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Summer's Fantasies


Editor's Note: This story was written for a very special woman who confessed her fantasies to me through several role playing phone calls. As usual the names have been changed to protect the guilty. I hope you enjoy it as much as she did.

My name is Summer. I am in my early 30's, single with brown curly hair and curves in all the right places. I am not a rail thin model type, but I blessed as I am with an ample chest and I still turn heads whenever I show off some cleavage or wear a bathing suit. I guess I would say I've got a girl next door look. I'm not glamorous, but I'm still easy on the eyes. Publicly if you were one of my friends or worked with me you would think I'm pretty conservative. I drink occasionally, but at work outings I never get drunk and out of control. I date occasionally and sometimes stay with a guy for a few months, but have yet to find Mr. Right. But that is not to say I don't sometimes settle for Mr. Right-Now. You see beneath my plain Jane exterior is a seething caldron of passion. I learned early in life how to pleasure myself. In fact, if I don't orgasm at least twice a day I really begin to turn into a bitch.

Few guys have been able to keep up with my sexual needs for more than a short while so I usually just take matters into my own hands unless I'm particularly horny in which case I'll tart myself up, head to a bar in a nearby city (I don't want to accidently run into friends) and let myself be picked-up for a few hours of carnal pleasure. I always feel guilty when I'm leaving the guy's house or apartment, but with the itch between my legs temporarily satisfied, they guilt fades pretty quickly. Of course by the next afternoon my pussy is feeling the need again to relieve my lusts so it's back to my vibrators, dildos and other fun items in my toy collection.

Even if you knew my "normal" persona and happened to meet me on one of my sex quests, I'm sure I could just dispel your concerns with a simple tale of feeling lonely. But if you happened to discover my real passion, discover what really makes me cum hard, I guarantee you would think differently about me. You see, in college I discovered an entire subculture of people who thought the way I did. People who were turned on by the things that make my pussy drip and my clit quiver. When I was growing up and my friends and I would play "cowboys and Indians" or other innocent role playing games. I would always play the part of a damsel in distress needing to be rescued. I'd hold my wrists together behind my back and pretend to be tied up. It was all in good fun. A neighbor boy always wanted to be the sheriff and he always liberated me from whomever was playing the bad guy.

These games were not sexual. We were far too young and naïve for that. I gave away my virginity in high school to a steady boyfriend. I never came with him, but I didn't know any better. I was his first sexual partner and he didn't know how to please me. In retrospect I didn't really know how to please him either, but he wasn't too concerned as the mere act of putting his penis in me and thrusting a couple of times would make him squirt. It wasn't until I was in college that I dated an older more experienced guy who helped me cum. Our first time being intimate he went down on me and then rubbed my clit while he fingered me. I'd never had oral or masturbated at that point of my life and I came so hard I scared myself. He seemed proud of his abilities and my reaction to what he'd done. That night I sucked my first cock, rode my first cock (my HS boyfriend always wanted to be on top) and took my first load of man goo in my mouth. I loved everything.

So began my decent into sexual pleasure. I found masturbation to be almost as satisfying without the headaches of having a partner. I had to be discrete as my roommate was even more of a prude than I had been. I scheduled my classes to begin one period later than she did so four mornings a week I could play with myself after she left. I also kept close tabs on when she had to work or go to the library and scheduled my own work and studying around her schedule as much as possible to maximize my finger time. I bought my first vibrator, a humiliating experience but something that had to be done, and got caught masturbating by her a couple of times.

I bet you want me to tell you that we ended up looking up because like me she was really a wild woman underneath her calm exterior. I'd like to tell you that but it never happened. The first time she was a little shocked, but she seemed to quickly accept that I was probably playing with myself whenever she was out of the room. She seemed to be gone more preferring to ignore my growing need for sex. The next year I had a roommate who was much more liberated. Like me she masturbated frequently and didn't seem to care if I walked in on her in the act. On weekends we'd hit the frat parties. She seemed to "get lucky" more than I did, but probably it was because she had lower standards. One thing she did have was an adventurous spirit. She introduced me to porn, rented from the local video shop, assorted toys in her collection beyond my simple vibrator (she didn't mind me borrowing but I had to wash them when I was done) and the seminal event in my transformation to bad girl, a website with erotic stories.

