tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 15

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 15



Summer Wayne is a 40 year old married high school Senior English teacher that is being blackmailed by one of her students. She is required to call him Master T and she is completely under his control only one week after his discovery of her on-line profile. Master T has had each of Summer's nipples pierced, each of her pussy lips is adorned with ring piercings and her left hear has been pierced with a large loop earring that includes three red beads that signifies to Master T that she is his. Master T has been on a high school trip to Washington D.C. and he will be arriving on Thursday evening. Summer's day at school will be palatable for the first time, but after school, she will be visiting the tanning salon again and will be required to provide her master with a ride home upon his return from his trip. Thursday represents the completion of one week of being under the control of her teenage Master, but her weekend will be filled with servitude, tattoos and more degradation, but she doesn't yet know any of this..........

Summer was effectively hiding in her bathroom because she knew that Master T would be able to tell whether or not she was wearing her required slut clothes. She knew that Wednesday night was when she chatted with her husband James on Skype. But, she just could not bear to have him see her in her slut uniform as required by her young master. She did not want to put on the white lace thong and slip her tired feet into the white six inch slut pumps while she chatted with James because she was not allowed to wear a cover-up unless she needed some semblance of dignity when greeting anyone at the front door or at the direction of her young Master. Summer also did not want to put the white slut dog collar around her neck nor did she want to have the required pink butt plug inserted in her ass as she chatted with her overseas husband. Dressed like that James would be able to see her nipple piercings as well as the white "slut" collar she was required to wear, though she had forgotten to wear it today on her Master's required day off. She also did not want to risk James asking about any other piercings and her being required to show him the piercings she had in each of her pussy lips as well as the ankle bracelet that Master T required that she never take off. James would also see the large gold loop earring in her left ear with the three red balls linked to it. Summer still did not comprehend the significance of the red balls in the loop earring, but it kept getting caught in her long light brunette hair.

Summer missed her husband and was mad that his work had taken him away from her. She would not be in this predicament if he had not been traveling because she would not have looked on that site and sent the picture that went to one of her students that landed her in servitude to her high school student Master. Summer needed to see James' face and talk to him just to get some semblance of normalcy back in her life. She decided to wrap a towel around her hair to cover the gold loop earring and she wrapped one of the large Egyptian cotton towels around her body covering her breasts and ass as the towel was extra-large enough to cover both her breasts and pussy. Summer then grabbed the collar, white heels and the pink butt plug as she had already slipped on a fresh white lace thong and had slipped on her slut white heels. Summer walked out of her bathroom in dread that this action would cause her more pain and punishment from her young Master. She walked towards the bedroom desk and was able to set all of the "slut" uniform items in plain view of the camera that Todd had installed, but out of view of the webcam for the Skype conversation with James.

As she sat in front of the screen, Summer purposefully turned the monitor slightly away from the area that she thought the camera was stationed. She wanted to have some privacy during her chat and she did not want Todd to be able to look over her shoulder to see James.

James dinged Summer again and this time she answered with an apology as she had been in the shower washing her hair and that was why she could not hear his first ding. He smiled and so did Summer. She had made it she thought and she chatted with her husband for the next hour catching him up on the activities of the kids; her work and the volunteer work she had on her schedule for the next four weeks.

James talked about his client meetings and the trips he had taken in Asia since last Wednesday. He talked about the swap meet he went to in Beijing and the lovely items he had been able to buy there to bring back home the first of November. This hit a nerve with Summer as that meant that he would be almost six weeks coming home. He in fact would be coming home on November 3, which was a Sunday. It was September 25 which meant that it was 40 days until he came home.

Summer's mind wandered through the rest of the conversation after she found out that James was not coming home until November 3. That meant that she would be subjected to continuous degradation by her young master without any safety being achieved by James' early return. She loved talking to James because it felt safe and she felt protected, but under her breathe she was saying "fuck you".

