Summer's Blackmail Ch. 10


Summer quietly paced back and forth in front of the mirror. Her stomach was feeling queasy and her head was swimming. She felt perspiration building on her forehead and under her arms. She never sweated and Todd was making her sweat.

Todd was sitting patiently in his slut's kitchen hoping that his slut was gaining a better appreciation of her situation. Todd thought that it was great that she continually slipped up by calling him Todd rather than Master T. She was doing everything he wanted as far as making mistakes that would cause her pain, suffering and embarrassment. He knew that Summer was a true submissive and that if he continued to push all the right buttons, she would be forever in his service.

Todd's phone vibrated, which indicated he had a voice mail. He had refused to answer Summer's last call to further impress upon her that she was indeed in trouble and that punishment is right around the corner. Todd listened to the pleadings of his slut and thought he would wait five more minutes.

Summer waited impatiently in the bathroom afraid to go outside, afraid to go to the counter and afraid that Todd would not call back. It was now 8:00 PM and she was thirty minutes late. She had been forced by her desires to rub her clit until she had the orgasm that she needed, not wanted, but needed. Summer could feel the egg moving in her pussy as she paced the floor of the bathroom and she could tell that the juices from her pussy were soaking the crotch of her thong because she could feel wetness on her thighs above the tops of her hose.

Summer's breathing became faster as she walked and her body began to crave a release as the tension of waiting along with the stimulation of the egg was causing her body to betray her again. Summer concentrated on the wall in front of her refusing to let her body make demands of her that she knew were not right. But there they were just the same as the egg was working against the insides of her pussy and with each step it rubbed her slick canal.

Finally, Todd thought it would be the right time to call. It was now 8:05 PM and he figured that she would be frantic to take his call. Todd was very pleased when he heard Summer's voice after less than one full ring, "Master T this is your slut Summer."

The woman in the bathroom could not believe her ears.

Todd responded in a harsh tone, "Slut why are you taking so long to get here? I have been waiting for thirty-five minutes and your non-compliant attitude is completely unacceptable."

"Master T, I am terribly sorry. I have had an awful time with all that you have made me do today. On the way to the tanning salon, I was stopped by the police for speeding," Summer said almost apologetically.

Todd quickly replied, 'I do not give a shit what your problem is slut. You are not to make your problem my problem. If I tell you to be some where at a specific time you will be there. You will wear what I tell you to wear, go where I tell you to go and do whatever I demand. Is that clear slut?"

Summer quickly replied, "Yes Master T."

"Where are you right now slut," Todd asked.

"Master T, I am in the bathroom at the McDonalds like you told me to," replied Summer.

"I don't believe you slut," Todd said knowing full well that she was there.

"But, Master T, I am where you told me to be I promise," Summer responded.

"Prove it to me slut," Todd said, almost being able to see Summer squirm on the other end of the cell line.

"How can I prove that to you Master T," Summer asked.

"To prove it too me, go into one of the stalls, strip off your blouse and with the door open, take a picture of you in the mirror and then send it to me via text. Then wait like that in the stall doorway until I call you back," Todd demanded.

In order to get out of the McDonalds as fast as she could, Summer complied with Todd's instructions. She stepped back into the door way of the handicapped stall, quickly unbuttoned her blouse, shrugged it off of her shoulders and let it fall to her waist. She pulled the blouse out of the black skirt and hung it on the hook behind the stall door. Summer then took her phone camera, turned towards the mirror and took the picture that Todd demanded of her.

The picture clearly showed that she was in a bathroom stall, but there was no evidence that it was in a McDonalds. Summer was hopeful that she would not be required to provide some additional proof of the location of the bathroom stall. Summer attached the picture to a text message and sent it to Todd.

Not wanting to cause Todd to become any madder at her than he already was, Summer made sure to continue standing in the doorway of the bathroom stall and waited for Todd's reply after all, she was alone in the bathroom.

