tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 12

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 12


Summer has spent all day at school on Tuesday stimulated by messages and notes from Master T. She has been watched by Master T through video devices he planted in her classroom before he left for the Washington, DC class trip. With this video device, not only could Todd record his slut English teacher in her classroom, he could also watch a live feed if he had the moment to do so. Summer had been made to have multiple orgasms in the girl's bathroom on her floor, been spied upon by school maintenance workers and had her last session video recorded by Melanie who had been in the bathroom completing her orgasm as required by her sometimes boyfriend Todd Spillers who was away on the class trip to Washington. He would be back in time to attend the Friday night football game where Melanie, as the senior captain, led the school cheerleading squad.

Summer was making her way down the corridor of the school heading to the parking lot designated for teachers. Summer was not wearing a bra nor was she wearing her panties as she had not had time to put them on before her meeting with Principal Harding. Summer was very conscious of the Ben WA balls in her pussy and she was quite nervous that they might fall out at any moment during her walk to her car. As she reached the back stairwell, the door suddenly opened and Summer came face-to-face with Melanie Crenshaw, daughter of Sandra Wilson who had been the reason Summer was running late to her tanning appointment. Sandra Wilson had been talking to Principal Harding most of the day detailing how disappointed she was in Summer's grading system and complaining about her lack of compromise.

"Hi, Ms. Wayne, I heard that my mother called Principal Harding. I am sorry that she did that, but I am really worried that your grading system might affect my admission to State," said Melanie.

Summer quickly replied, "Ms. Hart, I have been in meeting with Principal Harding for the past 20-minutes of so. We have discussed your situation and Mr. Harding agrees with my position. I am late to another meeting, so we can discuss this further tomorrow."

With that, Summer tried to push by her student, but Melanie successfully blocked her hot English teacher's way by thrusting her arm across the threshold of the door to the stair well. Summer ran right into Melanie's outstretched arm which caused her to lose her grip on her bag and it fell to the floor. Summer was shocked as she saw the contents of her bag spill out onto the floor revealing her bra, thong and butt plug. Melanie was looking down and noticed the bag's contents and quietly smiled to herself. Summer squatted down immediately and stuffed all of the items back into her bag and red faced excused herself to head out to her car.

Melanie was very pleased to know that her English teacher had indeed gone braless during the school day and without her panties too. Melanie remembered the bathroom scene where Ms. Wayne had pushed the black butt plug into her ass. Melanie stepped into the stairwell, opened her video files on her phone and watched again as Ms. Wayne fucked her ass and rubbed her clit all the while looking out the window in the bathroom. Melanie could feel her young pussy getting wet and she had to turn the video off as she had to run to cheerleading practice. She could not wait to get home and share the file with her boyfriend tonight.

Summer hurriedly, almost running, exited the school building clutching her school bag closely to her chest shaken that a student had seen her bra, thong and butt plug. She could not fathom how she might have to explain that she was not wearing those items and what she was doing with a black butt plug in school. But, Summer had other issues to worry about. Her tanning appointment was at 4:00 PM and it was now 3:45, which meant that she was going to be at least 15 minutes late. Summer prayed that Sandy would not be on duty at the salon.

Summer drove over the speed limit, but kept her wits about herself as she did not want to run the red light or be too far over the speed limit. She did not want to run into those two policemen again as she could not risk a further delay or the assault on her body that would be inevitable.

Summer was lucky as she was able to get to the tanning salon without further delay, but she was 15 minutes late. Unfortunately, Sandy was at the front desk as Summer broke through the door, teacher bag clutched to her chest and eyes wide as she saw the look on Sandy's face.

Sandy flung Summer's tanning bag and shouted at the poor teacher, "Strip off your clothes and slip on your tanning thong. I will join you in room 7 to apply the tanning lotion and nipple covers as required by "Master T" as soon as I am able to help these ladies who got to their tanning appointments on time.

Summer was shaken by Sandy's words because there were two other women the receptionist area and they clearly hear Master T. Summer did not dare look at either of the women as she hustled to her tanning room. Summer looked at the door to room 7 and she was overcome by the memory of room 7 at Marcos' salon and what happened to her this past Saturday.

