tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 10

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 10


(I am sorry that I have not written an update in the blackmail of the poor English teacher. I will hopefully get Chapter 11 started very soon as it is time for Summer to get her tattoos and for additional humiliations. This chapter 10 is all about her understanding how completely she has submitted to Todd and that she is willing to do what ever he demands/desires her to do. You hopefully will see her transformation. This is the end of Monday, which is only five days since Todd had begun his blackmail. Summer is now heading home after completing the tanning session administered by Sandy a former slut of Todd's).

Todd's phone beeped indicating that he had a text message. The message read, "Your slut has just left the salon, only blouse, skirt and heels on. Her lingerie is in a bag, egg inserted and tan looks good."

Todd looked at the clock on the front of Summer's oven in her kitchen. He had made a copy of her house key while Summer had been in Marcos' salon getting her piercings in her ears, nipples and cunt lips. Todd had been waiting patiently for the text message from Sandy, his slut from a few years back. Todd had caught her giving the school's janitor a blow job one day when he was staying after school. Sandy had been stripped down to her short heels and was bending over an athletic table in the school gymnasium. Todd had been able to get pictures of the event with his phone and was able to capture the moment that the janitor's huge cock erupted in Sandy's mouth.

Using the pictures from that day had given Todd experience in managing, manipulating and exerting his power over a submissive woman. Sandy was two years older than Todd and she had not had the gumption to protest and fight Todd's hold over her and always complied with his demands because of the hold he had over her because of the pictures. Her father was a prominent lawyer and she could not afford to disgrace him in any way.

Sandy's part time job at the tanning salon had given Todd the opportunity to begin giving Summer's body a nice glow and to further exert his influence over her. Having Sandy there just gave him an additional vehicle to manipulate the poor English teacher.

Todd's phone beeped a second time and the text included a picture of Summer bending over at the waist with her hands spreading her ass cheeks. Todd could clearly see the two clit ring piercings and the thin outline of the tanning thong. Todd could also see the remnants from his black magic marker tattoo that he had given Summer in her classroom that morning which had read "I am" on one ass cheek and "A Slut" on the other.

Todd texted back, "Sandy my slut, you did a great job. I look forward to using you again real soon."

Todd saw that it was now 7:30 PM and he knew his slut was going to be terribly late, by his own design, but late just the same. It was time to make Summer fully understand her predicament, that there was no way out and that she was his total submissive slut.

From his Saturday morning breakfast Todd remembered that there were several tall bar stools around the wet bar. He went and returned to the kitchen with a bar stool that had not back, but did have a padded seat cushion. He placed the stool in the middle of the kitchen and close to the black granite island. Todd laid out four strands of nylon rope, the blind fold he had used earlier on Summer, her black dildo that he had retrieved from Summer's bedside table and the ping pong paddle he had brought from home. The paddle was a thin old time version with the green textured finish, which Todd believed would leave a nice pattern on Summer's ass.

Todd went to the refrigerator and took out one of Summer's Corona Extra beers and sat down at the kitchen table. He began going over in his mind the events that led to his discovery of his English teacher's ad, her unbelievably stupid act of sending the picture and how incredibly lucky he was for being able to tap into Summer's hidden submissive personality. Though he was still an 18 year old, Todd had the imagination of a man many years his elder. Todd continuously thought about ways to take advantage of Summer. But, first he had to break her down and make her come to the realization that she truly was a submissive slut and understand that she would fulfill all of his demands as well as his desires in order to please her Master.

Summer looked at the clock on her dashboard and could not believe that it was 7:30 PM. She was not only late leaving the salon, there was no way should could drive across town and be able to meet Todd at her house by 7:30 PM. Tears began to well up in her eyes and she broke down crying. She continued to drive, but Summer slammed her fist against the steering wheel and screamed at her misfortune. She cried for another ten minutes.

Summer began to calm down as she began to see familiar scenes that let her know that she was about ten minutes from her home. She pulled into the parking lot of the local McDonalds, turned on the over head console light and Summer then looked in the mirror. Her face showed traces of mascara running down her cheeks and her eyes were puffy. She could not believe that the woman that looked back at her in the mirror was the same woman as the one who sent that stupid picture last Thursday. Could it only be five days since she had lost control of her life to one of her students?

