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Summer's Tease


Eileen was pretty happy with the housewarming party. About thirty-five of the forty people she and Jared had invited arrived and they more than filled the house that they had moved into a month earlier. The crowd was a testament to the friends that the two had made since moving to Parkman a month prior. Since Jared received his promotion and moved to this branch, life had become pretty fantastic. There was hardly anything that could make their idyllic existence any better than tonight had indicated it had become.

In the other room came a roar of laughter from the remaining partiers. Jared was entertaining two couples that stayed behind after the bulk of folks left around 1 a.m. One was Garret and Summer, who Eileen and Jared knew from Jared's assignment at the branch in Raleigh. They had moved to Parkman a year earlier in a promotion that moved Garret up the chain the same way it had promoted Jared. Garret and Summer were each in their mid-thirties, the same age as Eileen and Jared. Eileen remembered parties they had back in Raleigh when both Jared and Garret were new to the company. Garret and Summer would open up their pool on Fridays and invite over a ton of friends. Eileen and Jared always seemed to be the ones that stayed the latest. The two couples had loved each other's company back in Raleigh and were more than thrilled to hear that they'd be reunited in Parkman. Tonight was the first time they'd been able to all get together since the move.

The other couple was their new neighbors Stan and Tera. Stan and Tera had instantly become friends by offering to help move in some items that Eileen and Jared had moved via U-Haul to their new home. The gesture was rewarded with some wine and beers that Eileen and Jared readily shared after the moving of boxes and furniture. Stan and Tera were, Eileen noted often, the perfect couple. Both were highly educated professionals that lived an active, healthy lifestyle that gave them perfect figures. Eileen would have been totally disgusted looking at the two were they not so darned nice. Tera was a gorgeous redhead whose hair bordered an innocent-looking creamy white face. Her frame revealed a penchant for staying in shape yet she was not so striated that it took away from her beautiful curves. Stan was built like a "brick shithouse" or at least that's how Jared described him. His 6 foot frame and cut body told his history of playing tight end in college and said that he maintained a rigorous fitness schedule. Eileen more than appreciated the younger man's attributes. She had used his image as motivation more than once for a mid-day rendezvous with her toy "ramrod" which she played with when bored in the afternoons.

Eileen put away the last of the glasses in the dishwasher and threw a lingering beer bottle in their recycling bin. She washed her hands and then went out to rejoin what sounded like a lively conversation. She walked into their large den (the "man room" Jared liked to call it) and was hardly surprised to find Garret in a corner chair in a deep sleep. Jared was in the middle of recounting to our new neighbors a Raleigh story at the expense of Summer, who was blushing.

"...and Summer comes out of the water and her top is floating in the pool!" Jared practically yelled barely concealing the roar of Garret's snoring. Summer was sheepishly smiling, got up and walked over to Eileen and wrapped her arms around her neck. She blinked her tired eyes and leaned into her friend's ear saying, "Your husband sure can still tell a story." Eileen couldn't help but smile recognizing Summer's slightly slurred speech. "I gotta get Garret home girlfriend," she went on.

Eileen responded, "That's silly. You guys need to just stay here. Have a drink with me. It's been way too long and we didn't really get a chance to talk earlier."

Summer hugged Eileen and kissed her on the cheek. The action shocked Eileen a little. Summer was Eileen's closest friend, but they had never exchanged more than a hug. She was taken aback when Summer pressed her braless chest, covered only by the thin cotton of her sundress against her chest. "I've really missed you too. Let me get another glass of wine and we'll sit together and talk like old times," Summer said.

Eileen explained away Summer's actions as drunken flirtation. "She always was a big flirt once you got a few drinks into her," Eileen reasoned to herself.

As Summer sauntered off into the kitchen, Eileen directed her attention to the loud conversation occurring in front of her. Jared had a short glass full of Jack and coke and Eileen wondered when his grand gestures would cause him to spill it. The younger Stan sat and listened intently with a smile. He was drinking a clear drink in a taller glass—probably the rum and Seven-up he was drinking earlier. It was then that Eileen noticed the lovely Tera was gone.

"Where's Tera Stan?" she inquired.

"Oh, she's long gone. Took off to get some sleep when you went to clean up," Stan responded.

