tagGroup SexSun, Sand & Seduction Ch. 03

Sun, Sand & Seduction Ch. 03


(This is the third and final part of the story after Sharon confessed to her affair with Colleen.)


Lying in the king-sized bed looking up at the stars through the skylight, the three enjoyed the sexual tension brought on by both nudity and the erotic nature of Sharon's telling of her affair with Colleen.

"Have you thought about an affair?" asked Alice

"You mean like with a man? Perhaps someone like Owen?"

As she spoke she ran her hand up and down my erection.

"Yeah, like that," said Alice, as she, too, rubbed my penis.

"Well, I know this will sound really dumb after what I just told you guys, but I don't know if I could cheat on Chuck. I know you probably think I was cheating on him with Colleen, but I just feel it was different. I mean she didn't have a dick to put in me and maybe I think that's a big difference."

"Really?" said Alice with a skeptical tone. "What do you think Chuck would say? Do you think he would feel that you cheated on him by screwing another woman?"

"Good point, Alice. I don't know. But, you sound so hostile. I thought you would understand. I mean your sex life is no better than mine."

"That's the problem, Sharon. I do understand. And, I'm not hostile, I'm probably pissed. Pissed that you never told me and pissed that you had great sex, while I was in the Sahara Desert of marital relations."

"Sorry, Al, but I was afraid to tell you. Afraid you would judge me, or think I was a tramp or something. I mean I felt fine being with Colleen, but I did hold back on you."

"Ladies, I am totally into this story, and I mean totally," I said, "but you, two, are driving me crazy."

Both women exchanged a glance and looked down at their hands moving up and down my erection standing straight up.

"Oh, I see,"" purred Alice. She touched the head with her fingers and then slid them down the hard shaft.

"Me, too," murmured Sharon. "I can see the little heady thing now." Tentatively she reached out, and stroked me. I placed my hand on top of hers and squeezed, signally she did not have to use such a light touch. She responded by firmly grasping my erection and stroking up and down.

"Can you believe this, Sis?" quizzed Alice. "You and I stroking the same cock, and it belongs to neither Bruce nor Chuck. Amazing."

"Sure is," agreed Sharon, "and it's long and hard. God, I forgot such things existed." She leaned over and placed a light kiss on my tip. Alice gasped at the gesture, but then, too, joined her sister-in-law. She took my tip into her mouth, and ran her tongue around it, pushing slightly into the opening.

"Ladies, that feels better than I can express. But, let's take a break. I think our desires are running way ahead of our common sense. "

Sharon nodded and then put her lips next to Alice's and they both licked my shaft. Sharon spoke between nips at my engorged member.

"Ok, but I think this is pretty fuckin' amazing."

"Amen, sister, amen," rejoined Alice.

"All right, one last one for the Gipper," mugged Sharon. She opened her mouth and took my length inside her. Using her tongue as an added stimulus, she worked her head up and down several times. Coming back to my tip, she just teased it with her tongue. Now, Alice joined her. Their tongues touched and then they kissed, deeply and tenderly. Moving apart Alice took the whole of me. She too ended with a tonguing of my tip, and once again the two women worked together, and once again, they ended with a kiss and an exchange of tongues.

"See, Alice, the stars are still in the firmament," teased Sharon.

"Yeah, but I much rather kiss this gorgeous cock than you, no offense meant."

"None taken, sweetie. And, I agree. Besides, I'm not trying to seduce you. Well, not too much."

They laughed, but the women kept their hands on me.

"Really, I am so turned on and you are killing me,' I said. "At least let me give back something."

The women looked at me, then Alice asked, "Like what?"

"Like this." I pulled Alice's head toward me and kissed her deeply. She responded and I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue into hers. She moaned and kissed back with her tongue. We kissed passionately for several minutes, then I gently broke free.

Turning my head toward Sharon, I kissed her. She, at first, held back, but then responded with passion and aggression. I then turned back to Alice and we again kissed. As we were exploring each other, I felt a mouth on my penis. I moved my head from Alice, and we both looked down to see Sharon licking, kissing and sucking my hard member.

"Let me taste you, Alice," I whispered.

She rose on her hands and knees and straddling my chest with her knees moved up until her sex hovered above my face. I placed my hands on her cheeks and pulled her down onto me.

As my tongue plunged in, Alice let out a cry. Sharon stopped her ministrations and looked up to see her sister-in-law with her eyes closed, rubbing her breasts and licking her lips. Sharon moved up on the bed, keeping her hand on my erection, but now watching as Alice ground her pussy hard against my face.

