tagMatureSundae by the Sea

Sundae by the Sea


It was warm as it often is in late September along the Florida Gulf Coat, but not hot. And at 2 p.m., just like clockwork, she was going about her ritual. It didn't seem to matter whether it was hot, warm or threatening rain, she always did the same thing. And Colin, as usual, was watching her closely.

Here was this old woman (Colin figured she was 70 if a day), putting down her magazine or book (today it was a paperback) on the table next to her beach chair by the pool. Then she would stand up, look briefly out to the Gulf of Mexico not 100 yards from the pool, then walk back to her room and prepare a vanilla sundae. It would be piled high with whipped cream and invariably, a long-stemmed cherry would top the mountain.

Although the woman seemed very deliberate in everything she did, she dug into the sundae with a gusto that was, frankly, a little startling to Colin. This was the third day of his 7-day vacation at his beach front time-share condominium and he was wondering if there was going to be another show this time. Colin pretended to be reading a book in his beach chair across the pool from her but in reality he was hiding his real stares behind dark sunglasses. His real stares were firmly fixed on this old woman in the dark blue bathing suit with the skirted bottom.

More than usual, Colin was glad to get away from the office this year. He always looked forward to his week at the beach but this year it was different. Usually he brought one of the young honeys in his office along with him. Now , however, he was 40 years old and the gum-cracking, "duh"-speaking women he worked with held little long term appeal, even if long term was just a week. It's true, he liked the way their short skirts flicked at their thighs as they pranced around the office and he took hearty pleasure when they opened their legs to him. Unfortunately, they would often open their mouths to speak and, well . . . he couldn't deal with it any more.

So this year, Colin was alone at his beach condo and that was fine. He wanted to catch up on his reading and the weather was perfect. Highs in the mid 80s and the water was still warm -- almost 80 degrees -- from the long hot summer.

But despite himself, he found himself curious and even attracted to the old woman in the recliner across the way. He hated himself for it because she was older than his own mother and she was not particularly attractive. Okay, she was a dog. But she had attractive qualities and a way about her that fascinated him.

For one thing, she seemed to carry herself in a youngish manner. Her walk was a little slow but each day she applied makeup and red lipstick, combed her hair and painted her finger and toe nails. That was one of the attractive qualities about her. The woman (he didn't know her name so he just started referring to her to himself as "grandma) had lovely feet. They were small and well formed and the red nail polish set them off nicely. Her fingers were long and delicate and the nails, again, were nicely manicured and painted. Colin guessed she was a woman of some means but couldn't tell for sure. Certainly, there didn't seem to be anyone else with her although she wore a wedding ring.

The rest of the woman was physically less attractive, at least in the conventional way. Colin found himself wondering about the old woman and who, if anyone, was pressing himself between those soft, saggy thighs. He tried to imagine someone on top of her and ramming himself into her old cunt. Could old women still take men?

Each day she wore the same blue bathing suit. It was one piece, of course, and two straps held it in place against her comfortable if not abundant breasts. The little half skirt around the waist was designed, Colin imagined, to take attention away from a thickening waist. "Grandma" had a round, full belly and it was easy to see her navel pushing through the fabric. Her shoulders were big but her skin seemed very soft and very young.

Just yesterday, Colin's curiosity got the better of him (he was still kicking himself for the incident) but he just had to know. He walked past the woman and dropped his book by her beach chair, hoping it would look like an accident. While bending over, he "accidentally" touched her back with his hand, then made a quick apology. The old woman just looked up at him like she would have viewed a fly who had set upon her arm, then flown off. She said nothing.

Colin, to his amazement, was dazzled. What was going on here? Her skin was soft and smooth but the close encounter reaffirmed his belief that she was at least 70 years old. And she wore oversized sunglasses that made her look, well, quite attractive. Even -- dare he say it? -- desirable.

But watching her go at the ice cream sundae was another adventure entirely. On the first day she merely attacked it was such vigor that whipped cream dripped onto the front of her bathing suit. With an exaggerated motion she retrieved it with a delicate finger and shamelessly reached way down into her cleavage to retrieve another dollop. Yesterday, the cherry had spun off in her orgy of devouring the thing and it bounced off her tits, her belly and thighs to rest on her crotch.