It was almost 9:30 PM when they said their goodbyes and I love you's. As she logged out of Skype and repositioned the monitor, she saw an envelope on the bottom of her screen that indicated that she had email. Because she had taken the day off at her master's direction, Summer first opened her school account to find multiple emails related to her class today and the student's behavior, all bad which was not surprising. Then there was an email from Principal Harding indicating that there would be a mandatory staff meeting immediately after school tomorrow (Thursday) and that everyone should plan on the meeting lasting at least an hour. Mr. Harding's email detailed that the bulk of the meeting would be on the county's proposed budget shortfalls and how that might affect the high school. He would want to make sure that all department heads come by his office in the morning so that they could distribute packages for all of the employees in each department.

"Oh crap. I have that damned tanning appointment tomorrow at 3:30 PM," Summer said out loud.

Summer then closed out her school account and noticed that there was one more email icon at the bottom of her screen, which meant that she had an email in her personal email account most probably from Todd. Summer did not want to open the email. She was both physically and mentally drained from her day. Her mouth still ached from all the cocks that she had sucked and her legs ached from being bent over to accommodate all of the cocks forced on her at the adult book store glory hole. Then her pussy reminded her of the fucking that she was given at the hands of the woman dressed as a maid. Summer remembered the cock extended from the front of her maid outfit and it felt like it was ten inches long. Summer tried to remember how many times she came today, but she just could not count them all.

As she was reliving her day, Summer felt a familiar tingle between her legs. She could feel moisture forming at the entrance to her pussy and she just mumbled "slut" to herself. The only email in her account was from her young master. Before she opened the email, Summer walked back to the bathroom, carrying her slut uniform items; placed each towel on its appropriate towel rack. She brushed out her hair and then blew it dry as she did not want to go to bed with wet hair.

Once she was satisfied that her hair was dry, Summer opened the cabinet door, reached in and removed the KY Lubricating Jelly she had purchased so that she could more easily stuff the pink butt plug into her ass. Summer put a thick coat of the slippery lubricant all over the plug. Summer then bent over slightly, pulled the thin strip of material of her thong running down her ass crack to one side, took the tip of her middle finger to spread the jelly on her puffy asshole. Once satisfied that she was sufficiently lubricated, Summer placed the tip of the pink butt plug against her asshole and began to slide it inside her anal passageway. Summer felt more and more of the pink butt plug slip inside each time she sawed the plug in and out of her ass. Finally, the base of the plug was pressed against her skin. Summer was pleasantly surprised to find that her ass was beginning to accept the plug and her pain was lessened. Summer pulled the thong material back in place and then slipped on her white slut collar. As she reached around her neck to slip the collar into the appropriate slot, Summer noticed how her silver dollar sized nipples stood out from her chest and how they were hardened by the piercings, which made them stand out even more than ever before.

Once she had on all of the items of her slut uniform, Summer headed out of the bathroom and she sat down at her desk. Summer opened the email because she did not want to make her young master mad. She could not endure any more punishment meetings with him as her ass was still bruised from the paddling she received on Monday as well as from the leather strap paddling administered by Bill Fraser and his cronies on Tuesday night at the book store.

When the email opened, Summer saw that there were four attachments. She went first to the body of the email and read:

"Slut, while I have been away, I am hopeful that you have realized how fruitless it is to resist me. Your servitude to me has been satisfactory, but it must get much better. Attached you will find four items. Open attachment number one, read it and then read the next paragraph of my email."

Summer clicked on the first attachment and when it opened she was shocked into a gasp. It was a picture from her night with Bill Fraser and his friends when she was tied to the pole, a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy from behind. The caption read, "Summer Wayne, school teacher, slut, slave and whore."

The cock in her mouth she realized was that of Bill's friend Lee. The cock fucking her from behind was none other than Bill Fraser's. She could remember the evening, but not the specifics of the abuse she received, nor the camera. She could not remember the number of times she came, but she remembered cumming a lot.

