tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 14

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 14


Chapter 14

Summer Wayne is a 40 year-old High School English senior teacher who has fallen under the control of one of her students. Todd, Master T, is a 19 year-old senior who happened upon his teacher's profile at the Wives Who Need Sex website. There he had seen her profile and a faceless picture. He had convinced the teacher at the site to send him a picture. Given her lack of computer skills, Summer had sent a picture of her whole body, including her face that showed her fucking her pussy with a black dildo. Todd had successfully taken control of his teacher, had had her nipples and cunt lips pierced as well as a three beaded ear piercing that marked her as his possession. Summer is just returning from a trip to an adult bookstore where she has been subjected to punishment, forced sex, spanking and made to purchase six specific items that her Master T had picked out for her. She has just arrived home dressed in a red dress with spaghetti straps, red pumps and a sore pussy, asshole and mouth...........

Summer parked her car in the garage, closed the garage door and scurried into the house. She did not even bother removing the package that contained the sex toys that she had been forced to buy (she did not remember paying for them) and the clothes that she had worn to work this morning (except for her skirt and blouse). She had arrived home at almost 9:00 PM, which meant that she had been abused at Bill Fraser's bookstore for almost two hours.

Summer ran upstairs and logged into the sub-finder link on the school website. When the link opened, Summer punched in her school ID and requested a substitute teacher for her class on Wednesday. Once she received confirmation of the request, Summer logged out of the site.

Summer then saw her email light was on in her personal email account. She hesitated because she just knew that there would be an email from Todd detailing something that he was going to make her do to please him, but she just did not have the energy to start up tonight. Her pussy was sore. Her ass cheeks and ass hole were sore. Her lips and mouth were sore. Every part of her body was sore from the degradation she received at the hands of Bill Fraser and friends.

But, not wanting to get Todd riled up while he was away in Washington, Summer clicked on the white envelope at the bottom of her monitor and opened her email. Thank goodness she said to herself. There was only one email and it was from her husband James. He detailed his latest business triumphs in Asia and how much he was looking forward to getting home in less than four weeks now. His email also told Summer that he would be calling as usual on Wednesday (around 10:00 PM her time, which is noon his time in Japan) via SKYPE so they could chat and see each other at the same time.

Summer closed the email, walked the short distance to her bedroom, stripped off the red dress and heels. She jumped into the shower to try and wash away the accumulated cum from the night at Bill Fraser's bookstore and to get the feeling of the men touching her from her body. The hot water felt wonderful on her skin, but it also made her ass sting after the paddling that she had received. Summer let the water stream over her head and down her body as she rested against the glass wall of the shower. Then, she began to cry as her mind went back to the bookstore and the pole in the middle of the floor. How had she been so stupid to just mindlessly go into the bookstore in the first place? Why couldn't she have just walked away from everything and start anew.

But then her thoughts went to her two sons and how they would be affected if somehow Todd were to send pictures of their mother performing sexual acts with men that were not their father. She had to do whatever it took to protect her children from her situation. Hopefully, in a month, when James got back to the states, he could help her out of the situation she was in with Todd.

Mindlessly, Summer's hands applied the herbal cleanse to her body. She shivered as her fingers raked over her nipples as she felt the bar bell piercings. Her nipples had always stood erect before the piercings, but now they were rock hard and were sensitive all the time. Summer's fingers continued to touch her nipples and then she began to pull at the piercings to stretch the nipples even further away from her body. "Oh God what is wrong with me," she said aloud.

Not paying attention to her question, Summer lowered her right hand down between the folds of her pussy lips. She felt the ring piercings in each lip, gave them a little tug and then moved her hand to her hairless pubic mound. She was surprised that there was a bit of stubble and knew that she had to shave that area, but that could be taken care of in the morning.

Summer moved her fingers to the erect clit that was so sensitive to touch that she almost came immediately. But, Summer's body needed to relax and she so badly needed an intense orgasm to wipe away the mental picture of the men who basically raped her tonight. Summer's index and middle fingers began to rhythmically move over the clit and would slide into the folds of her pussy lips. She would unconsciously slip her middle finger into her pussy in an effort to remove the feeling of the condom covered cocks that had penetrated her for the past two hours.

