tagNonHumanSummons for the Demon

Summons for the Demon


For Vampire_Goddess_2003

As the sun set on the peninsula of Italy, darkness fell over the wild mountains of the Parco Nazionale della Majella, a mysterious area declared an Italian "national park." No one lived in Majella. Locals in Sulmonela or Guardiagrele crossed themselves and spat. "Il Majella é la terra del diavolo!"

Indeed, it was the land of Abbadon, king of demons. In the growing dusk, the demon watched the movement of a dark figure hurrying through the forest. It followed ancient pathways near Case di Contra, prehistoric human dwellings cut into solid limestone. The figure wore a long, hooded coat, hiding its features completely.

Abbadon observed with interest. Something was afoot. After thousands of years, he knew what humans thought.

The figure reached a small construction in the woods, a hut in the middle of nowhere. It was a round, somber structure, simply intertwined branches of popcorn tree, mistletoe, and corpse flower, all of them parasitic plants who thrived on the living bodies of their hosts.

Abbadon was pleased. This fool could be amusing. He snapped his fingers. "Xaphan, turn thee away from those fires. I loose thee from thine eternal stoking."

The second-order demon turned from the furnaces and prostrated himself before Abbadon. "I live to obey, worthy only to breathe thy farts, oh King!"

Abbadon directed his attention to the figure in the Majella valley. "Draw nigh this creature and bring me word of what it is about."

"To do thy will is sweeter to me than cum, oh majesty." Xaphan prostrated himself again, then scurried away into the darkness.


In the earthly dimension, Xaphan walked boldly up to the figure. Invisible and without a material body, he could be neither seen nor felt. The figure had entered what Xaphan recognized as a conjure-hut. A witch or a warlock! Maychance it will summon me. I have not felt my own body in centuries. He walked inside.

Strange structure. Bare tree limbs. Would not protect from rain or wind. But it enclosed the magic circle, the line in the dirt inside which the conjure would occur. The figure had dragged a stone bench inside it.

The human removed the big coat. Tits! A female! The woman wore a beautiful ceremonial robe, but she unfastened it and let it slip down, at the same time opening a pouch she carried and emptying out a collection of conjuring tools and amulets on the stone bench. Strip thyself for me, bitch! Upon thy summons I will fuck thee senseless!

Staring into her face, suddenly Xaphan recognized her. "Anniazgh the vampire." Would that I could turn her into a slut for Abbadon--milord is much happier and less likely to beat me when he hath recently fucked.

He watched as the woman arranged her seashells, magic stones, and colored braids, and she set up an iron brazier, lighting the coals in it. Doth a vampire plan a conjuring? This is unusual for that race.

The woman produced a parchment from the folds of the robe and laid it on the bench. Xaphan looked at it then scurried back to Abbadon's dimension to report.


Once again in Abbadon's palace, he approached the volcanic throne. Jets of gas spurted from around it, and the temperature in the room could melt lead. "My lord Abbadon, the creature in the wilderness is a human female, Anniazgh, queen of the vampires in the area. She prepareth for some conjure. I see she hath a parchment with the name of the legion of imps she planneth to summon for slavery."

Abbadon looked out through the dimensions of existence, once more watching the figure in the Italian wilderness. As she moved about, naked, her tits moving tautly--young tits in spite of the vampire's age--Abbadon's face formed into a grim smile. "She hath done this before. But this time go thou and change the runes of her incantation--such that her summons will allow me to appear."


Back in "the world" and the conjure-hut in the Italian woods, Xaphan moved closer to the naked female. Good bitch. Nice body. Abbadon will enjoy her. And if I be credited with bringing her cunt within range of Abbadon's cock, I will be rewarded.

He brushed her nipples with his invisible, ethereal hand, and she shuddered at what she thought was a cold breeze over her breasts.

The coals in the brazier burned red hot. The naked woman turned away to chant her preparations and meditate, and Xaphan looked down at the script of her spell.

"I summon thee, servants of the Laancoln." He snickered. She calleth a tribe of demonic imps to some labor she is too lazy to do. He waved his hand. The final part of the script disappeared, replaced with something new:

Xaphan gloated. "I summon thee, Abbadon, oh great demon of the giant cock!" But he could not resist one final mischief. With his own finger he added:

"Do not be afraid. I am your friend." With a final gloat, he slipped back into the night.