Summer then went to the email and read the second paragraph as Master Todd required:

"As you can see slut, your degradation is well documented. It will be apparent to your husband, your children, your principal Mr. Harding, the school's PTA, the students and all of your friends if you ever disregard one of my commands again. Now open the second attachment slut. After you have done this read the third paragraph."

Summer could not believe that Todd was continuing his threats to publicly detail her submission through his blackmail. She had done everything she had been asked to do to satisfy him.

Summer opened the second attachment and it was a picture of her being exposed to Phil at the tanning salon as Gail held her from behind. The picture clearly showed her face contorted from the pleasure that Gail was inflicting on her pierced nipples while a total stranger she had only met was being treated with a full view of her body. Summer remembered how embarrassed she felt to be exposed in the manner that the picture illustrated, but she also remembered how it began to turn her on.

The third paragraph further detailed Summer's continued slide into servitude, voyeurism and submissiveness:

"As you can see my slut, your body is telling your brain that it needs to be displayed, touched, stroked, spanked, fucked and is a receptor for cum. Imagine your husband receiving that picture while he is working so hard in Asia to make money to take care of his family only to find out that his wife is such a slut teacher. Now go to the third attachment."

Summer opened the third attachment and saw a picture displaying her in the bathroom stall yesterday (Tuesday). She had been aware that people had come into the bathroom while she was performing her tasks for her young Master, but the picture was taken from the adjacent stall at an upward angle. She had not seen the camera nor had she been aware that anyone was in the bathroom as she completed the butt plug induced orgasms. Now, Summer had to be worried about another student in school, only this time the other student had to be an upper class girl. "Oh my God," Summer said out loud.

Without hesitation, Summer went back to Master T's email and began reading the fourth paragraph:

"Slut, as you can see, I am following your every move whether it be at home, school, the tanning salon or Bill's bookstore. You have no place to hide from me and you are my slut to do with as I please. Now go to the fourth attachment slut."

The fourth attachment was a picture taken on the bed in her son's room. They had had bunk beds that had been converted to single beds in one bedroom. The sheets had been pulled back on one of the beds and there on the bed were a red, silk button up blouse, her button up black skirt, her newly purchased black four inch heels with ankle straps, a black and white lace shelf bra, matching lace thong and black back seamed thigh hi hose. Lying next to the thong was the black remote controlled egg, her recently purchased blindfold and there was what appeared to be an envelope lying on the bed.

Summer bolted from the desk and ran as fast as her six inch heels would allow down the hallway to her son's room. Sure enough, there on the bed were the contents from the picture that Todd had sent to her. Summer did not know how Todd had gotten into her house nor did she know when he did it. But, it was apparent to Summer that Todd had full access to her house, her computer, her career and life. Summer could feel the pit of her stomach begin to tighten as she gathered all the items from her son's bed. She placed the items on the comforter of her other son's bed and quickly made up the bed to make both beds match. Summer then quickly gathered up the clothing, the black egg with its remote, the envelope and walked back into her bedroom.

Summer placed the items on her bed and returned to her young Master's email. The next paragraph caused her the most consternation as it was instructions for her Thursday.

"Slut, you are to wear exactly these items tomorrow to school. You will take the pink butt plug, the blindfold, the cup of cum that you gathered last night in your glory hole performance that is in your refrigerator, a small salad for your lunch and you are to insert the remote control egg (I still have the remote) into your cunt before you leave for school or there will be dire consequences for failure to adhere to my instructions. I am expecting you to have lost the five pounds that you were instructed to lose while I am away in D.C. Also, don't forget your slut collar and leash, which should be placed into your purse along with the pink butt plug and any lubricant you may now have. You will teach thinking all day of me. You are to be in your room waiting for me tonight when the bus brings our group back to the school. More later my slut. -- your Master"

Summer once again came to grips with her situation. Here she was a respected member of the community, a high school teacher, wife and mother of two wonderful boys who were off to college. And yet, she was a slave to a high school student, she had been pierced at his direction and she was becoming his willing slut each day that she was under his direction. She did not understand why, but Summer now felt the urge to meet her young Master's every demand no matter the consequences. She had not even thought about the library of digital pictures as well as videos that had captured her perversion as well as her willing degradation and submission to her young Master. She fell asleep shortly thereafter with the butt plug securely in her ass, dog collar firmly affixed and erect pierced nipples staying hard all night.