Summer's hand began to move more rapidly as her body reacted to the stimulation of her fingers as well as her mind as it relived the degradation she had been subjected to at the tanning salon and at the bookstore. She remembered being fucked by Sandy and her strap on dildo, being tied to the pole in Bill's store and then the seven men who had abused her there. She could not believe that she was turned on by the events, but that did not matter at this point as she had to have an orgasm.

The harder she tried to cum the more difficult it was for her to cum. She suddenly remembered that her hardest orgasms tonight had been when there was a cock in her body. She opened the door to the shower and with her body fully wet, Summer walked into the bedroom, opened her night stand and withdrew the black dildo that had gotten her into this mess in the first place.

Summer padded across the plush Berber carpet back into the shower. Her nipples even more erect now (if that was possible) due to the cold air and then her body being met with the hot spray from the shower. Summer leaned back against the glass panel of the shower wall, slipped the head of the black dildo into the opening of her pussy and slowly pushed it inside. She moved her left hand back up to her breasts as she began to alternate between the two nipples pulling and twisting them.

Summer worked six of the nine inches of the dildo into her body and then began to slowly fuck it into and out of her pussy. The walls of her pussy tried to grab the cock as it slid in and out. Summer fucked herself faster and faster, she raised herself up onto her tiptoes to increase the tension in her body. Finally, her body erupted into orgasm and Summer let the feeling wash over her body until she was able to turn off the water to exit the shower.

Summer wrapped her body in the luxurious bath towel from the set that James had purchased for her in Thailand. She then wrapped her hair in a smaller towel from the same set, went about removing what little make-up remained after her ordeal and made her way to the bed. Summer was so tired that she fell onto the bed, wrapped herself in the bedding duvet and fell fast asleep.

Summer was awakened by the sound of lawn mowers and shrubbery trimmers. She forgot that Wednesday was the day that her husband James had set up as yard day while he was out of the country. As Summer rose from the bed, she felt deep pain in her ass, down her legs (especially the hamstrings), her wrists, elbows, mouth, pussy and her ass. She slowly made her way to the bathroom and was very pleased when she did not find a pool of blood in the bowl or marks on her body.

Summer threw the bath towels on the tile floor of the bathroom, reached into her closet and grabbed her thick terry cloth robe and slipped her feet into her not so frilly bedroom slippers. She padded down the steps of the stairs and found her way into the kitchen. She took out one of the containers of single cup coffees that she had purchased, placed it into the filter, grabbed a tall mug from the cabinet and pressed start on the single cup coffee maker. The kitchen was encased in sunshine as the rear of the house was almost totally glass with several French doors opening up onto the rear patio where only this past Sunday Lisa and her husband Steve had forced Summer to have sex with them all the while being watched by her neighbor Mr. Johnson.

Summer was thankful that the workers were in the front yard and she could enjoy the momentary silence of the kitchen as the front yard had lots of shrubbery to trim as well as edging of the driveway, walkway and street edging would take quite a while. Summer's coffee finished brewing, she grabbed the French Vanilla flavored Coffee mate from the refrigerator, poured in her favorite amount and sat back down on the bar stool to which she had been tied and beaten with a ping pong paddle just two days ago at the hands of her teenage master.

Summer got lost in the events of the last couple of days, her submission to a student, the piercings, the spankings, the new clothes, the looks she was receiving at school, Lisa's domination, Steve's hard cock, the tanning salon and the degradation she had experienced at the hands of Bill Fraser at the adult bookstore. She still could not believe that only this past Thursday, less than a week ago, she was a career English teacher, loving wife, mother of two wonderful boys who were off to college and an active member of community charity organizations. But all of that changed when she accidentally sent a picture through that damn website and it fell in the hands of one of her students.

