tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 07

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 07


To my followers and to my new readers, I apologize for the time between chapters. I have paused to try and find a suitable path on which to take Summer to complete her submission to Master T. This is the beginning of the path. I hope you enjoy.


"That's right slut, spread those legs further so that I can get my cock all the way into that hot ass of yours," she heard Todd say.

Summer could feel Todd's cock going deeper into her ass and she could feel the top of her wooden desk scraping against her new nipple piercings. Todd had surprised her this morning and had been waiting on her in her classroom. He had made her strip off all of her clothes except for the garter belt, hose and her red stiletto heels. Now, he had bent her over her desk and was forcing her to fuck him while the principal, Mr. William Harding watched.

"You see Mr. Harding, she is my slut and she will do anything I tell her to do," Todd said.

To which Mr. Harding said, "I want to see the slut cum. Can you make her cum Todd?"

All he said to Summer was, "Slut, put your hands under your body and start rubbing your clit."

Without hesitation, Summer slowly slid her right hand between her pelvic bone and her teaching desk. When her fingers found her clit, Mr. Harding could hear her audible moan. Summer began to rapidly stroke her now erect clit in rhythm with Todd's assault on her asshole. The deeper he went the closer she was to an orgasm. She felt Todd's intensity increase and she felt his cock bury itself deep within her bowels.

Todd then said, "Slut, the next time you feel my hairy balls slap against your ass, I want you to cum immediately. Do you understand me slut?"

All Summer could say was, "Yes Master T."

Todd slowed down his assault on the sexy teacher's ass hole. He got into a rhythm where he would force his cock into Summer's tight asshole, but not completely. Todd wanted Mr. Harding to see how Summer would fuck her hips to meet each of his thrusts. It did not take long for Summer to begin to fuck back against Todd's thrusts. Todd could feel her ass beginning to stretch just a little and that Summer was no longer feeling pain.

Todd began to quicken the pace of his cock sliding deeper and deeper into Summer's asshole. He could feel her body more strongly meeting each of his thrusts. Summer was laying face down on her desk with her face turned towards her principal, Mr. Harding. She could see the lust on his face and the sneer of the knowledge that she now must submit to him as well as Todd. Summer saw the principal slowly move towards the desk and just as he neared her, she saw him lowering his zipper. Summer watched as the principal unbuckled his pants and in one swift motion lowered them around his ankles.

Mr. Harding placed the tip of his already erect cock against Summer's lips. When he did not feel any resistance he jammed the full length of his eight inch cock completely into Summer's mouth. Summer gasped for air through her nose because the principal's girth was gagging her and there was no way to force it from her mouth.

Just then she felt Todd's pace quicken and she could feel her body once again betraying her as the constant feeling of Todd's cock sliding into and almost completely out of her ass as well as the manipulation of her clit by her fingers had her body on the verge of orgasm. But, Summer did not dare cum as she knew the consequences of not following Todd's instructions would be dire. So, Summer pressed her pelvic bone harder against her hand and waited for the command that would send her over the edge.

But, before that could happen she felt hands on her head, fingers wrapped in her hair and the cock in her mouth began to erupt as the principal was not able to last long in her mouth. Gobs of cum erupted into her throat. Summer could feel each eruption spray his hot jism against the back of her throat. When the last of the principal's eruptions ended, Summer felt Mr. Harding's cock slip from her lips leaving a trail of cum. That is when she heard the words she was dying to hear from Todd, "Cum now Slut!"

With that, Todd slammed his cock completely into Summer's ass where he began to pump his cum deep into her bowels. At the same time, Summer's body erupted into an orgasm that caused her to slam her ass back against Todd's pelvic region. Summer could feel each of Todd's ejaculations as she felt his hot cum against her bowel's walls. Summer felt Todd's last thrust and his body crashed against her. He lay on top of her motionless until she heard the school bells ringing.

Summer trying to get Todd off of her screamed, "Master T, please get off of me. My class is starting in 2 minutes. Please get off."

Todd replied, "Well today slut, your students are going to find out what kind of teacher they really have."

