tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 03

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 03


Summer Wayne is a tall, brunette, 40 year old English teacher, mother of two college age sons and wife to James who travels for his profession. Summer has found that her life had gotten pretty boring and had placed an ad on a site for Wives Who Need Sex. She replied to one of her responders, which turned out to be one of her high school students. Since her reply contained an explicit picture of her, the student, Todd, has successfully trapped Summer in blackmail to keep her job and her marriage safe. Summer does not know that her tormentor is in fact a student at this point. Todd, has been forcing Summer into a slow spiral into sexual submission via text messages from his profile name, Master T. As chapter two ended, Summer had been forced by Master T to submit to the advances of a student in the faculty parking lot on Friday afternoon. She has just joined her best friend at a local margarita bar to celebrate the end of the week.

As Summer walked back to the bar, Lisa noticed that Summer’s breasts swayed as she was walked towards her. When Summer had come into the bar when she first arrived, Lisa noticed that her lips, chin and cheeks had what she thought might have been a cream of some kind, like a milkshake, on the way to the bar. As Lisa watched Summer walk towards her at the bar, she noticed the heads of several men turn and look wantonly at her friend. Lisa could see that Summer had undone two buttons on her blouse, which was giving anyone who looked a really good view of her ample breasts and cleavage.

When Summer was next to Lisa, the two friends hugged, and to Lisa, Summer seemed to linger in the embrace for an extended period. Summer climbed up on the bar stool to Lisa’s left which positioned Summer with her back to the front entrance to the bar and facing back towards the path through the bar that she had just walked. Summer noticed that several men were looking at her and she could tell that they were pleased with what they saw. As Summer crossed her legs, Lisa noticed the bottom three buttons to Summer’s skirt were undone and she swore she saw no panties covering her friend’s pussy. Lisa thought that she saw the tops of her thigh hi’s as well as a very fluffy mound of pubic hair which was much different than hers as her husband always wanted her pussy completely shaved. Lisa remembered that Summer had always said that she thought that a shaved pussy was disgusting and that she would never do that. Lisa wondered where Summer’s panties were.

The friends chatted for a while and they each finished their first golden margarita then subsequently ordered a second. Just as the second icy treat arrived, Summer’s phone buzzed and she saw that her tormentor was again texting her. Summer knew that she could not risk angering him anymore than she already had by ignoring his first text while she had been driving to the bar. She told Lisa that she had to take the call and that she would be right back. As Lisa watched Summer get down off of the bar stool, she looked as closely as she could without being too obvious and her original observation was confirmed that Summer was indeed not wearing any panties as she could see the thick brown hairs of her pussy mound. Lisa watched as Summer headed back towards the bathroom and followed the sway of her ass cheeks along with the men on that side of the bar.

As Summer entered the bathroom, she opened the most recent text from her tormentor and she began to read. “Slut, where are you right now?” and it was signed Master T. Summer quickly fumbled with her phone and texted back, “Master T, I am in the ladies room at the margarita bar with my friend Lisa, and signed it as she had been directed, Your Slut Summer.” Summer thought that she would take advantage of the opportunity while in the bathroom and relieved herself while awaiting the inevitable response from her Master T. As she finished washing her hands, her phone buzzed again. “Slut, tell me how you are dressed” Master T. Summer replied, “Master T, I have the same beige blouse with two buttons undone, I have put on my pink bra back on after Todd had made me take it off, my beige button up skirt with the bottom three buttons undone, my thigh hi hose and my school work heels”, signed Your Slut Summer.

Within a minute, her phone buzzed again and the reply was not kind. “Slut, who told you that you could put your bra back on? Stand in front of the mirror there in the bathroom, take off your blouse, remove the bra and throw it in the trash can as punishment for putting it back on without my permission. You may put your blouse back on, but you are to step into a stall, do not close it and while facing toward the mirrors, open your skirt, spread your legs as wide as possible, reach down and rub your ugly, hairy cunt until you cum. You are to aid your orgasm by twisting and squeezing your big nipples. Write back to me immediately after your pussy soaks your fingers, Master T.”

