tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 11

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 11


The latest in the domination and submission of the high school English teacher to one of her students. All characters are 18+.

Chapter 11 - Summer's blackmail continues

It was now 11:30 PM as Summer stepped out of the shower after having driven home from Master T's house in just her white 6" heels and thong, Summer began going over her very busy and difficult Monday and her first real day under the control of her student master at work. She had been made to wear a remote controlled vibrating egg in her pussy most of the day, which had kept her on an orgasmic high all day. Master T had forced Summer to suck him to orgasm in her class room and required that the cum stains left on her face and neck remain for the rest of the day. Master T, her young Master, had forced her to wear one of the short, tight black skirts she had purchased on the previous Saturday along with an almost sheer white blouse, which did little to hide the yellow see through bra and matching yellow thong. Master T had also required that Summer wear her black garter belt and the black back seamed hose that he had made her purchase on Saturday. All of these items made Summer feel out of place in school and very conscious of the stares that she received from the boys and the looks of disgust from some of the girl students.

Saturday was the day that Summer began her transformation into Master T's full fledged slut as she had been forced to have both of her silver dollar sized nipples pierced with gold bars that resembled dumb bells one would use in a gym. Summer was further humiliated in the piercing salon by having both of her pussy lips pierced with gold rings. Summer's upper left ear was also pierced with a large gold loop that contained three red beads.

All during the day, Summer had been on edge because of her attire and because of the egg that would suddenly come to life while in the middle of lectures to her senior English students or during her lunch period. Summer had been a nervous wreck the whole day and had been so thankful when the final bell of the day signaled the end of her humiliation. But she had been wrong.

After school, Master T had paid her a visit and had punished her for disobeying him earlier in the day. She had been forced to strip off her skit, get on all fours on her desk, blindfolded and then given ten lashes with Master T's belt. Then, Summer was forced to suck Master T's cock until he pulled out his slut's mouth and exploded all over her face, neck and blouse. She was left that way as Master T had quickly zipped up his pants, retrieved his video camera that he had used at various times during Summer's punishment and walked quickly out of Summer's classroom.

Summer had to make a quick drive to a local tanning salon for further humiliation, but on the way she had been stopped for speeding and groped by two police officers. When she finally was able to get to the salon, she was met by a former student, forced to strip and then Summer was required to wear a very thin string tanning thong for her treatment. Summer was further humiliated by being forced to parade down the hallway of the salon all the while being photographed for an advertising campaign.

Summer was allowed to leave, but she was forced to take a detour to a local McDonalds where she was humiliated by another complete stranger and forced to have an orgasm, while being photographed with her own camera phone. The lady then sent the pictures via text to Master T. The lady also made Summer pose for more pictures after the first set of pictures had been sent to Master T. The lady stranger took advantage of the situation and made pictures with her camera phone for future use and amusement.

Summer was finally allowed to leave the bathroom, but first had to buy a coke for Master T and visit with a high school senior, Melanie, who was trying to find a way to guarantee an A in Summer's class. Summer was not at all receptive to "extra work" credit as she told the student that her grade was what she earned.

Summer had hurried out of the McDonalds to rush home to Master T. She was terribly late, was forced to strip, was tied down over a bar stool and was given 35 whacks with a ping pong paddle. Summer was forced to endure additional humiliations and painful reminders that she was in fact a slut to Master T. To reinforce that, a pizza boy received a special tip after delivering Master T's dinner.

After finishing toweling off from her shower, Summer walked over to the bed holding the envelope Master T had given her at his house, just before she left. She reached down and pulled back the comforter of the bed and she was shocked at what Master T had left for her.