The woman in the adjacent stall could not believe her ears or her eyes. She had overheard this woman reply to her Master and she had seen the flash of the camera. She could see Summer in the mirror standing in the stall with her blouse off. The woman could plainly see Summer's nipples poking at the material of her almost transparent yellow bra and she could just make out the gold bar piercings in each nipple. The woman was perplexed as to what to do as she needed to leave the McDonalds and head home. The church group of women she had met there for coffee had all gone home and she was the last to leave. She was mesmerized by the picture taking and the woman standing in the stall next to her.

The flush of the commode startled Summer. She had thought she was alone in the bathroom, but she heard the unlatching of the lock on the squeaky hinge of the door next to hers. Summer quickly slammed the door to the stall and prayed that Todd did not call her back at that time.

But, Summer's luck did not hold out and her phone rang as if on cue upon shutting the bathroom stall door. Summer answered the phone, "Master T, this is your slut."

"Slut, I received your picture, but I must say it is not of the best quality. I want you to take it again," came the response that Summer dreaded.

"But Master T, there is another person in the bathroom with me and I am worried that they might recognize me," Summer pleaded.

"So, slut is your stall door closed now," asked Todd.

Summer responded honestly, "Yes Master T. I shut my door because I thought I was alone and I was startled by the other lady in the restroom."

"Let me get this straight slut, you are over 30 minutes late, you have not completed a simple task of taking a good picture and now you have disobeyed a direct command. Is that right slut," Todd asked.

Summer could only say, "Yes Master T."

Summer's line went dead. "Oh my god," Summer shouted.

The lady in the bathroom knocked on Summer's stall door and asked, "Are you alright?"

Summer unsteadily replied, "I am ok. I just upset my husband."

The lady quickly responded, "So, you call your husband Master T. That is a very strange thing to say to your husband."

"Well, we are playing a little game and I am not performing exactly as he has demanded," Summer lied.

About that time Summer's phone rang again. "This is your slut Master T," Summer answered.

"Slut is the lady still in the bathroom," Todd asked. Summer answered, "Yes Master T."

Todd then said, "Slut, open the door to your stall and hand your phone to the lady." Summer quickly begs, "No Master T please do not make me do that."

Quickly Todd responds, "Slut, I do not think you understand. Do what I tell you NOW!"

For whatever reason, Summer is unable to protest any further. She opened the stall door to find a rather nice looking woman in her mid-thirties, almost six feet tall so she towered over Summer and she wearing a business suit of black skirt at her knees, white button up blouse and a black blazer. The woman is also wearing reasonable height business black heels.

The woman is taken aback when Summer's stall door opened and she could see the very beautiful 5'6" woman, medium length blonde hair, and unusual piercings in each ear with no blouse on to reveal stunning breasts that are supported by the sheer yellow bra that allows a perfect view of two pierced nipples.

Summer then said to the stunned lady, "My Master wishes to speak with you. Please, please talk to him or I will be in serious trouble."

The lady took the phone from Summer mesmerized by the breasts that she saw, the beauty of the woman and the strangeness of the encounter. She held the phone up to her ear and said nervously, "Hello."

Todd replied, "Hi, I know that this is strange and that you are probably taken aback by the events there in the bathroom. But, we are playing a little game before Summer my slut comes home. Can you help me with a couple of pictures?"

The lady responded, "I am not sure I want to get messed up in any kinky fun. I just left my church meeting and this is not the sort of thing we approve of in our congregation."

Todd continued, "Well it is very simple. My slut is supposed to have been home at 7:30 PM. It is now ten after 8:00 PM and she will be punished for her tardiness. Please help me to continue to put her in her place as she is a true submissive and loves being made to do things to please others. You do not have to do anything more than take two pictures."

"Well, I guess that would not be too bad if you make it quick," the nervous lady responded.

Pleased, Todd then went about telling the lady how he wanted Summer posed for the pictures. He wanted to make sure that the lady knew how to operate Summer's camera contained in her phone and the lady had said that she had a very similar phone.

After the instructions had been received by the lady, Todd hung up. He was very excited about having the opportunity to further humiliate Summer in a public setting as he knew that deep down she got off on the degradation of being forced to submit.