As Summer was standing before the mirror, she seemed to go into autopilot. As she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off of her shoulders, Summer reached behind and easily unclasped the pink bra allowing it to fall away from her chest. As the 36C cups fell away from her breasts, Summer noticed that she had a slight hickie left by her student tormentor in the school parking lot. Summer looked at herself in the mirror and wondered how she could have been so stupid to have allowed herself to fall prey to her internet tormentor. She resolved to try and negotiate with Master T on Saturday, as she was just too tired and strung out to do that from the bar. Summer tossed the bra into the trash container and moved to the last of the three stalls in the ladies bathroom.

As instructed, Summer stood in the stall and could see her reflection in the mirror. Summer prayed that her orgasm would come quickly as she did not want to be interrupted by another woman coming to the bathroom. Summer shrugged her shoulders so that her blouse fell away, which made it easier for her to access her nipples. She started by using both hands to squeeze and twist her nipples. As she watched herself, Summer was amazed at how far she was willing to go to please Master T in order to get that picture back. She looked at herself and was pleased that the years had been kind to her and all of those after work training sessions had helped to keep her stomach flat. Slowly, Summer started moving her right hand down towards her pussy. As her hand passed through her thick pubic hair and drew closer to her pussy, she reached down to undo one more button on her beige skirt to give her better access to her now erect clit engulfed in her hairy pubic mound.

As Summer’s middle finger began to stimulate her clit, her fingers began to alternate between each of her already hard and erect nipples. She began pulling and stretching her aching nipples as her middle finger continued its circular assault on her burning clit. She closed her eyes and waited as the inevitable orgasm began to form and as she erupted she was startled by the flash of a camera that was being held by her friend Lisa. Lisa was able to capture Summer at the peak of her orgasm and she could see her left nipple pulled away from her breast, Summer’s legs spread wide and her fingers thrust into her pussy. Lisa was able to take three more pictures of Summer as she came down from her orgasmic high. When Summer recovered from her orgasm, she immediately wrapped her blouse back over her shoulders to cover her breasts as she asked Lisa, “Why did you do that”? To which Lisa said, “I have been waiting out by the bar for over fifteen minutes. I have had three men come up and hit on me with each one wondering where my hot friend was. Now I come into the bathroom, find you almost stripped naked, squeezing your nipples and rubbing your cunt to orgasm without fear of anyone coming in and finding you looking like a slut in heat.”

Lisa saw Summer lower her head and start to tremble as tears began slowly rolling down her checks. Summer broke down, started balling uncontrollably and slammed the door to the stall. As she sat on the commode, Summer covered her face with her hands and wondered how she could allow herself to be in this situation with no apparent way out. She recovered enough to stand, button her blouse & skirt and then left the stall. She did not look Lisa in the eyes as she made her way to the lavatory to wash the tears away from her face. As she finished, Lisa handed her one of the valet towels that were placed on the counter so that Summer could wipe away the water without the sting from a paper towel. Once dry, she looked up at Lisa and asked, “Why are you taking pictures of me? I want you to delete them right now!”

“First, I want to know why you are in here rubbing your cunt in an open stall with your clothes unbuttoned and with no bra or panties on. Second, I want to know what has come over you because I have always thought that you were prudish and had had sex only a few times in your life: on your honeymoon and when you got pregnant. So tell me Summer, why are you in here touching yourself like some wanton slut?”

For a moment, Summer thought about breaking down and just telling Lisa the whole truth about her tormentor Master T and what he was making her do. But she just could not imagine what kind of reaction her best friend would have. So, Summer lied, “I have been really lonely this week. The kids are off at college and James is on an extended trip to Asia. I have just been thinking lots about him and feeling sorry for myself. I do not know what has come over me to be honest.”

About that time, Summer’s phone started its inevitable buzz letting her know that she had waited too long in responding to Master T. Lisa could see Summer’s hands begin to tremble as she scrolled down the message on the phone as she heard Summer quietly say, “Oh God.”

Lisa asked Summer what is wrong and Summer just shook her head and began re-reading her tormentor’s message. “Slut, it has been almost ten minutes and I have not heard one word from you. Do not worry about replying to this message as I already have prepared an email to go to the webmaster at your school. The very seductive and slutty picture of you on that bathroom counter will be posted for all to see by tomorrow morning so any student or parent checking the website over the weekend will get to see your pussy spread wide by that big black dildo of yours, Master T.”