Master T had left Summer three items and a picture. The first item was a white dog collar that was one inch wide with small, blue rhinestones that looked liked sapphires and an engraved plate that read, "SLUT". The collar had a matching white leather leash with the same sapphire rhinestones running full length to the circular strap. The second item was a one-and-half inch diameter black butt plug that was almost six inches in length with a flat base, which was larger than the pink butt plug she had been forced to wear earlier in the evening. The third item was a gold ankle bracelet with "MT's Slut" engraved on the small personalized link plate. The picture was a folded piece of paper and as she opened it, Summer was quite shocked by the clarity of the picture. It showed her bent over the bar stool, hands cuffed behind her back and the cock of Mark the pizza delivery boy as it was being pulled from her mouth. The picture showed Summer's saliva mixed with the juices from Mark's cock head after he had shot his teenage load into Master T's slut's mouth. The picture was very good quality and it was obvious that it was an image from one of the several mini-cameras that Master T had placed around the house.

The realization of her situation was again made clear to her. Summer was Master T's slut and there was nothing that she could do about it. Summer wondered why her pussy became wet whenever she found a note from Master T. Summer opened the envelop and began to read:


By now you have found the three new items for the continuation of your transformation into my full time slut. These new items will be additions to your new "at home" slut uniform. When you arrive at home each day, you will immediately go to your bedroom, strip all of your clothes off and take a shower. While in the shower you are to shave your arm pits, legs, pussy and ass crack. You are to never have any stubble in any of these areas.

Once you have finished your shower and dried off, you will step into your white six inch slut shoes and a white slut thong. This is your uniform at home at all times. The only time that you may cover your slut body is if you have to answer the door for any reason. You may wear the white see-through robe, but you are never to tie the robe nor are you allowed to pull it closed with your hands. This offers you some privacy when a stranger calls upon you, but there will be no doubt that you are a slut.

As you know from the picture you found on your bed, I have placed cameras strategically around your house with direct remote feeds that come to any of my electronic devices, whether it be my I phone, Ipad or my laptop. I will always be able to see you except for the privacy that I will grant you in your bathroom when you are relieving yourself.

The white collar is your slave training collar that must be worn at all times when you are at home and always in my presence no matter where we are. When you leave the house each day, it is to be in your purse so you can put it on when told to do so by anyone who knows you have it. The white leash should also be with your at all times, but it is not practical for you to wear it attached to your collar while alone at home unless otherwise instructed to do so.

The black butt plug must be inserted in that sexy ass of yours each evening after your shower, held in place by the slut white thong and not to be removed until you dress for work the next morning. The butt plug will remain inserted in your ass all weekend unless otherwise instructed. The purpose of this butt plug should be obvious to you. You are to make sure to take it with you whenever you leave your house. You should buy some KY Jelly or other form of lubricant to help in easing it into your ass.

The ankle bracelet is my gift to you to symbolize my ownership of you in public or in private situations. This bracelet must never be taken off, will always be visible and if broken for any reason, you will be required to take it to Marcos' salon for repair.

Tonight, I am watching you as you dress to make sure that you do as you are instructed. I take great pleasure in watching you do as you are told and the manner in which you perform you tasks.

You will receive additional directions and tasks in correspondence from me this week either via email, text, personal notes or by phone. No matter the format or the manner in which your directions are given, your immediate compliance will be required. If you delay or refuse any direction or task, a severe penalty (worse than tonight) will be exacted on you and not necessarily by me.

Now get dressed in your uniform, insert the butt plug and then go to the computer in your husband's office downstairs. Log in to your personal yahoo email account. There you will be given more instructions.


Summer just sat down on the edge of the bed and began to sob. She found herself doing that a lot recently ever since she sent that fucking picture out onto the web and it fell into the hands of her high school student. She had succumbed to Master T's control over her and her body was beginning to crave the pleasure that she derived from her submissiveness as well as her desire to please. Summer could not remember ever wanting to be that way to James, but for some strange reason, her body craved pleasure from being made to serve others.

Now Summer's mind was beginning to realize the true depth of her predicament and the impact it was having on her psyche. Summer felt empty for the first time in her life knowing that Master T would not be in her classroom tomorrow nor would he be in town for the next three days.