The lady then looked Summer directly in the eyes and gave her the instructions that Todd had told her. Summer was instructed to step outside the stall, take off her bra, pull her skirt up to her waist and pull her panties down to her knees. Next she was to grasp the folds of her pussy lips, spread them for the camera, then lean back against the stall frame and spread her legs as wide as her thong would allow. Summer was instructed that she could not move no matter what happened, even if someone else came into to the bathroom. Summer complied willingly with each instruction.

Once the lady was satisfied that Summer had complied with her Master's instructions, she held the camera phone up and took the first of the two pictures.

Next Summer was instructed to turn around, place her hands on the commode seat, spread her legs with her panties around her knees and to look over a shoulder at the camera. Once the lady was satisfied that the position met the slut's Master's instruction, she took the second picture.

Summer could not believe that she was being degraded in such a way by a complete stranger. She could not afford to make Master T mad so she had willingly complied with the instructions. However, what she did not anticipate was her delay in rising from the commode after the second picture had been taken. Summer was beginning to understand her role and how she must wait for instructions before she could rise.

The lady made Summer stay in that position for five full minutes and she was very surprised that not once did Summer ask if she could get up nor did she make any effort to rise off of the public commode. The lady had given Summer Master T's instruction to remove the vibrating egg from her pussy and to place it in her mouth until she was allowed to leave the bathroom.

As if on cue, the lady looked at her watch and noticed that the time was now 8:15 PM. She told Summer to stand up and turn around to face her. With the egg being held between her lips, Summer could not speak to the lady to apologize for her actions, nor could she ask permission to remove the egg from her mouth that was covered with her pussy juices. Summer had been amazed by how wet the egg was as she had slid it into her mouth as instructed. Summer was told to look straight at the lady as she took a series of pictures with the handheld camera; only these pictures were being taken by the ladies' camera.

Summer would be allowed to put her blouse back on, but not the bra as well as to pull her thong back into place. Summer, with the cord from the vibrating egg trailing from her mouth, slipped her blouse on, buttoned all but the top two buttons, tucked the blouse into her skirt, pulled the hem of the skirt back down and she tried to smooth out the wrinkles. Summer was reminded to go to the counter and purchase a large coke. Summer was further instructed to make sure that she drank all of the liquid on her drive home. She was not allowed to throw any of the drink away and non-compliance with this instruction would result in a significant punishment.

Summer was allowed to put the bra in her purse along with her make-up and she could place the egg in the purse just before she exited the bathroom. Summer waited until the lady completed taking pictures and then she was told to remove the egg. Summer placed the egg in her purse and she turned to ask the lady for her phone. Summer was informed that her phone was in her purse, but that her Master had allowed the lady to take some pictures of his slut so that she could have a nice story to tell her cocktail group at their next meeting. Again, Summer was stunned to see the length to which Todd would go to humiliate her in public and again with a complete stranger. But once again she felt as if she had no other choice but to submit. For some reason, she felt very comfortable being instructed and she never thought about the consequences of someone, Melanie for one, coming in to find her in those compromising positions and situation.

As Summer exited the bathroom, she quickly headed to the front counter. Unfortunately it was 8:15 PM and the dinner time crowd was there. She found herself in line while trying desperately to come up with a plausible story to seek understanding from Todd. As the line moved along at a snail's pace, Summer remembered that Melanie had wanted to ask her a question. Without being too obvious, Summer gazed around the dining area and unfortunately Melanie was there. Melanie saw her teacher glance her way and she waved enthusiastically to her. "Oh fuck," Summer mumbled under her breath.

When Summer finally reached the counter, she was met with the eyes of one of the boys that manned the cash register. When she ordered her large coke, she could feel the boy's eyes roam over her blouse and she knew that it was impossible for him not to see her very erect nipples. Something about the slight exposure was somewhat thrilling to her. Summer could not understand that the pure lust she saw in the boy's eyes turned her on. But when the boy handed her drink, Summer made sure to lean in such a way as to allow him a good view of her breasts. Summer smiled to herself as she spun around and headed to Melanie's table.