"Speaking of clean up, I'm gonna go wash up too. Gotta go piss something fierce!" the drunken Jared just about yelled as he stumbled upstairs towards their large master bedroom.

Stan and Eileen exchanged uncomfortable small talk, mostly about the party and its attendees and how happy the two couples were to know each other and to be neighbors. Right as the conversation began to lull, in returned Summer with a couple of glasses of wine. Eileen took Summer's entrance as an opportunity to run upstairs, use the bathroom, and check on Jared.

Eileen entered the room and was hardly shocked to see Jared sprawled out on the bed asleep. She smirked and then went to the bathroom to relieve herself. Afterward, she looked into the mirror and saw that she was still dressed for guests. Knowing that she was going downstairs to hang out with Summer, she decided to dress more comfortably. Eileen watched her reflection as she unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it off, and threw it in the hamper. She took a split-second to consider whether to remove her bra, but didn't give it a second thought when she decided that Stan would be gone by the time she went downstairs. She removed it and took a second to examine her breasts. She prided herself on keeping her figure. She lifted her C cup breasts and watched them jiggle when she released them. She then zipped her tight pants down and shimmied out of them, slightly pulling her pink lace thong down on the right side. She straightened them out and walked into the room and retrieved a t-shirt from her dresser and put it on. She took a second to giggle at her husband who was now snoring loudly.

Eileen was a little confused when she didn't hear any voices as she was coming down the stairs. The silence was broken though from Summer's laugh coming from the finished basement. Summer must have been watching television on the new big screen television. As Eileen started going down the second set of stairs, she stopped in her tracks when she heard Stan's voice.

"I'm not that young! I know that song. I had an older sister who I borrowed music from," he said, Eileen assumed, to Summer.

"Well put it on the stereo. I love that song," Summer responded.

The music initially came out pretty loud, but after a second Stan turned it down to an acceptable level. Eileen recognized the song from her high school days. She thought about how she used to make out to it in the back of her boyfriend's car, long before she met Jared in college. She began to imagine... "I better get down there," she reminded herself. She paused though when she considered that she was only wearing her lace thong panties under her t-shirt. She wondered for a second whether it was appropriate for her to show up dressed like that, but figured in the dimmer light of the basement and considering the relative length of t-shirt and thickness of it, she was safe. "I mean, it's 2:00 in the morning. Stan's probably heading home soon anyway," she reasoned.

Eileen got to the bottom of the stairs and saw her two guests standing a foot apart from each other next to the bar that Jared had installed. They both pulled a little apart as Eileen entered the room.

Summer was now closer to her than Stan. Summer turned so that her back was to him and her eyes got big as if to send a signal to Eileen and then said, "Man, we've been waiting for you. Don't you love this song?" she asked a bit uncomfortably.

"Uh, yeah," Eileen responded. "What the hell is she up to?" Eileen thought.

"Dance with me girlfriend," Summer said as she playfully grabbed Eileen and twirled her around making Eileen a bit self-conscious about the t-shirt she was wearing. Eileen felt an instantaneous warmth in her core as Summer pulled her against her body. The two women were about the same height so they were momentarily eye to eye. Eileen instantly felt the hard nipples of Summer's fuller breasts pressing out on the sun dress that covered them. Eileen couldn't help but notice hers harden as well as their breasts came together.

Eileen was very conscious of Stan watching them. She looked over Summer's shoulder at Stan who half stood and half sat on one of the bar stools. He sipped his drink slowly, leering in anticipation at the show he was watching. He only stopped to move over to mess with the stereo again for a second.

"Girl, I remembered when I was in high school, Greg Bailey and I were going pretty steady. We used to get in so much trouble dirty dancing to this song at the dances," she was saying with sweet liquor-smelling breath. Summer's eyes were closed slightly and she laid her head on Eileen's left shoulder. "He used to hold me so close," she continued as she squeezed her best friend's waist. She began to sway sensuously pushing her hips into Eileen's. Summer's hands were spread onto Eileen's lower back. Summer took the tip of her nose and ran it along Eileen's neck. The move caused Eileen to shiver a little and exhale.