Colin had tried to look disinterested behind his sunglasses but discovered he was amazed -- and excited -- when she licked her finger of the whipped cream then probed around her crotch to recover the cherry. She would find it, then it would get away. At one point, she poked her finger under her suit and seemed to stick it in her pussy for a moment. Colin was amazed! Was anybody else seeing this? Eventually, she found the cherry, plopped it into her mouth, finished the remainder of her sundae and went back to her reading.

Today, before she went in for her daily sundae, there was another show. About an hour ago, she bent her left leg and spread it so it was off the recliner. Colin found his eyes riveted to her crotch where two or three hairs poked out at him. And for the first time, he admitted to himself that this woman aroused him. He even laughed out loud right there by the pool as he realized it. Now that she had today's sundae in hand (she was already half through it) he walked over to her.

"That looks really good," Colin said a little clumsily. "Where can I buy one of those?" Colin, of course, knew she had been making them in her room.

"I don't know," she said almost to herself just before taking another really large spoonful. "I made this myself."

Now this was an awkward silence. Grandma continued to eat the sundae with little concern for Colin and he wasn't sure what to do next. He looked down at her breasts and could see her tits flat against her chest looking down the front of her suit. Finally she looked up at him.

"You're blocking my sun, young man."

For the rest of the day when he passed her on some real or imaginary mission on the pool deck, he was hoping to at least get an acknowledgment of their meeting. Even people who only knew you from passing you in the parking lot at least nodded in recognition when they saw you later. Grandma, however, was cold or at least disinterested. Colin was a little peeved, then downright angry and he decided to ignore her and went back to his reading.

Just before midnight he was looking out the window at the sea and saw the old woman with a beach towel walking into the darkness. There was a little moonlight but it was pretty dark along the shore line. Colin couldn't even hear the surf so he knew it must be calm. He saw the old woman get into the water. He decided to slip on his trunks and go down to the beach also.

He saw her swimming about 10 yards off shore. For a moment he thought she was in trouble because she seemed to be thrashing around in the surf but on closer inspection he saw she was just jumping into the air and splashing into the sea. Colin decided she bathed the way she ate her sundaes: with real enthusiasm. He got into the water and swam close enough to be seen but far enough away not to be intrusive.

"Isn't it wonderful?" he heard her voice say. Colin acted as though he didn't know there was anyone else in the water.

"Yes, the water is wonderful. It's very warm."

"Nothing beats a nighttime swim!" and she threw herself into the air again and splashed completely under the water. Did the woman ever take a stroke or did she just splash around like a five year-old? Colin started swimming over in her general direction.

"Whee!" she said in a manner decidedly unlike her coldness at the pool. "Here," she said. "Catch me!" and before Colin knew what was happening, the old woman threw herself into the air with amazing dexterity and splashed into the water at Colin's feet. She came up smiling, spitting water.

"I said catch me, silly!" and she threw herself backwards into the air and Colin reached out and caught her under the arms, his hands unintentionally wrapping around her amazingly soft breasts. She stood up at once and Colin was prepared to make apologies but she was dipping down into the water up to her neck.

"The air is cold," she said. "It's much better to stay under water." Colin, without thinking, dropped under the water to his neck also. Even in the dim moonlight he could see the water washing off her elderly, smiling face. "This time," she said, " I want you to hold on tight." For all the world, she sounded just like his old Aunt Helen and even looked like her for a moment.

Grandma again turned her back to Colin and threw herself backward into the air and came down practically in his arms but her weight pushed them both to the sandy bottom where her ass pressed hard against his stiffening cock. She lingered there a moment and he held his arms around her plump belly.

"You have sure got a lot of energy," Colin said when they surfaced. "You're wearing me out."

"Nonsense," she replied. "You're a young man." Grandma came up to him, face to face this time, and wrapped her chunky thighs around his waist so her crotch was pressed hard against his rigid cock under the water. Caught unaware, Colin wrapped his arms around her to hold her up and found his hands were inside her suit which was scooped out low in the back. He spread out his fingers so he could just about feel the top of her ass.