As Summer approached her table, Melanie could see her teacher's breasts bouncing ever so slightly. Melanie could plainly see that her English teacher was not wearing a bra. How interesting she thought to herself. Melanie was a senior and was on track to graduate in December and was going to enroll in college in January, probably at the state university where she hopefully would make the cheerleading squad.

The three boys she was sitting with all stopped in mid sentence of their conversations about sports or whatever teenage boys talked about all the time. Each one's eyes were locked onto the approaching woman. None of the boys were seniors so they really did not know Ms. Wayne other than to know that she was a twelfth grade English teacher at their school.

As Summer approached the table where Melanie was seated, she was shaken to see three high school aged boys sitting with her. They were all dressed like typical teenage boys with caps turned backwards, but they all seemed to be quite big. Summer figured that since Melanie was a member of the football team cheerleading squad they were all probably on the team.

As Summer stopped at the table, she felt all four pairs of eyes looking over her body. She knew that, because she was not wearing a bra, that her nipples would be fairly visible. So, in an effort to be somewhat standoffish, Summer crossed her arms across her chest holding onto her purse. To her horror, she noticed that the rear clasp section of her yellow bra was hanging out of the purse on the side facing the boys.

The occupants of the table watched as Summer quickly slid the purse over her shoulder. But this movement caused her nipples to be thrust forward against her blouse and all four pairs of eyes stared directly at the high school teacher's chest to see nipples poking against the thin sheer material of the blouse. The boys all adjusted in their seats as the mere site of the approaching teacher had them all thinking about their fantasies.

"Melanie, what is your question? I have got to get home and grade today's essays," asked Summer.

"Ms. Wayne, you know that I am trying to enroll at the state university for early admission in January. I have almost all of the credit hours required. But, I need an "A" in your AP English class. Do you have extra credit opportunities for your students to help to ensure a better opportunity for higher grades," Melanie asked.

Summer went into a brief discussion with Melanie in which she told her student that no in fact that she did not offer "extra" credit opportunities in that particular class because it is a college rated class and there were no reasons to provide extra credit if the students paid attention in class, studied hard for the tests and worked on the end of the semester essay all during the semester.

This explanation was not what Melanie wanted to hear. She needed the A in the AP English class. She knew from reputation that Ms. Wayne was a ball buster in the AP class and that only the exceptional students made an A. Melanie was hopeful that her show of concern and desire for an A would at least let the English teacher know she wanted to work hard.

After their brief discussion, Summer said her goodbyes and headed for the door to head home.

"Boy Melanie, who was that," the boys said in unison.

Melanie then detailed what she knew about the teacher, what her reputation was around the school and students. Each of the boys then silently thought about how much fun Senior English was going to be next year. Melanie told the boys that she must receive an A in the AP English class or she would not make the cut for early enrollment in college. The boys then said, "Well you better study your ass off."

As Summer reached her car and remotely released the lock, she noticed that the time was now 8:25 PM. She was 55 minutes late getting home and to the torture that was now expected from Todd. Summer steeled herself again about ending the situation with Todd. She was the adult and he was the student. He had had his fun and it was time for him to know who was stronger. Summer sped home in the hopes that maybe her tormentor had left already and she could face the little bastard on Tuesday morning.

As she pulled into her garage at 8:35 PM, Summer did not see any cars or in Todd's case a bicycle in her driveway or parked on the street in front of her house. She remembered that Todd did not have a car and she learned that lesson only last Friday.

As she turned off the car and pressed the button in her car to close the garage door, Summer thought back to the events that led to her current predicament, the email and picture exchange where she sent the wrong picture last Thursday. The note in her class to meet him after school on Friday and then the cum streaks on her face after being forced to suck Todd's cock in the school parking lot. Then there was her meeting at the bar with Lisa and the spanking that was administered to her in the bathroom by the waitress with her own hair brush.

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