tagGroup SexSun, Sand & Seduction Ch. 02

Sun, Sand & Seduction Ch. 02


(This is part two of three parts of the story and Sharon relates her experience with the beautiful Colleen. You would probably get more out of the story if you read Part 1. If you want to start here, I offer a short recap. Enjoy! Owen met Sharon and Alice, sisters-in-law, on a nude beach. Their initial friendship is taking an erotic turn at the beach house. Sharon met Colleen during her annual physical. The two sensed a mutual attraction and eventually meet again. Sharon continues her narrative while being with Alice and Owen. This story picks up when the two women run into each other.)

Sharon said she didn't see Colleen, but she thought of her. In fact, she wove a fantasy around her. She would imagine they fell into each other's arms in the exam room and made love to each other. Sharon shyly admitted it became her number one masturbatory fantasy.

Sharon tells her story:

So, about two or three months later, Chuck and Bruce were on a golfing safari to Arizona and my mother offered to take Alex for the weekend to give me a break. Alice, you had gone to visit your mom and give her some quality time with her grandson.

Some of the teachers were going out for drinks that Friday, which was a regular event for them. I always begged off because I had to get home to take care of Alex and make dinner for Chuck. I shocked the others when I asked if I could join them.

It was getting toward the end of the school year, around mid-May. The kids were climbing the walls, and probably would be shocked to learn that their teachers were more eager to get out than they were.

That Friday had been overcast and there was talk of thunder showers that night. The high school was in the middle of downtown and our favorite bar was only about four blocks away. I hitched a ride with a friend, who said she would drop me at my car on her way home.

The bar was an Irish-themed place with a big oak bar in front and a restaurant in back. In the bar area, there were several large booths, we all piled into one of them. We ordered pints and started loosing up and sharing horror stories from our day.

Soon, it was past 6 o'clock and people started getting ready to leave. I said I had to hit the ladies and then I'd take that ride back to my car at the school.

As I was coming out of the restroom, I ran right into a woman who was going in. The woman was smaller and at first all I saw was the blond top of her head.

As we both began to apologize, I looked at her face and recognized Colleen. I literally gasped.

Colleen looked at me and asked if I were all right. I could not speak, so nodded and moved past her. Colleen headed into the restroom.

I had only taken a step when a voice called out, "Sharon?"

I turned to see Colleen half in and out of the bathroom.

"It is you," Colleen had the full 1,000 watt smile aimed my way and I was wilting under its power.

Colleen held up a finger and asked if I could wait a second, while mimicking the urge to go.

I couldn't form a word, so said nothing. Colleen took that as a yes and popped inside, closing the door after her.

Almost in a panic, I was frozen in place, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was my friend asking if I were ready to leave.

I cannot to this day explain why I said what I did.

"Why don't you go on? I ran into an old friend and I think I'll stay and catch up with her."

"Are you sure," the other woman asked. "It looks like it could rain any minute."

"Sure, I can have her drop me at my car. Thanks, anyway. I had a great time."

The woman gave me an air kiss on the cheek. And, said we had to do this again before school was out.

I fidgeted and paced the small hallway outside the restrooms. I kept asking myself the same question, "What the hell am I doing?"

I had no answers when I saw Colleen emerge and walk toward me.

"Hi!" Her smile lit up the dark hallway.

"Hi!" I could not utter another word. Colleen was dressed in jeans and a white collared shirt with a red short sleeve T-shirt on top. I affirmed my earlier judgment, made when Colleen was in scrubs, that she had a trim figure. The jeans were tight enough to show she had thin legs and a small behind. The top indicated more substance than I guessed from her size. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and held in place with a red elastic. As we walked back into the bar area, I noticed that Colleen had just freshened her make-up for the lip gloss was smooth. She had light blue eye shadow that accented her green eyes. Her clear and smooth skin shown even in the dimmed light. Colleen had red nail polish and wore one gold ring on the thumb of her left hand and a small intricately woven white gold ring on the ring finger of her right. She also had a delicate gold bracelet on her left wrist.

"Have time for a drink?" asked Colleen.

"Uh, sure, but just one 'cause I've already had two beers."

Colleen made eye contact with the tall bartender and signaled two pints.