Summer awoke on Thursday morning feeling better than she had felt in a week. Her ass reminded her of her position, the tiny lace thong & slut collar further detailed her submission to her young Master. She rose from bed, did a quick stretch and padded to the bathroom. She was able to remove the pink butt plug with some ease now as her ass hole muscles were beginning to be stretched appropriately. Summer then relieved herself as she was allowed to do. She removed her collar and stepped into her waiting hot shower.

Summer spent several minutes reliving her Wednesday adventure at the tanning salon and then at Bill Fraser's adult bookstore. She remembered the young black man's hard cock in her mouth behind the counter and then the long period of cocks through the holes in the booth. Her pussy began to remember the stimulation of her submission as well as the rape at the hands of the Hispanic woman dressed in the French maid uniform.

Summer remembered to shave what little stubble had grown on her legs, underarms, on her pussy mound and ass crack. She went over her pussy lips with care making sure not to accidently cut herself. She played with the rings in her pussy lips as her other hand found her erect clit. She was nearing orgasm when her phone rang.

Summer rushed out of the shower without even taking a towel. She knew it would be her Master and she did not want to make him wait. As she pressed the "on" button, Summer heard the automated group call from Principal Harding reminding all of the department heads about the faculty meeting this afternoon and the reminder for each to come to his office prior to the start of school to pick up the information that would be discussed at the meeting right after school.

The cold reality of the day hit her. She had to dress like a slut and walk into Principal Harding's office to pick up the board information. She would have to work all day in the high heels with the egg inserted into her pussy, which Summer knew would have her juices flowing and soaking the thin strip of material between her pussy lips. Then Summer would be forced to sit through a staff meeting dressed as she was all the while her pussy would be dripping moisture sure to run down her legs. Because of the staff meeting, she had to change her tanning appointment from the required 3:00 PM time slot. But, Summer knew she had lots of time between 3:00 PM and the arrival of the school bus that transported the students to DC including her young Master.

Summer went about her morning routine styling her hair, applying lotions to her body and making sure her make-up trended towards a slut as her young Master required, but with a conservative flair. Summer slipped on the black back seamed hose first as it required some effort to make sure that the seams were as straight as possible. She also noticed that these hose had wider lace tops than the other hose she had. The lace tops on these back seamed hose was at least six inches wide, which would make it difficult to hide the tops of the hose whenever she sat down. Summer looked down at her left ankle and she saw the ankle bracelet now covered by her hose and she thought what a slut it made her look like. Next she slid on the white thong with black lace over the hose and pulled it snugly between her ass cheeks and into her pussy lips. Summer looked into the mirror and she could easily see the ring piercings in each of her pussy lips outside of the thong material. Summer adjusted the thin slip of lace material so that her lips as well as the piercings were confined inside.

Next, Summer slipped her arms through the straps of the black and white lace bra that matched the thong she had just put on. She looked in the mirror and the shelf bra helped to support her breasts, but it did nothing to hide her silver dollar sized nipples and the bar bell piercings made her nipples stand at attention. Summer slipped on the red button up silk blouse. As she finished buttoning up the blouse, Summer noticed that the top two buttons had been removed and the button holes had been amateurishly sewn closed. When Summer looked into her mirror, she was taken aback by the view. Her cleavage was clearly visible with the top two buttons removed and when she turned to the side it would be almost impossible to prevent anyone paying close enough attention to get a glimpse of her nipples as well as the piercings. Another facet of the blouse was the clingy silk material that made it quite evident that her nipples were standing at attention and if looking closely, anyone would be able to see the outline of the piercings in each.

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