Summer took some tissues from her purse that was sitting in the passenger seat beside the clear plastic bag that contained her yellow bra, yellow thong, black garter belt and the black back seamed stockings that Sandy had not allowed her to put back on at the salon. As Summer dabbed her face and eyes, her mind once again brought her back to reality and the fact that she was now 20 minutes late and she was still about ten minutes from her house. "What do I do?" Summer wondered. Should I call Master T or should I just drive up. Maybe if I call him and explain what happened he will not be too angry", she said to herself.

After she completed wiping away the mascara streaks from her cheeks, Summer picked up her phone and with shaking hands dialed Todd's phone. The phone rang five times before Todd answered, "Where the fuck are you slut?"

"Todd, I was kept too long by the girl at the tanning salon. She made me do all sorts of poses for pictures for some on-line ad campaign she was running for the owners of the salon. She made me pose for someone who was taking the pictures that I did not know. She told me that you told her to make me do those things. Did you do that Todd?" Summer asked.

The moment that the word Todd escaped her lips, Summer knew immediately she was in trouble, but she could not take it back. She tried to explain her tardiness and that it was not her fault. Summer could not have known that Todd set her up to fail and he was about to spring his Master trap on his unsuspecting English teacher slut.

Todd quickly replied, "Who the fuck do you think you are calling me Todd?"

Summer nervously replied, "I am sorry Master T. I am just so shook up by the whole events of the day and am at my wits end."

"Where are you slut," Todd asked.

"I am at the McDonalds, which is about ten minutes away from my house, Master T", quickly relied Summer.

Todd then instructed Summer, "Slut, go into the McDonalds and buy yourself a large coke. I want you to drink the entire drink before you get home!"

"But, Master T, my face is terrible as I have no make up on and Sandy would not let me put my bra, panties, my garter belt or my hose back on before I left the salon", Summer said.

"Did I tell you that you could not wear your bra, panties, garter belt and hose Slut?" Todd said back to Summer.

Summer was now in an uncomfortable situation. She had complied with Sandy's demand to wear only her skirt and blouse. Todd had been specific earlier in the day with his instructions of what she was to wear all day and she had not complied.

"Oh Master T, please do not be mad at me. Sandy told me you told her that I should not wear my lingerie before I left the salon," Summer pleaded.

"Alright Slut, you have one chance to get this right. Go into the McDonalds, take your lingerie with you, go into the woman's bathroom and put everything back on. Then fix your old face back like the slut you are. Call me from the bathroom when you have completed this task," Todd said as he clicked the line dead.

Summer hurriedly gathered up her purse, the clear plastic bag containing her lingerie and headed into the McDonalds. Summer remembered that she did not have a bra on and her sheer blouse did little to hide her nipples, which were held erect by the gold bar piercings in each. Also, because she did not have her thong on, the black vibrating egg felt as if it was slipping out her pussy.

Luckily, it was a Monday night and inside the McDonalds was not too busy. Summer did think that she recognized a couple of the servers behind the counter, but she was not sure. As Summer reached for the bathroom door, she was greeted by Melanie who was one of her senior English students, president of the Student Government Association and captain of the varsity cheerleaders.

Melanie liked Ms. Wayne and had always admired how she dressed for school. But, Melanie looked at Ms. Wayne and she thought that she saw her nipples poking against the fabric of her sheer blouse.

Melanie then asked, "Oh, hi Ms. Wayne, what are you doing here at McDonalds?"

As she pushed by the student, Summer quickly replied, "Hi Melanie. I could not make it all the way home because I had to use the restroom very badly."

Melanie then asked, "Ms. Wayne are you ok? It looks like you are upset."

Summer remembered that her cheeks probably still may reveal that she had been crying by the streaks of mascara that she may not have been able to rub off in the car. "No, nothing is really wrong. I was stopped by the police and it unnerved me a bit, but I am ok now," Summer said to her inquisitive student.