Sharon reached out and took one of Alice's hands and brought it to her lips. She lightly kissed her palm and then pressed it against her cheek. Alice smiled, said nothing, but moved Sharon's hand to her tit. Sharon fondled her breast and tweaked the nipple. Soon, Sharon saw Alice tighten, then with a scream, Alice arched her back, clamped her thighs and mashed her hand on top of Sharon's that was still teasing her nipple.

Her climax ebbing, Alice collapsed on the bed. Sharon leaned in and kissed me, tasting her sister-in-law on my still wet lips and face.

"How about me?"

I smiled and rolled her onto her back. I lifted her behind and slipped a pillow underneath. I kissed my way to her dark triangle and spreading her lips with my fingers, licked the red nub pushing out of its hood. Sharon's groan told me all I needed to know, and I soon was inching her closer to the edge.

Alice put her arms around Sharon, and kissed the top of her head as her sister-in-law lifted her pelvis higher and pushed it harder into my face. Alice began to lightly run her finger tips over the erect nipples of her sister-in-law. Sharon responded with a deeper groan. Alice then used her hands to fondle and squeeze the large breasts lying flat on Sharon's chest. As I continued to use my tongue on Sharon's clit and extend it deep inside her canal, Alice moved her lips to a nipple and planted a soft kiss. Sharon reacted with such a twitch that I looked up. I saw Alice move to the other breast and tease the nipple with her tongue, then take a good part of it into her mouth. Knowing she was rapidly closing to a climax, I slipped two fingers inside her and began working her g-spot.

Sharon squirmed and then went stiff for a few seconds, finally calling out "Yes" and pushed harder into my head between her legs. A series of tremors racked her body and she lay back, covered with sweat.

We lay entwined on the bed and drifted off to sleep.

Awakening an hour or so later, we looked at each other and were overcome with a severe case of the giggles.

"Well, Holy Shit, I never thought this night would end like this," opined Sharon.

"Who said it's ended," offered Alice.

"What do you mean?" said Sharon.

"I mean we've come this far and by the looks of Owen he still has a ways to go. I mean let's fuck."

Sharon rose up on her elbow. "Are you serious?"

"Serious as shit, babe. Look, as far as I'm concerned, I've already crossed a line. And, you know what, I don't feel a damn thing. I think that my body has been aching for so long, that the pain has driven all other feelings away. I want sex, hell, I need sex. As far as cheating on Bruce. Well, I was not ever going to say this, Sharon, but I have more than a strong feeling that the twins have been having their fun on some of these weekends."

Sharon did not react as strongly as Alice thought she might.

"So, you think so, too?"

Sharon thought for a minute. "Well, there have been some signs. How did you find out?"

Alice said, "I found a drugstore receipt for condoms in Bruce's glove box one day when I was looking for a tissue. I figured, well, I don't know what I figured, but I put it out of my mind. We don't use them 'cause I'm on the pill and we rarely have sex anyway."

"Then, I saw a text message on his phone one day when he was in the shower and it buzzed. I thought it was probably Chuck and opened it. All it said was looking forward to Saturday. Got lots of toys. The address was mndy. I couldn't make sense of it at first. Then, I remembered that Mindy Horowitz used to talk about sex toys."

"Mindy Horowitz," screamed Sharon. "God, she is a cow. And, she is such a slob."

"Yeah, almost too funny. Here I am busting my ass to keep my ass in decent shape. And, he is fooling around with a 200 pound, bleach blond, loud and messy country club diva."

Sharon shook her head. "Well, if Bruce is banging Mindy, who is Chuck doing?"

"Well, who's Mindy's biggest pal?"

Sharon thought for a moment. "No fucking way! You think Chuck is screwing Holly Mindlebaum?"

"Whenever you see Mindy, you see Holly. And, Holly loved to listen to Mindy talk about her sex toys."

"Yuck, that's as bad as Bruce banging Mindy. Holly is a piece of work. I know I'm no beauty, especially after this last pregnancy, but Holly. God, I think her mustache is heavier than Chuck's."

The woman looked at each other and then burst into laughter. Taking turns pointing out the flaws in the two suspected mistresses, they kept shaking their heads in disbelief.

Settling down, Alice asked. "So, how do you feel about suspecting that Chuck has been cheating on you?"

"Pissed, but also relieved. I mean now I am totally not going to be guilty about Colleen. How about you?"