"Okay," she said without missing a beat and looking at him, smiling, right in the eye. "This time it's your turn" and she kissed Colin briefly on the lips, then reached down and playfully tweaked his still hard penis. "You jump and I'll catch you."

Colin knew this was a nutty game but he was aroused -- and a little bewildered. The first time, not wanting to hurt her, he jumped too far away and missed her completely. "Come on," she chided him. "I'll catch you!" so Colin jumped backwards and fell against Grandma's soft chest and again they settled to the bottom, this time with grandma holding him.

They did this a few more times. Colin liked it best when he was on the bottom so his stiff member could probe her ass crack. She seemed to like it too as she lingered there a few extra moments before surfacing. He felt her old, soft tits through the suit, ran his fingers along her belly and once even stroked her thighs and gently put three fingers on her crotch and pressed hard enough to feel the pubic hairs underneath and the indentation of her pussy. Grandma either didn't mind or was so other-directed that she didn't notice.

For the first time, he seriously thought about fucking this woman. Was it like with younger women? The thought of sinking his prick into her old cunt made him wild with desire. Again, he found himself laughing to himself out loud.

Eventually, she got out of the water and began drying her hair with the beach towel. Colin wasn't sure what was going to happen next but said, half jokingly while they were drying off on the beach. "How about one of those sundaes of yours?"

But grandma just looked through him and said nothing. Her stare was cold. Colin was confused -- and a little pissed. She started to walk away so he ran up behind her and playfully wrapped his arms around her waist. "Not even a midnight snack?" he asked, pressing his cock against her backside.

The old woman removed his arms from around her as though she were pulling sea nettles from her foot. "Young man, you keep your hands to yourself!" and without another word, she marched up the beach and into her room where the lights abruptly went off.

After his amazement subsided, Colin was furious. He had often used the word "dick-teaser" about some flirty young thing in the office, but this was something else all together. He could have lived with a smiling rejection of his modest advances, but her haughty manner infuriated him.

Without knowing exactly why he was doing it, Colin walked onto her porch. It was well past midnight now. There was not a sound anywhere except for the barely audible lapping of the waves on the beach. He thought for a moment in the darkness. He was both angered and aroused. His heart was pounding and he found himself wild with desire for this contrary old woman. But as he recalled the firmness when he probed her crotch under water and the softness of her breasts, he decided to make a move. There was no sound from inside. He carefully slid the screen door back and went inside.

Colin heard the whirring of the overhead fan in the bedroom, but nothing else. He peered into the bedroom and was surprised to see it was carefully made up. She was not around anywhere. At that moment, the front door opened and the old woman walked in with a small bag, apparently something she needed from her car parked just outside. She flicked the light on and looked up.

"Grandma" looked even older in this light, Colin decided. Her hair was wet and brushed straight back and her belly looked chubbier than before. Still, she did not appear frightened or even angry. But she wasn't pleased, either.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded.

"I came for a sundae," Colin said.

For the first time the old woman looked confused, then she resumed her composure and confronted him with a look straight at his eyes. "I don't have any time to make sundaes," she said. "It's late. Go home."

Colin smiled and shook his head. "Then I'll just have to make my own," he said. He walked past the old woman and searched in the refrigerator where he found a can of whipped cream and a bottle of maraschino cherries. He started shaking the can of whipped cream.

"I can make a pretty nifty dessert myself," he explained. "But I would really like you to serve me this sundae." He felt his heart pounding as he walked in front of the old woman. Her face was still impassive.

Colin firmly slipped one bathing suit strap off her shoulder then (to his surprise) almost angrily pulled off the other and yanked the top down so her tits slapped against her belly. "You see," he said, "I really think you want to serve me dessert. I really do."

He squirted some of the whipped cream in a large circle that covered the aureole on her left breast and watched as her nipple turned hard in the instant. She recoiled a little but Colin smiled then forced his mouth on her, licking and sucking while feeling the other breast with his right hand. They were deliciously soft and he squeezed the right breast hard while sucking relentlessly on the left. She let out a little squeal but did nothing else. Then he sprayed whipped cream all over the right breast and licked it off, biting, sucking, chewing, trying to consume the whole of her. The sweet taste of the cream, and the softness of her elderly dug in his teeth aroused him even more. Colin felt feral as he stood up to look at her.