So as not to cause a further delay, Summer quickly stripped off her four inch heels, unzipped and slide her skirt off. Next she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. She hung both the skirt and blouse on the hook behind the door. She placed her heels under the chair and she slipped her hose into her teacher bag. Next Summer stepped into the tanning thong, slipped it over her hips and pulled it into place making sure to align the side strings with the previous day's tan line so that she would have an even tan line.

Summer then waited until Sandy burst into the room without even a courtesy knock. Sandy did not even pull the door closed to afford Summer any privacy as anyone passing by her room could look directly into the room and see her standing there with only the thin tanning thong.

Sandy towered over Summer as she was just over six feet tall and had been a basketball player at the high school where Summer taught. Unfortunately for Summer, her grading system had prevented Sandy from being able to attend State College and she had been relegated to the local commuter college. Sandy's dark features made her even more intimidating to the 5' 8" teacher. Sandy was a very busty, but athletic woman. Summer had noticed on Monday that she was very fit, but that her breasts were quite large. Today, Sandy had on a tank top that did little to hide the enormous cleavage that was supported by the bright red bra. Summer swore that she could see the tops of Sandy's nipples peaking above her demi cup bra.

Alright slut, you need to put your hands on the back of the chair and spread your legs so I can spread the tanning lotion evenly. As Summer turned around Sandy said to herself, "This is going to be interesting. I think I will have some fun with this bitch."

Sandy told Summer that she was calling her slut because Master T had told her to do so. Sandy went on to tell Summer that she was to obey her every command without question or delay. Sandy then said, "If you do not, then I am sure he will find the appropriate punishment for you. As you know you are 15 minutes late for the session so you have already missed a specific deadline."

Sandy went on to tell Summer that she was required to let Master T know of her tardiness and that she would be required to report how cooperative Summer was during the tanning session. Without any delay, Summer spun around and grabbed the back of the chair. "Spread your legs more slut," Sandy commanded in a very stern voice.

Sandy smiled as the poor English teacher immediately spread her legs as far as she could possibly spread them. Summer felt Sandy's feet pressed against the inside of each of her feet and she was forced to spread her legs even further. Summer was concerned that in this position the two silver Ben WA balls might slip out of her wet pussy. Summer concentrated on squeezing the balls hoping that the current position was as far as she would be forced to spread her legs.

Summer felt Sandy's strong hands start to spread lotion beginning at her shoulders and all down her back. Sandy's strength was amazing and her touch was almost erotic. Summer began to really enjoy Sandy's hands and as her hands were lowered down Summer's back, she used her thumbs to pull at the string sides of the thong and began to pull the thong down over Summer's hips. As Sandy's hands massaged the lotion into Summer's ass cheeks, she thought she heard a low murmur emanating from Summer so she increased the intensity of her massage and worked her fingers down the crack of Summer's ass.

Sandy stopped her massage for just a moment to apply more lotion to the poor teacher's ass cheeks and she pulled at the side strings of the thong. She was only able to pull the thong down below Summer's ass cheeks because her legs were spread wide and held in place by Sandy's feet. Once again, Sandy began massaging Summer's ass cheeks and slowly slid a finger down her crack until she reached the teacher's ass hole. That is when Sandy remembered that Summer was required to have her butt plug in her ass.

"Slut, where is your butt plug?" Don't you remember that you were required to have it inserted when you came to the tanning salon today," Sandy asked sternly.

Summer replied, "Sandy, I was not aware I was supposed to have it in me. I thought my last instruction from Master T at school was to remove it."

"First of all slut, call me Mistress Sandy. Secondly, who told you to think," Sandy asked.

Summer was now perplexed. She knew her instructions from Master T were to take the butt plug out once she had an orgasm in the bathroom. But, here this large physically fit woman was telling her differently. Summer then replied, "Mistress Sandy, I am confused. Should I put the plug in now?"

Sandy thought for a moment and decided she could have a little more fun with this teacher as she had another couple minutes before her next spray tan client came in. "Where is your plug slut," she asked the English teacher.

Summer then said to Sandy, "It is in my teacher bag." Suddenly Summer felt two quick and very hard slaps against her already sore ass cheeks. "What did you call me slut," Sandy asked.