Summer was very happy that she had been given the day off by Todd. She did not think that she could have managed to be sane at school today given what had happened to her the past two days. She still had to go to the tanning salon today as she did not want to alert Todd by not going to the salon. She was still shaken up by the pictures that were taken, but she knew of no way to prevent them being used in any advertising campaign. Summer was hopeful that Sandy would not be there.

At that exact moment, her phone, resting in the charger cradle buzzed indicating that she had received a text message. Summer knew it had to be from her young master, but she needed her peace and quiet morning coffee. Then she realized that it was almost noon. She had slept over 13 hours and only now realized it. Her day was almost half over and she knew that the tanning appointment was at 4:00 PM. Summer also knew that she had to prepare for class on Thursday because she knew that the substitute in her class would only be able to assign the chapters as indicated in her lesson plan on her desk. Thank goodness she had planned ahead for the week. She would hate to have Principal Harding do a spot check of her plans as he has done to other teachers this year. Summer admitted that her principal intimidated her and she was very uneasy around him. The meeting after Melanie's mother had complained about her grading scale had put Summer on edge with not only Melanie & her mother, but Principal Harding too.

Summer's thoughts were interrupted once again by the familiar buzz of her phone signaling the receipt of a text message. Summer walked around the kitchen's island to the desk sitting adjacent to the refrigerator. She sat down in the straight backed chair with the hard seat and pulled her iphone from the charger. Sure enough it was a series of texts from the familiar number of her master.

Summer clicked on the first of three texts and began to read:

"Slut I got a report from Bill that you were a very good slut last night and that he was most pleased with your performance as well as how the camera found your performance to be."

Summer quickly replied, "Thank you Master T."

Summer then went on to the second text:

"Slut, why are you wearing that house coat and bedroom slippers? You know the rules when you are home alone."

Summer immediately went pale. She forgot that Todd had put cameras in several areas of the house, her bedroom and kitchen being two of the known areas. She completely forgot that she was required to wear the six inch white heels and have the butt plug inserted in her ass whenever she was home alone. She also knew that the only robe she was allowed to wear was the white, silk almost see-through robe that no longer had the silk tie to keep it closed. Summer could only wear that robe if she had to greet anyone at her door.

"Master, I am so sorry that I am not wearing what you have directed, but I was so strung out after last night that I completely forgot. Please forgive me," Summer frantically typed.

Summer clicked on the third message that simply said:

"Slut, you have 30 minutes to haul your ass back upstairs, shower, shave your cunt and ass crack, insert your butt plug, slip on the heels, fix your hair and make-up like the slut you are and get back into the kitchen. Once in the kitchen, take a picture of yourself and text it to me."

Summer quickly replied, "Yes Master T."

Summer almost ran up the steps to her bedroom. She threw the terry cloth robe on the floor and flung the bedroom slippers across the room in a quick kicking motion with each of her feet. She turned on the water and it immediately was hot as her husband had installed a continuous circulating system from the hot water heater to the master bath room, which Summer was quite thankful for at this very moment.

As the water cascaded down her back, Summer quickly rubbed soap under her arms, down her legs, over her breasts and down the crack of her ass. The hot water felt wonderful, but she had no time to enjoy its pleasing effects. Summer quickly lathered her pubic area with the sensitive skin shaving cream and using her newest lady razor, began to run the blades over her skin. She was careful not to clip the lips of her pussy or the rings that adorned those lips. Summer wasted little time with finesse as she was under the gun for completing this task.

Summer spread her legs and carefully completed shaving her pussy mound. Next she bent over at the waist, took the can of shaving cream and put a generous amount into her hand and then she slid her hand in the crack of her ass making sure to coat the around her ass hole. It did not take long to shave this area and she quickly exited the shower. She dried herself with the extra towel that had been hanging from the brass towel rack and stepping over last night's towels as she headed to her dressing table.