She told me she usually read a few stories while she masturbated and they helped her climax. Well anything that helped me climax was a good idea I figured so I started doing so as well. I checked her browser history and she seemed to favor group sex stories. I wondered if all those nights at the fraternities if she was indulging or whether it was just a fantasy she had. After reading a story about a college girl seducing her roommate I have to admit I thought about trying to mimic that tale, but she never read any lesbian stories so I never acted on my impulse. I guess I was a big chicken.

I did ready a particularly juicy story I found in her history that made me cum harder than I ever had before. It was a story about a college girl who starts to date an older man. (So far I was down with the idea) The guy turned out to be a major pervert and the girl ends up at a party at his house servicing him and his friends. My roommate must have liked the gangbang action as I could tell from her reading she thought about that a lot. That wasn't what got me off so hard, though. You see before they drilled the girl they tied her up. With her hands behind her back (like so many times I faked it in my back yard growing up) the men took their turns forcing their cocks into her mouth and down her throat. I loved sucking cock ever since the first one I ever tasted and the thought of having a line of guys using my mouth for their pleasure made my pussy drip.

My fingers were flying over my clit as I read about the rest of their depraved actions. They took turns in her pussy. They took her ass. They took both at the same time. The used her all night until she was so sore she could hardly walk back to the dorm. God that sounded exciting. After I finished the story I didn't stop masturbating. I read it over and over dreaming about being the girl and cumming over and over until I couldn't cum any more. I fell asleep naked, wet and happy.

Time moves on and I got a new roommate the next year. I had to go back to being discrete about my pleasure activities. My toy collection had greatly expanded as had my collection of bondage themed stories. I even bought a couple of bondage DVDs. It was all I would think about when I wanted to climax strongly, but I told nobody. I thought I was crazy for thinking these depraved thoughts but I couldn't stop either. I thought about telling one of my infrequent hook ups and seeing if he would tie me up, but I was scared. Sure I fantasized about being bound and gangbanged, but what if it really happened? I had nagging suspicions that reality wouldn't be as satisfying as my fantasies. I tried to pick more aggressive partners in hope that they would "take me without me asking" but apart from an occasional spanking (which I loved) nobody made any moves to tie me up. My bondage life remained just in my mind as fuel for my more and more frequent masturbation sessions.

After graduation I landed a good job and got a small apartment of my own. Freed from having a roommate who might catch me, my masturbation schedule became more frequent. Every morning in the shower before work I'd get myself off. Every night before falling asleep I'd pleasure myself for at least an hour. But at work I was into girl next door mode and nobody knew my dark secrets. I'd look at the guys in the office and say to myself "You jerks. If you only knew what I wanted and how to give it to me I'd pleasure you like you've only dreamed about." I began to fantasize about a woman in my department named Trish. She was gorgeous. She was the kind of woman men act stupid around in hopes that she'll give them the time of day. Of course I didn't want the time of day. I fantasized that she good look right though me and know what turned my knees to jelly. I dreamed we would be the only two people working late one night and in the empty office she would surprise me and snap handcuffs around my wrists. Alone and defenseless I would have no recourse but to submit to her wanton desires. Of course I'd cum hard three or four times thinking about her and then pass out for the night.

There was another woman in our department, Beth, who was married with a couple of kids and a very vanilla life. Like me she seemed as boring as could be. She was always rushing out of the office to pick up her kids and drive them to various events or home to make dinner for the family. Since Trish and I were both single we did talk about sex at lunch. Beth always seemed uncomfortable when we did. I pictured her and her husband having missionary sex once a week or twice a month and that was about it. But something also nagged at me that maybe that was just her exterior. That maybe like me she was completely different out of the office. I knew Trish went out and picked up guys more often than I did, but I was confident I orgasmed more. She would tell us stories of her weekend conquests and of bring home a stud or two to her townhouse to bang. I always preferred to go to his place figuring I didn't want them to know where I lived. But Trish didn't seem to care. She had a definite confidence and swagger about her. I could sense that she didn't think there was a situation that she couldn't handle.