About then, Anniazgh finished her incantations. She stood up, pulled on the ceremonial robe--finest silk, embroidered with magic runes in pure gold threads--and as she had done hundreds of times before, she stepped inside the Boundary Ring, a circle drawn in the dirt around the brazier, placed a Bible on the hot coals, and when the book caught fire and burned with a hot flame, she picked up the parchment with the demonic summons and cast it on the fire.

"May the smoke of my summons bring you to me, oh Laancoln, as the smoke comes back with the wind! I have work for thee to do." As she watched the magic message burn, she noticed suddenly that the line was slightly longer than the one she had written.

And there is another line below it!!

With horror, she snatched at the fire, trying to rip the parchment out of the brazier--but it was too late.

Lightning struck, and a titanic explosion blew away the conjure-hut and everything in it except Anniazgh, the burning brazier, and the ring drawn in the dirt. Thrown off her feet, she looked up as a maelstrom of smoke shot up from the flames of the burning Bible, becoming a tornado of choking black.

She heard shrieks and screams of thousands of voices, mindless, wordless yelps and cries maddening to hear. She looked up, casting spells of defense about her.

The tornado flattened out at the top into a square block of roiling smoke, and atop it, as if on a pedestal, appeared a huge demon, a titanic creature shaped like a gorilla over 10 feet tall. His skin was like molten lava, blackened and smoking, with hundreds of cracks seething from red-hot magma beneath.

A brutish head, neckless on broad shoulders, looked down at her, and one of his huge arms, which reached all the way to the ground beside him, rose to point at he. "Hast thou summoned me in vain, witless slut?" but what she heard was the Language of the Pit: ¿Yohngz laatuv ig ht baitchgrl? The voice was like a blasting foghorn, and Anniazgh shrank back in terror.

But she noticed: I've fallen outside the boundary ring! I'm safe!

She looked up again. The face of the monster was enough to turn a mortal to stone. Under heavy, hairless brows pock-marked and steaming with lava-heat, eyes like the fiery blasts from Alitalia's jet engines blazed down at her. Beneath them a void that might once have been a nose gave the face a skullish look, and shark's teeth outfitted the lipless mouth.

Heatwaves radiated from him, and Anniazgh felt splatters against her face, sparks and ash from his hellish body. Terrified as never before, she thought once of leaping up and attempting to run, but compared to the demon, she would be like a snail, and to run would cause an instant pursuit-reflex in the monster. And who knew what would happen if she distanced herself enough from the boundary ring, perhaps far enough away that its protection would fade?

The demon's chest was that of a strapping athlete--in titanic size--expanding as he breathed in fiery puffs like a steam engine. And no feet. Hooves. Cloven hooves like a bull's, solid things that could crush a human being with a single stomp. And unlike any other demon she had seen or read about, this one wore clothing--or at least a loincloth of coarse, roughly woven fabric.

Abbadon looked down at the creature. She was appropriately awed. He bared his pointed teeth in a solemn grin. This one will amuse me.

Finally gathering her nerves, Anniazgh stood up. "Tell me your name, oh demon."

Forcing himself to use earth-speech, he replied, "Thou darest, craven cunt, to give me an order?"

She drew a deep breath. "I summoned you. You are mine to command."

"Indeed, arrogant bitch. I will give unto thee the power of my exalted name, for he who hath the knowledge of my name hath my power." The fiery eyes burned into her. "I am Abbadon, King of Demons! Third in rank only behind Beelzebub, Lord of the flies, and Mephistopheles, Lord Satan himself!"

Anniazgh trembled but forced herself to speak calmly, fighting to keep her voice from cracking. "Then I call you, Abbadon, and by the power of your name, you shall now--"

--"Foolish slut, dost thou think thy feeble powers can control my name? I have not lived a million years to hear a cunt who will soon holster my cock deign to give me an order!" With that and a scornful laugh, he reached out and yanked her inside the boundary ring! "Didst thou think, my whore, that a line in the dirt could protect thee from Abaddon?"

He snorted, and with a single snatch, he ripped away the silk gown. Then her held her against him, her face against his, her feet off the ground. Against his fiery skin, Anniazgh felt the awesome, frightening, sucking power of the demon. It was irresistible--her pussy swelled, blossoming, opening up like the layers of an onion--a sexual arousal the likes of which she'd never felt.

