tagBDSMSunday at The Palace Ch. 01

Sunday at The Palace Ch. 01


As the black Mercedes limo sped along the highway away from the city, Christine had time to reflect on what she was about to do. Was she mad, crazy, insane, or just curious? She could not believe what she was doing. She had heard about him, the aloof Mr. Knight, and had seen him at the fetish parties and events - always surrounded by a glamorous crowd. When he raised his hand or turned his attention to one of his submissives, the room stopped to watch. A true Master of his art (she giggled to herself), he was a force to be dealt with - a force that only the most willing and experienced dared to take on. Conversely, he showed very subtle tenderness and caring towards his partners that Christine did not often see with others in the scene. If Knight decided to take you, there were no safe words. He took all of you- male or female, it did not matter. She listened with interest to the stories of those who tried to get close to him but never succeeded trying to figure out a way close to him. The ones who did succeed never spoke of it, which made him even more of a mystery. She was drawn to him; just the sight of him in latex or leather made her want to reveal her desires to him. Now, after considerable effort, she was the one receiving a treasured invitation.

She'd gotten it at last party she attended. He was there of course with his whole entourage, and by a sheer stroke of luck, had ended up parked at the bar right next to her and her date. Her date, unfortunately for him, was forgotten as soon as Knight approached the bar. Her date was new to the scene anyway, so she didn't feel too guilty about dumping him. He'd told her he was a top, but he was a bottom without question. She hit harder than him, and he did not have a bit of the presence a true Dom would command. The thought of him made her giggle aloud while she rode in the back seat of the car. The driver glanced back at her through the rear view mirror, and she smiled, shifting her long legs to give him a better view before drifting back to her thoughts.

Denise was with Knight that night as always. Christine had heard all about her months before they actually met. Denise was his love and wore his collar proudly. At the parties she was known as his "Private Stock", and unless Knight gave the command, no-one dared touch her. That went for every other submissive under his control as well, but Denise was special. She was beautiful, natural, and would take anything he inflicted on her with an eagerness that made others jealous. That night, she leaned against the bar rocking to the beat of the music that filled the club. Christine was surprised when she looked over and said hello. Soon they were into a long conversation about something inane that she could no longer remember- when suddenly Knight himself interrupted them.

"All she wants to do is eat your pussy, you know."

He leaned into the conversation abruptly, interrupting them mid-sentence. Christine froze. He was inches from her face, studying her every move. Denise looked down immediately.

"Is that not right, slut?" he said, as he turned his gaze on Denise. An evil grin spread across Denise's mouth...

"Is that all you ever think about Knight?"

"What did you just say?" He asked her with a heated stare that made both women squirm. He turned to Christine.

"Take your bottoms off." He said it as calmly as one would talk of the weather. They both quickly complied.

"On your knees, girl." He shot the order at Denise, who dropped to her knees instantly in response. His fingers tangled roughly in the hair at the base of her skull.

"Spread your legs" he told Christine, just as she was pulling her panties off her ankle. She was already dripping in anticipation of what was about to happen. Calling upon all her previous experience, Christine stood upright and perfectly erect. She spread her long legs, locked her arms behind her back, kept her chin up, and cast her eyes down to the floor.

"Ahh, an experienced slut I see!" Knight said with a slight chuckle, watching with interest as she assumed the position. Christine felt embarrassment flush her, but the humiliation was making wetter by the moment. The bar around her seemed to disappear. All of her attention was on the sensation washing through her body. She felt him move in closer.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue, slut." He commanded Denise. He pulled her hair back, forcing her to tilt her head up slightly, and shoved her into Christine's most private of areas. Denise's nose was filled with the lovely smell of her wetness. She could feel Christine's clit already swollen, and wetness slipped from her full blood filled labia. Denise was ready to taste it, hungry for it, and she stretched her tongue out to take her into her mouth. At the last possible second, Knight pulled her head back.

"You think you can be bad and still get rewarded?" He asked Denise.

"No Sir, I'll be good Sir!" She quickly fired back, hoping still too deeply taste the woman before her. Christine was trembling as she listened to the exchange. She wanted to raise her eyes and watch the scene unfolding before her, but she also wanted more than just this one moment at the bar. She knew if she broke protocol by raising her gaze, she would lose the chance. Knight lifted Denise by his fist in her hair, causing her to grimace. As she stood up he pushed forcefully into Christine.

"Hold on to her", he commanded Denise, who proceeded to wrap her arms around Christine's. Christine's skirt was still pulled up, and she could feel Denise's breath against her pelvic bone. It was maddening. She was so lost in feeling the warmth against her skin, the first strike startled her. She looked up to see Knight pulling hand back again. He was squatted behind Denise; his hands were now in mid air on their way down. The strike made Denise's whole body tremble. She arched her back further, pushing her ass out to him to take the blows. Her arms tightened around Christine even more and her face was pressed up against Christine's body. Denise was breathing heavy and moaning with each blow. Christine could feel her own wetness running down her thighs, and she longed for Denise's mouth to find its way to her clit. She watched as Knight masterfully turned Denise's exposed ass a bright red, spanking then rubbing his hands gently over her bum, never really letting on when the next strike would be. Christine was shaking as she entered her own "head space". Her whole body yearned to be touched, spanked, fucked, and used. She was losing control.

Denise's hands found Christine's ass cheeks and she was now kneading them gently between blows. When a strike landed, Denise's grip would tighten. She was pulling, spreading, and tugging on Christine's private parts through her firm grip her ass. Christine closed her eyes. Lost in the moment, she could feel the orgasm building up inside, then just like that, it stopped.

"Get Up" Knight commanded.

Christine looked up as Denise rose, staring her straight in the eye. She could feel and see her lust, and at that very moment she knew what she wanted like never before. Knight strolled nonchalantly forward to tug Christine's skirt down. He pulled a card out of his pocket and handed it to her.

"Be at my home Sunday morning 11am; don't be late"

He glanced at Denise, who was eyeing Christine like a lioness would eye supper.

"She will give you Directions."

And with that, he turned and faded into the crowd. Denise hooked her finger through the ring of the collar Christine was wearing, and pulling her face to face so they were inches apart.

"I just took one for you; you now owe me. Don't forget that- and no matter what- don't be late." A handwritten note with an email address on it was slipped into her sweaty palm. "Email me your address. The car will pick you- be ready".

A hard brake by the limo brought Christine back to the present. The driver's eyes met hers in the mirror.

"We are here Ms."

Christine peered through the front window of the car, only to see two massive black gates. The driver slowly maneuvered into the driveway. "We will be at the front door in five minutes Ms. The house has been alerted you are here."

"The house has been alerted???" She thought to herself. Five minutes to get to the house from the gate. The property was immense; lush and green. Soon they had crested a small hill, and she could see the house... it was like she had been transported to an unreal place. She'd never seen a home like this in America. But then, she'd never met people like this, either. She chuckled quietly to herself.

As the car pulled to a halt before the entrance, the driver got out and opened her door.

"Don't worry about your things Ms. I will take care of them."

Just then one of the massive wooden front doors opened, and a tall young man came quickly down the stairs.

The driver nodded. "The houseboy will take you in, Ms."

"Houseboy??? Where the hell am I???" She thought to herself...

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