Initially, Eileen humored her friend, but now Summer's touches and moves began to turn her on. Eileen began to feel the warmth in her core drift down between her legs. She didn't want to let this get out of hand and become embarrassing in front of her new neighbor. Right then, Eileen tensed when she felt Summer's hands drift over the cotton t-shirt covering her ass. Summer didn't flinch. "I used to love it when Greg would touch me like this," Summer said. Summer then began to lightly peck Eileen's neck.

Eileen was shocked once more. She really didn't want to embarrass Summer, but she knew that she couldn't let this keep going; not only because of the shame and guilt she was beginning to feel, but because she was starting to get really wet. No one was closer to her than Summer except her husband. Their ten-year friendship was the closest she had ever had. Never had she and Summer messed around like this though. Summer flirted with Jared and even danced with him at parties and nights out, but never with Eileen.

The song came to an end. There was a momentary silence, but it was soon replaced by another song from Eileen's high school days. This one was even slower and more overtly sexual. Apparently, Stan had programmed a mix of songs into the stereo to prolong the show. Eileen glared at him for a second, but had to shut her eyes and quickly inhale in reaction to Summer who was now lightly nibbling on her neck. Eileen's tilted her head back inadvertently giving Summer access to the lower part of her neck. Summer's hands then began to drift further down below the hemline of Eileen's t-shirt. She began to lightly rub the back of Eileen's thighs to the beat of the music.

Summer moved her lips up to Eileen's ear and whispered, "Thanks for dancing with me. This is a great way to end your housewarming party. I really missed you girlfriend."

Eileen responded with her own whisper, "I missed you too Summer." She looked over at Stan who continued to watch the two ladies dancing and sip his drink. "I'm not sure about our spectator being here though," she mentioned trying to encourage Summer to stop what she was doing.

"I kind of like him. Besides, it's all innocent fun. Let's give him a little show," Summer whispered as she turned them both so that Stan could now see Eileen in her entirety from the side.

"You are such a flirt Summer," Eileen whispered half exasperated, but half laughing at her friend's idea. Just as Eileen finished, she inhaled louder than she wanted responding to Summer running her right hand, the one furthest from Stan's vantage point, up to the point where Eileen's ass met the top of her thigh. The action caused the t-shirt to rise a bit. "Lucky he's on the other side," Eileen thought followed by, "What the hell does she think she's doing?"

"Whose the flirt Eileen?" Summer whispered. "Do you at least have underwear on below this t-shirt?" she teased.

Eileen had to giggle at her friend's accusation. "Yes! I thought it would be just you and me. And it's a thong," Eileen responded into Summer's ear.

Summer giggled back. She continued to rub the back of Eileen's thigh, but now occasionally ran her hand higher onto Eileen's exposed ass cheek. "You're so terrible," Eileen giggled playfully at her friend's attempt to "put on a show" for Stan. Eileen decided to herself, "I'll play this little game." Eileen convinced herself that Summer had limits and was merely teasing Stan.

That assertion was shaken a bit when she began to feel Summer's tongue running along her neck and then up to her earlobe. Summer sucked and nibbled on it and then put the tip of her tongue into her friend's ear. Eileen could only react. At first, her mouth opened wide in an inhale, and then she bit her bottom lip. She followed that with a long, very audible, "mmm..."

Summer then upped the tension by turning Eileen so she was now standing with her back toward Stan as the third song began. Summer ran her hands up above the waistline of Eileen's thong panties and began to momentarily rub Eileen's lower back. This gave Stan a great view of Eileen's exposed ass. Meanwhile, Summer crouched a bit and pushed her right knee between Eileen's leg, a move she facilitated by pulling her own sundress up to make happen. Eileen hardly noticed that her t-shirt was now resting at the top of Summer's thigh. She did notice how great Summer's smooth thigh felt between her upper thighs. Eileen's breathing became very unsteady when Summer's thigh met the lacy cloth that covered her now seeping pussy. "Mmm...Summer...I don't know...," Eileen whispered.

"Just go with it," Summer whispered back breathily, her own breathing becoming heavy and unsteady with her efforts. With that, Summer began pulling Eileen toward her forcing Eileen's wet pussy to press harder and harder against the top of her thigh. Eileen couldn't believe this was happening and wanted to stop, but her body wouldn't let her. Summer brought her left hand up and gently pulled back on Eileen's hair and then began to kiss and suck on Eileen's neck up to the bottom of her chin. By the fourth song, Eileen no longer needed Summer to move her. She was now grinding her pussy against Summer's thigh with her arms wrapped around her friend's neck.