Summer quickly replied, "I am sorry Mistress Sandy. The butt plug is in my teacher bag>"

"Don't move slut," Sandy instructed as she moved from between Summer's legs. She reached into the bag to retrieve the 6 inch long, one and a half inch in diameter black butt plug. Sandy looked for lubrication in the bag, but did not find any. So, she asked the still bent over teacher, "Slut how did you get this plug moist enough to insert into your ass?"

Answering, Summer replied, "I used my mouth and juice from my vagina Mistress Sandy."

"Slut, why do you call your cunt a vagina? What is it called slut Sandy demanded.

Summer boxed in and in a very compromising position and with the door to room 7 still open says, "Mistress Sandy, it is my cunt. I got it moist from the juices of my cunt."

Sandy took the black butt plug and began to insert it into the teacher's exposed cunt. She noticed how there was no hair around the lips of her cunt nor were there any hairs around her ass hole. Sandy tried to insert the plug full, but it hit something inside Summer's cunt. Sandy asked, "Slut, what is in your pussy? I cannot push this plug in any deeper."

Embarrassed, Summer meekly replied, "Mistress Sandy, I have two Ben WA balls inside me."

"Why do you have those inside you slut," Sandy probed.

"Mistress Sandy, Master T made me insert them today at school before my last period and I was not allowed to take them out," Summer replied.

"Well, we don't have a lot of time and I have other clients coming who are on time and not disrespectful as you are. Slut, take this plug and suck it until it is wet with your saliva," Sandy demanded.

Summer took one of her hands off of the chair, while balancing on the other and reached around to take the butt plug from Sandy's hand. She quickly inserted the butt plug and could taste her liquids from earlier in the day on the plug. She quickly moved the plug in and out of her mouth trying to get as much saliva on the plug to prevent a painful insertion by Sandy.

Once Summer was satisfied that there was enough lubrication on the plug, she handed it back to Sandy. Sandy quickly asked, "What do you want me to do with this butt plug slut?"

Summer knew she was trapped and wanted to get the insertion over with before anyone saw what the big, athletic black woman was doing to her and maker her do to herself.

Summer answered, "Mistress Sandy, please insert the plug into my ass."

With that, Summer felt the tip of the plug against her puckered anus and then without any preparation or sensitivity, the plug was forced completely into her ass. Then Sandy went about completing the application of the lotion to Summer's legs and then told her to stand up, back up to the wall and put her hands above her head.

Summer complied with Sandy's instructions and soon felt the cool lotion being spread with Sandy's strong hands over her upper shoulders, her breasts, around each erect nipple, down her stomach, on her pubic mound and around her hips. Then Sandy ordered Summer to put one foot up on the chair so that she could apply the lotion to her sensitive cunt lips. Sandy concentrated on the clit more than the lips but occasionally played with the lip piercings tugging at them gently with one hand while the other made circular motions round the poor English teacher's even more erect clit.

Sandy could feel Summer getting closing and closer to orgasm and decided it was time to stop. She removed he hands from Summer's cunt lips and clit, finished spreading lotion down each leg and then ordered Summer to once again stand against the wall with her hands above her head.

Sandy took first on nipple and then the other between her index finger and thumb of each hand and began to twist and pull each nipple making sure they were fully erect to ensure that the nipple covers only covered the nipple and not any portion of the breast outs die of the pink areolas of Summer's nipples. Sandy applied the adhesive side of the nipple covers first to the right nipple and then to the left. She of course made sure to pull the cover off of each nipple on time to further stimulate and harden the teacher's nipple.

Once Sandy was satisfied that the fast tanning lotion was appropriately spread she ordered Summer to pull the tanning thong back up over he hips and to make sure that the initial lines from Monday's session were only covered so that the thin strips of the thong would create a small white line to signify the tan she was receiving.

Once Sandy was satisfied that Summer had completed this task, she told Summer to put her tanning goggles on, climb into the bed, lay flat on her back and raise her hands above her head outside the bed. Once in this position, Summer felt metal bracelets being placed around each wrist. Then Summer felt Sandy slid her hand inside the front of her thin tanning thong and slip something inside and against her clit. Summer felt a slight tickle and realized that the tickled was caused by a small electrical cord. She could not imagine what had been placed inside the thong against her clit until she felt the device jump to life and begin a slow stimulation of her clit.