Todd pulled his cock out of the poor English teacher's ass, held her body down on the desk and then stuck his cock up to her lips. "Slut, open your mouth and clean my cock," was Todd's command.

Summer pleaded, "Master T, please let me up. Do not make me do that. The students will be in here any minute."

About that time, to Summer's horror the second bell rang and..................................

Just then, Summer was awakened from her sleep to the sound of her home phone ringing. As she grabbed the phone and answered, she was pleasantly surprised that it was her husband James making his usual Sunday morning call to her. She and James talked for what seemed like an hour when they finally said their goodbyes. James noted that Summer seemed to be a bit distant, but he attributed that to the distance and the remaining four weeks that he would be in Asia. He promised to call during the middle of the week on Skype so that they could see each other's faces.

James then made a call to his best friend Steve. He and his wife Lisa had been friends of theirs for as many years as he and Summer had lived in their home. He asked that Steve and Lisa go and check on Summer on Sunday afternoon. James told Steve that he felt something was wrong with Summer but she only had said that she was very tired and had not been sleeping well. Steve told James that he and Lisa would be happy to go and check on Summer on their way to his company's party later on Sunday afternoon. James thanked Steve and hung up the phone.

As Summer hung up the phone, she realized that she still had on the same clothes from Saturday. She could not believe that she had slept all night without bothering to strip off the slutty clothes that Todd had made her wear all Saturday. Summer jumped out of bed and stripped off the white sweater and blue jean skirt. As she looked in the mirror, she was startled by the piercings in her nipples as she had forgotten all about them. She studied her nipples and how the barbell type piercings made her nipples stand erect.

Summer unclasped her bra and then gave each piercing a slight pull. Summer was relieved that the only pain she experienced was a slight irritation, but she was thankful that there was no deep searing pain to deal with. Just then she remembered that Marcos had also done his handiwork on the lips of her pussy. She tugged the red thong off of her hips and rolled the flimsy material down her legs until it gathered around her feet. Summer swiftly kicked the panties towards the dirty clothes hamper.

Summer placed her left foot on her make-up stool, which allowed her to see the piercings in each of her pussy lips. She was taken aback by how her lips and clit stood out because of having had her pubic hair removed by Marcos' red headed assistant, Sarah. Her lips appeared to be very pouty and enlarged. The two rings looked to fill the pierced skin as Summer could not see any details of the holes punched into her tender genital lips. Summer said to herself, "I have to give Marcos his due as I am not in too much pain and the piercings do not seem to have damaged my body in any way."

Summer then looked into the mirror and pulled her hair away from her left ear, she was able to see that Marcos' piercing was quite expertly done, and there was no reddening around the piercings and the large gage size of the piercing. She also noticed the three red beads that adorned the gold ring. Summer wondered to herself as to what the significance of the three red beads could be. But, she felt that at some point, Todd would enlighten her.

Summer stepped into her shower and let the warm water run over her body. She shuddered when the water began running over her pierced nipples as they seemed to be so much more sensitive to touch. Summer found herself concentrating on the water stimulating her nipples and almost mindlessly ran the fingers of her right hand down to each nipple giving each a slight tug and she was pleased that the sensation she felt was erotic and not pain.

Summer's right hand continued down over her flat abdomen (after years of crunches and sit-ups) and settled on her clit. Summer's left hand began to massage her breasts while carefully avoiding the gold bar piercings. Summer leaned back against the tile wall of the shower, felt the cascading water flow over her nipples supported by her left hand and began to furiously rub her erect clit. It was only moments before she had another mind shattering orgasm.

When Summer was able to regain her composure, she went about bathing, washing & conditioning her hair, shaved her legs, arm pits and then out of fear of reprisal from Todd, made sure that there was no stubble of pubic hair. To complete the shaving, Summer bent over in the shower, spread her ass cheeks and used her Gillette razor around her anal passage.

Once satisfied that her body was free of hair, Summer stepped from the shower, softly dabbed the water from her body, wrapped her hair in a second bath towel and wrapped herself in the fine Egyptian cotton, short robe that James had brought back to her from his overseas travel.