Summer slid open the make-up drawer, pulled out the pink butt plug and the KY Jelly. She flipped open the cap to the jelly and squeezed a large amount of goo onto the tip of the plug and she began to rub it up and down the six inch shaft. Summer wanted to make sure that it was appropriately lubricated before she attempted to insert it because her ass was sore from last night and she was not sure she could withstand any more pain in that area of her body.

Once she was satisfied that the shaft of the pink butt plug was sufficiently lubricated, Summer took a small glob of the jelly and applied it to her ass hole. Next she took the butt plug's flat base in her right hand and bending over, spread her ass cheeks with her left hand. When the tip of the plug touched her ass hole, Summer pressed it forcing the tip to slip inside. Summer was surprised when the plug slide quite easily into her ass all the way to the pink base. Then Summer remembered the butt plug that she had purchased last night, the harness for it and the cocks fucking in and out of her at the direction of Bill Fraser.

Summer sat down on her make up stool quickly applying dark colors around her eyes, highlighting her cheeks with the rose colored rouse and then applied the ruby red lipstick that her master had required to wear all the time.

Once satisfied that her hair and make-up met her master's demands, Summer slipped on the white string lace thong and then stepped into the white, six inch heels. Even though she had worn them the past two days, she was still unsure of herself as she walked out of the bedroom and headed down the stairs. Summer had her white silk robe over her arm as she was allowed to wear it if for some reason she had to answer the door. Even though the tie of the robe had been removed, Summer felt covered when she was allowed to wear it.

Once back in the kitchen, Summer quickly placed her iphone on the counter propped against one of the heavy glass candle holders, set the automatic timer and stood for the inevitable flash of the camera. Summer quickly opened the photo folder to see if the picture was worthy of her master's demand. Summer was disappointed as the room was too dark and her body was washed out by the flash.

Summer went around the kitchen and turned on all of the lights for better illumination. Once again, Summer set up the camera, set the timer and stood in the sexiest pose she could summon. After the camera's flash, Summer once again opened the photo folder and was pleased with the resulting picture, though it showed her face, her erect nipples and the white lace thong covering her bald pussy.

Summer quickly forwarded the picture to her teenage master and waited for a reply. While waiting, Summer made another cup of coffee and sat on the same bar stool on which she had been paddled on Monday night. Unbeknownst to Summer, the landscape crew of three had moved to the backyard and had seen the lights come on in the kitchen area as well as the flash of the camera. It was obvious to them that Summer was taking pictures of herself and they could see that she was only wearing high heels and a thong. With her back to the patio, Summer was not aware that the workers had gathered just off of the patio, hidden by the large azaleas that afforded some privacy whenever she and James had entertained. The men could clearly see the thin straps of the white thong wrapped around her slim waist and then the thin line slipping between the teacher's ass cheeks.

Summer's phone soon buzzed announcing the receipt of a text. It could only be from her master. Summer waited a couple of minutes before reading the text. After she had taken a couple of sips of her coffee, Summer opened the text to read:

"Slut that is a satisfactory pic. However, you did not confirm that you had your pink butt plug inserted in your slut ass. Take a pic now to confirm and send to me."

Summer flicked her iphone to the camera mode and looked around to find a way to set the phone in such a manner so that she could easily take a picture of her ass which would reflect that she indeed had the pink plug in her ass. She decided to use the bar stool to bend over and place the phone on the kitchen table.

As she turned towards the kitchen table, she saw the three sets of eyes staring back at her. Summer quickly covered her breasts, turned away from the door and quickly disappeared out of the kitchen. Summer ran up the stairs and slammed the bedroom door shut. Summer was shaking with apprehension from being observed by the three yard men, two Hispanics and the white owner of the business whom James, her husband, had hired to manage the large yard while he was out of the country.

Summer's delay in sending the demanded picture caused her to receive a not too subtle text back from her young master:

"Slut, why haven't you sent me the picture of your ass that proves to me that you have your pink butt plug in your asshole that I asked for?"

Summer quickly texted back to her young master, "Master T, I looked out into my back yard and the lawn service employees were staring at me through the sliding glass doors from the patio. I ran upstairs to take my picture for you."

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