The old woman's eyes were slightly closed but her face was otherwise unrevealing of anything. There was a slight quickness in her breathing. Colin sprayed the cream on her neck and eyes where it dripped onto her tits, her belly and the floor. He licked the whiteness off her face while she caught her breath once, twice. He forced her mouth open and searched for her tongue with his own, holding her to him, feeling the soft, warm, sticky tits squishing against his own bare chest.

Colin was breathing harder himself but said not another word. He suckled briefly at her breasts again, then with resolute force, placed both hands inside her suit and yanked it forcibly to the floor. She almost squatted down from the force of it, but touched his hair briefly, almost lovingly, as he pulled the suit off her delicate, painted toes. He lingered there, spraying some more whipped cream on the toes. She fell back against the table as he licked the cream off the delicately painted toes, one by one, then took the whole dainty foot in his mouth, sucking on it while she made some indistinguishable sound, a moan, a sigh?

Now the pussy. The cunt. Oh, how he had hungered for it. He never realized how much. The pool, the sea. He immediately flung himself at the hairy, ancient vagina and the old woman fell against the chair by the table. He thrust his tongue into her cunt and could taste her own juices and the salt from the sea. He lapped at her like a thirsty man laps at a proffered glass of ice water.

He was breathing heavily now, as was the old woman. He could hear heavy moans as he licked and toyed with her cunt lips, pressed his fingers into her ass and stroked her fat, but smooth thighs. "Turn around," he forced out. Grandma obediently complied, leaning against the chair. Colin shook the whipped cream again and shot the sweet, cool cream on her ass. She jumped in surprise but he put a firm hand on her waist and eagerly licked it off. He nipped at her droopy ass cheeks with his teeth and she yelped once, then submitted to the tiny bites, and his agile tongue sucking or licking the cream from every crack in her. He forced his tongue into her asshole and reached around to grope her pussy, reached up to grab her soft and pliable tits. His hands were sticky with the cream and her juices.

"Around!" he managed to command and the old woman turned around. Colin held his open hand up to her and she licked the palm, the fingers, and, finally, blessedly, reached into the front of his trunks to grab at his rock hard member and massage the pre cum into her own hand. But he was not yet finished.

Colin tried to control his breathing for a moment, fiddled with the cheery jar and plucked one long-stemmed cheery out. He bent down as if worshiping at the shrine of her elderly vagina and plunged the cold cherry into her cunt with his finger. He heard the old woman catch her breath. The he whooshed great loads of whipped cream around her pussy hair so the cheery stem stuck out from it. Yes, he would have his sundae!

He proceeded to lick the cream and pull the cherry out with his teeth, then plopped it into his mouth. Colin stood in front of the old woman, her eyes open but glazed over now, her breathing heavy. Defiantly, he roughly grabbed her breast and started chewing the cherry in front of her face, the juice dripping off his lips.

To his surprise, the woman put her hand behind Colin's head and forced her mouth on his. She breathed into him, her tongue shooting in and out, finally grabbing the cherry pieces and chewing them with the same wild gusto he had seen in the sea and by the pool. Colin reached down still further and put two, then four and finally all five fingers into her hot and creamy pussy while she screamed, "God, I'm coming don't stop, faster, faster. Ohhh . . ."

Colin turned her around again. "Bend over," he said. "Bend over the chair." She was moaning, groaning, the breaths coming fast like Colin's own. He flipped the trunks off his body and saw his phallus spring out looking longer than her ever remembered seeing it, angry and insistent. Colin rubbed the pre cum along her ass then plunged it into the old cunt and grabbed at her tits swinging over the table in time with his grunted rammings. She took it. She took it all again and again and again until he spurted so strongly he knew the old woman could feel it throughout her body. She swallowed hard and he wondered if she could taste it as well. One more thrust and she fell across the chair, spent, Colin's sperm dripping down her legs mixing with the whipped cream, the cherry juice, the old woman's juices, and the sea . . .

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