Summer went about her morning routine of coffee, muffin and reading the newspaper that was conveniently left on her porch, which she found different as the paper boy had never done that before.

As Summer poured her second cup of coffee, she opened the lifestyle section of the paper. When Summer turned to the fourth page of the section, she found a letter sized, manila envelop labeled: SLUT.

Now she knew why the paper was on the front porch. Todd had been to her house and had left it there for her to find. She placed the envelop aside as she did not want Todd to interrupt her morning any more than he already had due to the orgasm she reached while touching the piercings in the shower.

About an hour later, when her curiosity finally got the best of her, Summer picked up the envelop and took it with her to her bedroom. Summer's hair was now styled, she had done her face and she had put on her favorite comfortable sweats and light long sleeved tee-shirt.

Dear Slut,

I trust that you are having a good Sunday morning. I guess you deserve it after how well you did yesterday. How are those piercings? Have you played with you nipples yet? I bet you have.

I checked the weather report for today and it looks beautiful. I think it would be a great day for you to lay in your back yard to work on your tan. You are not allowed to wear a top, but you can wear the black thong bikini bottoms that I found in the bottom drawer of your chest. I want you to have a defined bikini tan line and you will maintain it through the fall. You will find a tanning salon this week and arrange daily tanning sessions so long as your appointments do not conflict with my plans for you.

You are to stay in your yard all afternoon. You are not to cover your body in any way except for tanning oil because I do not want those sexy nipples to get burned. You are not allowed to cover yourself in any way no matter who may or may not see you.

You are to take your cell phone out to the back yard with you. You will be taking pictures of yourself to be sent to me. Make sure that it is lying next to you as I may or may not call you during the day.

For tomorrow on your first day back at school, you are to wear your new white lace bra and thong set. You will wear the black skirt with the slits and you will wear the white silk blouse that is in your closet. You are to leave the top two buttons undone. You will finish off your outfit with the red four inch pumps and hose. You are to take a picture of yourself before you head off to school and send it to me.

Do not disappoint me by not doing everything detailed in this letter.

Master T

"Oh god, how am I going to get out of this mess? Summer you are so stupid," said the pitiful English teacher to no one.

Summer looked at her clock and noticed that it was almost noon. She figured that she had four hours of sun before her back yard was shaded by the trees from Sam Johnson's back yard. Summer had always worn a top and kept a towel very close by when lying out in the sun in her back yard as she always felt that Sam was looking out of his window at her, which made Summer very uncomfortable. Even when she was in the yard with James, she always tried to fight off his suggestions to sunbathe nude because she did not want to be on display for Sam.

As Summer padded out to the most secluded spot in her back yard, she enjoyed the feel of her freshly mowed lawn. "Thank goodness the lawn maintenance crew came while I was out of the house yesterday," Summer quietly said to herself.

Summer spread out her oversized beach towel, placed her sunning oil and bottle of water on the towel, laid her cell phone on the towel, rolled up her extra towel that would support her head and then shrugged off her white silk robe. Now all Summer was wearing was the black thong bottom to the bathing suit that James bought for her during their vacation to Mexico.

Summer grabbed the sun tan oil and spread it generously over her breasts and nipples. She paid particular attention to her newly pierced nipples as she did not want to have the pain from too much sun coupled with the uncomfortable pain generated by her newly pierced nipples. As she is massaging the oil into her breasts, Summer got the first real feel of the gold studs of each nipple. She was surprised by the size of the piercings as well as how erect her nipples now stood. Of course the light breeze from the early fall afternoon did add a little more stimulation to her nipples.

Once she was satisfied that her breasts and nipples were appropriately protected by the oil, Summer began rubbing oil onto her shoulders, arms and stomach. As her fingers reached the top of her black bikini thong, Summer slowly massaged oil just inside the top of her thong to ensure that whatever tan she got was even across her body. Summer moved on to her legs starting at her inner thighs and then proceeded to her feet. Summer reapplied oil to her upper thighs and as she felt her fingers moving up to the crotch of her thong, she just grazed the lips of her pussy. She was reminded of the rings that adorned each of her pussy lips. Summer slipped her fingers inside her bikini bottom, found the rings and gave them each a small tug. Summer was very pleased that there was no real pain, but her lips were very sensitive.