Then an interesting event changed my life. Trish told me her neighbor had moved out and that if I wanted a good deal on the townhome next to hers she knew the landlord well and he was in a hurry to get the place rented. The price was scarcely above what I was paying for my apartment for about twice the space. I'd been to Trish's place many times. She lived in the middle of a three townhome building. The one end unit was a 3 bedroom place occupied by the owner, his wife and their two college aged sons. Trish had a two bedroom and the other end unit was a one bedroom plus den. The landlord had kind of a creepy vibe. He was in his late forties and was openly leering at Trish when she introduced me to him. He also gave me an uncomfortable look up and down as he shook my hand.

The townhome was very nice and in good shape. There was even a full basement which I had not realized when I visited Trish. Apparently she didn't use hers much. The guy left so Trish and I could talk. I told her I was uneasy around him but she assured me he was harmless. Other than his twin sons (she said they were hunks) always hitting on her, Trish said everything was fine. She said the family was pretty quiet during the week and since she was frequently gone on the weekends any noise the boys made didn't bother her. Besides I'd be sharing walls with her and probably never hear anything. It was a good deal and I could certainly use the added space. Plus I wasn't thrilled with the noise of my apartment building and was renting month to month without a lease so two weeks later I moved.

After I moved and became Trish's neighbor, we became much closer as friends. She gave me a key to her place and I gave her a key to mine. We began car pooling to work, we would have coffee on one of our patios on Saturday mornings (not too early), we would hang out at the complex's pool after work if the weather was nice and we frequently went out on Friday night drinking and dancing. Trish frequently went out Saturday night as well, but one night of partying was enough for me. Of course we would both dress up for the occasion. Trish never lacked for male companionship on our nights out. Sometimes I felt like her wing-woman. A couple of guys would approach us and the hotter of the pair would zero in on Trish while his less confident (and less handsome) buddy would chat me up. On more than one occasion we would bring guys home, against my better judgment preferring as I said to go back to his place, but we would party some more and then split up to our respective places before the action got too heated. I loved to watch how she manipulated the guys with her beauty and sex appeal. They were like obedient puppies under her control. Of course I still longed for an aggressive guy but my partners always seemed like they would prefer to be told what to do.

Still I had a good life. My sexual partners still didn't satisfy me but my toys never let me down. I began to notice Trish on Saturdays always brought home a guy and sometimes two whereas on Friday we would come home alone about 50% of the time. I wondered if I was holding her back or if she just didn't want me to think she was nasty for always bringing home a different guy every time we went out. The fact that she would bring home two guys was more interesting to me. I started to think maybe two guys could finally satisfy me as well as my toys. In fact, for a time, two aggressive guys tying me to my bed and ravaging me became my number one fantasy while I masturbated. One other thing that began to fill my thoughts was the idea of being able to spy on or at least listen to Trish with her guys. Unfortunately the design of the townhomes put our master bedrooms on opposite sides of a two story family room so we didn't share a common wall. In fact I never heard her having amorous adventures with any of her partners. I wished she used her second bedroom because it shared a wall with my den. (The pitch of the roof made the similar room in my place too small to add a closet and be a formal bedroom. Trish had a daybed in hers for guests) Maybe if she used that for her rendezvous I could hear them.

I had been in my new place for a couple of months when fate conspired to change my situation again. On a back to back Friday and Saturday night I learned more about Trish than in the previous three months combined. And it was all good as far as I was concerned. First, on Friday, Julie invited herself to join our usual dancing night out. Her husband had taken the kids to visit his parents and she had the weekend to herself. A girls-night-out was what she decided she needed.