He poured them, she paid, and she handed one glass to me. A couple was just leaving a tall table with stools and Colleen guided us to take possession of it.

"Cheers," offered Colleen and we clinked rims.

The deep amber lager slid easily down my throat, and I felt a rush. "Easy," I thought, "don't want to fall on my ass."

There was the slightest pause and we seemed to be searching for an opening line. We then both started to say something and both stopped, laughing.

I tilted her glass to Colleen and indicated she could begin.

"Well, this is a nice surprise. I never expected to run into you here. Actually, I didn't expect to run into anyone. I was with a couple friends. We were thinking of a movie and stopped by here to discuss our choices and have a drink while deciding."

"Oh, then you should go with them. I don't mean to interrupt your plans," I said in a rush.

"Too late. They saw me with you and waved good-bye and are off. I wasn't interested in any of the choices they offered. So, you are sort of rescuing me from a deadly two hours."

"Oh, well, then 'Cheers, again, to time not wasted.'"


We sipped some more beer. I picked through the fresh bowl of bar mix a waitress dropped at our table, looking for cashews. I found a couple and munched.

"And, you?" prodded Colleen.

"And, me what?"

"What were you doing here, and who'd you ditch?"

I smiled, "No one, really. Just some fellow teachers sharing the woes of trying to break through the adolescent mind. As a matter of fact, I rarely come out for happy hour. But, my husband, Chuck, is away for the weekend, and our child, Chuck's and mine, is staying with my mother tonight. So, with my husband not waiting for me, I figured I would have a drink with the girls. I mean they're just girls I work with. Of course, what else would they be? Girls, that is, I mean just girls I work with. So, husband out of town, Sharon goes out with co-workers."

All while I was talking, my inner self was shouting, "Shut up! You are a blithering idiot"

Colleen nodded and said, "Sharon, I know you're married. I reviewed your medial chart that day. And, you certainly don't have to tell me that the girls you were out with are just your co-workers, nor do you have to remind me four times that you have a husband."

"Oh, I didn't mean anything by that. I just kinda' opened my mouth and all this gibberish came out. So, don't think anything of it. I mean, why you would care if those women were co-workers. Who else could they be? I mean really. Not that it would be wrong to be out with girl friends—you know, girls who are friends—even if they weren't co-workers, which these happen to be, as I think I said about fifteen freaking times. I am now just going to zip my lip."

Colleen blasted her with the full wattage. I marveled at how white her teeth were.

"Jesus, you have the whitest teeth."

"Uh, I'll take that as a compliment and not a suggestion that they may not be the originals?"

"Compliment, yes, absolutely. I never thought anything else. It's just that they are so white, not that I was staring at your lips, uh, your mouth, it's just that I sorta' noticed them, because....because, uh..."

"Because they're white?"prompted Colleen.

"Yeah, white. Right. That's all it was a notice of whiteness. Yep, just a little notice."

I thought my inside voice was going to explode. "Will you shut your trap? She is thinking you are certifiable and you still keep rambling on and on."

I smiled weakly. Colleen shook her head.

After a long drink of my beer and what seemed like a longer silence between us, I tried to steer the conversation back to sanity.

"So, you still giving Dr. Sherrie a hand on the patients? No, I mean 'with' the patients, not on the patients. Of course, you have to put your hands on the patients, but I was referring to helping out, you know."

Colleen seemed to stiffen, and her eyes darkened.

"If you are implying..."

"No, no! I'm not implying anything. No, nothing. Nope, no implications whatsoever. Just asking if you are still helping the doc with the exams. You know, keeping the old breast express on time." I tried to keep my voice light and sound funny. But, even to my ears, it came out more like sarcasm.

Colleen set her glass down and glared at me. "I don't know what you're suggesting. But, that day in the exam room, I thought I was helping you. I am a professional and I can assure you anything that happened in that room was strictly above board, and I resent your innuendo. I can see you think otherwise, and I realize I should not have asked you to stay. Obviously, you are reading some dark motive into a rather innocent gesture."

Colleen started to reach for her purse

I felt my stomach flip several times. I really wanted Colleen to stay, even though I could not give a coherent reason why I felt this way.