As Summer continued to pull on her rings, she began to feel her body responding to her fingers. She slowly moved her fingers, still inside her thong, up to her slit. She began to rub her erect clit and was pleased that it was moistened by her own juices. As if on autopilot, Summer began to rub the knob of her clit with already moistened finger tips. She reached up and began to gently massage her breast being careful not to twist her pierced nipples. As she got ever closer to her orgasm, she suddenly heard her phone ring.

"Oh shit", Summer exclaimed. It was Master T calling.

Summer picked up her cell phone, but kept her fingers on her clit. As she answered the phone, she felt herself getting oh so close to the orgasm she so badly wanted to have. But, Master T interrupted by saying, "Slut, what are you doing?"

Summer went about telling Todd where she was, what she had on and that she was doing as he had demanded. To which she was instructed to take a picture utilizing her cell phone and send it to him immediately. The picture must show her current position and that there had not be any other clothing covering her body.

Summer hung up the phone, balled up her white silk robe and put it under her pillow towel. Summer then held the phone away from her body and took the picture that she was instructed to take. Summer looked at the picture and was satisfied that it appropriately showed that she only had on her black bikini thong bottom, her body glistened with oil and that her pierced nipples were very prominent in the picture as well as her face. Summer took the appropriate steps and sent the picture via email from her phone.

It wasn't long until she heard her phone jingle which let Summer know that she had received a text from Master T. It read, "Slut, I am at work so I do not have time to fuck with you today. I am pleased with the picture. You are to have an orgasm immediately and then proceed with your tanning."

Well if she had not been interrupted by his phone call, then I would already have had that orgasm, Summer thought to herself.

Summer put the phone away and then placed her hand back inside her thong. Finding her clit still erect, it was not long until Summer felt her body jerk in reaction to another powerful orgasm.

Almost two hours later, Summer was awakened by a female voice calling out to her. Summer rolled onto her stomach and saw that it was her best friend Lisa and her husband, Steve.

Summer heard Lisa exclaim, "Summer here you are? I have been ringing your doorbell and thought I would just take a stab to see if you were resting in your back yard."

Summer quickly replied, "I am just trying to get a little more sun before the season goes completely away. I think I can lay out maybe two more weekends. How are you guys?"

Summer could see Steve looking up and down her body as he stood with Lisa. Summer had always been uncomfortable around Steve because his ice blue yes seemed to penetrate her mind and she always felt he was undressing her whenever she was in his presence.

Steve continuing to look over Summer's body said, "Wow, I never knew how beautiful and sleek your body was Summer. It is unfortunate that James is not here, but oh so fortunate for me."

Lisa chimed in, "You know Steve, Summer and I were drinking on Friday at Julio's. We had a great time and Summer was oh so bad!"

Staring down at Summer, Lisa continued, "Steve, why don't you go and get us two chairs from the patio. We can join Summer here on the lawn and visit for a bit before we head out to party."

As Steve walked away, Summer finally noticed that he was dressed casually in shorts, Hawaiian shirt and flip flops. Lisa was dressed in a similar casual style with a short handkerchief styled skirt, tank top and platform sandals. Summer then asked, "Where are you guys going?"

Summer looking up into Lisa's eyes noticed a change in her demeanor when Lisa looking down at her forcibly, but quietly said, "Slut, how dare you call me by my first name. You have already forgotten the lesson you learned in the bathroom at Julio's haven't you?"

Summer suddenly remembered the treatment she received at the hands of her best friend. How Lisa had intercepted Master T's text messages, forced her to strip, to lick & suck her pussy and then absorb the brutal spanking administered by Abby and the hairbrush.

"But, Lisa, that was on Friday. I just thought it was a result of the moment and your finding out I was being blackmailed," pleaded Summer.

"Slut, you are to call me Mistress as I demanded on Friday. If you do not, then a disk that contains some very interesting events with the three men will some how find its way into James' hands in Asia," Lisa quickly hissed.

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