As a vampire, she had used mortal males for her pleasure, but never serviced them. She had never sucked a cock, although she often commanded the humiliated human warriors and kings to suck each other. But suddenly she craved to suck a cock, and to her terror, she realized the huge, sulfurous, steaming body of Abbadon made her mouth water.

And she wanted to be fucked. But not as she had taken the broken, emasculated mortal males she allowed to kiss her clitoris and rub themselves humbly against her, fighting to maintain their erections in their terror. Anniazgh craved to lie back, spread her legs, lift her feet up to the sky, and scream in anguish and pleasure as a cock so gigantic it would split her in half rammed her into another existence.

No! For all the gods, NO! I do not want this monster! She had one lifeline left. She screamed, "Iäia gndwýllzha enzhnôlta yellet moaña fûckzhátàra!" It was the most powerful cosmic female injunction she knew. An absolute magic block against even the most powerful male.

Even Abbadon could not breed her without her permission. But past that, she had no power over him, and she trembled inside. He could still persuade her to submit.

He set her down, stepped back, and pushed down his loincloth.

As the filthy cloth bared his hips, she could not tear her eyes away. Then, in a flash of horror, she saw that with which the monster would breed her! Petrified with fear, she watched as the demon's gigantic phallus was revealed, a monstrous cock tattooed with obscene runes. She was stunned.

Impossibly huge. And as she watched, it expanded even more, growing erect, thrusting out of its foreskin, bursting out a cockhead greasy and wet--popping out like a newborn child--but lethal, satanic, and frightening. The huge, black, pitiless hole stared back at her like the soulless eye of a shark.

Below, the monster's scrotum sagged obscenely, cracked and fiery like the rest of his skin, but managing to contain two huge testicles whose power was so intense that she could actually feel it, making her hair stand on end. Abbadon's balls swung low, relaxed, and arrogant.

Safe in the power of her incantation, Anniazgh was still terrified, and the monster looked down on her, sneering and confident--He knows he'll have me! His erection came from sheer confidence; he knew the female's pussy would soon stretch tight around it.

Anniazgh felt a growing sense of hypnosis, a strange itch, a terrifying little urge. To submit. No! A terrible feeling, a force, a mind-arresting dizziness threatened to take over her whole body, and the feeling radiated from the demon's giant cock! She could not tear her eyes away from it!

In horror, she saw the huge cock swing from side to side like an anaconda, finally to point at her. It knew its prey. The great, black eye saw her.

"Feel it, my pretty. It loveth thee." Abbadon's voice was like the low growl of an Alpha lion. He reached out again and pulled her against him again, but that time he left her on her feet, and as she was so much shorter, the huge cock pressed against her from her face down to where his scrotum touched her abdomen.

Gasping, panicked, Anniazgh felt the gigantic organ burning her skin, "N-no! Turn--me loose!" Her voice was cracking and desperate.

The bass purr: "Thou wert born a slut. Is it not so?"

She gasped, choking, her throat dry. "No--not true!"

"Thou hast cocksucker written all over thy face. And in thine eyes I see a need to be fucked, to be bedded by anything that hath a foreskin." The monster grinned. "Thou likest not the new generation of males. Thy cunt acheth for the old cocks and the slimy, poisonous feel of smegma from the uncircumcised."

She shuddered, breathing hard. I can't hold out!

"Thy craving is for the vilest. Thy womb lusteth for the most depraved. Thy blood crieth out to be mixed with the rotting sperm of the lowest creature in hell. With thine own mouth say it is not so!"

Her voice was a feeble squeak. "no...not true."

Anniazgh tried to push back from the cock pressed against her face, but she could not. Frozen in position, terrified, trying to scream but unable to, she watched horrified as the gigantic phallus moved of its own accord closer, closer, closer...and finally it pressed against her lips!

No. NO! A terrible, irresistible attraction swept over her.

"Yes, yes," purred the monster. "I know thy thoughts. Thou canst not resist its kiss."

And at that exact moment, a burble of something thick and sticky oozed from it. As Anniazgh opened her mouth to repeat the Female Defense Spell, she tasted the demon's precum.

