dance?” she asked.

“Mom; I am sure I would go along with anything you wanted to do. But I would also insist I be a part of anything you get your self into.” I said. I knew what she may have had in mind since we had talked about sex with others.

“Mom; Are you having thoughts of sex with other guys and with me at the same time? Do you think you would enjoy sexy with two guys? OK, let me ask you one. What would you say if Gloria wanted to join in on the fun?” I asked.

I had not thought of that but she is Phil’s girlfriend so I guess she might want to have some fun too.” She said with a serious face. Then her eyes brows came together and she smiled. I saw a strange look come over her and knew she was thinking of a girl to girl contact. My mother was becoming a fucking machine and I must say it was a well oiled machine and worked very smoothly.

We entered the hotel through the side door and took a seat at the bar.

Cartwright the owner came up whistled and shook his head at Mom. “Wow, Gail you look very cool.” He said offering her his hand. She took his hand. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed her hand.

Mom had slipped into a small soft halter top that showed off her fine firm breasts and nipples. A bare mid-drift well down to just about her hips hung a pair of white shorts that were tight, short and showed her fine ass as if it were naked. Tanned legs with muscles to spare showed she was fond of working out and jogging. I got the feeling Cartwright would love to get close to Mom. But so far the timing had not been right. But we will see what we will see as there was a lot of summer left.

Phil and Gloria came in both looked fresh and she was sexy as hell. Phil had that well fucked look about him. But I guess I did too.

Phil took the stool on the other side of Mom and Gloria slipped in next to me. I do believe his was rehearsed and it kind of set the stage for the rest of the evening. Phil wasted no time in letting Mom know he was interested in her. But I kind of laughed and wondered what this couple would say once they found out she was my mother and not a girl friend.

Summer with Mother –II

The gathering of many:

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