"Yeah, I was pissed at first. And, I couldn't figure it out. Then I thought about it. I certainly was not going to fight over him with Mindy. I love our son, my job and a good part of my life. If he wants to bump uglies—and I mean really uglies with Mindy, go to it."

The two lay back in silence, with me in between them. I was totally flaccid at this point and wondering where the evening was going.

"Sharon, Alice, what do you want?"

Alice spoke first. "I want us to make love to you. I want each of us to screw and I want the other to watch."


"Yes, absolutely."

I turned to Sharon, "And you?"

"I want to have my brains fucked out, and I want to watch you fuck Alice's brains out."

We all laughed.

Sharon then spoke seriously.

"Owen, I don't want you to think you have to do this. It's sort of a fantasy, but I'm sure both of us would certainly understand if you didn't want to give mercy fucks to a couple old broads."

"Sharon, I would never think that having sex with either of you would fall into a mercy category. On the contrary, I would find it exciting and wonderful. You are two beautiful and complex women. God, I've already imagined what it would be like to have sex with you."

"But..." prodded Alice.

"But, two things. First, I would want to be sure this is what you both really want and not just some impulse that you will regret later. And, second, I don't want to be just the cock that was around when you needed it."

"Shit, Owen, I am so sorry," gushed Sharon. "Here we were thinking about ourselves and never even thought how you would feel. God, we are behaving so badly. You must forget what we just said. Alice, come on, we need to get back to our place."

"Wait, now you're overreacting. I didn't think you wanted me just for my cock, but I think you, two, are thinking with your pussies, if I may coin a phrase. Although I would enjoy the experience, I want to know we all would agree it was a smart move when we looked at it in the morning."

We remained silent for a while.

Alice broke the mood.

"Owen, you are a good and decent guy. But right now, I want to see if you are as good a fuck as I hope you are."

Sharon spoke softly.

"We've both described the pathetic state of our love lives. The fact that both our husbands are cheating on us does not come as a surprise. Actually, I am sort of relieved. I was feeling guilty that I stopped giving him blow jobs. That was the extent of our sex life. He never in all our years of marriage went down on me, but I, the dutiful wife, was quite loyal about sucking that ridiculous excuse for a cock. When we stopped screwing completely, I felt I was not living up to my wifely duties. So, I would give him a blow job. In the past six months, I just couldn't bring myself to do it anymore. He never made a move or asked me about it. So, our sex life just faded into black. If it weren't for my vibe and fingers, I would have no sex period.

"So, now here we are. Nowhere either of us expected to be this morning. Well, not really. I confess that when we talked about meeting up with you and Anne Marie today, I dreamed about how good you looked naked, and I fantasized about having your nice big cock inside me. Earlier, seeing it and touching it hard made me wetter than I have been in a long, long time."

"Maybe since Colleen," offered Alice.

"Yeah," said Sharon, "you're right. And, God, did she make me wet. I have never, ever experienced orgasms from oral sex like that. Actually, I think it was the only time I came that way—before tonight. So, being turned on by you, Owen, got a lot of things going besides my juices. It got my mind moving in a whole new direction. Then after confirming what I suspected about my husband, I figured what I really want right now is sex. I want to feel a big, stiff cock inside me, I want to feel a man's hands on my tits and ass. I would want to have a man's tongue between my legs. In other words, I want it all."

Sharon giggled and added, "I assume there are condoms here."

I pointed to the drawer of the nightstand.

Sharon reached for the drawer and said over her shoulder.

"Alice, dear, would you give Owen a nice blow job to get him ready?"

"My pleasure," she replied as she bent to the task.

Watching Alice's mouth move to my limp dick, filled me with anticipation. She looked up at me and we both smiled. Lifting it gently, she put her lips around my head and slowing took me in her mouth. In a minute I was as hard as I had been all night. Sharon ripped open a packet and after watching her sister-in-law work my hard-on, joined her in licking and sucking my cock. After a minute or so, she pulled off and guided Alice's mouth from my cock to her own mouth. They kissed softly and then Sharon unrolled the condom onto my erection.

"Alice, this may not be the time to say this," said Sharon, "but you are fantastically sexy. Before when I touched your breast and you touched me, and kissed my nipple, I was in ecstasy. So, having you watch me fuck Owen is just blowing my mind. And, feel free to lend a hand whenever the spirit moves you."