"Colleen, please don't go. I have no idea what I am saying. I am nervous and words seem to be coming out at random. I'm happy I ran into you and I'd like us to sit here and finish our beers. Please!"

Colleen seemed unconvinced and tugged on her purse strap.

"Please. I admit I am a fuckin' klutz, but I'm not a mental case. I'm just really, really nervous. Stay, come on, please."

Staring me in the eyes, Colleen asked, "Why are you so nervous?"

"I have no fucking clue. And, another thing, I never say 'fuck'"

Colleen laughed, "Yeah, so I noticed."

That seemed to break the ice. Colleen let the purse strap go and picked up her glass. She drained the remainder and signaled the waitress for another round. We waited in silence until two new pints rested on coasters in front of us.

"Well, to answer your original question, if I can even decipher it, is no. I'm no longer at Sherrie's. You'll be happy to know that Sandpaper Agnes is back. "

We both laughed at the reference.

"I'm in an office on the other side of town. Probably will be there another month or so. Then, I think I'll take some time off in the fall and chill on a beach somewhere, maybe Mexico."

"Sounds great."

Colleen asked what was doing with me.

"Same old. We're screaming toward the end of the school year, the kids are out of control, the teachers are loosing their last bit of sanity, and the administration will be thrilled to see both of us leave."

Colleen nodded an understanding.

"Look," I said, "at the risk of driving off the cliff again, let me explain."

"Really, no need to," assured Colleen.

"No, I think I need to. This is embarrassing for me, but let me try to get it out. That day in the office, well, the planets must have been in some freakish alignment. I was totally flipped by how, well, you know, how I was down there. That never happened to me before and I was ashamed in front of you, a perfect stranger, and then thinking that Sherrie, whom all her patients just idolize, would think I was some kinda' slut. Anyway, I totally appreciate your help and discretion. You were so cool. And, believe me, I never thought you were anything less than professional. I, however, was acting like I checked my brain at the coatroom. So, a belated thank you, even though I think I am blushing from humiliation right now."

"You are, and it looks so cute." Colleen tipped her glass toward me and sipped her beer.

I could say nothing, but swallowed so hard I choked, and had beer spurting out my nose and onto the table.

"Very classy," cooed Colleen.

That broke me up and caused more beer to shoot out my nostrils. I was fumbling for a tissue in my purse, when Colleen handed me a pile of bar napkins. I wiped, while trying to apologize for this latest gaff.

"You are an amazing woman, Sharon. So full of the unexpected. But, please don't eat any of those goldfish, I wouldn't want to see what they look like popping out your nose."

We both laughed easily. After that, the conversation flowed smoothly. I learned that Colleen had lived in town about five years, after moving from the mid-west. She just temped in gyn offices and it paid enough for her to have free time and afford the things she liked. I asked about her life in the mid-west. Colleen demurred and said that is a long, long, not-so-happy story that will wait for another day, if ever.

I decided not to push it. We both declined when the waitress offered to bring another round.

We gathered our purses and headed to the exit. As we approached the door, I spoke up.

"Could I ask a big favor? I rode over with a friend and my car is still at the school. Do you think you could drop me off?"

Colleen flashed the high beam smile and said, "Funny, I was going to ask you for a ride. I came with my friends."

I suggested we walk the four or five blocks to my car, and then I could give Colleen a ride home. I lived in the suburbs and Colleen was along the way.

We stepped into the early evening and immediately felt the heaviness of the air.

"Oh boy, I think we better hurry. It's going to break open any minute," I said.

Colleen looked up and confirmed the forecast. We set out at a fast walk.

We hadn't gone a block when a peal of thunder rattled windows along the block and the sky opened. It didn't start with a few drops that turned to a shower and then a downpour. It just went from ominous to sheets of water in a second. We both screamed and started running. After two more blocks we were winded and slowed to a walk. By this time we were soaked down to our skin and looked like drowned rats. Our clothes clung and hung to our bodies. The rain didn't let up and we sploshed along until reaching my Acura.

We scooted in and just looked at each other and started howling. With our hair plastered to our heads, streaks of mascara running down our cheeks, and clothes that had abandoned any hope of maintaining a shape, we looked ridiculous.

I started the SUV and turned the heater on full blast, even though the outside temperature was in the 60s. Colleen told her me address and off we went.