Summer quickly slipped on the white thong panties and her six inch white heels. She walked into the vanity area of her bathroom, fished out her Vaseline from the medicine cabinet and began applying the petroleum jelly to the full length of the butt plug. Looking at the plug, Summer wondered how she might be able to get such a large item inside her anal passageway, but she remembered the pink butt plug had already expanded her anus, so maybe it would not be as hard to insert as she imagined.

Satisfied that the black butt plug was adequately covered with the jelly, Summer, pulled the white thong to one side, bent down and placed her left hand on the seat of her make-up stool. Then, Summer placed the tip of the butt plug against her anus and slowly pushed against the resistance. It took her a couple of minutes and a reapplication of the Vaseline, but she was successful in getting the tip comfortably inside and then it was a matter of accepting the pain and forcing the plug all the way in until the flat base was firmly secured between her ass cheeks.

Summer stood up and she could feel the fullness in her ass caused by the one and a half inch diameter plug. But, it was the length that gave her the fullest feeling as it was touching areas that she had never experienced before. Summer pulled up the thong and was relieved to feel the material of the thong holding the plug in its place, though she did not believe that there was any way for the plug to slip out.

Summer headed for the door when she remembered that she did not have the collar on or the ankle bracelet. She stepped back into the bedroom, picked up the collar and placed it around her neck. She was able to securely fasten the collar and left it loose around her neck. Next Summer placed her left foot onto the bed stool and fastened the ankle bracelet with the MT's Slut engraving visible.

Summer then headed out of the bedroom, down the stairs and into James' office. Every step reminded her of the butt plug securely fitted into her anal passageway. As she sat down onto James' office chair, she felt the plug go even deeper into her body. That feeling made little drops of sweat begin to appear under her nose as the tip of the plug was pressing against the inner walls of her abdomen.

Summer powered up her husband's office computer and waited until the computer fully booted. Once fully booted, Summer logged into her yahoo account, teach101 and there in her inbox was an email from Master T. Summer clicked on the new mail icon and opened the email from Master T.


Open up your messenger account and offer me access to your webcam.

Master T

Summer clicked on the messenger icon and watched as the chat messenger service opened up. There she saw that Master T was on-line. Summer started up a chat request with Master T:

Master T, this is your slut Summer. Please accept my webcam request.

Very quickly Summer could see Master T's face appear on the screen. She just sat at the desk and did not move as she did not know what Master T wanted at that time of the evening.

Summer saw Master T's words flash across her messenger window:

"Slut, I do not have much time as it is late and I do not want my parents to find me up and chatting. Stand up and let me see you."

Summer pushed the chair back and stood so that the webcam was pointed at her panty covered pussy. She was looking at the screen when she saw Master T write,

Slut, turn around and bend over. Spread your ass cheeks so that I can see that you have the butt plug inserted as required.

Summer spun around on her heels and bent over at the waist. As she reached behind to grab her ass cheeks, she wondered to herself as to why she was being made to do this now because she knew that Master T had put cameras all over the house and surely he had seen her get dressed. But, Summer found herself complying with the instruction and pulled her cheeks apart in order to prove to Master T that she did indeed have the black butt plug inserted into her ass.

Summer believing that she had fully complied with Master T's instructions slowly spun around to find her webcam closed, but a final message from Master T,

"Very good slut, I am pleased with your conforming to your slut outfit, collar and butt plug. You are now allowed to go to bed, but the butt plug remains. I will be back on Thursday evening. I will send you messages while I am away. Tomorrow, dress however you like, but remember that you are to wear revealing clothing, sexy lingerie, only hose (no pantyhose) and your four inch heels. Don't forget your tanning appointment.

Master T.

Summer logged off of the computer and just sat at her husband's desk thinking about how she could now be in this situation. She has been under the control of her student only since last Thursday evening and tomorrow, Tuesday, she would be able to have a sane day because Master T was going to be out of town. Summer got up and headed for the stairs and her waiting bed.