Not wanting to banter further with her student, who in the classroom could be a real know it all, Summer quickly pushed inside the bathroom and moved into the handicap stall as it afforded her more room to be able to change into her lingerie as Master T had directed.

Summer locked the door behind her, quickly slid her blouse off and hung it on the hook on the door. Next, she unzipped her skirt and started sliding it down over her hips when the door to the bathroom swung open. Summer then heard Melanie's voice call out, "Ms. Wayne, are you still here?"

Summer paused for a moment hoping her silence would lead Melanie to believe that she was gone. But then Summer heard Melanie say, "Ms. Wayne, I can see that you are still here. Do you mind if I wait and talk to you when you have finished in here?"

Summer did not want to be delayed one minute longer as she knew that the clock was ticking on her tardiness and Master T would only be somewhat understanding. Summer regrettably replied, "Yes Melanie I can visit with you for just a minute, but I have to get home quickly to meet some friends coming over this evening."

"Great Ms. Wayne, I will wait for you at the table with my friends," replied Melanie.

Summer heard the door open and then close as Melanie left the bathroom. Summer quickly slid her skirt over her hips, down her legs and stepped out of the skirt one foot at a time. Summer then took off her black four inch heels and then took the black garter belt out of the plastic bag. Once she had secured the garter belt around her waist, Summer sat down on the seat of the commode. Summer quickly took the black back seamed hose out of he bag and started sliding one onto her left foot. But, sitting on the commode did not afford the proper angle to slide the hose on. Summer stood up, placed her left foot on the seat of the commode and slowly pulled the silk stocking up her left leg. Once the hose was all the way up her leg, she secured it with the two straps from the garter belt. She then slipped her left foot into her four inch heel. Summer repeated the process on her right leg and once completed, she stepped back into her black skirt and slid it up her legs, over her hips and then fastened and zipped the skirt in place. Next Summer reached into the bag and removed the yellow thong and slipped it over her shoes and up her legs. As the slinky garment settled between the folds of her pussy lips, Summer felt wetness from her pussy sticking to the fabric of the crotch of the thong. "What is wrong with me," Summer silently said to herself.

Summer reached between her legs and found the folds of her pussy lips that were spread open by the material of her thong. Summer touched the ring piercings that she had only received on Saturday and shuddered at how it made her feel to relive that event at the salon run by Marcos. Absent mindedly, Summer's index finger found her now erect clit straining against the sliver of material of her now soaking wet thong.

With one hand now buried between her legs, Summer involuntarily began to twist her right nipple. Ever since the piercing, for some strange reason, the right nipple had become more sensitive than her left. By squeezing her right nipple, Summer felt an almost electric shock emanating from her nipple and running directly to her clit. Summer propped her left foot up on to the commode seat, leaned against the wall of the stall and began to furiously rub her clit. Summer was squeezing her pussy around the black egg buried in her pussy and hopeful that it did not fall out.

Unbeknownst to Summer, Melanie had slipped back into the bathroom and had inched her way up to the crack in the stall door way to find her English teacher's back pressed up against the wall of the stall, her hand furiously rubbing between her legs and she could see how Ms. Wayne was twisting her pierced nipple. "Oh my God, she has pierced nipples. I would never have thought that of Ms. Wayne," cooed Melanie to herself.

Summer twisted her nipple harder and harder as the inevitable orgasm was approaching. Summer began to moan and breathe rapidly as Melanie continued to be mesmerized by the site of her teacher finger fucking herself in the McDonalds bathroom. As the orgasm approached, Melanie watched as Summer slowly slid down the wall of the bathroom stall which forced her legs further apart. Melanie swore that she saw a gold ring between her teacher's legs.

Summer's fingers furiously rubbed her clit and her continued twisting of her nipple finally gave her the stimulation to finally push her over the top. Summer's body erupted in orgasm as she continued to rub her clit through the thin material of her thong. Summer's lips let out an "Oh God" as she felt wetness from her clit run over her fingers and dripped to the floor.