We had fun dancing, but since she was married she was definitely a stick in the mud when it came to bringing home a couple of studs to keep Trish and I company for the night. I could tell Trish was pretty mad about it, but I convinced her that it was only for one night and she always had Saturday. We ended up back at Trish's place early killing a couple bottles of wine while Julie in her drunken haze told us about all her marital problems. It was obvious she was too drunk to drive have consumed more than half the wine herself. Trish offered her the spare bedroom and Julie thanked her saying she was a true friend. I watched as Julie staggered up the stairs and began moving toward the door when Trish grabbed my arm.

"I'm going to teach her a lesson about ruining my evening. I'm going to spank her innocent housewife ass and then make her eat me until I can't cum anymore. Want to help? I'll make sure she gets you off too," she said.

I was shocked to say the least. I pulled my arm away.

"You're drunk too Trish. Just leave her be. You can go one night without cock."

Usually I wasn't so crude, but the wine was talking. Anyway I didn't seem to offend Trish in the least. She just said "Suit yourself. Coffee about 11 tomorrow?"

I agreed and took the short walk back to my townhome. I went straight to my bedroom and took off my clothes getting ready for bed. I pulled my favorite vibrator out of my nightstand, my presleep masturbation session ready to begin. I started fondling my nipples to get my juices flowing. As I put my vibe across my labia my usual fantasies began to fill me head. But then I had a new vision, one where Julie was across Trish's lap and she was being spanked. I figured Trish had been kidding, but my mind was thinking maybe she really was mad at Julie. Then I remembered Julie was heading to the guest bedroom. Maybe I could actually hear if something was going on in there.

I turned off my vibe and headed into my den. I sat on the floor and put my head against the common wall. I thought I could hear a woman weeping. Could it be that Trish had already spanked her? I left her less than 10 minutes ago. Did I already miss it? No, Julie must be crying about her home life, I decided. Then I heard a stern voice, definitely Trish's, tell her to stop being a baby and get on her knees. No, I must have not heard correctly. But the crying stopped. I needed to hear more clearly so I went to the bathroom and grabbed a glass. I didn't know if it was an urban legend that holding a glass to the wall would let you hear better or not but I figured it was worth a try. I was not disappointed.

I don't how Trish did it, but when I put the glass against the wall I could clearly hear the sound of a woman moaning and I doubted it was Julie receiving the pleasure. My own pussy flooded as I imagined Julie on her knees with her face plastered against Trish's golden pussy as Trish stood towering above her. My brain was on overload as I pictured every bondage fantasy I ever had being played out in the room next door. Trish didn't give any commands that I could hear like I imagined a stern mistress would do, but my body didn't really care. This time I had faces to go with my dom/sub fantasies and I began fucking myself hard with the vibrator. I could hear Trish getting close to orgasm and I wanted to cum with her. I'm sure I made a nasty display of myself sitting on the floor with my vibe buried in my pussy. I tried not to make any noise lest Trish and Julie would hear me masturbating to their hook-up. I don't know if I was successful at that, but I did climax right after Trish and it was a great squirty cum. I stayed sitting on the floor leaning against the wall with my chest heaving as I tried to catch my breath. It took me a while to recover, but finally I put the glass back to the wall to hear what happened next.

The moaning of a woman in pleasure was evident again. At first I thought Trish was returning the favor to Julie. But then I heard her cry out "Oh I love your slut tongue" and the voice was definitely Trish. I continued listening. I couldn't help myself. My clit was still pulsing from my last orgasm and I managed not to play with myself again even as I listened to Trish cum two more times. Afterwards she told Julie to go to sleep. I heard a metallic sound although I didn't know what it was and then I heard Trish say "that will keep your hands secure. I don't want you being tempted to play with yourself tonight. If I feel generous I may let you cum in the morning. Or maybe I'll send you next door and let Summer sample your talents."

Almost immediately Julie's voice responded, "Please no. I'll go crazy. Let me cum and I'll do anything you want."

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