Summer began typing immediately not worrying about Lisa, “Dear Master T, I am so sorry, but right in the middle of my orgasm, my friend Lisa came into the bathroom and caught me. I had taken my bra off and threw it into the trash container, my blouse was completely unbuttoned, I was standing in the stall looking into the mirror, squeezing my nipples and rubbing my clit. As I came, Lisa began taking pictures of me so I have been lying to her as to why I was doing such a slutty thing. Please oh please do not send the picture. You know that I will do whatever it takes to get that picture back from you, Your Slut Summer.”

Unbeknownst to Summer, Lisa had been looking over her shoulder as she responded to Master T. It took Lisa a couple of minutes before she could bring herself to question Summer about it. “Summer, who is Master T and what picture does he have of you?”

“What” Summer said, as she whirled around to find Lisa standing right behind her?

“You know Summer, I am very nosey and I could not help myself. Now I find that my best friend, of many years, has a sexual secret that she has kept from me so what did you expect from me, Lisa said, as her eyes bored angrily into Summer’s?”

Summer could felt the walls of the bathroom closing in on her. She felt Lisa’s hands on her shoulders as she looked directly into her eyes as she said, “Summer, Master T calls you his slut. How long have you been his slut?”

Summer’s reply was interrupted by a new text from Master T, “Slut, I have warned you about not immediately replying to me. Unbutton all of the buttons on your blouse, all but one button on your skirt, tell me what kind of pictures Lisa has of you and describe her to me.”

Summer said, “Oh, God Lisa I need your help.” So, Summer quickly detailed what happened only a short night ago when she sent that picture to an unknown man by accident and the trouble she was in because of her teaching position as well as her marriage with James.

Summer then told Lisa, “I have to unbutton all of my buttons, describe the pictures that you have of me and what you look like. Right now you are not involved, but if I start telling him about you, he may draw you into this and I do not want to cause you any problems.”

Lisa said, “Summer, he does not have a picture of me and I am not a teacher, so it is only you who is in trouble, so go ahead and describe me to him.” As Summer began her text message Lisa told her to let her look over her shoulder.

“Master T, I am wearing the blouse and skirt unbuttoned as you directed. Lisa’s pictures show me in the stall with my fingers squeezing my nipples and my fingers in my pussy. The first picture shows me at the beginning of my orgasm and the last shows me after completion. My friend Lisa is 5’ 10”, red hair, green eyes, size 38 C breasts, she is wearing a short black skirt, blouse and black heels signed Your Slut Summer.”

The minute that Summer hit the send button, her stomach began to turn in knots. Now her best friend knew about her predicament and submission to an unknown tormentor. Summer began pleaded with Lisa, “Please do not think bad thoughts about me and please, please to not tell James about this as it will cause our marriage to end.”

Lisa began to pace a little in the bathroom and was amazed that so far no one had come into the bathroom. Then she hit upon Summer’s lie. Lisa said to Summer, “In your response, you told your Master that your blouse and skirt were unbuttoned. What will happen if he makes you take a picture of yourself and then send it to him? Don’t you think that you will be in trouble for that?”

Summer quickly said, “Oh, god I do not know. But, I am willing to take a chance because he is not here and there is really no way he will know, right?”

Lisa quickly said, “Summer, this guy has something over you that you do not want him to use against you. You believe that he will and I believe that he will. Now, get in the handicapped stall and do as he says!”

Summer looked at Lisa and felt like she really had no choice and agreed with Lisa. As she stepped into the stall, Summer felt Lisa right behind her locking the door. Fortunately, Summer noticed that this stall is one that has a full door and must be extra wide so that it can accommodate a wheelchair.

Summer turned around just in time to have Lisa grab her purse and take out her phone and say to Summer, “Unbutton that blouse and skirt Summer before you get the next text. Do it now!” Summer was taken aback by this change in Lisa, but is none the less resigned to do as Master T has instructed and reconfirmed by her best friend Lisa.