She remembered tales of witches who had copulated with the devil, and according to them, a demon's sperm was not warm--Ah, yes, Satan's cum is cold! Devil sperm was like ice inside me!

But the sticky slime that oozed into her mouth was boiling, and although she was not scalded, the stuff was instantly addictive. She drank it down. Swallowed it. Couldn't refuse.

She was powerless against Abbadon's mighty arms holding her in place, and he pushed his hips forward, shoving the evil cock into her mouth, forcing her jaws wide open, bringing tears to her eyes. Muted, almost strangled with the mouthful of thick, powerful meat, she could not protest. I'm sucking a man's cock! She had never done such a thing.

"Thou shalt learn, my panting slut, to accept thy fate. Thou shalt soon be a wet glove of female flesh around my royal scepter." His voice was like a gurgle, low and murderous. "Lift my balls and feel the power of thy master!"

Fighting not to, Anniazgh's hands reached up. Unable to see, her head occupied with the steaming, pulsating phallus, her hands found the mighty scrotum, and she did feel the power! Like an electric current throbbing up her arm!

She felt the throbs and surges of the vesicles inside, massing the trillions of demon-seed for the great ejaculation, bouncing and bobbling past her fingers in a sexual promise so powerful, her pussy gushed out more lubricant, and her mouth automatically relaxed, allowing the great cock in still deeper.

At that moment, the demon flexed his groin, and, grabbing her hair, he jammed the giant thing down her throat, stretching it painfully, blocking off her airway, and started fucking her throat. that act would have been lethal for a mortal, but Anniazgh the immortal, instead of dying, went into an orgasm. Held in Abbadon's seductive grasp, she could not stop her trembling knees, and her toes curled in ecstasy.

Still fucking her face, his hands groped her, pulling and pinching her tits, and Anniazgh knew what all that would lead to. --slipping back--failing--can't--let him do more--I must--get upper hand again---"

She had just about formed a plan in her head--how she would leap back, run away, etc.--when the demon, as if he knew, ejaculated into her mouth, blasting all thoughts from her mind but sensations of incredible, delirious lust. The copious spew pumped into her stomach, and then the monster pulled his cock back out, spraying demon-seed all the way, finally filling her mouth with it, bulging out her cheeks obscenely. Anniazgh felt the rotten stuff spurting from the sides of her mouth, and she went into another orgasm.

It tasted of squirming worms and pus. Coagulated and sour. But it was more powerful than the purest liquor. She gulped it down and licked everything from the huge organ as it pulled out.

She knew she had surrendered still another boundary to the giant male. Panting, still glowing from two orgasms, she could not think straight. Must--not let--go any further!--

"Now lie back on the stone bench, slut, and spread thy legs."

No! No fucking way! "I shall--not!--You--cannot make--" She gasped, her voice faltering. She shuddered at a horrible conclusion in her mind: He is not a monster anymore. I have the taste of his sperm in my mouth. He's--

''NO! He is NOT my lover!!

But at that moment Abbadon picked up the vile loincloth from the ground and thrust the stinking cloth in her face. She struggled, nauseated, but gradually, in the growing drunkenness taking her over, she opened her mouth and sucked at it. She liked it. Instantly acquired the taste for it. --bitter--slimy--sperm--jizz--of the master--"

"It is time, bitch. Spread thy legs and widen thy dripping hole for me."

Helpless, she could not oppose him as he pushed her back onto the cold, hard bench. He lifted her legs up by the ankles. Out of her mind, drunker than ever in her life, Anniazgh's mind was in a daze, but her body knew what to do. Her legs spread open in Abbadon's fiery grip, and in final surrender, her own hands reached down to each knee, pulling her legs apart even wider.

Abbadon moved into her crotch, his giant cock like a battering ram, but before he mounted her, he reached down, slammed a fist into the ground, and she heard a quick, agonized squeak. He had killed something. Then he swiped her between the legs a couple of times with something greasy and wet, and she shuddered. What had just died to lubricate her for the demon? The Voice: Thou pleasest me, whore. For this I ease thy journey to become my slut."

Centered between her legs, she watched the monstrous cock descend to her pussy, the great, black eye staring at her target. She felt it touch the slimed-up surface of her open, begging lips, and at first it was thrilling. But thrill quickly became a hoarse scream.

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