Summer was caught off guard as she heard the door to the bathroom open and she could hear the noise from the dining area of the McDonalds. Summer quickly stood up though her legs wobbled until she was able to steady herself once again while leaning heavily on the wall to the bathroom stall. Summer pulled her fingers away from her wet cunt, tried to spread the folds of the crotch of her thong so that her pussy lips were covered and she pulled her skirt back down. Summer felt the egg slipping almost out of her pussy, so she slid her hand inside the crotch of her thong and with two fingers pushed the egg deeper into her pussy. Summer was amazed by the wetness of her pussy. After she withdrew her fingers, she held them up in front of her fact so that she could see how really wet she was. Her fingers were thickly coated with her pussy juices and she was amazed at how wet she was. Summer slipped her fingers into her mouth to clean them, but more importantly to taste her pussy juice. She liked how it tasted!

Summer paid little attention to the wet spot on the back of her skirt that had developed as she had massaged her clit to orgasm. Summer slipped her arms through the straps of her yellow see through bra. After she had clasped the bra behind her back, she slipped one arm then the other into her white sheer blouse. As she buttoned her blouse, Summer's hands begin to tremble. It was now 7:55 PM and she was 25 minutes late and it takes another 10 minutes to drive to her house.

"I cannot believe that I am doing this with this student," Summer said to herself. She continued, "How can I stop this? How does he continue to have a hold over me? I am going to end this thing right when I get home as I am the adult and he is the student."

Emboldened by her own words, Summer unlocked the stall door, walked over to the lavatory and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was streaked with mascara stains from the crying she had done on her drive to the McDonalds. Her eyelids and upper cheeks were puffy from the crying and her eyes were almost bloodshot.

Summer leaned down to wash her face as the bathroom door opened. Summer tried not to pay any attention to the person coming in when she remembered that she had been startled at the end of her orgasm by the door opening, but she had not found anyone in the bathroom with her. About that time, a mid-thirties woman had walked in and had taken one of the stalls. Summer casually looked at the remaining stall and did not see any feet that would suggest that it was occupied. "Oh My God, someone heard my orgasm," Summer whispered to herself.

Summer eyes began to well up again with tears, but she told herself to stop, but wondered silently again, "What is happening to me?" "What has Todd done to me?"

Summer hurriedly applied make-up first to her face and then to her eyelids. She made sure to apply a thick coat over her eyes in the dark color that Todd had demanded. She then applied the bright ruby red lipstick to her lips. Summer stood back from the mirror and the thought that the make-up did indeed make her look like a slut. While gazing into the mirror, Summer glanced down to her blouse and noticed that she had buttoned all the buttons and knew that she had to leave at least two buttons undone. She quickly unbuttoned the top two buttons and she saw the effect that had. It was quite easy to the see her cleavage as well as the edges of her yellow bra. Also, without too much of an effort, anyone could see her nipples beneath the blouse and inside the bra because the nipple piercings held the nipples erect and the thin material of each garment made it impossible to hide them.

Summer gathered up her make up, slipped the items into her make-up bag, put the bag into her purse and headed out the bathroom door.

The young woman had watched Summer through the crack in the stall door and thought to herself, "What a whore."

As Summer stepped into the hallway, she thought about heading straight for the door, but remembered that she had to buy a large coke for herself. Then she remembered that she had not called Todd from the woman's bathroom and said, "Oh My God, I am never going to get home."

Summer quickly spun around on her four inch black heels and headed back into the bathroom. With trembling fingers she hit the speed dial button for Todd's phone. Todd's greeting almost made Summer sick to her stomach, "What the fuck is taking you so long slut?"

"Todd, I am having a little trouble getting out of the restaurant because there are students here and I have had to be cautious," pleaded Summer.

Summer's phone went dead. Todd had hung up on her and she immediately knew why. "God, why am I so stupid," she said out loud.

Summer quickly redialed Todd's number, but he did not answer. Her call went straight to his voice mail. Summer left a frantic message, "Master T, I am so sorry. Your slut is so sorry to have not complied. Please call me back."

Summer stood in the bathroom waiting on Todd's call. All the while, the young woman continued to sit on the commode listening to the events. She had already finished her business and was about to exit the stall when the slut walked back into the bathroom. She had thought to herself, "This might be interesting."

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