"Slut, this is a clit stimulating device that Master T wanted you to experience each time you tan. He was sure that you would not be able to keep your hands off of the device so I arranged to have you bound to a metal eye bolt in the wall behind you," was all that Summer heard.

Sandy had placed head phones on Summer's ears and when she pressed play, Summer was serenaded by the low humming of a vibrator and the sounds of a woman in ecstasy. Summer listened intently until she was sure that the voice was hers and she began to wonder when Master T had recorded her.

Sandy left the poor English teacher in the tanning bed tied to the wall. Sandy went over to the chair and picked up Summer's bag and purse. Sandy removed one credit card from Summer's wallet and left it on the chair. Sandy took the thigh hi's out of the bag and placed them over the back of the chair. Sandy left the room to return 30 minutes later to start Summer on her next step into depravity.

The inability to use her hands, the constant moans that she was hearing and the vibrations against her clit, were causing Summer to press down against the bed of the tanning bed and try to work the butt plug deeper into her ass. She could feel the Ben WA balls vibrating with the vibrations of the clit stimulation which was making her draw ever closer to orgasm. Summer could not hear the chatter from just outside room 7 as several women were standing in the door way watching what was happening to her. Fortunately for Summer no one in the salon knew her so further risk of discovery did not occur. But, Summer remembered that the door had been open during Sandy's time with her and she did not hear the door close as Sandy exited because of the head phones.

Summer was beginning to fuck her hips up and down to the rhythm of the clit stimulator. The Ben WA balls were being massaged by the walls of Summer's pussy and the butt plug was giving her further stimulation as she was able to slowly fuck it into her ass against the balls inside her pussy. Summer could hear herself reaching orgasm through the head phones and she began to feel her orgasm there in the tanning bed approach. She bucked harder against the bed, tried to grip the Ben WA balls harder and push her clit against the stimulator. She was straining against the bindings and moving her head from side to side. The women in the door way were enthralled to see a mature woman in the throes of orgasm as Summer erupted there in the bed without regard for noise or who may be watching.

As Summer came back to reality from her orgasm, the recording in her ears changed to her Master's voice. She listened as he told her that she was now completely his and that her progress to date was good, but he knew that he could make her a better slut. Tonight was the first opportunity for Summer to be wanton and experience the pleasures of sex with complete strangers. At about that time, the clit stimulator increased its pressure against her clit. She began to once again squirm against the bed slipping her sweat from the heat of the bed. She hear her master tell her that tonight she would be going to a place he was pretty sure that she had never been and that Sandy would be bringing her instructions in a few moments. That being said, she had better cum before he reached 15. As she heard Master T count down from 15, 14, 13 12........Summer could feel her body reacting to the instructions of her Master. As Master T's voice hit three, Summer's whole body erupted into orgasm.

At almost the same time, the tanning bed shut off and Summer felt her hands being released from her shackles. Summer felt the head phones being pulled from her ears and as she tried to move her hands down to touch her clit, she heard Sandy say, "Slut, you are not allowed to touch yourself the rest of the night unless someone directs you to do so."

As Summer was helped out of the bed and removed her tanning goggles, she noticed that the door to room 7 was indeed now closed. At least, she thought, she would have some privacy.

Then Sandy started giving commands to Summer. First Summer had to spray herself with bottled water so that she could cool down. Once the water was applied, Sandy started toweling off the water as well as Summer's sweat. Next Summer was instructed to take the thong off, take the butt plug out of her ass and to remove the Ben WA balls from her pussy. Summer easily complied with the first two instructions, but she was perplexed on how to remove the balls. Sandy was getting impatient and told Summer to remove the balls. Summer thought for a moment and then decided that maybe from a kneeling position; she could use her pussy muscles to push the balls out. As Summer slumped to her knees, her eyes were level with the outline of Sandy's pussy through her tight athletic white biker/running shorts. Summer could see the outline of Sandy's pussy lips through the material of the shorts and she could see the thin outline of a black thong.

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