Summer mindlessly began unbuttoning her blouse and as she finished Lisa told her, “Pull it off slut.”

Summer protested and began to argue when Lisa told her, “Summer you are his slut, but I have pictures too. I want you to take the blouse off now. Imagine what James would say if I were to email that first picture that shows your hand in your hairy cunt and the way you were stretching and squeezing your nipples”. Summer began to beg Lisa not to treat her that way and to not us the word cunt with her as she felt that was degrading.
Lisa grabbed Summer by the arm, shook her and then said to her, “Summer you are a slut for him, now take off that damn blouse or I will rip it from your body.”

Summer sort of cowered back into the stall and shook the blouse off of her shoulders. Lisa took the blouse and hung it on the post on the back of the stall door. Lisa then ordered Summer to take the skirt off, but to keep her heels and hose on. Summer complied with her new tormentor, started with the top button on her skirt; she slowly undid enough buttons to allow the skirt to slip over her hips and down to her ankles. Lisa bent down and helped Summer step out of the skirt while leaving her heels on.

As Lisa stood back up, she looked directly at Summer’s cunt to find her pussy lips wet and her clit standing erect. As Lisa rose, she looked Summer in the eyes and said, “You are so wet. I think that you are a slut. But, why do you have all of that hair around your cunt? It is disgusting to have that much hair. Don’t you know that men love the feeling of a soft, smooth cunt mound? You should do something about that”.

Summer answered her new tormentor, “Lisa that is a disgusting thing to say to me. I think a woman should not shave her pubic hair as it is there for a reason. Besides, only a slut and a low life would shave that private area.”

“So, let me get this straight Summer, are you calling me a slut or a low life,” Lisa said quite angrily.

Summer said, “Lisa, I am not calling you either one. I am saying that only those types of women would shave that area.”

Lisa paused for just a second and then replied, “Well, which one you are calling me Slut? I shave my pussy and my ass. My husband likes it that way, but I really like the way it feels when I have on my thong panties, like today.”

Summer quickly said in disgust, “You have got to be kidding me Lisa; I would have never figured you to be that way.”

Summer’s phone then buzzed and before she could take it from Lisa’s hand, she saw the flash of her own camera. She cursed at Lisa saying, “Why did you do that? Why are you treating me this way? I did not give you permission to take that picture.”

Lisa just smiled and opened the new text, which asked, “Slut let me see proof that you have indeed done as instructed”, signed Master T.

Lisa typed back, “Master T, I have attached a picture that should meet with your approval. My friend Lisa took it without my permission, but it does show me with no clothes on, instead of unbuttoned clothes. I hope that this pleases you, Your Slut Summer.”

With tears welling up in her eyes from anger and humiliation, Summer said to Lisa, “Damn it Lisa, why are you texting that bastard. Who do you think you are anyway?”

“Well Slut, I am your new Mistress. I decided that you need someone to give you proper guidance from a woman’s perspective and you do not seem to appreciate the demands and needs of a woman.”

Lisa continued in on Summer, “Obviously, you are going to learn what a man wants, but I know you will be a good slut for me too.”

Lisa raised her own digital camera and pointing at her new found play toy said, “Slut, grab both of your breasts and squeeze them for me right now.”

Without hesitation, Summer’s hands proceeded up to her breasts as if they had minds of their own. Summer could not stop herself even if she wanted to as the extreme urges deep inside were telling her to comply. Summer’s hands found her nipples and began to pull and twist the silver dollar sized nipples. As Summer was twisting, she felt the flash of Lisa’s camera catch her in this pose. And without any directions, Summer’s hand slowly trailed from her right breast down to her clit. Her hand lingered for just a brief moment on her pussy mound before finding its way through her now moist pubic hair until it found her erect clit. When Summer’s finger found its intended target, Lisa heard her audible moan as the middle finger on Summer’s hand began to feverishly rub her clit.

As Lisa continued to digitally record Summer’s compliance with her directions as well as with Summer succumbing to her own submissive desires, Lisa’s own panties began to moisten from the erotic show that Summer was performing for her as well as the urge she felt to degrade her best friend further.

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