Todd watched on his IPad as his slut made her way into her bedroom. His face was creased with a knowing smile as he watched Summer slip off her six inch heels and climb into bed. As she bent over, his camera caught sight of the base of the black butt plug held in place by the white thong. Todd knew that his hold over Summer was complete because she had her white "slut" collar around her neck as she pulled the covers up and turned off the light.

Summer was awakened from a very relaxing night's sleep by the sound of her clock radio playing the easy listening music she liked to hear first thing in the morning. She curled up to hit the snooze when she winced and realized that the pain in her ass was still there and then she remembered the black butt plug had remained in her ass all night as it was held snugly in place by her white thong. Summer moved her right hand down to her pussy for some unknown reason and she found the entire crotch of her white thong soaking wet. She found her clit and began to rub the erect digit furiously for the itch in her groin was too strong to resist.

Summer slid her left hand between her legs and found the base of the black butt plug protruding from her ass. She began to fuck the plug in and out of her already stretched ass hole in rhythm with the caress of her fingers on her clit. Summer spread her legs wider and began to attack her clit with vigor as the building orgasm. With one final push of the plug, Summer was able to reach her much needed orgasm.

"Oh my god, what is wrong with me," she quietly asked herself.

Summer slipped out from under the Egyptian cotton sheets and padded her way to the bathroom. She was almost to the bathroom door when she realized that she had not slipped the six inch heels back onto her aching feet. She paused briefly and then remembered her Master T's orders, "You will wear these slut shoes all the time when in your home."

Summer walked back to the edge of the bed and slipped her feet back into the size six white heels with the six inch heels. She felt the strain on her calves as the incline of the heels put stress on her feet as well as her legs. As Summer walked back to the bathroom, she glanced at the full length mirror in the dressing area and was startled by the sight she saw. Here she was a respected English teacher, wife and mother of two college aged children and she had the look of a whore that had been fucked all night. And yet, she was dressed as a slut for her high school student Master with her white slut collar, white thong, black butt plug in her ass, nipple piercings, piercings in both of her pussy lips and the loop earring with the three red beads.

Summer walked over to the lavatory and while watching herself in the mirror, she slipped her white thong off of her hips and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of the thong and then turned around so that she could see her ass cheeks. Both cheeks were red, but she could see the impressions made by the ping pong paddle as Master T had administered his punishment on her. She touched first one cheek and then the other and her suspicions were realized. It was going to be very hard to sit down at school today. Each cheek was quite sore and would be a reminder to her that she had been punished for not following Master T's instructions exactly.

Summer placed the fingers of her right hand around the base of the butt plug and began to remove it from her ass. At first, her ass refused to release its grip on the base of the plug, but Summer pulled a little harder and the plug slowly was withdrawn from her ass. Summer continued to look at her ass in the mirror and when the plug was removed, she noticed that her asshole was gaping open. She stared at her ass for a while longer until the urges of her body for the morning release reminded her that she needed to pee. What Summer did not realized was the bi-product of a butt plug in her ass for almost 8 hours was the quick fecal discharge. She was embarrassed at the situation and she was aghast at her poor judgment. She could not allow Todd to run her life and she would show him.

After completing her bathroom chore, Summer stood in front of the lavatory mirror and removed the slut collar. And she was concerned because the collar had rubbed her neck roughly during the night and there was a very evident ring around her neck. She was very hopeful that it would dissipate before she got to work.

Summer stepped into her large shower and enjoyed the feel of the hot water as it ran over her body. She loved the feeling of the water spray on her nipples and they immediately reacted to the stimulation. As she began to soap her body, her fingers grazed each nipple and she felt the piercings that she had only received the previous Saturday at Marcos' hands. She continued soaping her body with her right hand as her left found its way to pussy. The stimulation of the water on her nipples, the memory of the butt plug in her ass and the pain in her ass cheeks all served to make her have the need for an orgasm.

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