In ten minutes, I pulled up in front of a yellow Victorian on a pleasant tree-lined avenue.

Colleen turned to me and said, "Come in. I'll fix us a drink and we can dry off. You can't drive on the highway in this rain, you'll kill yourself."

The rain had increased in intensity as we had crossed town, and I knew Colleen was correct. I could hardly see twenty feet in front with the wipers at full speed. The highway would be a disaster.

I turned off the car. I had an umbrella in the way back, and offered to get it.

Colleen looked me up and down and then did the same to herself. I got the message. It was a waste of time.

Screaming we jumped out of the car and raced to the large porch.

Gasping for breath, we laughed and laughed as Colleen extracted a key and let us in the entry hall. The house had been divided into three apartments. The original stairway was ahead and led to the second and third floor units. To the right was a door that admitted to Colleen's first floor space. Colleen explained it wrapped around the stairs and had all the original details she loved in Victorians.

Pushing the door in, we entered Coleen's living room. It was large with a big fireplace that had been converted to gas. There was a curved bay window section in front and built in bookcases flanking the fireplace. Colleen directed me through the dining room and into the kitchen.

She dropped her soaked shoes by the back door, and I did the same.

"Something to drink?"

"Something warm would be great."

"I'll put the water on for tea. In the meantime, we have to get out of these clothes or risk pneumonia. There is a bathroom down the hall on the left."

As she spoke she led me down the hall and called over her shoulder. "Wait here a sec." She ducked into a door past the bathroom and emerged with a white robe.

"They say one size fits all. I suggest you go in there and take off your clothes," said Colleen with a twinkle. "Yeah, I know I say that all the time. At least, this isn't some scratchy paper gown that has your butt hanging out the back. Actually, you ought to take a shower to warm up. Put your clothes back in the hall and I'll pop them in the dryer. It'll at least make them semi-wearable."

I began to protest that it wasn't necessary, but Colleen insisted it was no bother.

"Look, take a shower, have a cup of tea, and maybe the rain will let up and you can drive home in dry or at least slightly damp clothes."

I agreed and took the robe. Colleen indicated there were towels in the bathroom linen closet, which was the door on the right in the bathroom.

Closing the door, I was amazed at the size of the bath. It must have been a small bedroom before being converted to a bath. I estimated it was probably behind the main stairs and had no windows, so obviously was in the interior of the home. The walls were a soft white with pale blue wainscoting on the bottom. A club-footed tub, equipped with modern fixtures, stood to the left and a separate, all glass shower was just beyond it. There was a marble topped sink with a large mirror over it. The toilet was set off to the right.

The tile floor had several area rugs to create a cozy feeling, even in such a large room.

I draped the robe over the edge of the tub and began to strip. I started to shiver as I peeled the water logged garments off. I made a neat pile and then slipped on the robe, grateful for the soft comfort. Opening the door I set the wet things on a small stool in the hall.

Coming back in, I settled on the toilet and relieved the pints I consumed at the pub. I opened the shower and turned on the water adjusting it to hot. I turned and faced the far wall, where there were two doors. I thought Colleen said the linen closet was on the left and pulled open the door.

I was wrong. Instead of shelves of towels, I was staring at a naked Colleen. This door led to her bedroom and she was struggling with the twisted elastic in her hair. I was immediately taken by the sight of her nude body.

With her arms frozen up over her head, her breasts were pulled up. They were round and not as large as I thought, having judged them under the red shirt. They were topped by prominent nipples that stood out on areolas barely larger than the nipple. She had a narrow waist that expanded to hips that were only slightly wider. Her legs were shapely and looked taut. I was taken by the closely cropped and shaped blond patch that allowed her sex to show through. I thought this was the most beautiful vision I had ever seen.

Colleen looked directly into my eyes, then smiled with full force.

"Wrong door?" she teased.

"God, sorry, yes."

Colleen laughed and said "No problem. Now, we're even. No secrets."

She walked toward me, the bouncing and swaying of her body transfixing me.

She eased by and popped open the door to the linen closet. I examined the naked back of the smaller woman, seeing defined muscles and the tiny, tight buns that seemed to be suspended by an unseen force on the top of her thighs.

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