Summertime Flings


Once they reached the couple's room, it was Echo who took the lead. She knew that her new friend had never been with a woman before, so she decided to take care of that by kissing Natalia. Sweetly at first and then, with increased passion. Natalia's nervousness began to dissipate with every second and the sweet little whirls of the petite blonde's tongue. She felt strong arms around her back and Roger's lips on her neck. Never in her life had Natalia been so horny. She didn't even know that she could get that horny!

Horny had not been in the vocabulary of the Natalia of past times. It was time to put that Natalia to rest forever. She allowed the handsome couple to lead her to the bed, one on either side of her, kissing and caressing. Her entire body was shaking and she was becoming lost in a tide of lust, as befitting the beautiful Jamaican climate.

"Good thing you met me first," Echo smiled as she stood up and slipped out of her dress. To Natalia's surprise and delight, her new partner had worn no underwear. "If you'd met this fuckable bitch three years ago, it'd be me accompanying you two on a honeymoon threesome."

"It'd never happen, you're fucking gorgeous and you know it," Natalia smiled as Echo sat back down on the bed. "I'm sure you can have any man you want and I'm sure there are lots of men that want to fuck you. Lucky me, I'm one of the people who gets to fuck you."

"Mmm, yes you are," Echo grinned as she slid her hands under Natalia's dress to caress her breasts through her delicate, lacy bra. Echo was a girl who loved girls, she could have gone totally lesbian if she had not also been a cock-loving slut. Hubby # 1 had not been able to keep up with her while Roger, hunky hubby # 2 was smart enough to allow her to indulge her carnal desires. He was helping his sexy wife undress Natalia even though their partner was in a fugue-like state and barely aware of it.

"Oh God, this all feels so good, please don't stop," Natalia sighed to her two lovers.

"We don't intend to," Echo smiled as she tugged Natalia's dress away from her body. With all that the brunette had told them that evening, Echo was still taken aback by her confessions. How could anyone with a body this magnificent not be aware of it? She caressed Natalia's long legs as she watched her husband sensually touching the upper half of Natalia's body. She was also very responsive and Echo had been with a number of women in her life. None of them had reacted with such eagerness. Echo made short work of Natalia's tiny, black lace thong, although she thought it was sexy and suited the girl nicely. Natalia's cunt was shaved and already soaking wet, so Echo decided to increase that wetness. She licked up the girl's thighs and then went full-on into eating her pussy. Natalia's groans were all the encouragement that Echo needed. She was thrilled that Natalia liked having a girl do naughty things to her, it boded well for the rest of their time together.

"Want to suck my cock?" Roger asked the brunette. She had never done that for her husband, he claimed he didn't like it. Natalia looked at Roger and was astonished at how big he was, even flaccid. Echo emerged from between her thighs just long enough to encourage the girl to do it!

Natalia thought "in for a penny, in for a pound" so she started sucking the gorgeous hunk's cock with as much enthusiasm as she could, hoping it would make up for her lack of skill. From the noises that Roger was making, it sounded as if she was doing okay. It didn't hurt her enthusiasm one bit that she loved what Echo was doing to her pussy. From this day forward, Natalia was like her best friend in at least one way. Like Josie, Natalia knew she was bi-sexual -- hooray for that!

"How is she baby?" Echo asked as she came up for air. She actually knew the answer, she could see it on Roger's face. She just wanted to hear him say it for Natalia's benefit.

"She's fucking incredible!" Roger gasped, astonished to see that Natalia could actually throat his cock. The pretty novice could easily give his gorgeous wife a run for her money.

"Yeah, she's a cock-loving slut, aren't you baby?" Echo purred, moving up to join Natalia in throating her husband's prick. "Like that big cock in your mouth, slut?"

"Oh yes, I am, oh yes, I sure do!" Natalia said eagerly. She was a bit surprised when Echo gently pushed her away.

"I want to see if you're as good with a pussy, slut," Echo grinned. "Come on and eat me while I taste Roger's cum. Make me cum baby, eat that pussy!"

If it had been Serge who had called her a slut, Natalia would have been enraged. Coming from Echo's pretty mouth, it was wildly sexual. Josie had explained to her the power that words could have during sex. Now she believed it. She was slightly afraid of eating pussy and what it might taste like. She rationalized that it made no sense. Echo was beautiful and clean and well-groomed and Josie had told her that all pussies tasted different, but nice, as long as the woman was clean. Natalia gathered up all of her courage and went down on Echo. She took to it like a duck takes to water, licking and lapping and wanting more and more with each taste. She saw Echo's gorgeous face contort in sexual pleasure and it made her so happy to know she was pleasing the lovely blonde.

"God, no more, no more for a while," Echo groaned as she and her husband fell back. "I think we've created a sex fiend, not that either one of us is complaining. You're the guest, you get first fuck. How do you want to screw Roger?"

She knew in an instant. Serge would never have allowed it, believing it to be degrading. "I want to be on top!" She said to a smiling Echo. She then thought of her own twist. "Why don't you straddle his face and he can eat your cunt. We can kiss and make out at the same time, I want to experience it all!"

Echo loved how eager Natalia was to embrace her new reality, so she complied. The two of them made out like horny teenagers while Natalia ground her needy pussy down on Roger's cock and fucked him. He was only the second man in her life and now she knew what all the fuss was about. This is what sex was all about, it was good and fun and healthy. She moved her body up and down and got a nice rhythm with Echo as they shared the handsome stallion. As she continued to twist and writhe, a strange feeling came over Natalia. It wasn't bad, it was wonderful and it only grew stronger. When she realized what it was, she began to weep with excitement. It was an orgasm, the first one of her entire life. She wanted more of these and she went after them.

Echo and Natalia managed to exhaust Roger and claim his cum between them, another first for the lovely brunette. Roger needed to recharge and he also wanted some coffee. While he called Room Service, his wife and their friend went after each other with insatiable desire. He almost had to break them apart when their refreshments arrived. Once everyone was recharged, back at it they went.

Natalia extended her vacation by a week and spent most of that with her new lovers. They fucked on the beaches and in some private spots and once, on a dare from Echo, they managed a fuck in a very cramped public washroom. When her friends flew home, Natalia was disappointed. She managed to quell that disappointment with a very limber redhead for the next two days. Sherry proved to be even better at eating pussy than Echo.

As she flew home, Natalia's mind was on the living she had just done. She was going to see Roger and Echo again in six months for another vacation. She had Sherry's contact information. The girl worked as a Flight Attendant, so hookups would be a breeze. Natalia's dance card was a lot fuller than it had been before embarking on her life-changing vacation. She owed a lot of her new life and attitude to Josie and wondered how to thank her. With an evil smile, she remembered Sherry and her nubile little body. What did Josie look like naked? How was her girlfriend in bed? Natalia wanted to know and she wondered if perhaps, Alan or Valerie might want to join them?

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