The women looked at each other, kissed on the lips, and Sharon climbed on top, positioning her sex at my tip. Alice grabbed my shaft and rubbed it back and forth on Sharon's lips until the wetness began to flow, while she softly rolled Sharon's clit in her fingers. She eased a finger inside Sharon and used the wetness to lubricate my erection. Sharon then slowly eased down, capturing all of me inside her.

"Ooh, this feels so good. Owen your prick just fills me up."

She began riding me, slowly at first, but building in tempo.

Alice moved her mouth to mine and probed deeply with her tongue.

"Sit on my face so you can look at Sharon."

Alice straddled my head, lowered her hot and moist pussy to my mouth and moaned as I thrust my tongue deep inside her. I sensed her hands leaving my chest and moving toward Sharon. Raising Alice enough so I could move my head, I peered around to see the women with their arms around each other's necks watching as each enjoyed deep sensual pleasure.

I moved back and started licking, sucking and probing. Alice responded by grinding harder against me and murmuring.

Sharon spoke to say she was getting close. I stopped my attentions to Alice, and eased her off me. I sat up and kissed Sharon passionately. She returned the kiss, fueled by the building orgasm and the taste of her sister-in-law on my lips and tongue.

I flipped her over on to her back and slipped her legs over my shoulders. Now I could reach deep inside her. With long, quick thrusts, I pounded her, evoking groans and accompanied by the slurping sound of aggressive sex.

Alice fondled Sharon's breast and tweaked her nipples and next reached behind me to cup my balls for a second. She released them and I enjoyed the sensation of having them bang against Sharon.

Sharon's breathe quickened and she moved her head back and forth breathing through her mouth.

Finally, I felt her clinch my prick with her vagina as a quiver overtook her body. She screamed and let the orgasm take her.

I pounded two or three more times and then eased her legs down onto the bed, resting my weight on my elbows. I slowly withdrew, enjoying the pull of her pussy. I slid down, lifted her ass and plunged my tongue as far as I could into her soaking opening. She cried out and tried to push my face away.

I ignored her effort and began working my tongue all over her swollen clit. She stopped trying to push me away and started pulling me harder against her pussy. I worked her with my tongue and finally inserted two fingers, one finding her g spot. With tongue and finger I moved her once more to the edge and then stopped. She moaned and begged me to keep going. Sensing her need, I licked and fingered her until she screamed three times and clamped her thighs hard against my head, while a gush erupted from her pussy.

Alice had been playing with herself watching us, and when she saw the liquid shooting from Sharon she reached over and touched her sister-in-law's pussy feeling the warmth move across her fingers. My hand was now out and Alice rubbed Sharon's lips and softly caressed her clit with her thumb. Sharon groaned and opened her eyes to see Alice's hand between her legs. She nodded, and Alice slipped a finger inside to explore the hot and wet spot. After some gentle probing, she gently withdrew and planted a tender kiss on Sharon's still swollen clit.

Sharon smiled and closed her legs, trapping Alice's hand in a warm and damp grip.

After a few moments, Alice pulled away. She looked at her wet fingers. I took her hand and licked one finger clean, savoring the sweet juices. I moved the other finger to her mouth. Hesitantly, Alice opened and I guided it inside. She licked her finger clean of her sister-in-law's orgasm.

The three of us lay on the bed, Sharon nestled between us.

Finally, she spoke.

"Unbelievable. That's all I can say. I hope you have something left for Alice."

We all laughed. Alice had been looking at my still erect cock.

"Sweetheart, you are not going to believe this, but I do not believe Owen came."

Sharon opened one eye and stared at me. "No way."

I shrugged and said, "Don't worry, it's not a reflection on you. I often last through two or three big O's with Anne Marie."

"Alice, are you still game?" asked Sharon.

Alice quietly nodded.

Sharon got up and peeled the condom off me. I was going to tell her that it was good, but I realized she had another purpose.

She took me deep in her mouth and sucked me.

After working me for a minute or two, she broke free.

"I wanted that cock in my mouth since I felt it in my pussy," she said. "It is better now than I imagined."

She dried me with the sheet and then rolled on a new condom.

I looked at Alice and asked, "Any requests?"

She turned red and said, "Thank god Sharon is also my best friend, or I could not say this. Doggy style."

I smiled and bent over to kiss her. I worked my way down her body, pausing to savor her breasts and her already wet pussy. I made eye contact with Sharon. She got the message, and joined me as we both kissed Alice's clit and wet, swollen lips. Alice growled like a wild animal.

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