Stan's presence didn't matter. Jared possibly walking in on the scene didn't matter. Nothing mattered. To Eileen, now, it was only her and Summer moving as one approaching climax. Eileen's eyes were closed and her mouth was agape as she gasped for air. As if she needed more pleasure, Eileen felt Summer's left hand grip the front of her wet panties, run down between her legs and pull them to the side, allowing Eileen's clit and lips to rub in all its dripping glory against Summer's smooth, silky thigh. "Oh God," Eileen exclaimed. Eileen was on the edge of coming. The last straw was Summer's middle finger pushing between her wet pussy lips from behind and striking the bundle of nerves resting behind her clit. Eileen began shaking and moaning and bucking against the hand that was now stabbing into her. Inexplicably to Eileen, she grabbed the back of Summer's head and pushed her tongue into Summer's mouth. The two remained locked in a deep kiss as the fifth song ended and Eileen came down from her climax.

Eileen was catching her breath as she stumbled slightly walking backward, finally landing on the cold leather sectional couch behind her. She could hardly believe what had just happened. She never had a lesbian experience barring the time she quickly kissed her sorority sister on a dare in college. Plus, she and Summer had never done anything so bold. She sat pushing her knees and thighs together with her eyes shut and head in her hands. Eileen couldn't help but feel a bit of guilt at what she had just let happen. "Did I just cheat on my husband," she asked herself. "I mean, it's just Summer. We were just playing around, right?" she continued to reason the experience in her head.

Eileen opened her eyes and looked up after she had calmed down a bit. Summer's flirtation was apparently not complete. She and Stan were dancing in the dim light about three feet in front of her. Summer looked up into Stan's eyes and had her arms around his neck. Eileen, once again, was wondering what her friend was up to, but expanded her imagination now that she knew the lengths Summer was willing to go. A part of Eileen wanted to stand up and put an end to the after-party, but most of her was now very turned on. The action in front of her only intensified her desires.

Stan now had his hands resting comfortably on Summer's cotton-clad ass and was slowly rubbing his way lower. Summer was now balancing herself by wrapping her arm around Stan's neck, while her opposite hand was now exploring Stan's torso under his loose t-shirt. Stan's hands then lifted the bottom of Summer's summer dress above her waist and continued to knead her ass which Eileen noticed was tightly covered by a pair of flowery silk panties. The more Stan kneaded, the more the silk ran between Summer's cheeks, revealing more and more of her tan ass.

Eileen spread her legs slightly and pushed her hand under her t-shirt and began to gently rub the front of her panties, pushing the lace against her clit. Despite what happened earlier, she still didn't want to bring too much attention to herself. Even still she couldn't help but pleasure herself to the scene in front of her. Eileen next grabbed an afghan that draped the back of the couch and spread it over the top of her legs. She felt more comfortable rubbing and fingering herself without Stan possibly seeing her.

When Eileen reopened her eyes, Stan's shirt was off. Summer was now sucking on Stan's nipples and rubbing his lower abdomen. Summer looked over at Eileen and smiled a sexy smile and winked. Eileen couldn't help but smile back at her daring friend as she now pushed her index finger between her lower lips with one hand and rubbed her clit with another.

The dancing was already provocative and sexy, but it became even more so when Stan took his hands and pushed down on the waistband of Summer's silk panties. The sight of Summer with her panties just above her knees and her dress now bunched at her waist intensified Eileen's ministrations. Summer then took her hands and plunged them under the waistline of Stan's loosely fitting khaki shorts and began rubbing his ass as she continued sucking and nibbling on his nipples.

The song changed and Stan took the opportunity to turn Summer around and pull her towards his body. It was obvious to Eileen that the move caught Summer off guard and that she no longer held the initiative. Stan leaned forward and began kissing Summer's shoulder covered only by thin spaghetti straps. His hands were now covering Summer's full breasts whose nipples were now jutting out as he pressed and pulled at them through the cotton fabric. Summer's head leaned back against Stan's chest. Her eyes were closed but opened quickly along with her mouth when Stan pulled the top of the dress down below Summer's breasts, exposing them to the air.

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