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Summer with Sister


This started on an incest chat board

[14:29:31] u ever do anything with yur sis? i did with mine

[14:29:46] just like wrestle spanking little touching

[14:29:58] i did more

[14:30:08] nice i wanna do more

[14:30:16] it takes time

[14:30:25] ya im workin on it

[14:30:38] how old are u?how old is she?

[14:30:47] im 19 shes 18

[14:31:00] same age. i was 19, she was 18

[14:31:13] oh nice

[14:31:48] yeah, it started with playing around in our pool

[14:32:16] mmm thats good

[14:32:34] i "accidentaly" pulled her top off

[14:32:37] oops

[14:33:26] haha good

[14:34:00] she had nice tits. anyway i quickly gave her her top back and acted all embarassed but i planted the seed

[14:34:33] lol ya thats a good idea

[14:34:40] after we got out of the pool i still acted all sorry and suggested since i saw her, she could see me

[14:35:25] oh nice

[14:36:14] so we went to her room and i pulled down my suit for a few seconds. i was hard and she stared

[14:37:03] she like it

[14:38:03] yeah, i could tell. then she asked me if i wanted to see her vagina. i of course said yes so she lowered her bottoms for me to get a good look. she had a nice amount of hair

[14:38:18] oh hot

[14:39:23] yea, that was it for that day, but the next day after we went swimming and came back in we were going to shower and change and i suggested that since we had already seen each other naked we should take a shower together

[14:40:05] oh damn thats great

[14:40:11] she said no to that so i backed off for a bit

[14:40:24] oh

[14:40:42] a few days later she asked me if i still wanted to shower with her

[14:41:30] i'm pretty sure she had gotten a hold of my dad's porn in the meantime and was more curious

[14:42:09] mmm thats nice

[14:42:46] yeah, it was awesome when she took off her suit and i saw her totally naked

[14:43:17] what she look like

[14:44:02] Then - 5'6. thin. brown hair. b cup tits. nice little ass. what does your sis look like?

[14:44:28] 4'11 about 98pounds tan brunette 34c nice round ass

[14:44:56] oh that is nice. ever see her naked?

[14:45:20] yea i have

[14:45:38] how did that happen?

[14:45:50] spying on her changing into her bikini

[14:45:59] nice

[14:46:11] you think she'd have sex with you?

[14:46:34] idk maybe, she is kinda slutty

[14:46:52] give her a beer or two

[14:48:38] ya ill try that

[14:48:57] she bang a lot of guys?

[14:49:18] yea

[14:49:34] i was my sister's first (and she was mine)

[14:49:50] oh fuck thats real nice

[14:50:08] except we didn;t know what we were doing

[14:50:26] oh

[14:50:56] first time was more or less me dry humping her. i had a lot to learn about foreplay

[14:51:24] well at least you got that far with her

[14:52:06] yeah. that was after she had given me hand jobs in the shower and i had fingered her a few times (got make sure the soap cleans everything)

[14:52:26] ya thats real hot

[14:53:15] yeah, first time i came on her we were both surprised. we had started taking showers together during the day when no one was home and had been soaping each other up.

[14:53:48] she had become used to my hardon and this one morning i was super horny and just came as she lathered me

[14:54:16] oh damn thats real nice

[14:54:37] yeah, first time i every came with somebody else

[14:55:12] ya im sure id cum real hard from my sis

[14:55:38] yeah, after that she gave me handjobs in the shower regularly

[14:56:27] ya id love to be showering with my sis

[14:57:05] yeah it got better as we got more used to being naked with each othr and we stayed naked sometimes after the shower

[14:58:00] we would sometimes spend the morning in one of our beds masturbating each other

[14:58:12] oh fuck thats nice

[14:58:51] yeah, so one day i asked her if she wanted to fuck, just kind of jokingly, and she said yes

[14:59:23] that surprised me so i got on top of her before she could change her mind -- and couldn't get in

[14:59:51] oh damn

[15:00:24] yeah, its funny now though

[15:00:45] haha i bet

[15:01:01] she was too dry so i ended up dry humping her between her legs

[15:01:13] oh that kind asucks

[15:01:16] i was horny i was gonna cum no matter what so i did

[15:01:24] ha nice

[15:02:21] she remembered seeing lube in our parents room and borrowed that for the next time

[15:02:30] ah very nice

[15:02:43] slipped right in and popped her

[15:03:17] mmmm good

[15:03:49] yeah except i came right away. it took a bit for me to figure out how to hold off till she got off

[15:04:14] ya im sure it was hard at first

[15:05:16] yeah, she was getting pissed so i started fingering her first and then when she was about to cum i'd get on top and fuck her

[15:05:27] it was a good summer

[15:05:39] shit yea sounds like it

[15:06:25] the best was when our parents went down to AC for the weekend and we stayed at home. we told our friends we were going away too and instead spent the weekend in bed

[15:07:50] damn id love to do that

[15:08:42] it was awesome. all we did was fuck or just hang out in bed. i came in her 6 or 7 times (I miss being 19)

[15:09:21] we had gotten one of those sex position books and tried almost every position

[15:09:47] shit that is awesome

[15:10:10] yeah, after that we fucked almost every day for about a year

[15:11:18] damn id wanna do my sis just once would be hot

[15:12:08] once you get started the convenience of having pussy nearby is too much to pass up, especially if she wants to fuck too

[15:12:19] i was lucky she was equally horny

[15:12:36] ya im sure she is, just need her to wanna fuck me

[15:12:43] would be such a hot fuck

[15:13:01] oh yeah. it was fun while it lasted

[15:13:17] especially once she was comfortable fuckinmg

[15:13:47] mmm nice

[15:14:45] one morning we had something like a 10 min gap from the time our mom left and we had to leave for school. as soon as she saw mom's car leave she asked if i wanted to

[15:15:08] damn she was horny

[15:15:32] yeah we practically ran to her room and pulled off our pants. as soon as i got on the bed she pounced me

[15:15:46] got right on top and came in a minute

[15:16:40] as soon as she was done she laid down on the bed and i fucked her doggy style. we were both done in a few min and were in the car on the way to school like nothing happened right on schedule

[15:16:58] ha damn thats awesome

[15:17:19] found out later she was pretending i was some guy she had the hots for

[15:17:51] lol

[15:18:36] oh well. i was interested in other girls too so probably just as well. by the following summer we were seeing other people and not really fucking anymore. that was over 20 years ago and we haven't fucked since. our spouses don't know what we did and we've never really talked about it since.

[15:20:32] well at least u got it while u could. hey my sister is home. think i'm going to suggest we go for a swim

[15:22:16] Good luck

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